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Gaming Much Needed Advice... [Games, of course.]


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First things's first, I apologise if this thread should be merged or something, feel free to do so.

To business...

Well I've just had my birthday (19th) and as a result, was fortunate enough to recieve gifts - mainly money. However, my girlfriend kicks *** and bought me a Nintendo DS with Final Fantasy III. (Score!) My experience so far has been annoying as I completely forgot to save and got raped in some Mythril Mines so I have to start all over again.

Now, obviously Final Fantasies are lengthy games but I'll finish it eventually so I was just wondering if any of you had any advice on what games to purchase. I don't really have any specific genres in mind, though RPGs I don't know about would be good. I also hear Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is awesome so I'm veering off in that title's direction at the moment.

Secondly, surprisingly I've taken a long time to jump on the next-gen wagon and am contemplating on buying an XBOX 360 Elite (when it is launched of course.) As I am on Summer break from university I am working and therefore I can get the funds for it, however I was wondering if you guys thought it was a good idea to get one or just save (note I'm not saving for anything in particular.) Upgrading my PC is an option but I'm thinking I should wait 'til Direct X 10 becomes big.

So any advice would be muchos appreciated.
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Recommendations for DS

[B]Pokemon diamond/pearl[/B]-This is pretty much a classic handheld rpg. It is a bit more difficult than older versions of pokemon though.

[B]Anything Castlevania[/B]-They are all very well done on the DS although portrait of doom(or whatever it's called) is my personal fave.

[B]Advanced Wars DS[/B]-This game=win win win! It's a turn based strategy game...and it's magnificent! The ai is actually smart to a degree and the gameplay ts strait up fun.

[B]Puyo Pop Fever[/B]-This game is basically colorful tetris. Who doesn't like colorful tetris?

Oh yea and buy the special edition Halo xbox 360. I think that one is cheaper...either cheaper or better. Xbox 360 is probably the console with the best games right now so you should pick it up. Either that or wii(I hear it's great fun!)
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The Halo 3 one isn't really worth it. It costs $50 more than the premium does and I'm not even sure how they'll be handling that in Europe anyway.

360 has quite a lot of good games and quite a few more coming this year. I don't think it would be a wasted purchase.

As for DS, I'd personally mostly recommend Etrian Odyssey. It's an old-school dungeon crawler. Will take up a lot of time, if you're into that sort of stuff. That and Tetris DS, which is pretty self-explanatory. Most of the other DS games I get I wind up not playing more than a month.
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