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RPG Elf Tower New Mexico


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[COLOR="77656"]The trees became full again, the grass was now green and the flowers were in bloom once more. The beginning of spring looked so good, an amazing picture for something so deceiving. The season was looking well, but the world wasn?t feeling good. Mortals can?t feel the earth?s pain or hear it?s words; however there are some who can. Well, only once in a few thousand years can they hear the planet.

That time is know as the Blood Red Summer. During this time, the earth slows down the process of restoring itself. While doing this, the earth can save up energy for when it is really needed. However, the last time this happened a whole civilization was wiped out. Drought, famine and depression caused wars. Countries battled over land and sea, just to gain control over the economy.

The magic that bound humans together, was now used to pull them apart. Fire, water, earth and air was used to destroy each other. Darkness laughed at the world, and light found no sympathy for the humans. But the planet?s cries went unnoticed.

But even after such things were over, the country?s of the world still had troubles. The death?s of millions caused much despair. Empty voids where happiness once sat were stretched to their limits. Towns, cities, and villages fell, and even more death was dealt with. But those that could hear the planet?s suffering, wanted all this to end.

So a council was formed. A council that would bring an end to the torture, and rebuild the world. The Praise, a group dedicated to the earth, formed a union in every country. But how could they bring back the order of the world? By betraying the whole world, and using it?s magic against itself. They were dedicated to the earth, so dedicated that they sought to destroy all life, and leave no one to harm mother nature.

But the planet was fed up with it all. It decided to use it?s power to destroy and rebuild the earth. Almost in a instant the planet returned to the way it was before the Blood Red Summer. And so the planet would wait until he earth was advanced enough to deal with the changes. Light and Darkness agreed to let the earth slumber, and so humanity went on with life. Unaware of what would become of the earth? someday.


The tower stirred and the ground shook as sand blew in a furious gust. The world moaned and groaned. But in a baron dessert, no one could hear it. But suddenly all fell silent and time stopped. The Elf Tower was ancient and had just started to arise from the pits of hell.As the dust and dirt floated in the air, the tower lit up. It's brown figure stood only one story tall. But it was much more than that.

Time resumed and the planet kept on crying...[/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]Part One: I'm Giving My Best Bluff![/B]

[B]"Here we go to save the world,"[/B] two boys, brother and brother, into New Mexico. A night before, one boy was running around town while the other, myself, was in bed. With a woman.

She moaned and flinched like she'd never done it before - maybe she hadn't? I was a bit of a bastard for show. The front door swung open and I heard footsteps going through the house. She froze.

[B]"Don't worry, it's just my brother, he won't come in here,[/B]" I assured her, and she was pleased as we kept on going. However, the footsteps marched straight up to my door. I stopped again, leaving her to heavy breathing.

[B]"What is it?" [/B]Suddenly I heard a strange metallic noise like someone moving the components on a device. There was a plasma charge-

[B]"Shit!"[/B] I wrapped my arms tightly around her torso and flung us both off of the bed. A burst of green light smashed through the door and pulverized it's way clear through the adjacent wall. The girl was freaking out, so I quickly pinched her unconscious. This couldn't end well at all. I heard the heavy footsteps making their way into the room. I could see the boots of the assailant looking under the bed. Thinking quickly, I rolled under. As he continued to move across the room, I continued to move along the ground until he had crossed the room and was presumably looking down at the girl. In an instant I did a barrel roll, sprang up, and grabbed the shotgun on my desk, pivoting decisively and pulling the trigger without hesitation.

I didn't get the opportunity to see what my assailant looked like, since my Benelli had turned him into a large bloodstain. It couldn't have been human - it's entire body had exploded.

Minutes later I'd dressed myself in the usual black - leather pants and jacket - and I'd laid her on the couch wrapped in a blanket. i tied my hair back. I had to wait for my brother to get back to warm him about what happened. He'd know what it meant - that it was time for us to go into New Mexico. But what the hell was he doing?![/COLOR]
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[COLOR="77656"]I'm Maynard Trigger, the younger and weirder of us two brothers, I was walking into our home. My girlfriend Brianna, who was very beautiful, was walking with me. After hearing gunshots he carefully stepped to the door. I was giddy though, for I just hit 3rd base with Briana! She was smiling at me, as I tried to hide my boner.

[B]"Well, I had fun."[/B] I said with smile. She gave me a hug and licked my neck.Brianna was always kinky, and very enjoyable. My brother, being the man-whore that he is, was probably banging some chick upstairs. sadly I was a virgin, but I was talented at what I did. Unless of coarse all those girls lied to me.

[B]"See you tomorrow Maynard!"[/B] She hollered as she walked to her car.A As she drove away in her hover car, I tucked my dick into my waistband so no one would notice. Not that Kalas hadn't already seen my downstairs, he has, but I get embarrassed when I'm hard. I opened the door to see some naked girl wrapped in a blanket of sorts. I gulped as I got harder again. I looked in the kitchen to see Kalas dressed.

[B]"What are you doing up?" [/B]I asked. He looked at me harshly.

[B]"You were the one who left when I got attacked!" [/B]Kalas screamed as he walked to me. I flopped my long blond hair and looked him into the eyes. I was taller tan him by an inch or two, but he was just as intimidating.

[B]"So does that mean-"[/B]

[B]"Yes, we have to go to New Mexico."[/B] Kalas said as he ran to a bag he started to pack. [B]"Our destiny is now I guess. That masked guy was right."[/B]


One week ago we were out in the town drinking. Some kid gave us beer and we ended up waking up in some ally. On top of my body was a man, he licked his lips lustfully as if he wanted my body. He bent down and licked my cheek. I felt a bit aroused, but I had just woke up, I was horny as a fucker. Kalas woke up a few seconds later to see the guy standing next to me.

[B]"So, these are the two he has picked. God help their poor souls."[/B] The man said in a deep monotone voice. He was holding a bloody knife. I looked around quickly to see four bodies in the dumpster, they were freshly killed, and the blood from their bodies was still dripping form the man's knife.

[B]"Who are you?"[/B] Kalas said. The man knelt down without a word and gave me a letter. He walked over to the dumpster and started to gnaw on a body. I noticed two breasts plunges from the victim's chest. It was as if they were going to jump out and bite me in the eyes!

[B]"What are you waiting for fools? leave now before I kill and fuck you too!"[/B]


That's all I remembered. I went and got dressed as Kalas put his date on the doorstep of our neighbors, the Hedwig's, who were a bunch of tightwad assholes. He walked back into the house to see me dressed in black and red. I was wearing an old band T-shirt that said Avenges Sevenfold. The archives on the net said they were some rock-band back in the 2000's. Thank god that the technology now lets' us buy shirts from the eh past, I loved this T. I put plastic sword on my back.

[B]"Plastic sword?"[/B] Kalas asked. I nodded. The only other weapon I had was a nightstick, some old beer can and a bottle of mace that I used on Kalas' last girlfriend.

"It doesn't matter, we have to go to New Mexico." I siad as I opened the door.


I looked at my brother, the dessert wind blew in my face and I was ready for what awaited. I opened the letter and close it again. I nodded and we walked into our futures.


[I]Dear Trigger brothers,

Your destiny awaits in New Mexico. The world is now burning to the sound of it's suffering. Save it by going into the dessert. Area 51 is now home to your graves and glory. Fight for your lives the world depends on you.

P.S. I've left a map at your home. And just so you know, you have powers beyond that of a normal person, but that is a discussion for our next meet.

Sincerely yours, [B]Jack AKA, New-Ripper[/B][/I][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]When we arrived at the tower, I don't think there had ever been a time that I needed to shit more, so the dramatic effect was completely ruined. However, I kept a dramatic expression as best possible since my brother seemed to be enjoying it so much. When we reached the door, having battled through the sandstorm, We removed our desert gear. I was wearing a tuxedo. This was necessary.

When I placed my hand on the door handle, a voice rang in my head. [B]"RUN LIKE HELL!!!"[/B] My brother seemed to have heard it as well. However, we both smiled. I could say I was full of myself. I was confident. I knew that I was capable of making my way through this hell. And my brother, having seen his special powers in action, was sure as well. I smirked. There was lire in my eyes, and lightning on my tongue. Chewing this current like gum, I spit it out in the form of an array of sparks.

[B]"Let's do this,"[/B] I said in the most badass way possible. My brother was pumped.

[B]"Yeah!"[/B] We opened the double-doors and stepped into the darkness of the interior. I didn't have to shit anymore - something about the darkness seemed to flood right into me, cleaning my insides. The doors were closed behind me. It suddenly became apparent that I couldn't feel my brother's presence anymore. I tried looking around, but I couldn't even tell which direction my body was facing. Left, right, up, and down dissipated. It felt like acid was pouring into my nose, ears, eyes, and mouth. I felt my innards begin to dissolve.

[I]I'm done already? Right as we enter? [/I]But then I felt some presence. Some... power. [B]Brother...[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="77656"]I couldn't feel kalas anywhere, I didn't even know what the hell happened to me. but I felt like I was on the ground, so I opened my eyes to see what the fuck happened. I saw a black man with a white tux, white pants and white shoes holding a women. He felt powerful, almost like a deity or something.

[B]"God?" [/B]I cried out. That was my first guess because all of the TV shows I watched with god in it, showed him as a black man. But closer inspection showed me differently, the man was stripping?! [I]Would god strip?[/I] I asked myself. But what I saw next shocked me, no I didn't see some mystical dong or anything, but a long sword. I Had also missed a girl just at his feet. She was naked with her boobs in the air.

[I]What the fuck is up with me and seeing naked women being attacked? [/I]I asked myself as I thought of a week ago. I stood up right after I heard her scream. I grabbed for my plastic sword, but it was gone! Maybe the tower didn't like weapons. I just closed my eyes and huffed, I wish I had a weapon, but I guess my powers would suffice.

[B]"HEY PUNK!"[/B] I yelled. I took my hand back and concentrated energy to it, then I smacked the ground and caused it to shatter. The man in white jumped in the air, suddenly a ball of energy shot from the ground and struck him in the fun-bags. He was jumping really high, and he fell really fast. He fell to the ground with a loud THUD.

"[B]What the hell are you do-"[/B] suddenly my eyes were dead set on the naked chick. It was Brianna! [B]"What the hell is my gf doing here you crazy asshole?" [/B]I yelled. The man rolled around and took out his knife.

[B]"First of all, the name is Al. And second of all, she's my hostage! And by the way, If you don't sit down and shut yer yap, I'll kill her and you. I also heard your god comment. For the record, I'm an atheist!"[/B] Al hollered. I just sat down without a word.

[B]"My master says if you and your butt-buddy go any further, I hafta kill ya. And if you don't leave, I'll kill ya girlfriend!"[/B] Al said, he wasn't kidding either.

[I]Damn, I wish Kalas was here. [/I] suddenly behind me I could my brother's presence, and I could also feels Al's energy, he wasn't stronger than me or my brother, but I didn't want to find out what he could do. Kalas saw me and ran over to me. Suddenly the room was engulfed in a white light. I felt light-headed, then I passed out.

OOC: Tag DB, make up some scenery and battle Al![/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]When my eyes were done being blinded by the light, there was a man and a girl I'd seen before off in the distance - or perhaps they were close by. Nothing existed beyond the infinite white. However, my brother was now beside me.

[B]"Bro, he's got my girl!"[/B] he called to me. I could tell he was feeling hotblooded, but I didn't want him running into battle randomly without assessing the enemy.

[B]"I'll handle this," [/B]I announced, spreading my arms wide. There was great force surging through my body, making my veins tickle. I concentrated all of my energy into my center. My heart. I felt my teeth begin to ache a little, and thunder was surging in my throat. My eyes became purple with the hottest of flames. An instant later, my chest exploded, sending a wave of blood flashing outward.

The crimson shower splattered onto everything in the universe. The entire expanse of distance became red. Meanwhile, my insides were exposed to the world, and my arms had fallen limp at my sides. my knees bent as my torso drooped and a series of flashes shone as each of my organs exploded one at a time. Finally, my heart only remained and inside my newly empty torso, it grew to fill in all of my inside, then slowly dissolved. In it's place, a pure black Benelli shotgun rested. My arms began to flinch and contort, fingers spread wide and grasping. My right arm plunged into the chest cavity and gripped the gun, and all at once as I pulled it out, my chest closed again and sealed back together, shirt and everything.

I think my brother puked, but I wasn't sure. I had already charged full force at my enemy. I knew that he probably had a way of knowing the distance between us, whereas I didn't. however, I cleared my mind and listened carefully. As I charged, I watched his face. I saw his lip curl into a smirk.

[B]"Heh."[/B] There! By the sound of his voice, he was 22 feet away! Immediately, I split right and zig-zagged once, readying my shotgun. He had to be using a short-range weapon, or he would have fired earlier. If he had a shotgun as well, I'd need to pull the trigger first, regardless of how much damage I could do at that distance. From 15 feet away, I stopped abruptly on my left foot and spun around, firing the burst at his chest. However, the shell fragments froze in midair at his torso, accompanied by a brazen, wild smile across his face.

Thinking quickly, I dropped the gun and did a double back handspring, allowing me to dodge all of the fragments which were hurdled back at me. however, the instant I was on my feet again, the frightening man was already directly in front of me wearing a demented, freakish expression.

[B]"DIIIIEEEEE!!!"[/B] He cried, and plunged his arm clear through my hollow body, his hand poking out of my back. I heard a scream from the distance.

[B]"KALAS!!!"[/B] Brother... hurry...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="77656"][B]"Kalas!"[/B] I screamed frantically. I looked over at Brianna's naked, exposed body. Thinking that I could have seen her chest open, made me angry. I clenched my fist and charged energy straight to it. This tie, I concentrated so hard, I could feel nerves burst with electricity, and I could feel my blood boil. I ran toward the killer, and instead of punching him, I punched Kalas so hard he unclogged himself from the killer's hands. A torrent of blood spew out like a fountain, luckily he was able to heal thanks to my magic.

As for the killer, I looked at his malicious expression as he turned around with his knife. Luckily i stopped him with my arm and shocked him. He bent over and moaned with pain. i could see the I-wish-I-didn't-stand-there-and-do-nothing look on his face. When he was on the ground I shot his legs and arms with lighting to jumble hi nerves, preventing him from getting up.

[B]"Kalas, you will Be okay!"[/B] i assured him. Suddenly I could hear a voice call out to us.

"[B]How dare you disturb my silent resting place!" [/B]An eerie, ominous voice cried out. It sounded male, and very very pissed. Suddenly the whole infinity of white contorted,t wisted and drooled down like a very viscous liquid. Soon the scenery of nothingness and blood changed to our old High School playground.

[B]"I am the tower, and I demand you explain yourselves humans? I have had enough! And if you don't stop, I'll banish you!"[/B] the voice said very angrily. I looked to see that the killer, and Brianna were one. But ahead of me was the masked man. He smiled heavily, and I could see the blood on his teeth, my brother, who had just regained conscienceness, looked ahead too.

[B]"Enough of this Tower!" [/B]He yelled.[B] "These people are here under my Lord's wishes. And unless you go back to sleep, i will destroy these boys, and your system."[/B]

[B]"Humph... a mere mortal thinks he can boss me around? I'm all knowing, all seeing, I CREATED THESE REALMS FROM THE BLOOD OF YOUR MOTHER EARTH!" [/B]The voice screamed. The ground shook, ad the playground scenery collapsed as well.

"[B]However, I'm feeling generous, so I will let you free. But if you don't leave within one months time, I will tear you hearts asunder, and splice your genes to make my energy!" [/B]The voice faded out. The Masked man looked at us.

[B]"That was the Elf Tower. He created this place using this whored out hell-hole we call earth. You see, my lord has a quaint feeling of love and curiosity for this place, and you two are the pawns. Why? Because the earth called upon you to defend it, but because my Lord and I have taken the liberty of bringing you here, you can't fulfill her wishes. Plus we have plans for you and the tower. Luckily, it's sleeping again. But if it kills you, so be it. your pawns after all..."[/B] the masked man took off his mask to reveal a face without skin. Maggots and worms crawled through his bones, and his teeth looked liked they were rotting.

[B]"Now, I make my leave!" [/B]He said.


[B]"That fucker left us without at least letting us asking questions." [/B]I yelled at Kalas, he just rolled his eyes. we decided to take a brake and swing for a while, we ignored the children that suddenly appeared out of thin air, like it mattered, they weren't real. I looked up and looked around, there wasn't' a wall or what looked like a barrier, anywhere. I looked down at the ground, the dirt and grass looked and felt real.

[B]"Well, we also have some pissed off tower yelling at us, what more can happen?!"[/B]



The tower seemed to have a computer core, and it was alive. The voice called out to itself. [B]"Humans... their minds have made this place stronger over the millenia. Without them, this technology wouldn't exist... now let's see how long those two can last." [/B]The tower said to itself. [B]"But, I shall see if they can hold ground, but maybe they can help me regain energy... foolish mortals are easy to take control of."[/B]


Kalas looked at the sky as it started to darkenn. We were probably granted sleep, which we needed. Today was a bad day... but sort of cool in a way. We had so many questions, but no answers.[/COLOR]
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