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Art A Few Tuts


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All by me :)




You can distribute them if you like, just dont take credit or rip them :P
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Your tutorials are very amazing and also easy to understand. I've always wanted to learn how to do that sort of graphic designing in sigs, so this helps me out a lot.

Very colourful aswell. Will you be doing more? And will you also be showing some of your sig works?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[quote name='Retribution'][font=Arial]Not many people here use C4D, so that'll be a step not many can follow up on. But I'd still like to see more tutorials from you, if it's not too much to ask.[/font][/QUOTE]

[size=1]Quite the contrary, it's actually pretty easy to find C4Ds that are available for use. DeviantArt has plenty of packs that are available for download, and if you go to any sites that are focused on graphic design many times artists who use C4D will leave packs that can carry anywhere from 3 C4Ds to 150 or so for download. That's the way I've been getting mine and all they ask in return, normally, is a simple thanks.

Thanks for the share, I'll be sure to look over your last tutorial especially. That one looks more interesting to me than the others.
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