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RPG Just something that 'popped' into my head

Duo Maxwell

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They?re Duo and Heero,
Yes Duo and Heero.
One is death; the other?s hooked on ZERO,
They have a fear of mice,
Their tea has been spiked.
They?re Duo, Duo and Heero.
Before the fight is done,
Their plan will be unfurled
By the dawning of the sun,
They?ll blow up the world.
They?re Duo and Heero,
Yes Duo and Heero.
Their twilight campaign,
Is easy to explain
To prove their gundam?s worth,
They?ll blow up the Earth.
They?re Duo, Duo and Heero, Heero, Heero, Heero, Heero.

Well I guess that's what happens from sitting up watking CN at night...
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