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The Simpsons Movie


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Okay, well I haven't actually seen it yet, it looks pretty damn funny. I've been hearing it's just like one episode that's basically funny every second. What do you guys think? I'd like to hear some reviews from those of you who have seen it already too.

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It was as funny as it looks, i won't spoils too much, but i'm a huge fan of the impsons and i just saw it yesterday. At the beginning Homer's like "everyone here is a loser" "especialy you" and he points at hat seems to be everyone in the crond. Oh my gosh..the part with spider pig was hilarious.
Marge- You can take spider pig with you
Homer- He's not spider pig, he's harry plopper!!
XDm and the part where Bart was skateboaring to the Krusty Burger was good too ^^. Gkad i saw that movie, it was a lot better than hairsrpay anytime...
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Maybe I am just growing out of The Simpsons, but it really didn't seem all that good to me. I mean it was ok, there were some really funny moments, but there were also some really lame ones that show the cartoons age.

The animation was great, though it sometimes didn't feel like the simpsons to me. Im not sure why, but it felt different. Maybe the music, it wasn't used nearly as much as in the show.

On the other hand i applaud it for taking risks, they tackled a very pertinent issue about the environment and pulled few punches.

Thats really what The Simpsons is about.
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[color=darkred]I just came back from it ten minutes ago, and I didn't like it at all. I've got no problem with the storyline because I wasn't expecting it to be so great and wholesome, so I went ready to accept whatever was on offer, but it was the humour that was the let down; it just didn't make me laugh the way the episodes do. To its defence though, I think I was the only person in the cinema who laughed when [spoiler]that kid asked Tom Hanks to tussle his hair[/spoiler]... that is pure Simpsons sillyness and I love it.

Yeesh, I would say more but I'm well tired right now.[/color]
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[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=blue]I saw it last night and I actually ended up enjoying it. I have never been a fan of The Simpsons before and every time a friend tries to convert me, it always ends up being "one of the bad episodes." But, a group of us went out for dinner and then randomly decided to go see it so I figured why not?[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=blue]It had its moments and I don't regret seeing it but at the same time, it still hasn't made me into a Simpsons fan.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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I saw the movie the other day and while I only laughed at a few parts throughout the movie, I enjoyed it. It was fun to watch the Simpsons on the big screen with a whole bunch of other people that most likely grew up watching the Simpsons like I did. The crowd seemed to have laughed at almost everything that was going on in the movie, and I guess that made it more enjoyable for me. The only thing I didn?t like was that aside from the Simpsons family, most of the other characters didn?t really get that much screen time. Also, all the exposure to trailers ruined some of the funnier moments for me. But yeah, it?s still a good movie, and the animation was spectacular.

There were a lot of cool moments in the movie, but the ones I particularly liked was when [spoiler]Martin finally stood up against the bullies and gave them a beat down. And I was cracking up when Homer made all that chainsaw noise to scare off the people attacking the family.[/spoiler] Funny stuff.
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Guest missharriet
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Yeah, it really is a great movie... I laughed a lot of times... My favorite part was when Bart was skateboarding down the street....LOL! You should really watch the movie...
It is stupidly funny!!!...

  • I enjoyed it but I haven't seen the simpsons on TV in years. (anime fills that gap) I though it was hilarious but I must agree with an poster above, the trailers took a lot of funny parts so kind of ruined it when they occured in the film. I would reccomend it to other people.
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    [SIZE=1] I saw it on opening night here in the US, and I was a little bit dissapointed, it wasnt as funny as the show itself is, and the cameos seemed quite pointless. Although I did find the puns and contradictions, quite funny.

    even though it didnt make me lol, it still had some quality points, like how the made a satire out of pollution, and the bits where Arnold was the president.

    3 out of 5.[/SIZE]
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