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Art Boo's Photos (Summer Edition)


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[size=1]Okay, I thought it was time to finally make a photo thread to post some of my photos in (I won't use one for longer than a season, really), because I like making photos and I make a lot of them, really.

Anyway, the type of photos I make are barely ever planned out or anything. I don't let anyone pose, I don't move any of the things in the photos, I just snap. :P Afterwards I might edit them on the computer. Though my photoshopping skills lack when it comes to photo-editing, so yeah... Well, enough talk. Photos!

[center][b]The Flowergirl[/b]
[i]This photo was made in the church garden of Taizé, France. Loved the composition and tried to get the sepia kind of feel, but with the colours of the flowers standing out.[/i]

[b]Not Just Bright [i]Eyes[/i][/b]
[i]Took this photo in Taizé, France, as well. The girl in the photo was sitting on a wall that stood at shoulder height for me. She had a very bright background that I just cleaned up a little bit and I fixed the photo a little bit to make the feeling work... hopefully.[/i]

[b]Scribble Away[/b]
[i]I liked the simpleness of this photo, whereas [b]The Flowergirl[/b] was more busy and had the colours stand out and such. I think I like this photo most. Her bare feet seem to add to the simpleness or something, I don't know. And her expression is just great. :][/i][/center]

Okay, first three photos. C&C always welcome. [/size]
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I love The Flowergirl. :) On top of its wonderfully lax tone, there's a sense of depth and emotion that really reaches out to me. There are bold contrasts that present themselves in a subtle way, and that makes for a really surreal look, I'd say. I especially enjoy how most colors are muted or dulled, but in the foreground there's a beautifully vibrant sunflower (?) which gives life to the entire work. Noteworthy too is the unorganized and busy look of the stuff on top of the bench in front of the girl - one might even call it a chaotic appearance. But her posture and the rest of the background reflect a sort of inner peace, directly conflicting with the mess of the foreground but also building upon it to add depth. I might even go so far as to say that the image gets calmer as my eye's move deeper into the photo, and that's an interesting effect if I've ever seen one.
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[SIZE="1"]Oh Boo, you are still amazing. I didn't realize you did such wonderful photography. Maybe I did - but I forgot. XD

Anyhoo. I like the first one best. I love the angle, and the contrast between the dull monotone look to the vibrant flowers.

Are these just random people? If so, you better have a permit, or were you being ninja? This is essential in order to be my sidekick you know. ^_~[/SIZE]
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I would have to agree with what others have said, I like The Flowergirl the most of the three pictures. There's something about it that keeps my eyes moving through the photo to see what's happening at a certain spot. The bright colors located on the flowers and the grass brings life to the picture. I don't know too much about photography to make any further comments, but it's an awesome photo, I really like it.
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[quote name='SaiyanPrincessX'][SIZE="1"]Are these just random people? If so, you better have a permit, or were you being ninja? This is essential in order to be my sidekick you know. ^_~[/SIZE][/QUOTE][size=1]I'm always ninja. [IMG]http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/1193/danceninjayp4.gif[/IMG] But yeah, they were people I knew, sort of.

Great to read that you like my work so far (spx, first time I've posted any photography, I think, so don't worry :P). I'll just add another photo to the thread (thumbnails rock, this one is rather large to remain it's details) as it's the only one I can reach from this computer. I'll try to get more up when I can.

[center][b]Out Of Reach[/b]
[I]It's with barbed wire, so not as much a challenge as capturing a human being, but now I could fully concentrate on a good photo focus and everything. Think it worked out well, with the central barb having the full focus. Only changed the colour of this photo afterwards, the rest comes straight out of the camera.[/I][/center]

Next Monday I'm headed for London for a small week (going to see Avenue Q too *rejoice!*) so I hope to come back with a load of photos. :]


Well, I've made over 1100 photos in London, but I still have to go through them to pick the good ones from the lesser ones, really. Ah well, here's a slightly odd one I recently made, though I was still working on it when I decided to just post it and quit for today:

[center][b]My Marks[/b]
[i]My hand, obviously. As far as adjusting goes: some colouring, blurring and a layer for the hand. The sign on my hand is actually made with a lighter with a little lamp in it.[/i][/center][/size]
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