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[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]RATING[/B] = M for extreme bloody violence, gore, name-calling, CONSTANT profanity, meaningless sex, and head-exploding epic.

[B][CENTER]Round 2 [Spar][/CENTER][/B]

[B]Combatants[/B]: 21st Century Digital Boy vs. Premonition
[B]Rules[/B]: Each player gets 7 posts, and after the last one, the judge decides the winnar.Victory goes to whoever the judge feels should have it.
[B]Setting[/B]: Inside Elf Tower New Mexico
[B]Judge[/B]: Indifference


Premonition stood around, anxiously checking his watch. [i]Who the fuck called me out to this shitty ass tower?[/i] He adjusted his sunglasses which had begun to sliide down his nose as well a his collar on his tuxedo. Ever since he'd beaten DigitalBoy, Prem had become a big-shot on OB. DigitalBoy's army of n00bs was under his command, and he'd even put snide comments about DigitalBoy in his forum signature. For the first time ever, people were actually signing up for his RPGs, and the most upsetting fact of all was that he'd been annointed the title of 'rat boy' in DigitalBoy's place. Meanwhile, no one had seen DigitalBoy in hours, and some thought that he might have died or something.

[B]"So... you came..."[/B] A deep, raspy voice echoed through the stone room in which Prem stood. He was on the 453rd floor of the tower, having flown there on his dragon, and the sun's dying rays cascaded through the holes where massive windows must have been before the tower became a barren waste of architecture. Out of the darkness of the corner of the round room, he could see a figure approaching. It was a mess of a man; long hair was mangled in knots and his clothes were torn all over revealing giant scars and even bleeding, open wounds. Massive shackles on his wrists and ankles were dragging along huge chains that clanged behind him.[I] What the hell is this crappy hobo doing here? [/I]Prem wondered. The tattered man's head rose slowly, revealing two burning blue eyes and a freakish grin the span of his face. Prem knew who is was immediately by his terrible facial hair. [B]"DigitalBoy! But... I thought you were dead!"[/B]

[B]"Of course you did. Because you thought you'd surpassed me, and we agreed that only my death could make that happen..." [/B]Prem recalled a recent PM where they had discussed that very thing. For a moment he was stricken with terror, but then as the shock of seeing his old mentor still living wore off, he smirked and got cocky.

[B]"Hah! I guess it turns out I was already more powerful than you. After your failgasm in the last fight, I've taken your place on OB! There's no need to you to exist anymore! Just stay here and rot in this tower, I need to go increase my post count..." [/B] Prem started to head toward the window hole where his dragon was perched, when suddenly something flashed before him. Startled, he looked to his side and saw that DigitalBoy had instantly dashed across the room and summoned a humongous halberd into his hands. Prem turned back to his dragon, who's face was blank. Suddenly, blood began pouring down it's neck and it's head slowly fell to the ground. The blood erupted from the open hole and coated Prem completely. DigitalBoy turned again to Prem, smiling.

[B]"Heh,"[/B] Prem continued to wear a cocky smirk as he tore off his shirt and took a fighting pose.[B] "I guess I can stick around long enough to kick your grumpy old ass again.[/B]" Both fighters instantly shot forward, and Prem cought the blade of the halberd just before it crashed on his head. Thinking quickly, he delivered a kick to DigitalBoy's gut, pivoting the older member, however DigitalBoy continued to turn and spun the blade around in a horizontal cut. Prem jumped, barely missing the loss of his foot, and then ducked as DigitalBoy's next spin brought the blade an inch over his head. Prem did a double backflip out of the range of the weapon, then quickly pressed his hands together and opened his palms while pushing them forward.

[B]"HADOUKEN!"[/B] He cried, and an immense blue blast erupted from his palms, instantly encompassing the entirety of the room that lie before him. Seconds later, there was a gaping hole in the side of the tower and DigitalBoy was nowhere to be seen. However, just as Prem was dusting off his hands, he heard a click from behind. He turned quickly and arched his back, watching as the point of the halberd's blade shot right through the air where his face had been a split-second prior.

[B]"How did you..."[/B] Prem began, but DigitalBoy interrupted him. [B]"Don't you remember? This is Elf Tower New Mexico! Anything can happen here!"[/B]

[B]"Of course I remember, I created it!"[/B]

[B]"Wrong! I created this place! Only when I built it, it was the Panopticon, and your powers were still so weak that it ate you alive!"[/B]

[B]"You are right. However, my power has grown now, and I have even surpassed you! Now, i will show you how my Tower is more powerful than your space station!"[/B] Prem tapped his foot against the ground, and instantly, everything went black, leaving only Prem and DigitalBoy in existence. Prem concentrated his mind on the transformation of the tower, expecting digitalBoy to attempt a strike, but instead, his mentor stabbed his halberd's blade into the dakness and pressed his palms together, chanting something.

Light began to pour into the darkness and the world painted itself around them. Most of it was white, though there seemed to be a long strip of blue in the distance. Each of them stood on a short, black strip of land, and many more black strips could be seen behind, below, and above them. The world appeared to be two-dimensional, as nothing existed to the sides of them.

[B]"W-where..."[/B] Prem began to ask, looking down. He appeared to be standing on a giant black L. The black surface ahead of him appeared to be curved at the top, and the next surface beyond that had a dip in it's center. Behind him was a wide gap before a few more black surfaces, upon one of which stood DigitalBoy. the tattered man called over to him.

[B]"THE LOUNGE!"[/B] then it hit him - He was standing on a word! And judging by the blue bar in the distance, they had been transported onto the front page of Otakuboards. The Lounge - DigitalBoy was standing on the T and Prem on the L! DigitalBoy yanked his halberd from the ground.

[B]"There are many things I've yet to teach you, Prem. My past of role-playing stretched beyond your existence on the internet. Allow me to introduce the BAH, one of the first weapons I ever invented. It stands for Big Ass Halberd and is a weapon used for sparring that can not only shatter dimensions, but completely consume them. The power of your silly tower is no match for this ancient weapon!" [/B]

[B]"If you think you can beat me with some old relic, then you're wrong!" [/B]DigitalBoy and Prem both leapt into the grey space above the word platforms and took flight.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="1234"]Prem's leap landed him on an 'A.' From the looks of it, he had landed on the A of 'THE AMPHITHEATER.' DigitalBoy's BAH halberd was old, rusty and ugly. Prem, now being the big-shot of OB, took out his PWN saber and lit it up.[B] "Your just pissed cause I have a girlfriend, DB!" [/B]Prem hollered.

[B]"I'm a better Otaku than you, I have better music than you, I AM YOUR FATHER!"[/B] DigitalBoy shouted as he leaped toward Prem. Prem smiled mischievously as he put his hands in a defensive formation. DB's BAH smacked Prem right on the hand, the hand that just got done healing form Round 1!

[B]"You. Son. Of. A... BITCH!" [/B]Prem yelled as he shot DB back. Prem shot after him and pulled his saber back. Like lightning, Prem slashed DB right along his waist. Then they both landed on the 'T' that sat withing 'THE LOUNGE.' the air pulled DB's pants off revealing Breaking Benjamin boxers. Inside them was a small worm-like creature.

[B]"HELP ME!"[/B] It shouted, it's shrieking voice scrambled Prem's brain making him close his eyes and ears while DigitalBoy disappeared. Prem's mind was back to normal after a few seconds.

[I]How could such a small penis have such a big wail?[/I] Prem thought to himself.
Prem turned right, than left, than right again. But DigitalBoy was nowhere to be seen.Suddenly, booming voice erupted and shook the boards with a mighty thunder/

[B]"You think I'd be foolish enough to actually listen to Breaking Benjamin, huh Prem?!" [/B]DB Shouted from below. He was squatting with his halberd in his hands. He was on a number, probably the time that is displayed on the bottom of the page. [B]"Admit it Prem, I AM better than you, I ALWAYS have been and I ALWAYS WILL BE BETTER THAN YOU!"[/B]

DB kept on shouting about how he was the God of OB, the Christ of message boards, the messiah of Internet chat sites. But it meant nothing. Prem just stood, picking his nose and thinking about young, beautiful women.

[B]"Are you done blabbering, you old cooch farting doofus?"[/B] Prem said in a cocky tone. DigitalBoy has heard it before. After Prem became the Bermuda Detective, and master poster of Otaku City, he sent a PM telling DB that he was 'da shitz' of OB. The cocky tone was Prem just being stupid.

[B]"Yes, cause I'm taking you somewhere, you can't stand... You're past!" [/B]DigitalBoy put his hand in the air, it all went black once more. A few seconds later, Prem was standing on a handsome face from Fullmetal Alchemist, it was Greed?! He looked over to see the number '7' attached to a few other letters. Below he saw a feeble, low post count and a crappy signature... it could only be...

[B]"This Prem, is GUNmanZERO7's account, or in other words, your past self. This is who you used to be, a crappy, anti-grammatical member of OB with no respect for authority." [/B]

[B]"D... do you think this scares me?!"[/B] Prem said as his voice cracked. He wasn't sure if he was okay or not. But he was PREMONITION, he saw this one coming a mile away.

[B]"So, are you just going to sit there?" [/B]DB asked while his hair flowed with the wind. Prem was sweating madly, like an ice cube in a furnace. His face was as pale as a white guy's ass. He was shaking like a faggot eating a hot dog. But for one second, for just [i]one[/i] second, Prem felt brave, than the feeling came back again. He was ready.

[B]"No, I'm not going to sit here while you try your dirty little scare tactics! Get ready to have the biggest failgasm, your going to be embarrassed so bad it will be a failorgy!!!!!"[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Prem hollered and with his last word, an energy burst from his body and GUN's avatar shattered, it's pieces slowly falling through the grey. Just then, the backdrop of his old profile faded and everything went white. Prem saw that his opponent had become stunned.

[B]"Th...this can't be..."[/B] he was whispering. Prem wondered what could be going on for a moment, but then realized it as his opportunity to strike. He charged forward with his saber and swung it in a wide arc toward DB's neck, but DB slammed his Halberd against it so hard that the blade went careening out of the vision of existence. He then kicked Prem squarely in the gut, knocking him several yards away. Prem landed and braced himself for the next blow, but instead saw that DB had fallen to his knees and was holding his head, writhing. He thought about striking, but the strength of DB's rage had proved immense. Instead, he began looking around.

[B]"Hey! Isn't that..." [/B]looking up, Prem saw that the toolbars were still above him, and to his left he even saw the scroll bar. It appeared that they were still on the site! [B]"Is this... Otakuboards? What's going on?"[/B]

[B]"You fool!"[/B] DigitalBoy returned to his feet again, and blood was gushing from his mouth, splattering onto the white world below. [B]"You know nothing about the hardships of being a member of Otakuboards. This is the ultimate hell of the moderators! It's far beyond just being banned... this is IP ban! They disable your computer's ability to access the site!"[/B]

[B]"I didn't even know this was possible..."[/B] Prem was horrified just thinking about it.

[B]"I survived like this. For months, I had to live in this cloud of white!!! Premonition! Your Otakuboards life has been pampered and easy. You were only a n00b for a short time before I took you in, but I didn't have that luck! After they banned four of my accounts, THIS is what I was left with!!!"[/B] As DB yelled, blood exploded from his mouth. The site of this place alone made Prem lurch and puke all over the place. He looked up at DB with eyes full of fear. The older member was standing directly over him - crazed, maimed, and tattered. The blood from his lips fell onto Prem's face. Prem saw a demon - a demon who could survive this torment and still return like a plague. Truly, this was the most disgusting person alive.

[B]"I created you, Prem... I can destroy you!" [/B]Before Prem could blink, he saw a flash and heard a crunch as the spear crashed down... into the floor. Prem looke dup and saw the DB was backing up, the blood now eruptin from his throat in a huge torrent.

[B]"I'll make sure you stay in this white hell for all time!" [/B]Prem announced. He flipped through the air toward DB and brought his knees down on DB's shoulders with a thunderous crack. both of DB's arms fell limp and he stumbled backward a bit, but caught his balance and with a snap! bit Prem's nutsack clean off. The girly scream that Prem let out created a cacophony so immense it's vibrations reshaped existence itself, and the two warriors now found themselves on the floor in what appeared to be a basement.

[B]"My house... what's happened?"[/B] DB looked about to see that there were tens of large rats scurrying about, lapping up the blood that was now pouring from where Prem's balls had once been. As he looked around, DB wiped the blood from his chin with his sleeve and turned back to Prem. [B]"And you thought you could take my place? This place has become flooded with rats." [/B]

[B]"You bastard..."[/B] Prem's voice was like a chipmunk. he propped himself up with his blade.

[B]"Tch."[/B] DB raised his arm and let the halberd dissolve into nothing. [B]"There are so many joys you have yet to experience on OB. Relationships... marriage, or even getting to read a story by Dragon_Warrior. And as you have now seen, there are many hardships as well. If you can't take having your nutsack bitten off, you can never become a longtime member of OB!"[/B]

[B]"In that case..." [/B]Prem's voice was returning to normal, [B]"I'll do all of it... I'll see all the joys and pains that OB has to offer. And I'll do it all on my own... as soon as you are out of my way!" [/B][/COLOR]
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e[COLOR="1234"][B]"... as soon as you are out of my way!" [/B]Prem screamed as he arched back a bit. He held his fists tightly, till his hands bled! Suddenly Prem was engulfed in a silver light, and seconds later, he was holding on to a sac of skin and vein. "See these?" Prem asked DB.

[B]"Ya? What are they?"[/B] DigitalBoy said nervously.

[B]"These are Desbreko's balls... THE BALLS OF A GOD!"[/B] Prem threw them into the air and they shined red with pain and fury. [B]"And now, I will use them to destroy you, old Friend!" [/B]An energy engulfed Prem in a flash of power. It was the power of an immortal, no... a god. Des' balls transformed into a sword, it was none other than the master sword. Prem stood in a battle-ready position. The energy that fluxed through him was magnificent, DigitalBoy was in awe at the feeling of sheer power.

[B]"How did you get Desbreko's strength?!" [/B]DB asked as he wet his pants. He was so scared, even his urine started to whimper. He stepped back, but soon, he was on the wall, he had no where to run. Prem, could annihilate him! Prem ran at DB like a dog after a cat, suddenly Prem was right in front of DB. Prem kissed him on the cheek and smirked.

[B]"Here's a gift, from me to you..." [/B]Prem said sincerely. But despite the calm, almost peaceful voice, Prem was pissed. He took his arm back and in a matter of seconds, he stabbed DB, the blade went through the wall. DigitalBoy was stuck, and all he could do was stare in shock at Prem's strength. Just a few months ago, Prem was weak and feeble, but tat one fight. That one battle, changed him, and while Sandy was ripping DB a new one, Prem grew even stronger. [B]"DB, the day we first fought; your first mistake was letting me get up!"[/B]

Prem brought his arm back. He brought it forward and punched DB right int eh stomach. But Prem wouldn't stop, he kept punching DB, punch after punch after punch. Prem stopped punching DigitalBoy after an agonizing, torturing and soul shredding 5 minutes. He took out his sword and DB fell, he was holding his stomach and vomiting all over the floor. Food and bial poured out of him like a volcano, not even a second passed between each flow of disgusting waste.

Prem chuckled like a mad man. His eyes were bloodshot, and his pupils blazed with insanity. Prem swayed back and forth with madness, he had finally snapped. He lived so long in DB's shadow, even recently he felt like he was still a dark figure behind the light of a man. All the jealousy of being number two gathered up, and Prem couldn't take it, it became his heart, and now those feelings pushed the limits of existance, Prem was ready to kill without notice, without mercy... without realizign who he was fighting. All Prem could do was laugh and cry.

[B]"What's, your, problem?"[/B] DB asked while he was still throwing up.
[B]"It's sad seeing you lie on the floor and take it! It's a cry of shame toward you!" [/B]Prem started laughing and sobbing, the tears fell to the floor, and DB was still coughing. Prem knelt down, his knee was sitting in a pile of chunks and acid. Prem gave DB a pill, he smiled. DB looked at it, blood was dripping from his mouth, along with a days worth of Mt. Dew, and a whole bunch of stomach fluid. He looked at the pill.

[B]"Take this medicine, get up... and let me kill you..."[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]"FUCK YOU!" [/B]

Everything became black and white. DB's arm shot up and second later his hand tore into Prem's throat. DB gripped Prem's vocal chords and tore them clean out. In his madness, Prem had forgotten himself and his opponent's nature. Somehow, he was confused as he gripped wildly at his throat, struggling to breath. Why hadn't DB take the pill and died here?!

[B]"I don't want to hear another word of it," [/B]DB said, as he flung the contents of Prem's throat across the room. While the world was monochrome, his blood still shone red, covering most of his body. It was painful, but DB found his way to his feet. He stood for a moment, breathing heavily, and then smashed his foot against the side of Prem's head, sprawling him across the ground with a splat as his face ground against the floor.[B] "For what do you fight, Prem? You fight out of jealousy... you don't even have power of your own. You would dare to imitate an admin? HAH! You couldn't even stand up against a moderator." [/B]DB stomped on Prem's face and ground his shoe against the mute boy's cheek.

[B]"What's the matter? What happened to all that big talk of yours? Aren't you supposed to have surpassed me? You can't even grow back your body parts? Without your tower, you are useless! You act like a hot shot when you're running the thread, but outside of Theater you have nothing! You're the scurge of the music forum, and your presence in the anime forum is near nonexistent. In the Lounge, no one thinks of you as more than my toatie! You post in one place too often, you can't spell, and what's worse, you have no redeeming qualities! Nothing but a blemish on the face of the boards!"[/B] DB slammed his foot into Prem's face, breaking the shit out of his nose. While Prem writhed on the floor, DB turned around and pulled a hair tie from his pocket, proceeding to put his hair up in a ponytail. He pulled his shirt off and looked down at the wound in his stomach.

[B]"Let me introduce you to another old friend of mine," [/B]he said, looking back at Prem over his shoulder. This time, a sword materialized. It was a short blade with a silver dragon wrapped around it. The dragon's eyes were rubies and it spoke with a deep, omnipresent voice.

[B]"I, Kyo no Ryu, am at your service, master." [/B]the dragon's eyes lit up and suddenly, DB's wound began to close. DB howled with pain as the skin regrew and inside of him, his organs were repairing themselves.

[B]"This is another sword I made long ago. It's name comes from one of my old OB accounts. At the time, I thought it meant "Kyo the Dragon", but it really meant "Kyo's Dragon", hence my turning it into a sword, as Kyo was my roleplaying name. Kyo no Ryu is a healing sword." [/B]As the hole finished closing, DB turned around to face the younger member, who was still covering the hole in his neck with his bloodsoaked hands. [B]"It's mostly used for torture." [/B]DB brought the sword high over his head and brought it down squarely on Prem's neck, slicing right through his hands and severing his head. By all accounts the boy was dead.

However, the dragon's eyes lit up again and Prem's head and hands reconnected. As Prem came back to life, he immediately began screaming wildly, having regrown his vocal chords as well. DB lifted his hand and the sword disappeared.

[B]"I taught you how to write... I even introduced you to your favorite band. Did you honestly think you'd surpass me so easily after all this time?" [/B]As he finished screaming, Prem made his way up to his knees. He glanced up, seeing that his mentor's back was facing him. Prem gritted his teeth and with all his strength, puled to his feet.

[B]"WHAT ABOUT ME?!" [/B]Prem gasped for breath, seeing that DB still did not turn around. [B]"You said it yourself... that if it weren't for me, you would have left OB a long time ago. You need me just like I need you! The OB rejects you, just like it reject me! You claim to be so much better, but you're no better! You call being banned a hardship, but it just means you're a failure!"[/B]

[B]"I NEED NO ONE!"[/B] DB spun on his heel and rocked Prem's face with an epic punch to the jaw. Prem began to fall over, but caught his balance and returned with full strength, blasting DB with the same punch.

[B]"Without me, you'd be miserable! A humorless sack of shit! You'd probably be banned again by now!" [/B]

[B]"Without me, you wouldn't be here at all in the first place!" [/B]Both DB and Prem's fist came at each other again, meeting each other halfway in a clash that shook the foundation of the universe. The two pushed their fists against each other with all their might and lightning shot out across the room.

[B]"Why did you betray me, Prem? You were my pupil! You were the one who I would pass my secrets onto!"[/B]

[B]"You never thought of me as an equal! You always look down on me, like a lower life form! But I am not just your shadow... I am just as powerful as you.. no, I'm even more powerful than you! I don't need your lessons, I can learn on my own. However, you can't live without me under you to support you!"[/B]

[B]"I lived without you for years before you ever came to OB!"[/B]

[B]"You've become dependent on me! I will show you how weak you have become while I surpassed you!"[/B] Prem spun around and arced his leg toward DB, but DB ducked under it and jumped into the air, returning a kick to Prem's face. Prem stumbled backward and DB punched him in the chest, lunging him back through the wall of the room and outside into the Infinite Expanse Of Code. All was black except for infinite giant green ones and zeroes which fell form the sky and continued downward forever. Prem landed on his feet, only to receive a flying kick to the face as DB flew out after him. The kick caused Prem to flip backward throught the air, but he landed again on his feet, and just in time to block DB's next kick. Prem grabbed DB by the ankle and pulled him forward, headbutting him in the face.

[B]"That's for last time!"[/B] He said as DB stumbled back. In Prem's hand, his beam sword materialized again, [B]"And this is for the head of my dragon and myself!" [/B]his next slash was aimed for DB's neck, but the older member blocked it with a new weapon of his own.

[B]"No... you didn't..." [/B]Prem was astonished. DB had summoned a Keyblade.

[B]"You thought you were cool when you ran that Master Sword through me. However, that blade has no power against me. Had those not been Desbreko's balls, I wouldn't even have a scratch on me, and even them, Des himself could have disintegrated me with a breath. I know you, though, Prem. You once adored the Kingdom Hearts saga, and it still holds a place in your heart. You even named yourself after the Keyblade once. With this in my possession, you can never defeat me!"[/B] DB lunged forth with a vertical slash which Prem barely regained composure in time to block. the light of his bean sword illuminated DB's face and he could see the wild smile that dressed his senior's lips. Terror possessed him then. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR="1234"]Prem was knocked back several feet by DB's Keyblade. All fell silent. The world became a quite, stale black and white realm of sadness, anger, and hate, however, Prem, was laughing again.

[B]"I don't just fight out of jelousy... I fight off of faith. And you introducing me to my favorite band, maybe... but this is my story, you can't write me out! YOU CAN'T DESTROY ME AND WIPE MY REMAINS ACROSS THE BRINK!"[/B]

Prem stood up and drew out another weapon but instead of charging, he stood and threw the blade to his side. [B]"I may be your pupil... but remember, the student is DESTINED to surpass his master. I'll take your pony-tailed head and rip it clean off, then I'll paint the walls of OB with YOUR BLOOD!" [/B]Prem extended his arm forth, and from the darkness, a black and red Keyblade formed.

[B]"You may not know this DB, but in Kingdom Hearts, Ansem gave Riku the power of a dark Keyblade. Sora stuck it into his heart and removed the soul of the one he loved, but this time, I'm going to kill myself and become the new messiah of the boards. I don't care about anything anymore, all I need is the friendship of those on OB to guide me!"[/B]

[B]"PREM, are you honestly that stupid? Indifference, Allamorph, the others... they all treat you well so you will feel welcome, they all HATE you, and they LOVE me, everyone loves me!!" [/B]DigitalBoy charged toward Prem, but it was too late, the dark Keyblade was already plunged into Prem's heart.

Soon, it all became black, soon DB and Prem were in a realm of complete darkness. Prem had brought DB into a realm he knew nothing of, he brought DB into... Kingdom Hearts.

[B]"Welcome DB, to the realm I know of, and the realm you are unaware of. You think fighting me with my favorite weapon was smart? IT WAS STUPID! You only motivated me into doing this."[/B]

The look on DB"s face was so... satisfying for Prem. DB looked down to see a platform alone in a dark sea of endless night, not a single shred of light shone in this world, he looked forward. There standing was Prem, he was wearing a white and black robe. [B]"DB, I'm sorry for stealing your spotlight, I'm sorry for betraying you, so tell me... why did you take me under your wing? Why did you let me become your apprentice? Did you not think I'd become better?"[/B]

DigitalBoy said nothing. He stood on the platform and looked at Prem with fury.

[B]"Fine than, don't answer." [/B]Prem said softly as he disappeared. Suddenly Prem was behind DB, he took his hand and wrapped it around DigitalBoy's neck. "Instead of letting you talk, I'll KILL YOU" Prem screamed loudly as he took his other hand and stuck it right through DB, he ripped out DB's vocal cords and threw them into the darkness. Prem took his other hand and stuck it back into DB's throat, blood streamed out like fountain, it covered Prem's face, he licked it off and swallowed it. His hand, still inside DB's neck, was clenching a flap of skin on the front of DB's neck. He swung his arm and threw DB like a rag-doll, blood spewed outward and Prem's hand dripped like a bloody towel. [B]"Now, it's time to become the bloodiest cadaver, it's time DB... FOR YOUR FINAL CUT." [/B]

DB's body flew across the endless trench of pain and darkness that was Kingdom Hearts. Prem's hand was suddenly holding a scythe. "It's time for a Shinigami dance!" Prem yelled as he transformed the realm into an old mansion. It was none other than the place where DB's creation, the Count, lived and terrorized the Shinigami that were being played by the members of OB. DB's body smacked the walls of the mansion with a thud. Prem went after him, holding his scythe like a new born child. In a flash of light, Prem slashed DB's body in half, his remains flew every way, his intestines to the right, his head and torso in the air, his spleen and stomach to the left, and he rest of his body fell in a slump. BLood was everywhere, dripping from teh walls, drippign off of Prem's scythe and face. It was everywhere, so much blood. It seemed over, but Prem didn't want his victory yet, he took his scythe and gave birth to DB again.

[B]"You had your chance..." [/B]DB said in a calm, almost dead voice. His body was completely reborn, all the blood was still everywhere, but it was still him. Prem's face was still dripping with blood. He wiped it clean and balled his hand into a fist again.[B] "I'm going to have fun with this!" [/B]He shouted, but before he could punch DB in the stomach, DigitalBoy rolled to his left and took out a sword, he took his sword and plunged it into Prem's leg.

[B]"You sound so retarded Prem, you keep using stupid quotes and song titles from Co&ca and you keep yammering about how you know about Kingdom Hearts. Stop bragging about yourself and GET REAL!"[/B] DB's hair tie had fallen out and his hair was wet with sweat, he removed the sword from Prem's leg and punched him back. Prem stopped himself from slidding back anymore.

[B]"You ready to answer those questions now?"[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]"Tch,"[/B] DB spat on the ground and without warning, whacked both of Prem's legs off at the knees. [B]"I beat the first game and it sucked ass."[/B] Prem was only scowling up at him, not even feeling the pain in his legs as blood pooled around him. He'd become determined. [B]"You're pretty terrible at writing me, you know. That last post... what the fuck was that? Your dialogue was spot on, but man did you ever fuck me up..."[/B] DB dropped his sword and pulled out a dagger.[B] "You know Prem..."[/B] DB's face instantly switched from calm to furious and he flipped the dagger into a stabbing angle. He plunged it into Prem's chest over and over, his neck, his shoulders, his face, he continued to stab his predecessor until he was an unrecognizable ball of blood.

[B]"I didn't ever 'take you in.' It's more like you followed me home, like a stray dog. I was just hanging out in the Anthology, giving my opinion of everything in there, and you kept looking to my advice like it was special. Even though other people gave you better advice you kept trailing me and reading my stories, getting yourself all inspired. It was YOU who came to ME. I could have just as easily tossed you aside!"[/B]

[B]"Then why didn't you?"[/B] the mouth Prem had left to speak with was unrecognizable beyond all the blood, and his voice was week.

[B]"Because my dream... is for people to see what I see. I have always been a giver of advice to everyone who will take it. You are only considered my apprentice because you always take my advice, and you always want more of it. That is the reason I didn't toss you aside - I toss none aside."[/B]

[B]"That's a lie! You know I am special to you!" [/B]

[B]"Only in the way that a sensei is to his star pupil. It's a bond... that should have been unbreakable. But the student can never surpass the master! You think you can, but I'm hear to prove it to you... I am always going to be better than you, until I die. And you will not be the one to kill me!" [/B]The air grew silent as Prem's blood continued to poor out near infinitely. "[B]You were right... this is my bloodiest cadaver... if only you'd known what the word meant before you used it against yourself. Put that's just like you Prem, jumping the gun and saying things before you think."[/B] DB strutted over to the mass of blood. [B]"You had your fun, now let me tell you a story. In The Amory Wars, the Wiling Well is the name of a giant, angel winged guillotine. The guillotine is a portal between the world of the Writing Writer and the story of his. The Final Cut is when he uses the Willing Well to go and kill the prise, Ambellina. You want the Final Cut? Let's rock, then!"[/B] DB snapped his fingers, and suddenly he and the blood blob were in what appeared to be a painting. It was a place of dark orange and red hues, where a large house stood, rickety and decrepit. Every surface bore a large eyeball, and from the door, a long line of children was pouring out. DB gently lifted the red carcass of Prem into his arms and handed it over to the children. They carried him toward the Willing Well, a guillotine with an angel on either side. Prem's head was slid into the mechanism, and with a quick, efficient clunk - his head was severed, and his body disappeared.

Prem awoke to find himself on a thin bed in a room with metallic walls. His body was whole again, and he seemed to be fine. Suddenly, the room began to shake violently, and he heard a woman's voice over a speaker.

[B][I]"Entering the atmosphere, everyone hold tight,"[/I][/B] Prem grabbed onto the side of his bed and realized his location - a space ship! For several minutes, the ship continued to rock until it landed on the surface of a red planet. Prem shot out of his room and down the corridor toward the pilot deck to find a large man with many scars and long hair looking back at him.

[B]"We've arrived, crowning." [/B]Beside him, a little girl stood. She nodded, too.

[B]"It's time to fulfill our destinies," [/B]she uttered. Prem got off the ship along with an assortment of other people. He watched the big man, Jesse, give a parting speech to the younger people who were with him.

[B]"Now, become what you were meant to be... BECOME HELL!"[/B] The children all transformed into creatures of a variety of powers and a large-scale battle between mutants and military forces began raging on. Soon, Jesse disappeared into the red mist that was billowing over the planet's surface. Prem took off into the mist as well, ready to see how he could be helpful. He found himself lost for several minutes, before emerging onto a bloody seen. Jesse fell to the ground, his chest pouring out, and a man who's face was partly mechanical stood holding Jesse's heart in his hand. It was the enemy general, Mayo, who turned to face Prem, crushing the heart with a hideous squish. Frightened, Prem took off again into the mist. He next found himself in a small valley between two hills. Ambellina was there - she was a woman with blue skin and orange hair and eyes.

[B]"Crowning! We have to get away from this battle!" [/B]Prem and Ambellina began running away from the battle, but soon came across a giant mirror. Inside, they could see a man's silhouette. It raised it's arm, and Ambellina was suddenly sent flying back, landing on a spear which impaled her through the heart.

[B]"Hmmm. I didn't really have to do that, since this is the story of you and I, and not that of The Writer and Claudio, but I love to see continuity in motion."[/B] Prem new the voice instantly - DigitalBoy. His mentor stepped through the mirror and stood before Premonition, an aura surrounding his body.

[B]"Why did you send me here?" [/B]Prem asked. He was ready to resume their fight, and though he lacked a weapon, he felt a great power within himself.

[B]"The writer created his story as a reflection of his problems in the real world. He uses the story to get over his old lover and to finally find closure. He created it, and yet he is dependent on it, not unlike you and I, right?" DB's eyes crackled as lightning flashed through them. "In order to bring the book to an end, he has to kill Ambellina, who represents the woman of his past. Afterward, he must end the book. My dependance on you is coming to an end, Prem. You are the Crowning. You will burn my Star IV and die, so that I may continue on. I can destroy you just as I created you. I am your god!"[/B]

[B]"MY GOD IS A COWARD!" [/B]Prem extended his arm, palm open and a beam of lightning erupted forth, charging at his mentor. However, DB created a barrier of lightning around himself which absorbed the blow. He and Prem charged at each other exactly as they ad before, their fists meeting in the center. Only this time, DB pushed Prem's arm back and his hand connected to Prem's face. Once more, the boy was knocked to the ground, and DB began to walk away.

[B]"Where are you going? WE AREN'T DONE HERE!"[/B]

[B]"Yes, we are. I've done what I set out to do. You feel it now, don't you? Your time has come, Prem. You're Burning Star IV."[/B] With those words, DB disappeared, and the world around Prem slowly faded to white.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="1234"]Prem's body was floating in a vast sea of white. However, there was no shore, there was no lighthouse... there was no home. Prem remembered the story DB told him, but what worried him was what DB did, he walked away without a second thought. Did he not realize that Prem loved him. Not in the 'marry me I want you' way, but the 'important friend who taught me everything I know,' way.

However, Prem hated DB right now, not for walking away, but for not sealing Prem away forever. It was a dumb move in the wake of a smart one. Why didn't he just kill Prem right there? Why not? If he didn't need Prem, he would have no problem killing him. But Prem, lying in a pool of his own blood, was not willing to give up. He may have been in a vast sea of nothingness, but he was going to get out.

[B]"It's time... to... give my... friend a proper teaching..." [/B]Prem said, suddenly his body glew black and he returned to his normal self. But this time, he was holding a small key, it was white, that's it, it had no teeth. It was just a small little circular object, but it was a key to something. Prem extended the key forth, and suddenly a door appeared out of the blue. He unlocked it and walked trough.

Prem suddenly appeared back on OB, he was in a thread that was titled [I]'Prem's dead... I killed him.'[/I] DB was standing with some of the mods who were chatting about the situation. Indifference,who had a shocked look on her face, looked over at Prem.

[B]"Umm, DB, I hate to break it to you, but this thread isn't going to work out." [/B]Indifference said frowning.

[B]"Are you closing it?" [/B]DigitalBoy asked.

[B]"Yes, but only because... Prem is alive and standing behind you."[/B]

DB looked behind him to see Prem standing there with a smile on his face.

[B]"BTW DB, it's [B][I][U]CROWING [/U][/I][/B]not CROWNING!" [/B]Prem said as he ran after DB. DB was holding celebratory punch and cookies, so he ad no chance to get ready. Prem bawled his fist, his hand shot blood everywhere from his nails digging into him. Indifference, along with the others, ran away screaming. Prem's fist knocked DB right in the stomach.

[b]"And just so you know..."[/b] Prem continued as he started punching DB with a barrage of punches, "I asked my mom what a cadaver was!" [/B]And with that, prem punched DB so hard he lurched back and his spine snapped, it was so loud that it summoned thunder, splitting DB in twain. It was showering dust, it was a rain of glittering beauty.

however, the remnants of DB shook with anger and rage, and soon they jumbled together and morphed back into DB. [B]"You can't kill me that easily."[/B]

[B]"Yeah I know, and FYI, Crowning is when the baby's head can be seen when a women's in labor, duh..." [/B]Prem kicked DB in the legs, it picked him up and Prem caught him. Prem winked at DB and spun like a dradle. As DB flew thorugh the air, Prem smiled.

[B]"You see DB, I'm Claudio and you're Supreme Tri-mage Ryan Wilhelm. I don't quite know what happened between the two, but I'm going to do what the Crowing is destined, and DESTROY THIS PLACE!" [/B]Prem held his fists and stood in stance, his energy erupted and OB shook like a British nanny shaking a baby.

[B]"You're going to destroy OB?"[/B] DigitalBoy asked huffing.

[B]"No, but I'm going to delete this thread. I don't know much about the Coheed story yet, but if I recall, there is a place called the keywork, if I'm not mistaken. It houses power to the rest of the solar system, and one of it's planets is Star IV...Oh, who cares, I"M GOING TO DESTROY THIS THREAD AND YOU [I]NOW[/I]!"[/B] Prem shouted as everything melted in his wake. He walked toward DB,a nd with every step he took, the ground melted into the digital sea. Soon he was only a yard away from DB. [B]"Get up you bastard!" [/B]prem hollered. DigitalBoy, who was shaking, rose to his feet and closed his eyes.

Prem's hand grasped onto DigitalBoy's neck, a pint of blood spewed out with every finger than stuck into DB's skin. Then, Prem did it with his other hand. DB's face was turning pale, but Prem didn't show any mercy, he started kneeing DB wild, without a second to rest.

[B]"I'm going to knee you until I've kneed you as many times as I've posted. That's over 1700 posts, so this will take a while."[/B] After an hour or two passed, Prem stopped kicking DB, DB was writhing in pain. He started gagging on his own fluids blood and bial poured onto the remnants of the thread like a waterfall of death. Prem smiled and threw DB into the dark hole. He put his had s on the ground and sealed DigitalBoy in the dark expanse of the Digital Sea.

Prem looked to his right and saw the cookies that DB had, they were still there. He grabbed them and ate them. [B]"Victory is like Chocolate..."[/B][/COLOR]
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Hours had passed. DB tried over and over to log in to Otakuboards, but to no avail. He kept receiving the message that either his email had not been varified... or he'd been banned. Each time he used up his 5 login attempts he waited a bit and tried again, never succeeding.

[B]"Damn you, Prem... I liked my username. But I guess it's time to change."[/B] DB created an alt account. He remembered how last time he switched accounts, Prem took months to realize it was him despite having the exact same tendencies in his posts. This time, DB created an alt with a brand new personality. Easily enough, he infiltrated OB as a n00b, and the big-shots paid him no mind. Even Premonition, who was hardly better than a n00b himself, overlooked DB entirely. However, DB noticed that Prem had become significantly less active. According to the Who's Online section, Prem had been spending most of his time in his PM Box. DB knew that his time for vengeance would come soon.


Prem sat in his chair in front of a giant screen where he was looking back through his old PMs. He was crying. The message was one from DB. In the background, a sappy Coheed song was coming through his speakers. He was remembering the thing he and DB had said to each other earlier.

[I][B]"Thank god you're still angry at me, now I've got a better chance of seeing you dead and buried!" [/B][/I]Prem pulled his knees up to his chin and wiped his eyes with his sleeve as he continued to read the PM.

[B]"DB... you could've been dear... I wish you were here, still in the frame..." [/B]He wept some more. In the shadows behind him stalked EuphoricField, a new member Prem knew nothing about. He crept toward the weeping Prem, carefully reaching around him. Then all at once, he covered Prem's mouth with one hand, and with the other, knifed him in the back. Prem shot up from his chair and for a second made a gurgling noise.

[B]"Shhhh.... go to sleep..." [/B]DB whispered, disguised as the new member. Prem became silent wit death and DB carefully laid him on the ground. [B]"Good night, old friend." [/B]DB started to leave, but then turned around to look at the screen. He recognized the PM immediately and began reading. He realized it instantly - he'd made a huge mistake! Prem was his friend, and they'd gone through so much together, yet here he'd stabbed the poor bastard in the back. Tears formed in DB's eyes and he looked down at the now bleeding body of his old chum.

[B]"PREM!" [/B]He hollered and rushed over to the lifeless body of his pal. He knelt over him. Prem's eyes were still open. [B]"Speak to me man! You can't die!" [/B]DB was silent or a moment as his face hovered over Prem's. [B]"I love ya, man!" [/B]DB's face lowered and he kissed Prem on the lips. As he held them there, a flash of light erupted from Prem's eyes and his body began to glow. DB pulled his head back and seconds later, Prem had risen from the dead!

[B]"Dude, I totally missed you."[/B] DB said with a smile.

[B]"Yeah. We should never have been fighting in the first place." [/B]Prem agreed.



[B]"No homo, by the way."[/B] Just as DB added that statement, the ground below the two suddenly splintered, and from the cracks red light was pouring forth. The room began to rumble and suddenly the roof exploded, leaving a gaping hole, through which the sky could be seen raging with storm winds and lightning. From high in the sky, a man descended - an enormous man covered in dark red armor and wielding a huge blade. His eyes shone with the ferocity of hell itself; and on his shoulder was perched a little owl. The owl opened it's tiny beak and a thunderous voice came forth.

[B]"I'm tired of you little bastards and your bullshit!"[/B]

[B]"Oh fuck,"[/B] DB started, [B]"it's DeathKnight!"[/B]

[B]"That's right, asshole. And I'm about to give you little pricks a one-way ticket to OB PURGATORY!"[/B] The huge warrior raised it's blade and before Prem or DB had time to think, crashed it down, blasting both of their bodies in half in a flurry of gore and blood. The last thing heard by either member was DeathKnight's maniacal laughter as they plunged into hell.

In the time it took to blink, Prem an DB found themselves standing in a red cave where fires were burning all around.

[B]"This is OB hell?"[/B] Prem asked. [B]"I wonder who OB Satin is, lol."[/B] Just then, a drab voice in a grim tone echoed through the corridor.

[B]"Ye medicates masses seeking entrepenuarship o'er these burning waters
Welcome to hell as men's minds subject themselves to imagine it
Mind's eye melting macabre malicious men marauding..."[/B]

[B]"It's Mitch."[/B] DB said bluntly. As he did so, the shirtless man appeared before him, and without changing his facial expression one bit, proceeded to Mitch-slap DB so hard that the left half of his face melted.

[B]"Alright, that's enough. DB, let's fight our way back to OB!"[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="1234"]Prem, in the last few DB-less months, was honored by being given possessions from mods and admins. Desbreko's balls, Daggers... well secret daggers and even a temp ban pass to ban anyone for just a few days. He remembered what it was the mods had told him about it.

[B][I]"This is a special Temp-ban, it can ban anyone, even a member who hasn't committed an offense at all. Remember Prem, use it wisely."[/I][/B] SunfallE's words resonated like an endless angelic chorus. Mitch may have been the OB Devil, but the temp ban was given to him by Adam himself, thus it was a gift from The OB God himself.

DigitalBoy's face restored mystically, the presence of the magical Temp-Ban Pass, restored health to them both. Mitch laughed, and soon eh submitted a 12 page thread about how much Prem and DB sucked and how pathetic the OB populace was, then he started talking in weird lingo, that made no sense in the first place. It was Mitch at his full potential. Soon Mitch summoned the Beast to his side.

[B]"Okay, it's time to kick your ass Beast for what you did!" [/B]Prem yelled. He gave the pass to DB for him to hold, Prem made some weird symbols with his hands, and he shot an ice at the beast, in a few seconds, the monster was banished to another realm. Mitch laughed hysterically almost like Prem was a baby.

[B]"Muahahahahahahahahahaha!" [/B]Mitch chuckled madly. Prem shook his head and took the temp-ban back from DB. Prem ran after Mitch, but Mitch was fast, he knocked Prem to his feet, and also managed to blow DB behind Prem's body. But Prem, who was known on OB for being knocked down Adan getting up, rose with pride and extended the Temp-ban again.

[B]"Time to banish you Mitch...THIS IS FOR MOCKING ME YOU WHORE!" [/B]Prem yelled in a massive bolt of anger and hate, and soon a ray of light bellowed from the holy peace of OB parchment, and soon, Mitch's body was cast away into the bowels of OB Hell. Peace restored itself, Prem went over and picked DB up, he gave him a hug and smiled.

[B]"I'm glad we're friends again, you're my OB Bro till the end!" [/B]Prem said. DigitalBoy smacked his fist again Prem's.

[B]"I'm glad too Prem."[/B] DB said smiling. Prem stepped back and looked at DB.

[B]"But if you ever kiss me on the lips again... I'll freak!"[/B] Prem started laughing. DigitalBoy laughed with him, but suddenly the ground shook and a new soul rose from th eh mists of hell.

[B]"Hahahahahaha, if it isn't Charles and James misguided minions, DigitalBoy and Prem!"[/B] Yelled a man, DB looked at him and came to a shocking conclusion.

[B]"PREM, THAT"S R... RI... RICK HUNTER!"[/B] DB shrieked. His voice resonated like a teenager's screams after losing a beauty pageant to the real beautiful, yet slutty girl. Prem's smile turned into a frown, and he looked at Rick with an insane twitching in his eye.

[B]"We're in for a fight!"[/B] Prem shrieked, his voice was even worse than [/COLOR]Prem's.
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