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Led Zeppelin: Mothership!


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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]So yeah, Mothership released yesterday. Well technically still today because I haven't slept yet because I'm in a blues rock metal happiness induced haze. It's hard to sleep when there's all this Zeppelin to listen to.

But seriously folks, if you've downloaded the album legally from iTunes like me, or schlepped yourself to a music store to purchase it, or the deluxe edition, or the limited edition, tell me. I want to know of any Led Zeppelin fans on otakuboards. If they really exist. I always thought they were a myth. You know...intelligent n00bs, and military intelligence.

Anyway favorite Zeppelin songs of all time?

Black Dog
Immigrant Song
Dazed And Confused
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]I love [B]Led Zeppelin[/B]. All very, very talented men. John Bonham is hands down the most bombastic drummer there is. Every single hit you feel. Jimmy Page gets my respect for experimenting with alternate guitar tunings and noises (at a crowds' expense). John Paul Jones is a fantastic, multi-talented bass player who actually wrote the legendary "Black Dog" riff. Robert Plant is a good singer, but when he indulged in his talent, it was too much. My dad says he is basically a chick with no tits. He's okay in my book though.

Mothership isn't really nescessary to me. I have most of their albums.

I am glad to see them reunited. It was long overdue. The idea of having John's son Jason take over behind the drums is a lovely and touching idea. Sure, it ain't John, but its the next best thing.

As for my favorite Zeppelin song?

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Your dad should be ashamed. Plant is one of the greatest frontmen to ever have lived. From his voice to his stage presence, that man is the god of frontmen.

Jimmy Page was good, but he's the most overrated member of the band. He didn't do anything that Hendrix didn't do first or Iomi didn't do better.

John Paul Jones was no more talented than any other bass player in some of the larger rock bands of the era.

John Bonham is a mastermind of percussion, period.

What Led Zeppelin had was good chemistry. They weren't all the best--like so many give them credit for--but they were geniuses when it came time to pen good songs.

My favorite Zeppelin tunes are Ramble On, Kashmir, Black Dog,Houses of the Holy, and Immigrant Song.

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I liked the Early and Latter Days best of Zeppelin CD, but you can never get enough Zeppelin though.I liked a lot of the blues influence in their music, and they all worked together so well and all played their part in the band.But my favorite songs are Black Dog, Kashmir, No Quarter, and The Battle of Evermore.
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B illy Shears .... huge props for one of the greatest Zep songs that you never hear about. Man ... Achilles Last Stand has the most amazing and hard driving drums beats ever! What a great call.

I remember having my mom take me to the midnight movies in the 70s to see The Song Remains the Same. She could never understand why it smelled like burning rope in the movie theaters :)

My fav Zep songs ... Battle of Evermore, Achilles Last Stand, No Quarter, Kashmir, Ramble On .... so many great songs.
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