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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Voracious Eaters. Awakened Beings. Abyssal Ones. Dwellers of the Deep. No matter how you look at it, these are the end result of creatures who have gone too far.

Of Claymore warriors that once were sent to protect the innocent, but in the course of their campaign against the Youma that threatened humanity, something went awfully wrong. They say that once a warrior goes past the limits, they can't return. Or in some cases, they don't want to return. The end result is an Awakened Being, far beyond the normal strength and intelligence of their former self and far beyond the simple Youma from which they originated.

In the course of events, Isley and Priscilla joined forces from the North to take control of Luciela's territories to the South and were victorious. While Riful of the West sought to upstage Isley, she noted that Priscilla, the One Horned Monster was going to make her dreams of total power impossible. But in the meantime, as Blood Eyes Miata and Clarice hunted down Galatea, and the seven survivors of the War in the North made their way down from Alphonse, two unexpected things happened.

One was the appearance of Circe of the Cold Light. The second was Silent Melech. Both, trapped in the frozen wasteland eventually became free. Both had Awakened and been sealed in space. Both were once Claymores, single digit warriors in their own times. Times when Riful the Number One Claymore walked the earth and Isley and Ligardes fought for dominance. Circe was Number Two under Riful and Melech Number Four under Isley, Ligardes, and Dauf. Both did good work as humans, but like all warriors, their time of usefulness to the Organization came to an end.

And now they are both awake, and both are hungry after their long imprisonment. Will you join their side, or will you fight them and their unearthly power as a Claymore? Either way, this is the end of things. Be there for it.


Name: Circe of the Cold Light

Previous Ranking: 2

Symbol: Pisces

Fighting Type: Defensive

Abilities: Capable of swinging her blade and reflecting light or Yoki energy to blind the opponent, capable of limb regeneration, can deflect head on attacks and manipulate the force behind it to turn on the user.

Personality: As a Claymore, Circe was the model warrior. Polite and strong and unwavering in her desire to perform her jobs without complaint. She was often called for difficult missions, her power nearly equal to that of number 1, Riful, and she relished chances to test her own abilities.

When she Awakened however, Circe became less moral and honorable, and more amoral and monstrous. She doesn't consider the means to the end, and thinks that human lives and the lives of Claymores are utterly beneath her consideration. Circe thinks only of accomplishing her goals and the best ways to do them. Regardless of her numerous faults, she remains to this day, an obscenely polite creature, considerate of other's feelings when she's in a good mood and always calm.

Appearance: In her human form, Circe is as beautiful as her namesake. Long sienna colored hair, silky pale skin, and shimmering amber eyes. Long and lithe, her human form is echoed in her Awakened form. Tall and vaguely humanoid, with spikes and fanlike protrusions over her entire body, and ten wings that change shape from feather to blade at a whim. Covered in an iridescent blue, green, and gray light, Circe as an Awakened is both beautiful and terrible at the same time. Long claws, longer limbs, and a third eye on her forehead. With these she wreaks havoc and looks good doing it.

Biography: At this stage, you will tell me your history, why you became a Claymore, and demonstrate for me your good knowledge of the series. The manga included, will add to your total score. Also, it helps to impress me with your good grammar, spelling, and general creativity. Go wild.

Ultimate Agenda: To take control of the Northern lands of Alphonse, now abandoned by Isley and Priscilla. A large army of Awakened that were still loyal to Isley stand in her way.

Instability/Craziness Level: 1: Jean/Miria/Irene. Focused and with high mental strength. 10: Ophelia/Miata/Priscilla: Freudian troubles, superimposition of parents on comrades, obsession.

Circe's level: 6.

Allies: Melech.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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[COLOR=#001824][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"]Name: Silent Melech

Previous Ranking: 4

Symbol: Aeries

Fighting Type: Offensive

Abilities: Capable of wielding his sword in such a way that it cuts without a sound. Able to perform a killing strike on an enemy meters away without even having the blade touch the victim. An interesting sight to behold, not one you would like to be faced with.

Personality: Before he awakened, Melech seemed to be somewhat affectionate at times, while seemingly heartless at another. It wasn’t abnormal to see, seeing as his class was made up of mostly males, many having somewhat aggressive behaviors. It was awkward to see one like him who behaved in such a way as he did.

Once Awakened, Melech initially didn’t seem to change at all, besides the normal wants of those who had awakened. He soon began to crave power, cherish it above all else. Some could call it greed; some would say he became corrupted by evil. It the end it all mattered from whose mouth it came from.

Appearance: In his human form, Melech is quite a site to behold. Brown hair that drapes off the side of his shoulders, Deep amethyst colored eyes which seemed to hold their own galaxy within then. His body trimmed and shaped from the duties of a claymore.

Awakened form: [URL="http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/7194/n6007074346595771477qm5.jpg"]click
Biography: It all started years ago, this wasn’t the first time that Melech had preformed a job for the organization before. It was more or less his job. To keep Yoma away, to make sure that the man in a black coat come and pick up the money later. Always the same, day in and day out. On one time though, whilst walking towards his next destination, something happened. The organization never heard from him again, it was almost as if he died. That would have been far to simple for someone of his rank. Most of the men in his class seemed to have disappeared under similar circumstances. So he was grouped into the same group, a claymore that had awakened.

It was true though, he did indeed awaken, A new form occupying the mind which had at one time belonged to number four claymore. Melech happened to be in a tight spot fighting an awakened one alone. There was no choice for him but to awaken, and yet what a great choice it was. It brought more power, new abilities, whenever he though back on it, there was no reason to even remain a claymore. Awakening just felt too good. The only thing now was to fill his ravishing hunger for… Guts.

There was one time though. There was a group of claymore with the duty of taking down awakened beings like himself. A task the he did not too long ago. Now however, he was the one being attacked. It was a wonder though, just how some of these groups were able to take down awakened beings. Their movements seemed so slow, vulnerable, it seemed like it wasn’t even a challenge for him to stop these claymores. They were female as well, either the organization had lost most of its courage in men, or they were really desperate. The battle didn’t last too long, most of their moves were rather foolish. In the end, bodies were lain about everywhere. Some were impaled, disemboweled, left as only a torso after having their limbs removed. There was no need to even move. They came to him, they came to their own deaths.

Except for one… This one wasn’t stupid. Most of his mindless attacks she seemed to either dodge or deflect. His attacks were ineffective when used against her. This woman, was she trying to make a fool out of him? Eventually he refrained a bit, this woman, if she was able to withstand someone like him. She had the right to live. A name he was sure not to forget, Circe.

Ultimate Agenda: To support and help fulfill the goals of Circe, whatever they may be.

Melech's Level: 4

Allies: Circe.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#8B008B][B]Name-[/B] Dancing Lyrra
[B]Current Ranking-[/B] 6
[B]Symbol-[/B] Ankh
[B]Fighting Type-[/B] Offensive
[B]Abilities-[/B] By increasing her agility and speed, Lyrra has the ability to create multiple of herself that mimic her actions seconds after she had done them, making it appear like a dance. With this, she also has the ability to attack with the power of nearly five Claymores. She’s also capable of shape shifting, enabling her to become accommodated to any sort of situation or area.

[B]Personality-[/B] Lyrra, more than anything, is a proud Claymore. She believes in only her strength and abilities, which is why she does not use her yoki. To her, attachment and reliance is a sign of weakness; albeit, she understands the concept of teamwork and cooperation. She appears to be a quiet and soft-spoken girl, yet when she speaks her words are like daggers. Because of this, Lyrra comes off as coldhearted and apathetic.

Though her pride is strong, it wasn’t what consumes her in the heat of battle. Lyrra has an insatiable hunger to fight that’s fueled by her aggression, bloodlust, and sadomasochism. To add to the troubling traits, she is one of the most reckless Claymore that loves to use suicide tactics, torturing and destroying her enemies all the while wearing a pleasuring smile in her eyes.

[B]Appearance-[/B] Like all Claymore, Lyrra is a gorgeous creature with silver eyes and waist-long platinum blonde hair. She prefers to keep her hair tied in a ponytail bangs falling to one side of her face. Her uniform consists of a black shirt and pants that allow her to shape shift with ease. Over this she wears the armor given to all Claymore. Along with that, she wields a large claymore that has her symbol embedded into it.

[B]Biography-[/B] Lyrra wasn’t like the rest of the Claymore who lost their family to Yoma. She was already an orphan who had no recollection of her past, only holding bits and pieces that made their way to the surface. People avoided her like the plague, unknowing of what she’d been through and only that she had survived a Yoma attack. A young couple who was filled with sympathy for her pain took her in.

Few months later, the killing spree had started up again. This time, it wasn’t just once a week, it had become at least four times. These monsters they called Yoma sent bloodshed to the streets and threw mangled bodies like rag dolls, feeding off of their brains and organs. The family she thought had died appeared during the Yoma attack- they were the ones leading the blood pillage. All the times Lyrra had found herself watching the monsters feed upon human after human wasn’t a product of her night terrors as she assumed. What she saw was a product of reality, something she suppressed into the deep recesses of her mind until that dreadful night.

Not a moment later, a pair of beautiful women appeared in the Town Center, wielding a large sword. They were called Claymore, a species of half-yoma and half-human. The people have always said that Claymore were the only ones who could kill demons for only a monster could kill another monster. But it wasn’t how Lyrra saw it. To her, these silver-eyed women were angelic warriors sent by the heavens with only one missions: to cleanse the earth of the Yoma. This was what Lyrra wanted to be, a Claymore. When the man-in-black from the organization came to collect the fees, Lyrra followed him until the Town exit. She only requested one thing of him and that was to make her a Claymore.

Once taken in by the Organization in Sutafu, Lyrra wasn’t concerned for her well-being or her will to live any longer. She was plagued by the thought of destroying the very things that destroyed her soul- Yoma. She went through her training with only that mindset and it began to seep into her personality and actions. She became a bloodthirsty hound hell-bent on killing by any means necessary.

[B]Ultimate Agenda-[/B] Become #1 Claymore; destroy the Awakened Beings.

[B]Lyrra’s Level-[/B] 8
[B]Allies-[/B] N/A.[/color]

Yes, finally done with my sign-up. I really should stop procrastinating. -_-[/size]
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