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[center][SIZE=3][U][B]The TARDIS
Doctor Who Underground


[/B][/U][/SIZE][/SIZE] [center][SIZE=1][B]The Doctor: [/B]The last surviving Time Lord and a wanderer, the Doctor travels with various Companions, and intervenes in the crises he comes across. He is almost a thousand years old, and on his tenth (out of twelve) regenerations. Currently travelling with Dani Posner.
[I]played by Blayze[/I]

[B]Dani Posner: [/B]A rebellious young computer wizard from London, Dani has been researching the Doctor for many years, but he never in his wildest dreams thought that he would one day become the Doctor's newest Companion.
[I]played by Vicky[/I][/SIZE][/center]

[/SIZE][/B][/U][B][SIZE=2][SIZE=1]Episode One: [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][SIZE=1]Leeches
The Doctor arrives on planet Earth in search of a new companion, and finds Dani Posner, a young computer wizard who is being attacked by something from his computer. The Doctor tracks the signal to Tower Bridge and within finds the slumbering Vordraxis, an alien race of "mind-vampires," whom he wakens and sends off to a new homeworld. He then takes Dani in the TARDIS as his new companion.
[I]written by Blayze[/I]

[B]Episode Two: [/B]Masterpiece Society
[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=1] The Doctor and Dani arrive on Koschei III in 2204, one of Earth's longest surviving colonies for over a thousand years and a civilisation built entirely out of genetically enhanced human clones for the perfect, peaceful, masterpiece society. But the colonists are suffering from genetic disorders brought on by thousand of years of cloning and seem more than interested in fresh samples of DNA. After being cloned themselves, the Doctor and Dani manage to shut down the computer system, leaving the new-born clones at the level of infants.
[I]written by Vicky

[/I][B][U][SIZE=2]Races Encountered

[/SIZE][/U][SIZE=2][SIZE=1]The Vordraxis: [/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2][SIZE=1]a race of "mind-vampires," who gain sustenance from psychic energy emitted from the minds of all sentient beings. They were long thought to be extinct, however the Doctor recently uncovered a small nest of them at the top of Tower Bridge, and sent them to a new homeworld to start afresh.
[I]encountered in Episode One: Leeches

[/I][B]Human Clones: [/B]genetically enhanced life-forms made from the DNA coding of pre-existing humans, created by a human colony on Koschei III. However, they were suffering from a number of genetic disorders, and eventually the Doctor shut down all means of cloning, to allow those already created to live their own lives.
[I]encountered in Episode Two: Masterpiece Society[/I]
[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=1]I will add to this first post as the story progresses. Any questions, suggestions or other enquiries should be directed here. However, when it is your turn to write an episode, please continue to PM me with the synopsis and I will edit it into this post.

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[SIZE=1]Weee, nearly done my post ^_^

I'll be posting it tomorrow unfortunately because right now I have the motivation of... something... unmotivated. But, I was also wondering when the 2-part episodes would be appearing. I have some stuff to do in the first few weeks of school, so if I know how soon or far away the longer episodes will be I can balance things properly.

Thoroughly enjoying writing these long posts though =D. Can't wait 'til Ozy dives in.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Well, the two-part episodes aren't really two-part any more. I decided that it would be far too complicated having two different people write different parts of the same story, so I thought it would be much easier just to have one person write an episode that is twice as long.

And, in answer to your question, episodes 3 (written by Ozy), 5 (written by yourself), 7 and 10 (both written by me) will be the long episodes. So Ozy's first will be a long one, and your next one will also be long. If any of that is bad timing for you just let me know and I'll try and fiddle with the order a little.

Hope this helps!
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[SIZE=1]Aha, that fits perfectly fine!

Sorry to drop another question, but do we get a posting order in the next episode? I won't be here on the weekend, I get back sometime on a Sunday night. Shit, I'm never here on the weekend...

I can post Friday night. I just don't want to leave anyone in the dark about me whereabouts, is all ^_^[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]I shouldn't think a posting order will be necessary in the long episodes - I mean, if the writer of said episode thinks it would be a good idea, then by all means they can implement one, but I don't see it as a necessity.

Don't worry about this weekend - I'm going to be out of action for most of it, really so it shouldn't be too much of a big deal.

Anyway, it's Ozy's episode!I look forward to it.
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