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[SIZE="1"]Sorry about how long this took, real life can be a real bitch sometimes.


Running a hand through his once again brown hair, Gavin tried desperately to piece together what had taken place. Only and hour beforehand he was celebrating becoming a father for the first time, and now he had not only lost his children, but his father too. While Rai looked calmer now, he didn't even need to sense the bloodlust lurking just under the surface, because it was the same for every one of them.

Andrew threw himself down on the ground roughly next to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. Gavin nodded and let his free hand grip it in recognition. The older Saiyan males had encircled his father's body were quietly reciting a prayer in their native tongue, Saiyan funerals were remarkably more simple than their human counterparts, his dad's friends would pay their respects first and then Gavin would take his battle armour and blast the remains into oblivion. Apparently the ceremony had evolved in the battlefield where there was no time for pomp and ceremony.

After a few moments, his father's eldest brother called Gavin forward. Carefully he removed the charcoal battle-jacket piece by piece, until there was only the protective weave covering the body. Moving back a foot, Gavin extended his right hand towards his father's body with fingers spread, green ki energy charged and after a moment the deed was done and his father was committed fully to the afterlife. Slowly the younger Saiyan replaced his own battle-jacket with his father?s, before turning to the assembled Saiyans, he looked from the eyes of one to the next, and each nodded in turn.

?[b]We all know who did this. And I?m sure we all know why this was done. Morrigan threatened our people with slavery and death.[/b]? There was a low rumble of acknowledgement. The young Saiyan?s voice got louder.

?[b]We fought back and killed thousands of her troops. Even when she set foot on the battlefield of our homeworld we fought her to the last man or woman. She destroyed our homeworld and but even the galaxy?s terror could not extinguish us ![/b]? Gavin pumped his hand into the air with a roar, receiving a similar response from the others.

?[b]A few years ago we killed her daughter Sella, and in doing so we threw down the gauntlet again. This time... THIS TIME, SHE WILL DIE !![/B]?

Gavin was greeted with only silence this time. Many of the older Saiyans had been only young when the homeworld had been destroyed, and of the few who had managed to become Super Saiyans before the end had been killed with ease by Morrigan. Their king, the most powerful of all Saiyans had fought her for only a few minutes before he was overwhelmed and met his end, and in nearly half a century no-one had exceeded his strength.

?[b]This is madness.[/b]? An old silver haired Saiyan shook his head. ?[b]Gavin I understand your pain, fifty years ago I lost my children, but what you ask is impossible. If you face Morrigan by yourself, you?ll surely be killed.[/b]? Most of the oldest Saiyans nodded sadly in agreement, each of them reflecting on the losses they had suffered in the war.

?[b]He won?t be alone.[/b]? Andrew walked forward and stood beside his friend.

?[b]He?s right, this time she will die.[/b]? Neil and Vicky did likewise.

?[b]We won?t allow Warlock to have died for nothing.[/b]? Connor and Rai moved behind Gavin.

The group of six looked on at the rest, they had killed Sella, if anyone would kill her mother, it made sense that it be them.


OK, not the best entrance, but as I said, I?ve been real busy. Just give your basic reactions to everything with a bit of character development, so we have a baseline to work from. [/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]While Raiha's body might have cooled down from a temperature so high it had to be counted in Kelvins, the fire in her heart raged and roared and would not be tamed. Her eyes had almost returned to a normal shape and color, that is to say, opaque, but that was where her semblance of sanity ended. Her fingers were flexing and curling automatically, as if they still remembered being claws, and Vicky was standing near with a balled fist, ready to knock her across the floor if she snapped again.

Given the current state of her body, it was a marvel she was still standing. Regardless of what you might have heard about Saiya-jin births, they were hardly a cakewalk, even for the more seasoned among their kind. For a half Siyanan, a race that regularly had women perish in childbirth due to a multitude of complications... ...it was a freaking miracle. When she spoke to the assembled, her voice was barely over a whisper, but for some reason nobody had any difficulty hearing the words slipping over her tongue.[/i]

"...I'll kill anyone who stands against me."

"And I will be there to fight with you."

[i]Vicky clasped her hand briefly, steadying it from its constant twitching. Raiha's eyes flickered once more and returned to normal. But even as she spoke, only Neil and Will noticed that her mouth was full of fangs, not the normal teeth she usually showed when she talked. A feral mixture of fangs, incisors, and wickedly pointed molars, it was surprising she managed to speak coherently in the first place.

Nobody contested the women. It was about as intelligent as making a rape joke in front of Neil's mother. Or stealing a Saiya-jin warrior's children. Oh yeah, someone was going to burn. For an eternity.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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