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RPG Chaos and Conspiracy 2256


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OOC: Please refer to the auditions thread for the story and plot, as well as character bios. One of the requirements are that you read the characters "Personality/Character/Attitude" description so that you fairly represent other players characters.

"This was a big day, my first on the new job. As cool as it felt, it was bittersweet due to the circumstances of which this agency was formed.

It was a truly terrifying day when it happened. I was investigating the murder of a little girl. I had just found out that her father was a member of a gang from Boston, and I realized that it was highly lightly that her killing was a part of some sort of revenge by this city's major gang... my fathers gang.

I was sitting in a dark and moody café. Cheap knockoffs of what Jazz music used to be was playing in the background. Oh how I longed to hear Coltrane. The bartender seemed to have more than a passing interest in an attractive woman sitting at the end of a bar, drawing eyes to her like a wad of cash. My eyes however were firmly set on my 3rd glass of beer. I wasn't really pondering my existents as much as I was considering whether I should investigate my father. It has been so many years since I became a police officer, now I finally have a chance to put my father behind bars, and yet I don't know if I should follow through with it. He is my last link to this world. The only other person I had in my life was my mother, and he took her away from me.

I wasn't allowed to continue with my thoughts when the bartender turned up the old fashioned glass-screened television in the corner. Whether I wanted it to or not, it interrupted my thoughts. I noticed how more and more people were surrounding me, drawn closer to watch the television. It was an odd sight to see people in this type of bar so astounded, I just had to see what they were looking at. As my head rose I saw a flaming wreck which was the IGEC headquarters. The alcohol flew out of my head like a cold breeze. Seeing something like that sobers a man up in a flash. I don't think there was a face in the entire bar that wasn't watching the television as if God himself appeared on it. Even the woman, who previously had everyones attention, had the television in the corner of her eyes. This was big..."

"There he is, my new partner. Looks like a decent enough a person. But we're here for a purpose."

[b]Gene:[/b] Reporting for duty sir.
[b]Chance:[/b] Relax dude, this is a brand new agency, remember? No one is superior here. And I'm not that much older than you, so don't call me sir. Let's keep it casual.
[b]Gene:[/b] Alright, fair enough. I'm Gene.
[b]Chance:[/b] Chance. Nice to meet you.
[b]Gene:[/b] Ditto.

"Keep it casual, huh?... This might just work out."
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Chance left through the revolving glass doors exiting the headquarters of the SS66 building, done with his work for the day the captain sought to enjoy the nigh a little bit with friends from college before he would have to return in the morning. Orders were given to him fro his superiors that he would be getting a new batch of FNG's so he would have his own squad to command in the field. Chance was promoted to Captain a year ago, now was his time to get out of the office and back into the action with his other agents. Reaching into his pocket the muscular soldier took out his keys to his Mazda and unlocked the vehicle with the click of its security button. Entering the freshly cleaned, black leather interior vehicle Chance closed the door and started the car; making his way towards the city. Lowering his window let the warm night air enter the car as Chance lit a cigarette and inhaled the intoxicating fumes, taking in its warm relaxing glow before puffing the scent from his nose. The black car rushed through the empty highway before taking the exit to hit downtown, the nightlife was just starting up as crowds of civilians walked through the streets looking for a good time somewhere or with someone. Chance pulled his car into the parking lot of his favorite bar, an Irish pub that's been open since Chance was 19. The owners are family friends of his, so it made it easy for Chance to consume free beer and liquor. The tall man left his car after turning the roaring engine off and secured the electronic lock once again before entering the establishment. Inside was the mixed aroma of cigarettes and beer, comforting to Chance as he made his way past the full tables of people and to the bar.

"Anna, you back there girl?" Chance shouted over the noise of the televisions that played the football game for the night. 5 flat screen monitors hung all over the floor with two stationed at the bar for its viewers. A female came from the back room which held most of the extra bottles and cans of drinks, standing at 5'8'' with phoenix red hair woman who walked in from of Chance and leaned over the bar to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"How's it going hun?"

"Fine, here for a couple rounds then I'm heading home" Chance explained, lighting another cigarette and sitting down on the high chair stool. Usually people's feet would dangle in the air, but Chance was tall enough for his feet to rest comfortably on the ground. "How's business?"

"Booming as always, if you're heading home can you feed the dogs and let them out of the laundry room? I worry about them sometimes" Anna stated as she began to pour a tall glass of Bud Light, once the extra foam rose to the top and spilled down the side she placed the cup in front of her customer. Chance placed his large hand over her small one before she could let go. Anna blushed a bit before looking into Chances eyes.

"I will, just don't stay out too late tonight. I wanna see you before I go to work babe" With the Chance gave a wink and let her hand free as he took the tall glass and drank some of its contents. Anna smiled as she shook her head, returning to work. The night dragged on, Chance consumed a couple more glass' of beer and some shots before going home, he let both his St. Bernard dogs out of the laundry room before heading to his room for some sleep. Taking off his uniform and boots, Chance stumbled to his bed in his boxers and white beater shirt before passing out underneath the blankets. The next morning Chance sat on a bench outside of headquarters taking a drag of his smoke, he had time before he had to report in. Looking down at some documents in his hand the captain read the profiles of some people he would be assigned with for his until. "Looks like a good bunch, I'll whip them into perfect fighting standers or it'll kill them" Chance flicked his cigarette bud to the side, there was a shadow standing in front of him.

Gene: Reporting for duty sir.
Chance: Relax dude, this is a brand new agency, remember? No one is superior here. And I'm not that much older than you, so don't call me sir. Let's keep it casual.
Gene: Alright, fair enough. I'm Gene.
Chance: Chance. Nice to meet you.
Gene: Ditto.
Chance: Let's head inside for our briefing then.
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"As me Chance entered the building, the sudden increase of working and rushing people from inside made it seem like we were at a mall. Chance pushed open the closed glass door in front of us like it was a balloon. As soon as he passed it, the door started to close again and I reached out to hold it open until I got in. Then the surprise came, the door had a spring, a fresh new spring with the power of a truck pushing in the opposite direction of me. He made it look so easy. I guess it doesn't hurt to have someone who can handle a fight on our side.

The place smelled new, you could still feel the scent of the glue holding the wallpaper in place. If it wasn't for the air conditioning everyone would be passed out. Three secretaries rushed out of the elevator as we got in. It was just us two inside. We had surprisingly little to say to each other. "Keep it casual" seems to only apply out on the field. As we entered our bosses office we got our first real look at our tormentor. He looked surprisingly rugged and buff for a man his age. His name was Major General Maynard Staley, and he had so many stars on his arm it made the night sky look like a grade school bully's notebook. You usually don't wear your uniform to the office. He's either very proud of it, or maybe he hasn't got anything else to wear to work."

[b]General Staley:[/b] You two are late...
[b]Chance:[/b] Sorry about that, I just can't survive the day without my cig.
[b]General Staley:[/b] I'm sure you both know who I am by now, so we'll skip the formalities. As you are aware this agency was created to solve the issue of the attack on the IGEC, 3 weeks ago. I hope I don't have to tell you that this a big deal, and we need to nail the dicks behind it asap.
[b]Gene:[/b] Would be nice if we had a lead.
[b]General Staley:[/b] Well you're in luck. 10 hours ago one of our receptionists received a call from an unknown person. The secretary said it was a woman. The woman said some things that seemed suspicious, so she forwarded the call to one of our agents. The agent kept the woman on the line as long as possible, and managed to trace the call. This is the place...
*Throws photos on the table*
[b]Gene:[/b] That's The Rippers gang headquarters in L.A....
[b]General Staley:[/b] That [u]was[/u] The Rippers gang headquarters. 3 months ago they figured out another agency was on to that location, so they ditched it. It's been an abandoned wreck ever since, so surveillance stopped about a month ago.
[b]Chance:[/b] Why would someone call here from an abandoned warehouse?
[b]Gene:[/b] More importantly, how did they know about this place and how to contact it? Isn't this an under cover agency?
[b]General Staley:[/b] You're right on both accounts.
[b]Chance:[/b] Didn't you say you had a lead? An anonymous phone call from L.A. is hardly a lead.
[b]General Staley:[/b] There's more... Ever since the bombing, we've had a research team go through all the material still in tact from the IGEC. Thankfully all the surveillance videos were ok so they scoured them for any hints. It took a while, but we managed to find a woman in one of the videos whom we can't identify. She was filmed leaving the IGEC the day before the explosion. We used every facial match database we have access to and we came up with squat. We contacted Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, nothing came up. By all rights, this woman doesn't exist.
[b]Chance:[/b] That's encouraging.
[b]Gene:[/b] So we're going to L.A. to look for a woman who doesn't exist?
[b]General Staley:[/b] For now, that's it. Other agents have already been assigned to the woman on the phone. More specifically the guy who traced the call and a small team of computer geniuses. We're assuming that the woman on the phone is not the same as the woman in the video. Your plane for L.A. leaves tomorrow morning at 0700 hours. You can get your tickets from the main secretary on the first floor. She'll give you an envelope with the tickets and also copies of the pictures with the woman on the surveillance video.

"As we got up from our chairs and started walking back towards the elevator, I couldn't help but think how this all seemed like a cheesy detective story I read back in middle school. It's not like I had much else to do back then, I didn't want to hang with my dads gang and my only hobby was reading. Still, it all might come in handy in the end. If reality is anything like the detective stories, we're in for a lot of action, and I'm more prepared than anyone else."
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OOC: Here goes with my first post! Now that I'm finally able to use the dialogue style after soooo long...

Heh, I suppose this post could explain a lot of what is described in my signup--or vice-versa. Or at least it can give you a bit of an introduction to my little team.
[color=indigo]Dresden, Germany, was a city which had once been destroyed in a war, but it has been rebuilt quite recently. A German restoration crew tried to restore as much of its centuries-old charm as possible and almost succeeded, but it wasn't really the same anyways. But it was a peaceful little town, despite being around other towns which were much more technologically advanced, and despite being so near one of the main governmental centres in the solar system.

One particularly cheery place in Dresden functioned similarly to a restaurant, a bar, and an entertainment venue all at the same time. A cheery little band was playing near the back of the old-looking building (the horn and fiddle players especially drew attention), and a small arrangement of little wooden tables and counters filled the space in front. But we're not focusing on the band; we're focused on the five people sitting at one of the larger tables in the corner, away from the band. These five people were the newly reunited Black Cat Bandits, so it was very appropriate that they picked such a cheerful place to spend the evening. Specifically, it was about seven o'clock in the evening, and these five had just arrived at this place. All five of them--Halberd, Warren, Merlin, Lupin, and the newly joined Yamiko--had obviously made attempts to look their best in this place (yes, even Halberd). At the table, Halberd and Warren sat against the wall on one side, and Yamiko sat in between Lupin and Merlin on the other. Mostly they were talking to each other about their separate lives away from the group, as there was not that much time to socialise when Halberd was picking everybody up and bringing them here to Dresden. (Which was a long trip to Mars and back to pick up Yamiko, and then heading to Ireland where everyone else was, then here.)

[b]Halberd:[/b] So Merlin, did you figure out how to fix the outer security controls yet?
[b]Merlin:[/b] Finally, after Mr. Fix-It wasn't able to. *points at Halberd*
[b]Halberd:[/b] Hey, this was a [i]computer[/i] problem, which [i]you[/i] always do the fixing for!
[b]Warren:[/b] Aww, Merlin, you didn't need to go through the trouble. The airship's called the Sky Pirate--what need would, say, a pirate ship have for outer security, other than a lookout? We do have two lookouts already...
[b]Merlin:[/b] Yes, well, everything's technologised and computerised nowadays, isn't it? Yet wow, Halberd, again I admit your job on the Sky Pirate was brilliant.
[b]Halberd:[/b] ...Well, it [i]is[/i] all I've been working on for the last five years whenever I didn't have to attend to customers.
[b]Warren:[/b] You're lucky you actually got a job. Lucy and I are currently living off of scholarships for her medical school.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] That must amount to a lot of scholarships.
[b]Warren:[/b] Twelve of them. But don't worry--I helped her with most of the essays. She's intimidated by essays, you know. But of course I'm not too good at them, so Merlin helped me with some of them...
[b]Merlin:[/b] With pleasure.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] ...What, so you used him?
[b]Lupin:[/b] He's not the only one who's being used.
[b]Halberd:[/b] Well, being used by friends is a different matter, isn't it? Friends are people who trust each other, so there's no harm in "using" each other. ...Oh.

Halberd then noticed the waitress, who began taking orders from the group. As Halberd told her what everyone wanted, a side chat between Lupin and Yamiko began in the corner.

[b]Yamiko:[/b] ...I just can't get over the fact that you're here. I mean, Merlin just told me you escaped from prison a few months back. It's just... wow, five years ago when that incident at the theatre happened, I thought you were gone for good. Of course, maybe I'm exaggerating... after all, a similar thing happened to my dad when he and I were separated, and I never saw him since... but obviously you're not my dad.
[b]Lupin:[/b] Yes, I daresay the escape was not an easy one, what with the new security systems and such--yet still it is slightly harder to break in than to break out.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] Er... it is? I thought it's the other way around.
[b]Lupin:[/b] In some cases. Yet especially with places like banks, for example, there are far more levels of security than that, and finding the right location, say, can be very tricky. But anyways. Say, how was life for you after that point?
[b]Yamiko:[/b] Not bad, actually. I hapened upon my aunt, and learned about this part of my family I never knew I had. You know what? It turns out my family's been cursed for a while, so perhaps that accounted for a lot of misfortune in my life... But maybe it wasn't a curse--maybe it was just a test meant for me or something.
[b]Lupin:[/b] It probably was. Any sort of hardship in life can do that--misfortune acts like a playing field from which one's skills and characteristics grow and develop.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] Yet still I wish this bad luck I seem to have wouldn't spread to other people...
[b]Lupin:[/b] Well, surely I...

Lupin had to stop talking immediately when the waitress came back. Soon enough plates and glasses were soon passed around--a large platter of the inn's special cabbage rolls, four slices of different types of cake, and a round of beer for everyone.

[b]Halberd:[/b] ...Fese babbage olls ah ood, yust like da wetress suhd.
[b]Warren:[/b] Halberd! Am I the [i]only[/i] one who was told not to talk with your mouth full?
[b]Merlin:[/b] So was I. :sip: Ahh, so good indeed.
[b]Halberd:[/b] Eh, it's not like this is manners school or anything.
[b]Warren:[/b] Hehheh, first one to belch gets twenty euros. ...Just kidding.
[b]Lupin:[/b] I daresay it's a good thing you were.
[b]Warren:[/b] ...What? You know how I am about being funny. Have those days in prison made you so cold all of a sudden?
[b]Lupin:[/b] In a way.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] Well, it *hic* doesn't seem to bother me. (whispering to Lupin) I'll always love you no matter what.
To this Lupin bowed his head and closed his eyes for a while, devoid of any emotion whatsoever.
[b]Lupin:[/b] ...I suppose I would say the same thing.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] Oh, which reminds me...

Yamiko took the chocolate-covered spoon from her little plate and tapped it gently against her glass. The other Black Cat Bandits immediately turned to face her.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] ... ...I wish to propose a toast... to the reunion of the Black Cat Bandits. Although I have little or no knowledge of the good times that were had during your "golden age", I hope that we can stay together always, and not let any real-life problems tear us apart. ...We are not like separate cats that live alone; we are... more like, erm... friendly cats that act a little more like... a pack of wolves, say. *glances at Lupin* So... here's to the Black Cat Bandits.
[b]All:[/b] To the Black Cat Bandits! :beer:

About an hour later, the Black Cat Bandits prepared to exit the inn. After all, the reason they came here to Germany was to investigate any nearby gangs. Ever since the bombing of the IGEC headquarters in Seattle, they wondered if a similar attack was about to happen on the Centre for Inter-Global Affairs, which was also in Germany. During his time in the gang he was in, Lupin had heard about the gang's plans to overtake any rival gangs in Europe eventually, although it probably made sense to start in their own home country first. From this it seemed likely that that very gang would want to either destroy or take over this important Berlin-based headquarters. Although the former seemed more likely, because some of the gang's members were originally from Germany themselves (the rest were either Italian or French, and the gang itself gave itself a tentative name called "En Facade"), amd might have felt that the IGEC "took away some of their property" upon setting up the Centre for Inter-Global Affairs in their country. But at least they probably had [i]something[/i] planned with the building. Thoughts about this complicated mission flowed through the minds of all five of the Black Cat Bandits as they prepared to leave the table, or not...

[b]Merlin:[/b] Ha-ha, the cake I picked was the best of them all. You see Halberd, the house specialty isn't always the best.
[b]Halberd:[/b] Oh well, best isn't everything. You really do have a habit of picking the best dish of them all--and not to mention for drinking the most as well.
[b]Merlin:[/b] Is it fair to say I'm the "best" in several other things as well?
[b]Warren:[/b] Yes, that's why girls can't stand you. You're too good.
[b]Yamiko:[/b] You know, I'll have to agree with that. Although I do find his fascination with the paranormal quite, erm... fascinating!
[b]Lupin:[/b] On that note *nods to the band*, shall we venture off into the night?
[b]Halberd:[/b] Yes, as soon as you're done eating.
[b]Lupin:[/b] Well, let's go then.
[b]Halberd:[/b] ...So two cabbage rolls, no cake, and half a cup of beer is your new definition of "done". Well, *turns to Warren* shall we?
[b]Warren:[/b] Heh, I bet your arm will soon be thicker than his waist. *To group* As Lupin said, let's "venture out into the night"!

The moon outside was half-full, and a few glowing blue clouds threatened to obscure its view. Underneath the heavens, the Black Cat Bandits ventured out into the trees dotting the hillside, a place that En Facade used to pick as a popular gathering place. Now it was all a matter of whether or not they still used the place...[/color]
OOC: In a while I'll make a few changes to my signup as well.
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