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[COLOR="Red"][I]This is a story about a group of friends. They met only by chance and knew each other only briefly, but the friendship and love they shared was as real as anything in this world. They were people of every stream of life, but some how were connected by one thing. Their determination to realize their own dreams. Sadly, they would never see these dreams come to pass. The turbulence to which they lived would leave them all dead on a blood stained battle field. This sad tale has been forgotten by history, but not by those whose lives were touched by them. Let this testament tell the story of these true forgotten heroes.[/I]

Willam Marx ~"The forgotten diaries"~[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Cyan"]The year was 782 of the Diannic calendar. The times were intense and large scale war seemed eminent. The empire of Celestia of the north and the republic of Kiel of the south were deadlocked in what seemed like an endless power struggle. Doing all they could to pool their resources and recruiting whatever allies they could manage to ethier side. Most nations folded under the pressure of whichever one they lay nearest to. It was little more than control through fear. This continued until only three nations in between were left. Being caught in the middle, none wished to ally themselves with either side, knowing that doing so would turn their homeland into a battle field.

As a last despreate attempt to avoid all out war these three nations tried to act as mediators between the two military titans. To this time they have managed to appease both sides and prevent war, but it's still obvious that even though both political and military minds are appeased, civil minds are still in a state of unrest on all ends. This civil discord has even resulted in large scale riots in some larger cities in all five countries. Due to this many are now flocking to smaller villages to escape the chaos, but it's clear that it's only a matter of time until tempers reach there boiling point.[/COLOR]


This is my latest attempt at an RP. I'm not expecting much, since virtually all others before this one have fallen flat on there faces, but I'm still holidng out hope for this one. Anyway, this is a story of a world falling apart at the seams, on the brink of a war of unimaginable scale. As well as the story of friends who are draged into the violence and ultimatly lose there lives.

Yes, by the end, all of our characters will be dead.

Sign Up:


[B]Age:[/B] Try to keep this within reason. I don't want this to be a teenage drama. I don't mind a few, but not too many.


[B]Appearance:[/B] Both images and vivid descriptions are acceptable.

[B]Occupation:[/B] What does your character do for a living? This can be pretty much anything you want.

[B]Talent:[/B] What special skills set your character apart? How many does he or she have? But, again, try to keep it within reason.

[B]Equipment:[/B] Things your character always has on hand. This doesn't have to mean weapons either. Maybe tools of your characters trade? Or just some personal belongings your character has for personal reasons. Any excuse is exceptable.

[B]Scene:[/B] What I want here is just an intersting story with your character. I not only want to see what your writting style is like, but I also want to see what your character is like and what they bring to the table. This is a chance for you to show them off, so have fun with this.

I'll be adding my sign up after I have atleast a few people showing interest. It you've followed me this far, thank you and I hope to see a sign up from you.
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Name: Skye Hikaru

Age: 18



Occupation: Daughter of a military man

Talent:Lock picking,Theivery

Equipment: A pendant from her mother

Scene: "Dad! Im going out!" Skye called out to her father

"Ok...Just make sure your home by 1900 hours!" a gruff voice called from the living room

"Whatever" Skye called running out the door.

Skye was stopped as soon as she got out the door. An army was marching through the village again. She tried to go around but was soon stopped by the army itself. She grew frustrated and threw her hands up in the air, letting out an exasperated sigh. The men marching past stopped and looked at her. She opened her front door and yelled, "Dad, there's an army out here!"

"Miss. Skye, we were informed that your father is part of the millitary organization in this village. And we were also informed that you could be a vital part of this war!We have come to ask for your help" the captain of the army said stepping forward.

"No way!Im not going to war" Skye said freaking out.

"Yes you are. I arranged it Skye" her father said appearing behind her.

"But dad!" Skye whined.

"No buts about it!Your mother may have died in the war but its time for you to step up and take her place" he said.

"You dont care about how I feel!If you did you wouldn't be sending you own daughter off to war" Skye said running off.

"She'll come around..." her father said.

If i need to change anything let me know
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