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Writing 55 Fiction Fun [PG]


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[SIZE="1"]This is just a fun little idea I've been working on that's a sort of spiritual successor to the legendary 55 Fiction thread created by Sara a few years ago, but with a bit of a difference. Instead of writing a single 55 word story independent of other people's submissions, you're going to be writing a fifty five word continuation of the story posted by the person previous to you based on a particular topic started in the first post of that page, as there will be only fifteen posts per story.

For example, a UFO story might end with the line "As you peer closer at the crashed craft you notice some strange writing, wiping the dirt off with your free hand, you pull back in surprise... 'MADE IN CHINA'." Anything fun and goofy like that is fine, or if you want to write a semi-serious post go ahead, just keep in mind this is meant to be just some fun.

The rules themselves are simple, your submission should be fifty-five words long and comply with OB's rules on grammar and spelling. And as we're writing stories here, they should contain the three basics, [B]plot[/B], [B]characters[/B] and [B]setting[/B]. That's it, were you expecting more ? A little request I'd like to add is that a person not exceed [B]three[/B] submissions per story, just to let everyone be involved.

Anyway, I'll start off. The person with post #15 may choose the next story.[/size]

[quote][size=1][CENTER][b]E.T. - Extremely Terrestrial[/b]

It's not every day that an alien spaceship crashes into your suburban yard destroying your dad's tool shed. I walk slowly up to the craft, half empty six-pack still in my hand. There's a weird whirring sound, and suddenly I'm looking into a green face. Time to make history. My hand extends...

"[b]S'up dude ?[/b]"[/center][/SIZE][/quote]
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[color=brown][size=1]All right, let me dust these cobwebs off of my fingers and try and get my brain working again. Forgive me if I'm rusty, but I couldn't pass this up. I had a blast a few years ago with the original.[/color][/size]

[quote][size=1][center][b]E.T. - Extremely Terrestrial[/b]...continued[/center]

"Sweet," it says, offering a slimy hand in return.

After five seconds of seizuring, I yank my numb hand away. The green man's eyes fixate on the alcoholic beverages in my still hand. Following his gaze, I hug my cold drinks to my chest.

"Friend...?" it pleads, fingers furiously wiggling up at me.

"My precious!"[/size][/quote]
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