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I frowned.

I realized then that I?d been doing that a lot lately, but what can a girl do? When life continues to perplex and annoy you, frown. Works everytime. Gives your mouth a workout, too. I gazed up and down the cobblestone streets, wondering why I didn?t just go into the blasted place already. Maybe I didn?t want to be the first one there. Who knows, maybe I wasn?t.

With a reluctant sigh and slightly less bounce in my step than earlier in anticipation, I crossed the two-laned street that was mostly foot traffic and stepped up off the cobblestones onto the steps.

I looked up, as I so often have to do when looking at things; I am not a very tall woman, but as you might imagine (and you might not) that never has seemed to bother me. The overhang was made shabbily of wood; at one point it may have been prime workmanship, but now it just proved how low and sunken the Guild had become. The pain had been worn clear away by years of storms and stones slung by other Guilds.

Now, I believe people are stupid. Humans as a general race are, actually. When you gather people of higher and similar intellect, however, you can form a rather deadly factor. This is what we call the Assassin?s Guild. I?ve always found it ironic that it was located directly across from the largest church in Ramsey, one that was nearly as large as the palace itself. It has a room (if not a separate church) inside for each sect and religious cult you can think of.

This tends to frighten people from other countries. I don?t think they understand it. Ramsey is a rather free and open-minded country, and we frown upon nearly nothing. I say nearly. Closed-mindedness and a blatant disregard for others is something we hate. And we express this very strongly to anyone who happens to do so.

Steeling myself against my apprehension ? for one must always feel apprehensive when walking into a Guild comprised of the most deadly fighters in a country, even if it [I]is[/I] in disrepair ? I took hold of the gilted handle firmly, and turned.

The door opened, and I stopped as a waft of stale air ? the smell of old leather and metal ? hit me in the face. I kept a poker face and stayed silent as my sister tried not to run into me. She was always following me around. Insanely cute, I had to admit, but sometimes you had to wonder whether she was honestly safe or not; her ditziness kind of outruled her sharp intellect.

?[b]Quiet, Emma.[/b]?

I stepped inside and up to the desk with the wiry old man behind it.

?[b]I?m here to re-register for the Guild.[/b]?
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]OOC: At long last it begins! I might be a little on and off with the first person, but I'll try. ^_^


I like this room. The acrid stench of the Guild hall is drowned by the smell of incense, and a large square window lets the afternoon sun pour in behind a dark wooden desk. Harris stands framed in the light, sighing and rubbing his nose under his glasses. "Soren, my friend, I know your grievances, but I will tell you again, there is nothing I can do." His voice holds a distinct accent, an eastern man, and I wonder again how a foreigner came to be a logistics manager in a Ramsey guild. But he is a skilled fighter, I have seen this myself. I think he simply enjoys the peace of the desk work after eight years of killing.

Normally I wouldn't press him like this, but today is full of irritations. "Three recruits in the past week Harris, and not one of them qualified. They're a bunch of adventure seeking teenagers!"

Again he sighed, sat down in his big wooden chair. "It is not my job to question the recruiters' decision, only record it. Now leave me be. If you are so upset, test them yourself. Joseph has a few jobs waiting."

I scowled and turned, hearing Harris call after me as a walked out the door, "And no suicide jobs! I want these recruits intact!" I closed the door behind me and took a moment to think. I didn't feel like taking a bunch of children on a training run right now. It could wait.

I descended the stairs into the main hall and glanced at the front desk, saw two young women. By their resemblance I'd say they were sisters. Did she really just say [i]re[/i]-register? I walked close to them on my way out, "If you were denied once, give it up."[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Georgia][B]I hope it's okay if I don't try first person. I tend to forget that I am writing in first and slip back into third.[/B]

"Quiet, Emma." Emma frowned but her ears and her smile perked up at Esme's request to be re-recruited into the Assassin's guild. She walked off and thought about this. Whistling, she tried to act casual and then walked back in. A strange man had walked up to the both of them.
"If you were denied once, give it up." He suggested.
Emma stepped forward, defending her older sister and acting like she thought the man was talking to her.
"Well for your information, I've never been denied since I haven't ever signed up. But I think I'll give it a try."
Emma walked up to the desk and told the old man that she wants to register as well. After that was taken care of, she walked back to the man.
"Now, who are you and why did you try to give us such strange advice?" She asked.

[B]OOC: If you want me to use first person let me know and I will give it a try. It will be more consistent with the other posts that way, unless other people are going to use third person.[/B]
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I gave my sister a look, hoping she would shut up before her mouth got us both in trouble. I turned back to the man. "[b]I apologize, sir; but I am only re-registering because when the Guild fell into disrepair, I had to quit and join another to make sure my sister and I had support while her [i]Royal Highness[/i]-[/b]" my lip curled upward in a sneer, "[b]-decided to throw a royal temper tantrum.[/b]"

I hoped dearly that my slander on the Queen would not go amiss with him, and I was rewarded. His demeanor lightened - if only a little - and he seemed to analyze me less critically. Then I suddenly remembered him.

"[b]Wait - Soren?[/b]"

His eyes widened slightly in surprise, and then that slightly irritated glare was plastered firmly on his face again.

"[b]Yes. Who's asking?[/b]"

I grinned. "[b]Esme Lestrange. You remember me, right? How could you possibly forget! 'Too short to wield a sword, but I wouldn't want you to aim a gun at me!'[/b]" I quipped a quote at him from my trainee days - something he himself had said.

OOC: No probs, chica. It's whatever you're comfortable with.
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]I took a closer look at the girl before me. It had been a long time, but this was deffinately Esme, who had shown so much promise several years ago. I laughed, though it came out clipped and perhaps a bit agitated. The discovery of an old comrade did little to brighten my day. "So that's what happened to you. And I see you still have your wit about you." I ignored, for the moment, the petulant young one. They always thought they could challenge everything! I would put her in her place later.

I realized Esme was talking and concentrated, "Maybe we can catch up later, eh?" I nodded, thinking what a relief it be to take her on assignment as opposed to a bunch of novices. "This is my sister," she continued, "Emma. She's registering with me."

"I see." I glared down at her as she stared up at me, still apparently expecting an answer. I turned away and nodded to the man behind the counter, "Trent, get Esme a weapon and tell Harris to have her re-inducted immediately. As for you," I looked to Emma, "You must be assessed. And learn your place as a novice."[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]"One more!"

"[I]I see you're packed today Jack![/I]"

"Hey, I'm always down when it comes to drinks! Packed or not!"

"[I]Yeah! That's my man![/I]"

I punch the guy on my side's fist as we both grin widely to each other. Men's talks you know? All about having fun with cigars and beers. It feels really good doing this after job too, like a celebration. The creeping cold breeze of the night got ignored by my whole body system thanks to alcohol effects and...fun! Yeah! It's not about the alcohol, it's about the FUN!

...and the women. Though Mary's not here, so I guess I have to hold my horses. I don't want anyone else, not interested.

"[I]That actually is a problem Jack, you owe me a bunch.[/I]"

That's the bartender in front of me speaking now.

"Relax man! I'm...what did you say?"


I hear cheers raised as the guy sitting besides me screams loud in excitement.

"Everyone! Drinks on me!"


Everybody slams the table with their beer glasses and once again raise their voices. This is gonna be one hell of a wild night, and I wasn't lying when I said I'm full of money today. It's payday, I got bunch of golds from the guild, all for what I've done. Though I should say, it's not very many.

These guys around me, they all do seem like they're all old friends of mine. But in reality, none of them actually knows me. We only met when we hang out at the bar, and I rarely speak about myself, despite how I look. It's obvious why right? No one would want to speak out loud about how they're getting paid on taking random people out at night.

Though, they do know one thing about me; I never smoke.

"[I]You're rich today man, and I'm sure as always, you'll be broke by tomorrow. What is it that you do for living?[/I]"

The guy on my other side asked me that.

"[I]You don't know? Jack never loves it when someone asks that.[/I]"

That's the guy from before talking.

"Nah don't worry about it. Me...I guess you could say...I sell."

"[I]So what? You're a merchant?[/I]"

"Quite right."

To be exact, a merchant of people's lives.

"[I]No matter! No matter! We'll just drink! Till morning! Right guys!?[/I]"

"Hell yeah!"

I shout, followed by a legion of customers to this lively little bar on the corner of Ramsey. I like it here, people are careless about things other than to have fun, exactly what I seek at night or when I'm out of job. I love the people hanging around here too, each of them. But still, when a call of duty presents itself, I'll do it. Believe me, it happens. You get what I meant right?

Lately however, I'm considering to start being a real merchant instead. I kinda lost interest of being an assassin, and the pay gradually becomes worse with each days passing. Why do I become an assassin in the first place you ask? Why else besides your usual sentimental "I need to do it for living" excuse? After all, it's about the only thing I do best. Not that I can't do anything else right mind you.

A merchant's live, might suit me, it's full of money and pleasure by the looks of it. Still, if something happens, I might abandon the idea.

If...something happens.

What something?


"[I]You're drunk.[/I]"



"[I]That's a table.[/I]"

"I know."

[I]A few moments later...[/I]


"[I]That's door.[/I]"

"I can see that."


"[I]You are supposed to open a door to get through, not slam your head into it.[/I]"

"What are you taking me for? An idiot?"

"[I]No, a drunk.[/I]"

Sheesh, the bartender won't quit bugging me. I know that this is a door already! He can stop being noisy about it. Eeeeeh...but I guess he's right. I'm in hangover, last night was wild, too wild that I slept the whole night right here inside the bar. That's fine though, I don't bring much things that I need to spent all my attention to. Thank goodness, that people here are generous and didn't rob me while I slept.

As I leave the tavern outside, I searched the nearby cesspit for something. What for? My gun. I hide it there, because I don't want people to ran around in panic seeing me barging in the tavern equipped with terror. It stinks a bit, but I can always wash it. So I do so before walking toward my destination, and that destination will be the Assassin's Guild.

Let's speed up things for a bit and just say that I somehow is there already. I'm not in the mood to explain how my stroll was, and you better get used to it, since it will happen quite a lot.


Nice, the first thing today I see in this guild is for once, not an ugly assassin face. It's two niceties, in the form of girls! Now that's more like it!

"Hello! My name is Jacques, who are you two?"

As fast as the lightning I approach the two girls with the best grin I can come up with.

OOC: You get the idea who Jack is. You can come up with anything for him, I'll then see whether I can accept it or not.[/FONT]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Georgia]Emma's encounter with the man that knew her sister wasn't a good start for her encounter with this other man, Jaques. Angry and less friendly this time, she shook hands with the new stranger.
"Hello." She said coldly. No "It's nice to meet you," or anything like that.
She didn't even stop to hear his reply before pushing past him.
"Excuse me." Emma said quietly as she left the guild.

Emma took a walk, not sure of where to go. She knew she deserved that talk from that Soren guy with the way she was acting, but that didn't mean she had to like it. Soon she found herself in front of the church. She went into the building that contained all of the different sects and removed her clothes and left them at the door. As she walked along taking a look at the different sects, a girl around her age and nude as she was stopped her.
"Hello there. You look like the perfect person to join our skyclad sect."
Emma stopped and looked at the girl. Her hair was a golden brown but for some reason her hair below was a deep purple. She looked into the girl's emerald eyes with a puzzled look.
"Excuse me?"
"I am a part of the skyclad sect. We believe that things of beauty, like yourself if you don't mind me saying, should be celebrated. It's basically a tribute to the beauty of life and not having to cover up what you have. By the way I am Nena." She explained.
Emma shook her hand. "Hi Nena. I am Emma. And that sounds great. How do I join?"
Emma thought that this might have been a bad thing to say, but she remembered that the old man hadn't signed her up since Soren had come in. So technically she wasn't a part of the Assassins Guild.
"It's simple. Later on you will get an outfit, but for now you can just go around like you are dressed now. All I need to do is dye your hair down there to symbolize you have joined the skyclad sect." Nena said as she left to get some dye.
She came back soon and dyed Emma's hair below. Then Emma grabbed her clothes and smiling, gave them to Nena to hold onto.
"I will let you know when you get your outfit. Take care!" Nena said as she waved goodbye.

Walking out of the church with only her boots on, Emma decided to tell her sister the good news. Walking into the guild she didn't see Soren but she did see the other man who had seemed friendly. She shook his hand.
"Hello again, Jaques. Sorry about earlier. My name is Emma."
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Woah.

She just left...is there something on my face she doesn't like? I rub my own chin, cheek, everywhere. As far as my touching sense can tell, nothing wrong has happened to my face. I guess it wasn't my fault, she's just not in the mood to stay around for a while and have a chat with me.

Then, when I look away from the leaving girl, I found a possible cause of that girl's departure. It's none other than the grand sire of the great great good lord Soren Kemille. With a tough nut like this around, no wonder one or two girls attempting to join our glorious guild ran away between their tails. In this case, it might not be the fear. I don't see that girl was scared shitless, more like pissed. Well, that's not strange either.

"Hey Soren, what have you done? One female candidate for our guild just left! While for the sake of everything nice, I'd do anything to make one of them joins!"

I notice we still have one more though. I gaze at her with begging face, saying.

"Don't you run away from here too! Pretty please?"

OOC: It might take a little more while before Emma returns.[/FONT]
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[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]Sorry I'm late, all. :)
- - - - -

[COLOR="Red"]Steak. Buy the steak.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]Buy the apples. Child, you need healthy foods, not something that's been rotting in the sun for the past week.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Steak keeps just as well as apples.[/COLOR]

I bit my lip and, out of pure indecision, I closed my eyes and grabbed something off the stand at random. Oh. An orange. I smiled and paid the merchant before turning on my heels and walking the other way, taking out a pocket knife and peeling the fruit.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" I asked the two in my head. Of course, I knew this would end up in an argument. S.E. would want to do something reckless and fun and, more than likely, super dangerous. Id would opt for something quieter, safer, and, without a doubt, boring. They would argue, I would wait, and would probably end up following whatever silly compromise the two ended at.

[COLOR="Red"]Good question. Hn... let's steal something.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]No. Absolutely not. Can't we just buy a book or join a sect or do something productive?[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]A sect? Like that freaky skyclad sect? You of all entities should be wholly against [I]that.[/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]Fine, fine. Point taken. Well, we're not stealing. What about a guild? Why don't we join a guild?[/COLOR]

"Here we go again," I sighed, throwing the peels of my orange into the trough of a pigpen. The swine looked back up at me with beady eyes full of gratitude before they tucked in. Smiling, I leaned against the fence and watched, for lack of anything better to do, as I chewed on my citric fruit.

[COLOR="Red"]If you even think of the Mage's Guild...[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]Well, then, there's no room for negotiation about the Thieves Guild.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Fine! What's that leave?[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]A lot of guilds...[/COLOR]

I caught something glinting just out of the corner of my eye. A gun... a filthy gun, but a gun being pulled out a disgusting cesspit by a man. Quickly, I jumped the fence of the pigsty and hid behind the still eating pigs. They didn't mind and provided the cover I needed, although the muck that was swallowing my ankles I could have done without.

The man washed the weapon, and I watched intently. I don't know what it was, but the silver glint of the gun was hypnotizing me. My throat constricted and my mind shut off. There was only me and that gun.

[COLOR="Red"]Heh. You like it?[/COLOR]

"Yes," I whispered.

The man began walking away.

[COLOR="Red"]Follow him.[/COLOR]

"Alright," I murmured, scrambling out of the filthy sty and paying no mind to the nastiness that coated my feet and ankles. By the time I caught up with the man, he was in a building with other people. One, a girl, left already. I watched her go. But he remained inside with another girl and a man.

[COLOR="Red"]Do you want to join a guild, Evaline?[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Red"]What about the Assassin's Guild?[/COLOR]

"Do I get one of those?"


"Then yes."

Biting my lip, I walked into the building. Everyone turned to stare at me, and, as they did so, my teeth bit down harder and my lip began to bleed. Oops.

"Umm... is this were I can get one of those?" I asked, pointing at the ever-mesmerizing gun that the man was still carrying.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I did my best to give a slight smile when Jacques, another source of minor irritation, entered the room. Jack, I had found, lacked subtlety, and today he smelled of alcohol. But despite my best efforts, Esme had indeed lifted my spirits a bit. "Jack, good to see you," I said in a flat tone. "This is Esme, and I think there is little chance she will be running away." I gave a knowing nod to her, hoping she hadn't lost her edge in the time she'd been away.

Just as the two seemed about to greet each other, the most ridiculous thing yet happened. A small girl with bright orange hair and an innocent look about her came waltzing through our front door and asked Trent, who had just returned with a 9mm for Esme, if she could have a gun. Jack's gun, no less. Or something like it, I suppose. In any case, it was obvious to me just from looking that she was in entirely the wrong place. I rubbed my forehead in agitation. I didn't even want to deal with this one.

To make matters worse, the young Emma returned shortly after. Will this day not end quickly?[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]"Esme? Nice name! And wow, Soren thinks you won't be running away from him...I'm impressed."

I giggle as I cross my arms in front of my chest. Of course, my giggle is nearly silent and I face away from Soren as I do it. I'm not gonna risk my eyes bleed from his sharp gaze thrusts straight into them. I tell ya, Soren's not exactly the nicest guy on the rack. I think it's a sign of the world's going to end if he smiles.

Not long then, another girl came inside.


"Had fun stalking me?"

I said as I wink and grin to her, whoever she is. I knew she was following me right when I pull my gun out from the...eww. I'm an assassin here okay? If I don't know I was being followed, I'm dead by now. Or at least captured, tortured or struck by some other horrible things.

Despite knowing that I'm being followed, I continue my steps to the guild, because I don't think the girl was up to no good. Just look at her, she's more like a curious little child who can't keep her eyes away from my gun. How harmful can she be? Hissing my neck and bite my hands?

But yeah, Soren's gonna kill me for this.[/FONT]
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[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]"St-st-st-stalking?!" I repeated, eyes widening and taking a step back. No, that's not right! Only strange men in cloaks and hoods stalked people, not me! I was... I was just following him. Yes, that's right. There was a distinct difference. "I wasn't stalking, I was following!"

[COLOR="Blue"]Child, you were stalking. Face the responsibility of your actions.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]And there's no shame in that. It [I]was[/I] fun, wasn't it? Maybe next time, we could work on our stealth and-[/COLOR]

[I]Shut up,[/I] I snapped at the two. Judging by the glare the other man, the scary one, was giving me, I figured I said something wrong. My lower lip quivered a little in fear... he was really scary. But...

"Listen!" I began again. "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting something important or if I'm somewhere I shouldn't be, but if this is the place where I can get a gun and learn to shoot it, please tell me!"

[COLOR="Red"]'Atta girl.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]You're going to regret this, you know that? I don't see why we couldn't just join a nice, quiet guild...[/COLOR]

If anyone was going to say 'yes', it seemed, then it would be the man who she had fo... stalked. "Please?" she asked him.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]OOC: Trying out new style.

Following, right...and what's that? The girl wants to learn how to shoot a gun? Then, she'll need to know that she came to the right place! ...but also the wrong place. So wrong I actually don't even want to think about it.

"If you only want to learn how to shoot guns, go to a Gunner Guild or pay a private lesson. This ain't the place to do so."

I said to her with a scowl on my face and one eye closed, as I shoulder my trusty shiny gun that I hold with my right hand. My left hand enters my pocket since I'm a guy who cares a lot about coolness and style. This girl however, doesn't seem bright enough to even think for a second.

This is an Assassin Guild, so unless she's prepared to blow someone's head off one day, this ain't the place for her. She might not know about that, or she's just too hyped to even care. As I said, she's better off in a Gunner's Guild or having a private lesson in shooting. Though, Gunner Guild might one day force her to shoot some poor bastard, just like here, while a private lesson might cost a lot. Therefore...

"But I can teach you how to shoot if you want, free of charge! What do you say?"

Still with one eye closed and gun shouldered, I grin to the girl.

"First though, what's your..."

As I want to ask the new girl her name, another person shows up. It's not any stranger, it's the girl that left before. I still don't know what her name is, but I freaking know that her now dyed hair is no good sign.


I finishes my question to the new girl. I was wanting to ask her name, but now my question seemed mistakenly aimed. Since I asked the name of the new girl, while my eyes are locked not to her but to the returning one. My jaw opened as she approaches me, my expression has question marks all over it.

"Yeah, no worries......is that what I think it is?"

As Emma, who had introduced herself, stated her apology to me, I replied to her the above while pointing my left hand's finger at her hair. Isn't that the mark of someone joining the crazy sect somewhere around this area? Where the ladies are all naked? I could careless about the guys, but the naked ladies is surely summoning me to know all kind of stuff about that sect.[/FONT]
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[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]Sometimes, I know that it's really unhealthy to have voices in your head. A lot of times, I really don't care. S.E. and Id have been there for me for as long as I can remember, and they've gotten me into and out of a lot of trouble. To be perfectly honest, I trust these two entities more than I trust my own family.

[COLOR="Red"]Yes, Sister?[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]Is he trying to tell us that our Evaline wouldn't be able to handle it?[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]That's certainly what it sounds like.[/COLOR]

Sometimes, I realized just how protective of me Id is. A lot of times, I never really notice. She looks out for my best interest and counteracts most of what S.E. says and suggests. She cares for me like a mother, I suppose. Although, sometimes, she bases [I]her[/I] ego on [I]mine.[/I]

[COLOR="Red"]Are you going to do anything about it, Sister?[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]I'm not sure what I should do...[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]I say prove him wrong.[/COLOR]

Sometimes, I become afraid of what S.E. is thinking. A lot of times, he's violent and debaucherous, although Id cancels him out when he tries anything. Still, he's the one who tells me what to do in my time of need. I've won a few fights thanks to his instructions and saved my own skin multiple times; I won't mention how many of those times were his fault. This time, though, I knew that, should the two agree on this, there was no getting out of it for me. Not that I was about to complain.

[COLOR="Red"]Go for it.[/COLOR]

[I]You got it,[/I] I responded, ignoring the girl who walked in the room (why was she naked? Did she join a sect?) I walked forward, past the man with the gun, past the stern looking woman, past the scary looking man, and to the counter.

"My name is Evaline and I'd like to join the Assassin's Guild," I told the man behind the counter, who smirked at me. Now even I was determined. [I]I'm not some curious little Alice peering into a rabbit hole... I can do this...[/I][/SIZE][/FONT]
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