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[Tournament Preliminaries][/SIZE][/CENTER]


[SIZE=1]The ARENA is a tournament, held every century on a planet owned by the Jarada. The planet holds 52 million arenas on its surface, and a further 2 thousand on five of its moons. The Jarada hold over 700 games per year, of different varieties, bringing in different species from all walks of life. They have provided an unlimited source of wealth and entertainment for the galaxy, as well as ensuring their own war-like desires do not destroy their culture. But the real treat is each century, when the ARENA game is held – it not only draws in competitors from all walks of life, but time as well (a very convincing act of government granted the Jarada ARENA promoters time travel technology).

This century, the ARENAs Champion for four centuries, Baltheroth, has relinquished his status as Champion to become the [B]Official Game Marshal[/B] of the Tournament. As the rules state, the previous Champion has a set place in the Finals, but with Baltheroth’s sudden decline from the tournament, a new set of rounds have been put into place and the hopefuls will be weeded out until two remain, for the final battle, broadcast across the galaxy to an audience of billions.


Welcome to the 99th ARENA Tournament, hosted by the Jarada Imperium.
Below are the Rules and Guidelines for the Tournament.
Please follow them if you wish to entry the ARENA.
Rules broken during the game will result in immediate [B]Judgement[/B].
The Official Game Marshal has the right and power to enforce all rules during game play.[/CENTER]

There will be [B]Six Rounds[/B] in this year’s competition:
- The Preliminary Round [Sign-Up]
- The Death Match
- The Tag Team
- Team Game
- The Semi-Final
- The Final Bout

[B]Bonus Rounds[/B] will be added when necessary.

[B]Weapons are not allowed[/b], your character will be assigned weapons for the necessary rounds of the Game Marshal and the Judges desire. Any weapons brought into the game will result in immediate [B]Judgement[/B].

[B]Armour[/B] is only permitted if it is a part of a players custom, costume and provides only a limited amount of protection. High-tech armour that prevents all damage is forbidden, along with armour that is stronger than steel.

Players possessing any form of [B]immortality[/b] are not permitted in the ARENA. This includes: immunity to poison, impervious skin, omnipotent strength, omniscient qualities and other godlike qualities.

Once a [B]Judgement[/B] has been made there is no reversing the decision. If [B]Judgement[/B] is made on a player during game play, in which the contestant has broken a rule and must immediately be eliminated, the [B]Official Game Marshal[/B] is authorised to use any force necessary to eradicate the contestant.

Personal [B]attacks or threats[/B] against [B]Judges[/B] and [B]Officials[/B] will result in immediate eradication.

You must not exit the selected [B]Game Arena[/B]. Exiting the [B]Game Arena[/B] will result in eradication.



[B]Code Name:[/B] Used in the game
[B]Home Planet and Century:[/B]

[B]Titles and Awards:[/B] Both from your home world and any Jarada competition you’ve entered. Include the date you won the title if you’ve been in a Jarada competition before (from circa 1001 – 11,000).

[B]Appearance:[/B] Please include a picture (not real life images)
[B]Desired Weapons:[/B] For the Death Matches

[B]Finally, a short piece describing a spar between you and a Official Game Evaluator, in your own desired Arena. You cannot kill your Evaluator. How you describe them and your character will contribute to whether you entry or not. Have the match last about ten minutes before it is over and you both leave alive – the rest is entirely up to you.[/B]

[CENTER]You may play any character you desire, from your own invention to a rip off. However, please note, these are the preliminaries. You are being Judged. Do NOT make your character too powerful or you won’t get in. I don’t expect to provide you with guidelines, as most of you know what is fair and what is not. Most of the game will be judged on writing quality, as well, and I do want a variety of skills thrown in. You don’t necessarily have to play an alien. Please direct all questions to the Underground Thread.

I'll give you my character as an example for the titles in the Jarada Competitions, but not as an example for the spar. Go about creating the character sheet in whatever way you desire. And most of all... have fun! These rules ain't as strict as they seem.[/center][/SIZE]

[CENTER][B][URL= http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs15/f/2007/112/a/1/Late_Arrival_by_JasonEngle.jpg]Baltheroth[/url][/b] [Description Linked]
[SIZE=1][B]Code Name Aequitas Dei[/B]

[I]Civil War Commodore Medal of Honour [Circa: 9950]
Civil War Survivor Medal [Circa: 9950]
Civil War Act of Valor [Circa: 9950][/I]

Tag Team Champion [Circa: 9997]
Death Match Survivor [Circa: 10,002]
War Games Champion [Circa: 10,012]
2nd Place Race for Life [Circa: 10,013]
Manhunt Survivor [Circa: 10,230]
5th Place Capture the Flag [Circa: 10,340]
Champion of the ARENA 1 [Circa: 10,600]
Champion of the ARENA 2 [Circa: 10,700]
Champion of the ARENA 3 [Circa: 10,800]
Champion of the ARENA 4 [Circa: 10,900]
Official ARENA Game Marshal [Circa: 11,000].

[B]Species:[/B] Xorphia [Human Origins]
[B]Homeworld:[/B] Calligar – 8857[/CENTER][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Name: Nystra Ell'rezar

Code Name: Kells

Species: Siyannan

Home Planet and Century: Siyanna; 6,000; a veritable youngling.

Titles and Awards:
[center][i]Siannan World Champion; 6,000[/i][/center]

Appearance: Lilac skin, pupilless eyes, pointed ears, dark red hair. Pale, plain robes, not big on armor, depending instead on her rather dense and strong skin to protect her from most attacks.

Desired Weapons: Double long swords, or twin rapiers.


[i]Glur stepped across an empty field, and looked at the tiny little thing that had risen up unexpectedly, taking an entire planet by surprise. She was slender, pale, almost impossible to see in the tall grass. He towered over it all, with boiled leather armor, a stave held in a relaxed grip. He nearly missed her, but in an instant, she stood up, thick red hair billowing out behind her, the point of her glaive far above her head.

The point flashed in the twin suns that had turned the field a heady bronze, and reflected against his eyes, either on purpose or by accident, he couldn't tell. She smiled at him prettily, a flash of more than mildly feral teeth on pale purple lips. He regarded her cooly.[/i]

"So you're the champion of this planet. This pitiful little nothing of a place?"

"That's me. I'm Kells."

[i]Her voice was cool and soft, drifting from her smiling lips like oil brushed with silk. He leaned forward, and instantly leapt back as a relaxed, gentle swoop from her blade nearly caught him across the face. He jumped further out of range to notice that she wasn't smiling anymore. Instead she had furrowed her brow at him and was actually looking slightly more lethal than she had just moments before. He swung forward, catching the tip of her weapon and she parried swiftly, falling back with an almost expected grace, her flip carrying her across the field further than he'd anticipated. With a swift lunge, he thrust forward and thought he'd caught her on the shoulder, only to feel the stave in his hands reverberate so strongly he dropped it.

Instantly she swung forward, striking him a solid blow across his exposed cheek. He parried, surprised that she'd thrown down her glaive as well to go in hand to hand against him, but he didn't have much more time for that. Instead, she was bringing forward a long line of powerful blows with both her hands and feet, displaying all the agility of a feline, which, at that moment she truly did resemble. He swung and made a glancing blow across her lip, and she shouted aloud, slamming both hands full against his chest, knocking him back.

In a shimmer of pale light, she swept forward almost faster than he could follow and tripped him as he staggered back, returning to face him and place one bare foot flat across his throat.[/i]

"This planet may be pitiful, but I am not."

[i]He tried to rise, but she narrowed her eyes and stiffened her leg, holding him down beneath her feet. She leaned forward, looked deep into his eyes, then took her foot from him and jumped back lightly, laughing like a child.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] Pra Chao Sua

[b]Codename:[/b] Tiger King

[b]Species:[/b] Human

[b]Home Planet:[/b] Earth, Milky Way

[b]Century:[/b] 21st Century


Thailand National Muay Thai Champion 2008-2010 (retired to pursue MMA fulltime)
UFC Lightweight Champion, 2009-2012 (retired belt to pursue other arenas)
Pride Fighting Championships Free-Weight Tournament 2009-2013 Champion
All-Weight Mixed Martial Arts World Champion

[b]Appearance:[/b] 6’0”. 155 lbs. Dark tanned skin. Lean, athletic build. 2% body fat. Fights shirtless at all times with minimum protection. Wears crimson and camoflauge green fighting trunks, knee length. Prefers to wrap fists in rope when aloud. Thai in race, age 25, black hair, jade-green eyes.

[b]Desired Weapons:[/b] If required, will wear greaves and gauntlets to use for guarding against weapons and to add extra hardness to his strikes.


Chao walked serenly through the luscious jungles outside his home in Thailand. Since winning his last championship in the martial arts, Chao had retired to the woodlands. He wished to find enlightenment in the martial arts alone, now that he was undefeated against other opponents. With no opponents left, Chao decided to face the most powerful fighter in the world, himself. Stepping bare footed over the green forest grounds, he came to destination. A small grove of banana trees, today’s challenge would be to chop down this particular patch using only his leg.

Digging his back foot into the ground, he took a deep breath and cleared his mind. His meditation would begin, quickly he raised his foot and snapped out his leg, but stopped it immediately half way through the kick’s rotation. Someone was watching.

Chao quickly turned around and threw his guard into place, silently looking upon a small collection of men, all dressed in identical black body suits. Chao soon realized that their faces were also identical, bald headed beings, barely recognizable as human. Their eyes were all shining orbs of black settled into entirely white faces.

[b] “What business do you have with me?”[/b] Chao spoke bluntly, and stomped forward, settling into a switched guard.

The group of nine identical men spoke in unison, [b] “We are emissaries of the Game Marshall, sent to evaluate your abilities.”[/b]

[b] “You shall do no such thing. Leave me in peace.”[/b] A snarl spread across Chao’s face slowly.

[b] “We are afraid we cannot do that. Fight us, and then your future will be decided.”[/b]

[b] “Very well.”[/b] with those words spoken, the elegant pale beings spread across the forest and attacked from different angles. The first attacked from the front, poised to strike with a punch, Chao reacted quickly. Roaring like a tiger, he brought his shin across the beings rib cage in a hurricane-like roundhouse kick striking it onto the ground motionless with a sickening thud.

The rest of the beings paused for a moment in shock and surprise. Another regained its senses and attacked again with a speedy kick, which Chao dodged with ease, catching the kick over his shoulder, he brought his own leg across his opponents face and straddled it’s leg, then dropped onto the ground, shattering it’s knee cap backwards in a disgusting fashion. The creature howled in misery and pain as it grasped it’s knee and rolled off to the side.

Looking onto the rest of the group, Chao rushed them. Leaping through the air, he brought his elbow down onto the skull of the first he made contact with, splitting it instantly as blood splattered from the wound. Without a pause, he hastily grabbed the next one around the neck in a clench and leapt into a knee thrust into it’s abdomen. Releasing the strange fighter, it flew back onto the ground defeated.

The next two opponents attacked in unison, bringing twin side kicks to either side of Chao, who snatched the legs underneath his arms. Falling back, Chao then drop kicked either one’s standing shin, splitting them in half with devastating effect as they fell to the Earth writhing in pain. Frog leaping back onto his feet, Chao met the next one who was ready for defense. Throwing a long kick towards the fighter’s head, Chao’s opponent leaned back. Chao, stopping his leg mid air, shouted loudly and axe-kicked his foe in the solar plexus, dropping him instantly.

The first of the remaining two fighters attempted a surprise attack, leaping through the air with a flying kick. The alien martial artist seemed rather elegant as he sailed towards Chao in his attack, until Chao quickly silenced him with a fierce right hand into it’s stomache.

Now glaring into the dark eyes of his last opponent, Chao simply approached him steadily and dropped the back point of his elbow onto its face. Crimson liquid exploded from the injury as the last warrior fell to the ground. Finished, Chao surveyed his dead or otherwise incapacitated opponents. Suddenly, they all disappeared in a blurring flash. Then came the sound of clapping as one of the alien opponents revealed himself, stepping from behind a tree. No doubt the original.

It spoke confidently, [b] “Congratulations, warrior. Your evaluation went quite well…. The Marshall will be pleased.”[/b]

[b]OOC:[/b] I’ll definitely be drawing my character. To come soon. [/color][/size]
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