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RPG Digital Convergence


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[COLOR="Blue"][i]When the first computer was started the world beyond our own was awakened and merged with it. This is the world we have come to know as the Digital World. As we grew in technology our silent counterparts the Digimon grew too as we learned to advance our computers to amazing speed they learned to mutate and grow into more powerful versions. But now a massive virus is loose in the plane and it has sent out five rays of hope for it's survival and the survival of us all for you see as much as the digital plane is linked with ours. should itcollapse it would cause a collapse of all the worlds that are linked with it and destorying whatever is inside forever. now it is up too five young people to set things back in order and forever change how things are seen.[/i][/COLOR]

[i]Staring at the ceiling Kredion blinked his eyes trying to remove the spots from them. As he slowly got up he felt a weight on his chest with a grunt he pulled all the way up and heard a thud and a protesting little ball of grey fuzz fall off his chest.[/i]

???: hey whats the big idea that was a nice bed i had there.

[i] Looking at the little fuzz ball he saw the long ears and the long tail that curled around it and with a shock of fright he lunged to his feet and towards the door.[/i]

???:Where you going!

Kredion: Whatever you are LEAVE ME ALONE

[i] Flings the door open and tries to run down the stairs only to stumble down the rest[/i]


Kredion: NOT A CHANCE!

???: Ok you leave me no choice. BUBBLE BOMB!

[i]Glancing back he see a on rush a bubbles coming at him and then slamming into and he banging into the floor and sliding[/i]

???: Now stop and shut up... i was send to help you and give us both a chance to save this world you have seen those monsters right?

Kredion: Yeah...

???: They are bad digimon gone over to the chaotic side of things. now the leader of the digital world sent me and a couple others out to try to stop this. However we lost our power by shifting over and need human counterparts to help us revolve back to our greater forms..

Kredion: Why do you need me and what is that little device i had fall off of me?

???: First of all human give off a slight static energy barriar which when upset grows with that energy i can grow and go to the next level of power.. as for you second question. That device we call the digital transference device also know as a digivice.

Kredion: And who are you?

???: I am Koramon your digimon Partner.

Kredion: You said digimon were bad.

Koramon: Not all digimon now listen up we got a job to do and you need to help me if we are going to make a difference.

Kredion: Fine but should we find some other people first?

Koramon: They will come soon enough lets just get downtown.
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A couple was in the park having a nice night time walk. They were minding their own business when a glow came in front of them and after that a small purple creature about knee height appeared with its eyes closed.

Man: What is that?! *the man walked towards the small imp like creature*

Woman: Becareful hunny. *in a worried tone*

As the man started to touch the creature its eyes opened and it jumped back.

???: Hey! *it growled* Get those meat hooks off of me you...you... *the creature yelled in frustration* Bada Boom! *the creature threw a small fire ball at the couple*

The couple turned around running and trying to get away.

???: Bada Boom! *The creature threw more as they pulled away and got out of site* YEAH THATS RIGHT YOU MEATBAGS! RUN! *he said as he looked around becoming more worried then frustrated* Where am I?...

The creature walked around the park that he was in. To keep him self from worrying he played tricks on couples.

???: Well at least Impmon isn't bored. *He laughed loudly*

The creature was named Impmon. He was a Virus type Digimon but didn't seem to want anything more then to have fun.
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Cody: *Sigh* Another hard day at school.

Cody walked into his house and pulled the lever that released the stare way up to the attic. Cody set his stuff down and got his homework out. While Cody was doing this a bad though again came into his head. The thought was about his hard life, and
his parents and ever one else having a better life with out him. He started to weap.

???: Whats wrong with you. You seem to be having some problems.

Cody: *Gasp* What are you.

???: I'm a digimon, and we've been sent here so we could get a stupid human to help us with something. I've chosen you for a specific reason, because your a push over and I want to be leader. It's already bad having to be paire with you.

Cody: Who you calling a push over!

Cody dashed towards the creature, and lunged his foot in his face sending him fling towards the the wall.

Cody: Well if your sent here to fight with me iI'm going to be the leader because i'm bigger, and because I saw on the news about digimon incedents where digimon were real. All the Tamers, digidestined, and DATS members that had digimon were the leader so i'm not going to be the only one that is different.

???: *Scared Face*..........*Back to Self Confidence* Well first off my name is Dracmon, second if we are going to be teamed 'm not going to be a lower rank than you, and third your nt a push over like when i was spying on you, so I only think that it's fair that we're the same rank. Meaning your not the leader nore am I the leader.

Cody: Oh, I get it. That could work for me.

Dracmon: Oh, and here is your digivice. This is how me and you power up.

Cody: Ok, so how does it work.

Dramon I'm not exacaly sure, but I think that you have one of two kinds of power and I have the other. So you combine that power with me and, bam, there you go.

Cody: Ok, but why do you need my help.

Dracmon: Well there is this evil thing and we need to destroy it, or something. Because you got that other power we have to fight together to destroy it. Your actually stronger than me becaus i'm not that much power with out your help.

Cody: Well I bet there are other digimon going to help us, and there is something just telling me to go downtown.
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[I] As Kredion and Koramon start to reach the attack site Kredion's digivice stop beeping and a image comes on the screen half in a language Kredion knowns and half in some sort of symbolic language.[/i]

Kredion: Nice feature. Lets see what we have here is a rookie level digimon. Name goes by name of... how do you say this?

Koramon: Oh that is Iceagumon. A frosty version of agu his Frostbite blast tends to send his foes into a deep freeze. Ehh he ain't no match for..

Kredion: Huh correct me if i ain't wrong but it says for your an In-training level Data type. Says that your Bubble Bomb is powerful but you Sissor Ear barrage attack is were you really shine.

Koramon: CURSE YOU!!!!!

Kredion: Heh now you want any help here?

Iceagumon: Ahh new prey FROSTBITE BLAST!

[i] Kredion flings him self out of the way as Kora is caught offguard and flys back into a nearby car.[/i]

Kredion: KORAMON!

Iceagumon: You humans are pathatic you need us to protect you oh well i will just absorb his data and get ready to digivolve!

Kredion: YOU LITTLE MONSTER! [i] He flings himself at the reptile Digimon only yo get knocked away with a slap from his Claw attack[/i]

Iceagumon: This one has spirit...The master wil be please if you bring you back to him alive..


Iceagumon: Geez lets finish this!

[i] The two circle around each other sending attack at one while the other deflects or dodges.[/i]
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Impmon had come into an area that he heard a loud commotion from. He saw a Koramon and a boy fighting a IceAgumon.

Impmon: *laughs uncontroablely* You gotta be kidding me! Hahahah! A pip squek like you taking on a Rookie. That is nearly too amusing to be serious.

He hopped up to a lamp post and sat down watching. His words were not unnoticed. Kredoin looked up and saw him and pointed is digivice towards him.

Impmon: Hey what you doing pointing that think at me eh?!

Kredion: Impmon, another rookie level?! Is he going to attack us too.

Impmon: Ah put a sock in it meat bag. I wouldn't waist my energy on a human and his little fluff ball.

The IceAgumon looked up and sneered.

IceAgumon: Acting tough for a virus ridden runt...

Impmon looked at the digimon and stood on the light poles top

Impmon: Oh you want to go Lizard boy then lets do this. BADA BOOM! *He threw a small fireball at IceAgumon who canceled it out with his frostbite blast* Your lucky fur ball your not on my hit list now stand back and let me cook this pup!

(sorry for Powerplaying )
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[i] As Impmon and Iceagumon traded blows Kredion scooped up kora who was protesting and swearing and pulled him out of the fight.[/i]

Kredion: look you gave it a shot your worn out and you look like crap.

Koramon: LET ME GO!!! i got to fight him or i ain't any use.

Kredion: look that digimon can handle it we need to conserve power and you look....

[i]Koramon starts to glow[/i]

Koramon: OH YEAH TIME TO Show who is boss!

[i]the digivice glows and suddenly Koramon jumps out of Kredions arms and his body turns into a burst of light. Before Kredions eyes Koramons Skin seems to peel of and abosrb it self into him and his body shifts.[/i]


Kredion: what the HELL!

[i] the light shimmers and dispates and before him stands a new creature.[/i]


[I] with a burst of speed Ugamon Shoots off and slams a offguard IceAGumon into the back sending the digimon slaming into a nearby wall.[/i]


Ugamon: Help if you wish my fight.

Iceagumon: so you want to play undrhanded huh!

[i] a glow of black light ingulfs the body of Iceagumon[/i]

Impmon: HA now i know you where holding back!

Ugamon: shut up he is digivolving...
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(IceGreymon right? ><)

Impmon watched as the IceAgumon grew and changed. He looked worried then turned back into his cocky self.

Impmon: Oh yeah?! I can still take you down! Badaboom! *he threw several fireballs at the changing digimon*

IceGreymon: Now you really are a runt arnt you? *he said mockingly and with a laugh*

This angered Impmon more.

Impmon: oh I'll show you! Infernal Funnel! *he created two rings of fire on in the other and fired a sphere of flame at the dino like creature.* Ha! That shut up your big ass lizard mouth didn't it?

IceGreymon: Is that it squirt?

Impmon: What the?! *impmon backed away and ran behind Ugamon* Hey why don't you take care of this buddy ol' pal. *Pushes him out a bit*

Ugamon stumbled but caught himself.

Ugamon: Little jerk...

(I don't think i am allowed to digivolve right now right?)
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Dracmon: Eye of Nightmare.

Dracmon right on contact and because the snowgreymon wasn't on his gaurd got pumbled by the attack.

SnowGreymon: What the hell was that!

Dracmon: Cody, remember that talk we had about your power giving me power. well, if you got it I wouldn't say no to use it.

Cody: I think I got it....................... yeah i can feel it here you go.....................Digivolution activate.

Dracmon: Dracmon digivolve to ........................ Sangloupmon.

Sangloupmon: I can feel both of our power surging inside me.

Cody: Well I can't, I gave it all to you.

Sangloupmon: Sticker Blade.

Sangloupmon shot the blades at the SnowGreymon.

Cody: Wow, you're really strong now.

Sangloupmon: I sure am aren't I. Black Mind.

SnowGreymon started to get his data broken down and it spreded and then condenced into a digimon card.

Cody: So when he is defeated he is condenced into a digimon card. then when he is what do we do with it.

The impmon and Kredion stared at him in astonishment.

Cody: What are you all lookin at.

Kredion: Your digimon is powerfull.
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OOC: Trust me my digimon got the tar beaten out of him he is done with that fight.. besides we need to talk so remove him poping back out.

Kredion: Well it's settled we will let him deal with all the attack and i can get back to school work.

Ugamon: [i] Smacks him[/i] Supid he can't fight ultimates or megas yet.. if he could we wouldn't have a problem untill we faced the real problem..

Impmon: huh yeah i could have taken all by myself you greedy no good HUMAN LOVERS!

Sangloupmon: you weren't singing that tune when we showed up.

Cody: yeah you looked a little worried now that i think about it.


[i]Sangloupmon bats it back at Impmon with a simple expression on his face.[/i]

Impmon:Uhh LATER LOSERS! [i] runs of stomping cars on his way.[/i]

Kredion: What strange little digimon.. anyhow i guess we should talk.
My house is only a few blocks from here lets stop there and get some food..

Ugamon: Ohhhh food.
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Impmon ran and when he was well far away. After he was sure he was isolated from anything he slammed his fist on the ground.

Impmon: Damn it... Other digimon are always stronger then me! I have been alive longer then that human lover! And I can't even Digivolve. Who do i have to delete to get some respect?!

Impmon wandered into the park he appeared in and stumbled across a couple. He smirked knowing if he scared the crap out of some humans it would make him feel much better. He jumped out and yelled.

Impmon: Bada Boom! *he threw the tiny fireball at the couples feet as they ran and several more till they were for sure out of the park* At the least i can keep these humans out of my sight... *he rubbed his nose*

He looked around and climbed a tree and thought.

Impmon: I dont need anyone to help me get strong like those pathetic losers... I'll show them all what I can do.
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Cody: I got Sangloupmon, we can hop on him and ride there.

Kredion: Sure that's cool.

As cody hopped on sangloupmon he started to stare at the digimon card wondering the mysteries of it.

Kredion: What's wrong.

Cody: Ohh, nothing.

Sangloupmon: Well if you wouldn't mind i'll go now, so hang on.

Sangloupmon zoomed through the wnd then while going started to glow. Then he dedigivolved back to dracmon.

Dracmon: Oh shut up I was getting tired of holding you, so I dedigivolved *looks in both directions*.

Ugamon: I want food, so lets get going.

While they were walking to Kredion's home SnowGreymon droped back in.

SnowGryemon: Look what you damn humans did to me. It looks like i'll have to go to the next level. Hahaahahahah.

Dracmon: Undead Fang.

Ugamon: Hype Tackle.

Both the attacks hit and a shock wave was sent across the city. Impmon felt it and wanted to help so he could try to digivolve.

Ugamon: Lets attack together.

Impmon: Your forgeting someone aren't you, *Whispers* If I Weren't here what would y'all do, die probably *Whispers* *Laughs Hardly*.

Dracmon: Eye of Nightmare.

Ugamon: Uga Fury.

Impmon: Bada Boom.

Cody: Take that.

The smoke cleared and SnowGryemon was still there digivolving.

Cody: Looks like I'll have to digivolve to. Digivolution Activate.

Dracmon: Dracmon, digivolve to...................Sangloupmon.

Sangloupmon: Black Mind.

When Sangloupmon's attack hit the glow of SnowGreymon's evolution blocked it.

Kredion: This looks like another one of us needs to digivolve quickly.

Impmon: *Thoughts* [I]I hope I'm the one to digivolve, my powers need to kick in.[/I] *Thoughts*
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[i][FONT="Tahoma"]Kredion and Ugamon both look at each other as Kredion digivice gives off a faint glow and Ugamon simmers and devolves into Koramon.[/FONT][/i]

Koramon: uh oh.. Sorry guys but that last move left me lower then i thought...

Impmon; You useless furball.

Kredion: i think we are gonna be sitting this one out... no way a in-training can even touch a ultimate.

Koramon: Let Me At Him

Cody: So it's digievolve or die huh? GO FOR IT IMPMON!

Sangloupmon: Hey what about me?!

Kredion: You justed digievolved for your second time and your going to go striagaht to my personal hell if you go to ultimate now.

Snowgreymon: Why am I waiting for this pathatic team get together

[i][FONT="Tahoma"]A shimmer of light shines around Impmon[/FONT]
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Impmon: Impmon digivolve to....................IceDevimon.

IceDevimon: Tunda Freeze.

It knocked SnowGreymon to the ground.

Snowgreymon: Ouch, oh well now I have the power to digivolve. SnowGreymon digivolve to........................SnowGreymon Ultimate Mode.

Sangloupmon: Looks like we'll have to use our attacks together. Sticker Blade.

IceDevimon: Avalanche Claw.

Both attacks of jagged parts flew at the evil digimon and hit with areial aim. This caused a big explosion and dust to fly in the air. When it cleared SnowGreymon Ultimate Mode was still there and more pissed than ever before.

SnowGreymon Ultimate Mode: What were you trying to accomplish with that.

Cody: I bet the digimon card a got from the last battle is to power up my digimon. OK Digimodify. Sharp Ice: Power Booster.

Sangloupmon: I'll try it now, IceDevimon you ready.

IceDevimon: Tundra Freeze.

Sangloupmon: I DIDN'T SAY GO!

IceDevimon: I don't need to be told what to do by a digimon that works with meatbags. Evil Wing

SnowGreymon Ultimate Mode: Why do you continuesly attack with such weak power. Freeze Beam.

Sangloupmon: *Thoughts* [I]I guess I'l just have to time it right when he hits his attack.[/I] *Thoughts*

IceDevimon: I got to keep fighting. Frozen Claw.

Sangloupmon: Black Mind.

SnowGreymon Ultimate mode: Another combo *Sigh* Why do you continueisly try to beat me when it's clear you can't.

[I]*Doom* *Crash* *Scirred* *Boom*[/I]

SnowGreymon Ultimate Mode: What is this, it feels like i'm being attack with 3 champion level digimon. I can feel sangloupmon's, IceDevimon's, and, and my former champion level.

The data turned into a digimon card again.

[I]Back at the digimon SnowGreymon's Master's lair[/I]

SnowAgumon: Sorry my master it won't happen again ,it was just when he beat me the first time my data condinced into a peice of paper with my picture on it. They used it against me as if they stored my previous strength on there, but next time i'll beat them.

SnowAgumon's Master: There won't be a next time for you I have already chosen a digimon to go exterminate them.

???: I have arrived my master, I will do your bidding and get rid of them.

(Ugamon, you can make it up if you want to)
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Ooc: might have a friend joining us.
[i]In the DigitalWorld[/i]

ChaosMaster: Now i expect results Skullmeramon deal with these insulting Digidestined and the rewards for you will be great.

Skullmeramon: As you wish Master.

Snowagumon: And me Master?

Chaosmaster: I have other plans for you.. Skullmeramon Absorb his data if you wish.

Skullmeramon: As you wish Master! Flame Chain!

[i] Snowagumon deconstructs into particles of data and energy and as he disapates Skullmeramon Absorbs his data.[/i]

Chaosmaster: Now GO.
[i] In the RealWorld the Digidestined are sitting in the dinning room of Kredion's house and the group is in a heated debate[/i]

Koramon: Look we need to find out what the enemy is doing right now.. for all we know they could be sending a army to deal with us. We ain't a small threat to the forces of Chaos you know.

Cody: But how we don't have any idea how to even start!

Kredion; I could trace back the e-mail and perhaps tap into the source.

Dracmon: Waste of time they would make sure you couldn't find it.

Impmon: I say we GO in with everything we got!

Kredion: I can trace it anywhere however Impmon if we face anything stronger then a Ultimate we would be so deep in our graves. It wouldn't be funny.

Ugamon: Yeah true but we need to try. We are running out of time.
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Dracmon: Ok so were goin to battle abunch of champion and higher digimon or, it took two of us in our champion form and a digimon power card to defeat an Ultimate. So how are we going to fight them.

Cody: Or they will send some stonger digimon to fight us.

Kredion: Remember I still aven't even gotten champion so that will be harder.

Ugamon: Well I think I remember what you have to do to make me digivolve.

Cody: Dracmon Already told me, but don't give the speah right now that's not what we're here for.

Impmon: It took me longer to digivolve than all of you.

[I]*Doom* *Boom*[/I]

Kredion: What was that.

Cody: Let's go see.

A Flarerizamon was rampaging through the city.

Flarerizamon: [I]*Sniff* *Sniff*[/I] I smell some more digimon. Oh Dracmon, Ugamon, and Impmon. A stinken virusdigimon. Take this runt, Flame Hit.

Impmon: Infernal funnel.

Dracmon: Eye of Nightmare.

Ugamon: Uga Fury.

The trio's attacks combined and threw back the blast back at Flarerizamon, nocking him down and causeing him to dedigivolve into ToyAgumon.

ToyAgumon: You roten traitors, you start to work with the humans to destroy your brethoren. You make me sick *Caugh*.

Kredion: Why did you come here.

ToyAgumon: My squadrin's leader, SkullMeramon, is coming I and the ither digimon in my squad have come to help the leader.

*Crash* * Boom*

ToyAgumon: That is probably another of the members of my squad. Your goin to get it now.
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Ooc: Lets let Frankie in i am gonna leave a bit of a spot for her
Ugamon: Kredion do you sense that power... It's coming right at us.

[i]Cody and Kredion's Digivices start glowing[/i]

Kredion: Uh oh... INCOMING!

[i] A blast of bricks, morter and steel beams fly all over out of the debris Skullmeramon walks out in a tall strutting way.[/i]

Skullmeramon: So your the ones who have been offending my master you will pay with your lives.

Impmon: You think you scare me? DIGIEVOLE!!

Dracmon; Don't forget me!

Ugamon: Uh great little Ugamon left out to dry.

Kredion: Ok Cody Me and Ugamon are gonna stand out on this one.

Cody: just be...

[i] the walls on the other sides of the group expolde in desbris[/i]

Kredion: Oh man we are surronded.
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[I]OOC: OK GUYS my profile stuff is up in the inn... so if you need to refer to it in anyway.... go for it... here i come mwahaha![/I]

The street was quiet as she walked past the little shops and vending machines. She had both hands behind her back as she walked. Glancing up at the sky carefully she took in a deep breath of air. Something wasnt right.

[B]"You feel that Avian?"[/B] A disembodied voice rings in the air around her.

Avian nodded and without saying a word dashed off in the direction she sensed. A dark almost mist like cloud swiftly followed her. She pulled out that familiar digivice and glanced at a beeping dot.

[B]"Just around the corner... You ready for this Rraik?"[/B]

[B]"As I always am!"[/B]

In a flash the mist cloud following her burst into color and life. The form of a shoulder height tall dog with blue stripes appeared running along side her. In another screaming flash she began to glow as she ran. Quickly her form changed. now she was running high speed on hind legs, her boy still white with blue stripes but there were more now. Her long tail covered in spikes and long spiraled horns that curled down under and pointed forward below her jaw line. Her front arms had purple braclet bands that seemed to glow as she ran.

Avian turned a corner and screeched to a halt. [B]"Great... dead end and no time!"[/B]

[B]"I got this Avian stand back!"[/B] She ran at full speed to the wall and whipped around at the right time. Her huge spiked tail slammed into the wall and it burst into several pieces like an explosion. A huge dust cloud engulfed them both and Avian felt her partners arms wrap around her waist and them both leap from the ground.

[B]"Get you over this rubble and me into some fun!"[/B] The tiger like digimon roared as she flew over a last boulder. They landed on the other side and Avian felt her feet hit solid stable ground again. The dust cleared and several other kids and digimon faced SkullMeramon an evil digimon with a bad attitude.

[B]"Looks like were right on time!"[/B] Avian smiles and clenches a fist. [B]"Rylonamon help kick this guy to the curb! No problem!"[/B]

Rylonamon growled like a wild beast and leapt into action. Her horns began to glow and resonate a strange sound.[B] "SONIC HORNS!"[/B] both horns sent off sonic blasts that flew at the opponent. He moved out of the way just in time to slap them away with his long arm.

[B]"Gotta be quicker than that kitty cat."[/B] He sneered.

Rylonas eyes were glowing bright red,[B] "TIGER EYE!"[/B] The read beam was to fast for him to dodge and hit him square in the chest. She took this moment to leap into action and spun mid jump. [B]"TAIL SLAM!"[/B] she roared as she slammed her spiked tail right into the side of his head.

He growled as he leapt back after the blow. He quickly kicked and sent Rylonamon back into the rubble of the wall she just recently smashed to bits.

[B]"It will take more than the likes of you twerps to phase me. Surely you have seen this by now?"[/B]
[I]ooc: again... yeah anyways thats me in for some action... of course in my next post i will leave detailed descriptions of each digimons attack... because eash is special and unique. I designed all the digimon myself (someone else drew whats in my sign up though) and i designed each attack personaly for each digi. Happy roleplaying![/I]
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Cody: Digivolution Activate.

Dracmon: Dracmon digivolve to................Sangloupmon.

Impmon: Impmon digivolve to................IceDevimon.

Sangloupmon: Sticker Blade.

IceDevimon: Tundra Freeze.

Rylonamon:Tiger Eye.

SkullMeramon: Still to weak. *Grunts* *Pushes the attack away*. See what your best does. Take this, Flame Chain.

The fiery chains wraped around the digimon and threw them into a building.

Kredion: We can't just sit around and do nothing.

Ugamon: Right.

Avian: Wait, all you will do is drag your self into this.

Cody: Use this digimon card of SnowGreymon Ultimate Mode to boost your strength.
*Throws Digimon Card*

Kredion: You ready, Jagged IceBerg: Power Booster.

Then after he slashed the card Ugamon started to glow.

(OOC: If you don't want to digivolve yet say something like, then SkullMeramon hit Ugamon and he stopped glowing.)
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Kredion: Ugamon It's now or NEVER TIME!

Ugamon: ok Here we GOOOOooooo.

[i]A flash of light and a wave of energy flows off Ugamon as he transforms into Ugatorimon[/i]

Ugatorimon: You KNOW what i am Pissed beyond expression and you dumb chaotic A**HOLES ARE THE REASON!!!!

Cody: About time you digivolved you lazy bum..

Icedevimon: I agree TUNDRA FREEZE!

Sangloupmon: Lets do this together... Stickler Blade

Rylonamon: Fine then. Tiger Eye

Ugatorimon: Memoria Blasters!

[i]the combined blast send forth a shock wave of energy into Skullmeramon sending him back into a nearby wall with a shock wave all it's own[/i]
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Sangloupmon: We got him.

The smoke cleared and SkullMeramon was laying down in the smoldiring pile of ruble.

???1: Master?

???2: Master, how do you lose these incolent human?

???3: To defeat them we will give you our power.

It was his other henchmen ClearAgumon, ShadowToyAgumon, and Agumon.

ClearAgumon: I'll give you my power as my champion form, *Quickly Changes Form* Piddomon.

Agumon: And mine, [I]*Quickly Changes Form*[/I] to greymon.

ShadowToyAgumon: Me to, [I]*Quickly Changes Form*[/I] Reptiledramon.

SkullMeramon: Thank you, you are very loyal to me and shall be rewarded if you happen to live. Flame Chain.

The data condenced into digimon cards then he absorbed the data.

SkullMeramon: You made me destroy my henchmon, SO TAKE THIS. Metal Fireball!

Cody: Quickly, everyone out of the way.

Avian: Look th digimon cards over there, lets get the.

SkullMeramon: Oh no you don't.

SkullMeramon blast one of the cards, Agumon card.

Avian: Crap, he destroyed our chances.

Cody: Just use the other cards, I have another one.

Kredion: Digimodify, Black Plastic Gauntlet: Power Booster.

Avian: Digimodify, Clear Attack Magnefieing Glass: Power Booster.

Cody: Digimodify, Flame Covering: Power Booster, Defence Booster.

IceDevimon: When he crushed the card, it's datta was released to the air. I'll absorb it.

Sangloupmon: Black Mind.

IceDevimon: Evil Wing.

Ugatorimon: Backlash.

Rylonamon: Sonic Horn.

All the attacks hit from each side if SkullMeramon, and the shockwaves were contained inside of SkullMeramon. His data turned into a digimon card.

Impmon: Uh Oh, the data is getting away. I'll put it in my bandanna.

Dracmon: I'm starving, I want food now.

Cody: I geuss we got another team member, so we need a bigger space. Y'all can all come to my house in the attic.

Kredion: What team.

Cody: The [I]D.I.O.T.H.P.[/I]

Avian: Whats that mean.

Cody: Digital Invasion Of The Humans Peventors.

[I]Back In the Digimon Master's Lair[/I]

Digimon Master: What, Skull Meramon was defeated. This is impossible, I will have to send my 4 Digital Gaurds.

Bobamon: I will inform them of there new mission master.

Digimon Master: Ok, and let them absorb your data. Mwahahahahahaha.
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Avian was quiet after the battle. Her personality didnt call for other people. She only got involved because it was a battle and her and Rraikmon enjoyed them. She frowned as the others tried to start up conversations with her and she continued to keep everything to herself. They were not getting in no matter how hard they might try.

Rylonamon was Rraikmon again and in mist form. Her powers over hot steam and icy vapors let her phase from physical to non physical form. Out in the open she prefered be the misty cloud that silently followed Avian around but in the comforts of their own home she was happy to sprawl out on the couch and take up the entire thing. She was after all the size of a small horse. Avian could ride her if she needed to.

Cody tried several times to start a conversation but Avian wasnt biting. She figured it was only because she was the only female around from what it seemed. She let out a sigh and finally chatted with them but never let them know anything really about her, rraikmon, or how she got her partner. It was just her buisness and she figured no one else needed.

"So uh what now? I am tired, I am Hungry, and I see no objectives now." Rraikmon's disembodied voice echoed around them again.

"I agree with her." Avian said with a nod. "Rest, food, plans... Something. Tell me there is a plan. I mean after all if not ill like give you guys my number or something and go home. Well maybe not. I think he is still watching it..."

"Who watching what?" Cody asked.

"Oh uh. Some guy watching my apartment thats all and i dont mean that in a good way. Nothing i cant handle when it gets down to it." Avian sighed, "So again... whats the plan?"
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OOC: Time for hell and high waters

[FONT="Tahoma"]Watching the group Kredion sat back and interjected his option here and there but feeling out the group... And as he read them a chill fell down his spine. For the space a second he seemed to shift out of his mind and found himself in a castle before a dark throne room. As he walked forward and look around he noticed a robed figure he walked swiftly over to him. As he grew nearer the figure turned to him and spoke. [B]So you have come to me at last it seems we have a choice to make Brother.[/B] As he says this his robe falls back and young male with scars on one half of his face stands before him, it was the unscarred part of the face that scared Kredion to his soul.

[b]Your me...[/b] Kredion managed to shutter finally. Looking at him the figure looked him in the eye and spoke these words. [b]I am your twin you halfwit and you have no chance againest me. Now listen closely i will not destory you as I will the others you know they can't defeat me in the ways i have been moving lately only push off what is coming.[/b] Kredion averted his gaze away from his nightmarish twin. As he did this the Dobbleganger looked at him and said. [b]You need time to let these seed to sprout the truth. Go home now.[/b] As these words are uttered Kredion fell back into himself and as he poped back in the converstion contiuned where it was before he left.[/FONT]

Kredion: He is playing us..

Cody: What did you say Kredion?

Kredion: Nothing.. [i]looking down[/i] Nothing at all

[FONT="Tahoma"]As Kredion mutters this Avian looks at Kredion with a look of betrayal and she gets up and walks out only to be shortly followed by her digimon[/FONT]

Impmon: What is her Problem?

Dracmon: She seems well reserved.

Kredion: As well as intelligent.
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Cody didn't say anything he was gazing into the ground, soon to be interupted by Kredion.

Kredion: Cody?

Cody: Oh, yeah, what.

Ugamon: You when just staring into the ground.

Dracmon: What were you thinking when you were staring into the ground, were you remembering something.

Cody: Yeah, I think it had something to do with you....................... I mean never mind.

Dracmon: *Cartoonieishly streaches his arms around Ugamon and Kredion, then pulls their heads close to his and whispers* I Know a way to find out what he was thinking.

Kredion: Will it hurt him.

No, no. *Silently Whispers To Himself* Just a little isty bit at the least *Silently Whispers To Himself*. Well I'm doing it. Come here cody.

Cody: What.

Dracmon: Eye of Nightmare!

Dracmon emitts his mind into Cody's. He see's Cody as a little kid. He is frolicking in a meadow with his sister and mom. Then he see's a digimon, Apemon, start to attack them. At the speed apemon was going caused a wind that knocked one of the buttons on Cody's (Past) shirt was knocked off. So while apemon was attacking them, out of nowhere, a digimon jumped out of the sky. It was dracmon, he then started to glow and came out to be a onimon sized digimon and blocked the attack by just standing there. Dracmon (Present day) then looked around and saw Cody (Present day) staring at the battle. When apemon hit the digivolution of Dracmon, apemon then exploded into data and Dracmon's evolution then turned the data into another button for cody's shirts and gave it to him.

Cody: What did you do that for, Cody Busted Dracmon's head into the ground.

Dracmon got up and was silent and didn't say anything because of the sight he saw, he was confused.

Dracmon: Let's go home.
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Avian was far more ticked off than the others could have seen. She was on the sidewalk before Rraikmon was even out of the building and the digimon could phase through walls. Rraikmon caught up and a small yellow eye glowed in the mist that followed avian.

"What is the problem. Leaving like that so suddenly."

Avian didnt bother looking at her partners prying eye. "You know just as well as I do that one boy Kredion was not telling the truth. He said something and I know you heard it. Your superior hearing there is no way in flying limbo that you did not."

"Well He said..."

Avian cut her partner off, "I know what he said. He is playing us, but who... If its important than he should not have said it was nothing. Simple as that. I cant be around people who cannot just come out with the truth no matter how bad or good it might be."

"You havnt changed a bit... "

"Why should I. The way I work and the way I live suits me."

"Why didnt you get more into getting to know them."

"For starters I dont need to know them. Once all this digital mayem crud is done with that little group is going to split and so whats the point. Not only that but they dont need to know me. I am not going to open up and let people in just to have everything used against me and me hurt again. I like the way i live, it keeps me safe. Thats all that matters really."

Rraikmon sighed. As she floated along people walked right through her without even noticing her. "You are a fool." She said quietly to herself.

Without warning Avian swirled around and punched through Rraikmon but instead of going right through like everyone else Avian Connected and the misty shadow flew down the sidewalk.

"You know why I live like this. You may think it foolish but you also understand why! Dont talk that foolish crap to me. You know it wont work. Now can we go home now?"

Rraikmon floated back to avian who then petted the misty form on the head, "I am sorry its just you frustrate me. We were with others who can help us! But i understand your fears. Lets go."

and the two continued down the sidewalk.

Avian thought to herself "Who was he talking about...."
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Kredion: I am heading out i need to deal with some school work before bed...

Cody: Ok be safe.

[FONT="Tahoma"] Walking down the streets of Tokyo Kredion released a sigh of defeat, he knew that he would probably be the first to break. Walking down the street he runs into Avian again and their eyes clash. At the back of him mind wheels turn and he trys to understand this young lady who's eyes show pain beyond her years.[/FONT]

Kredion: We need to talk..

Avian: Go f*** Yourself.

Kredion: .. Later first we need to talk I wasn't being truthful back there and i think you can handle it better then them.

Avian: Fine you got my attention.

Kredion When we were talking i had this... "vision" In it i saw a guy that looked like me but he was Pure evil he wanted me to betray you guys in order to save myself but i can't... i just can't .... it's not in me...

Avian: How does this affect me i ain't part of your little group.

Kredion: It's a heads up.. if he talked me to he could us any of us.

Avian: What makes you so special that he wouldn't normally be able to get into you?

Kredion: Nothing.

Avian: Excuse me what was that word?

Kredion: Nothing stops him from messing with me anymore then anyone of you!

Avian: Exactly. As for your warning it's under consideration.
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