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RPG Project Restoration

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]OCC: Just a reminder, this RPG will be mature. Thanks for joining and have fun![/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]ICC: Ty looked around the base as she tried to find the hanger, she had been called there along with the rest of her class to get some kind of test. They had been doing this all week with all the classes and when they had come back none of them could say anything, sworn to secrecy or so they said. She looked down at her feet and back up as she turned a corner and saw a tall, burly young man standing, leaning against the wall next to the entrance of the hanger.
"Cain, why haven't you gone in?"
He didn't budge to even acknowledge that she had spoken to him.
"Has anyone else from our class gotten here?"
Again, nothing; than again she didn't really expect him to say anything. He never really did unless it was something that he felt needed to be said and nine times out of ten it was something that needed to be said. She looked into the hanger and saw Bobby and another from her class that they called Gizmo. With them was Alta, so there were others in their class here.
"Why aren't you with the others?"
He still made no move to say anything or even look at her. She shrugged and put a hand on his shoulder and felt him tense under her touch.
"Calm down Cain. I'm a friend."
He tensed more making her sigh.
"Whatever. Look, don't hang out here all day, you don't want to miss what's going on do you?"
She waited for only a moment knowing that he really wouldn't say anything and than went to join the other. Bobby and Gizmo greeted her as did Alta, they had been in class together since they had all moved to this base years back when they were all young and just entering training. Ty smiled as they began to talk about the football game that had been on the night before in the lounge at the top deck when Alta put an arm around her shoulders.
"He say anything yet?"
"Of coarse not."
She sighed as well and went back to talking to Bobby and Gizmo as Ty looked towards the door where she could only make out Cain's shadow on the floor as he waited for the orders.


[COLOR="DarkRed"]Ivy scowled as her in room speaker squawked at her to meet her battalion in the hanger, they had been chosen for a special mission. Rolling out of bed she got dressed and made her way to the hanger, growling at anyone who got to close till she reached there, she stopped dead in her tracks as large machines, built to look just like the animals they represented stood there, restrained and fighting against it. She spotted a few she knew and one or two she had to think about. A loud, high pitched bark got her attention making her look in the direction of a Hyena that stood close to 30 ft tall, it's yellow eyes glared hate as it fought the restraints and tried to bite at the other machines there. She smiled wickedly, this was going to interesting.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Alright everyone here we go, the situations are different for each base, good guys, your Alpha Base, you have no idea what your going to see there and no clue that it's your class that gets chosen by the mechs to pilot them.
Bag guys, your Echo Base, Your class has been chosen and you do get to see and choose your mechs to a degree. Have fun.[/COLOR]

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[COLOR="Blue"]Bobby leaned up against the wall and smiled as he heard the conversation about the game last night. Sighing, he listened as Gizmo talked about a player named Jones.

"Yeah, he's good," Bobby agreed, "but that number 33, um, Walker, he's got potential. In a year or so, he'll be the star." Bobby chuckled as Gizmo disagreed, laughing at the meaningless banter.

"So, anyone know why we're actually here? I mean, where are the other classes?"[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Green"]"Fucking shit..." Gar mumbled as a loud blast from a speaker woke him up. "What the fuck do they want me for now?" He slowly got up and pulled on some clothes, letting out another string of curses as the speaker blared again. "I'm going to the fucking hangar, ok?" he yelled at the speaker even though he knew it couldn't hear him.

Gar walked into the hangar as was immediatly struck by seven giant mechanical beings that were designed to look like animals. Looking them over, he noticed one in particular. The Eagle. The bird looked at him and he smiled a little.

"Oh man, I'm gunna fucking fly. This is gunna be the sweetest shit I've ever done!" Glancing over, Gar noticed Ivy for the first time. She was eyeing the hyena mech, which seemed a little crazed.

'Let the bitch have her crazy-ass mech,' he thought silently, 'I got my damn bird and I'm gunna fucking fly!'[/color]
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Vulsar made his marry way into the same area as the rest of his class had been called too. Passing Cain without so much as giving him a look, Vulsar continued over to the other group who was chatting about random subjects and always coming back to the question of why they were here.

Vulsar remained silent however. He really hadn't much in common with the rest of them, or so he felt he didn't. He just enjoyed this sort of thing way too much, so the smile on his face did not ever seem to fade. As Ivy and the rest of them continued to chat Vulsar scanned the room waiting to see what may just happen.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Alta was merryingly talking to Ty about how Cain hardly ever talks and never moves the slighest bit when something important or sudden comes flying at him.
[B]"Hey, Ty. Do you have any fucking idea why we are here. I mean, no other fucking classes are here. So why the fuck do we have to be here?"[/B] said Alta pissingly because she didn't know why they were here and it was bugging her.
[B]"I don't know why we are here either. I just got some call and came down here,"[/B] said Ty causually.
[B]"Maybe if we ask Cain, he might know but he's too fucking busy being mister quiet,"[/B]She wasn't too pleased when she said those words.
[B]"Hey, don't be so mean. I mean he could be nice and social if you did talk."[/B]
Alta pulled out her favorite pipe and lite it. She set it in her hand and looked around the room waiting to see what else was going to happen.[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Navy"]Timothey was quietly working out in his quarters when he heard the speaker going off. He was hoping that it was going to be a quiet and boring day but everything changed when the speaker called him and others from his class down. He stopped what he was doing and changed into his normal attire which was a white collared shirt and a vest over it, black slacks, a hat, and black shoes. He opened the door from his quarters and started walking down the hallway.
[I]'It seems that things are going a bit out of control. I wonder why they only called my class down. Maybe it's gonna be some sweet mission or something like that,'[/I] he thought as he made it to his destination.
He looked around and saw a mech that seemed as though it called to him. It was a Cobra mech. He walked up to it and saw that it was strapped down and struggling to get free. It was one feisty mech.
[B]"This looks like a sweet mech. I'm gonna have fun riding this thing,"[/B] he said as he looked over and saw Ivy and Gar looking at mechs that seemed to call them. He was glad that he got this mech because he loved snakes and the way they moved and killed their prey. Especially the way they crush their prey if they don't use venom.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Gizmo shook hishead and said. [B]Walker would need some sort of Stimulient to keep up with Jones[/B]. Grinning he at Bobbies question he said. [B]Aww poor Bobby got left out of the loop?[/B] He shook his head and said. [B]Not a clue.. Just messing with ya man. They called me down here with the rest of ya all for some kinda test. [/B]

He leaned in and said.[B] Really though.. I did hear something big went down they are keeping it all hushed due to embrassment that one of the guards slipped up. But haven't heard anything past that. [/B]He sighed and shurged as he said. [B]What It has to do with us i have no Idea.[/B] He grew sly for a second and said.[B]I did hear the other classes didn't make the cut for this however so we better do our best eh? [/B]
He glanced over at Ty and Cain who seemed to be talking well rephrase that Ty was talking and Cain was being the silent wall he was. It annoyed Kred to no end and he didn't speak to the man due to feeling it was a useless attempt.

He shifted his Gaze to Alta who was butting into Ty's one way conversation with Cain and he sighed as he looked back to Bobby and said.[B] I think personally.. We have about as much chance as anyone else. We only got one thing going for us. How long we have worked together and how we resolve our own internal issues.[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]A thin wisp of smoke hovered over Jared's Head as he exhaled a blessed breath of cigerette smoke. His eye's glanced over the little table in his room and back down to the old fashioned book on he had been writing in for years. He grabbed the whiskey sour next to the open Book as he heard a knock on the door and snarled in annoyence. What the hell do you want?

A voice was heard on the other side of the door and it said something about him being Ordered down to the hanger. Giving a groan as he pushed back the chair and flipped the book closed as he placed the cigerette between his teeth and put the whiskey down as he dismissed with a wave of his hand and stood up brushing off any ash residue on his black leather pants. A chain Slapped against his right thigh as he moved to Pull on the standard issue Combat boots and a slight clink from his Light sliver chainlinked shirt was heard as he finished tieing his boots and moved out the door.

Moving down the Corrador with a cocky Gant to him. The clink of metal followed him as he walked his Messy Black hair only serving to annoy him more at the moment. turning and walked down the final corrador of the Echo Bases many hallways to the Hanger he pulled out a shiny metal cigerette case and Flicked off his Old one as he pulled out a Saint joint and Slipped it between his pink lips and while he put the cigerette case back he pulled out a book of Matches and struck one Holding it up to the end of the joint Lighting it up. A small feeling of the high slipped into his body and he gave a arrogant smirk as he walked into the hanger.

He didn't look up right away as he just strolled in. that was until a he heard a noise that was coming at him and throwing himself back he reliezed something had tried to bite him in two. Doing a tight flip in Mid-air he came down on his feet sliding back a little bit and looked up the Joint still hanging in his mouth. A Beautiful hawk many many times the size of anyone of it's species Was Before him. That sharp eye looking down at him and he smirked as he looked at it. So this is what they called him here for. To choose a mech.

He took a quick glanced around and Noticed Ivy By a Feral acting Hyena that Kept snapping at anything that got to close and then Noteing Timothy he rolled his eyes at the kid's Choice. Sure Little Timmy boy would pick the damn Cobra and it looked as if the Gar had found some Eagle like Behemoth. He looked at the hawk and just grinned.. Oh yeah.. He could now understand why he was here. To show these bunch of Moranic Losers how things were done. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Blue"]"I don't know, man," Bobby said to Gizmo. "I heard some whispers about something big, too, but no one knows what. Everyone says it's huge, though. If it's right, I wonder if we'll be able to handle it."

Bobby shook his head and ran a hand through his long white hair. "Eh, whatever, I guess we'll learn soon enough what's going down. The anxiety's killing me!" Bobby grinned, because it was partialy true, he was ready to see what was going to happen.

Pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, Bobby put one in his mouth and lit it. He smile sheepishly at Gizmo. "I swear, I'm trying to quit, but it's harder than you think. Anyways, who are we waiting on? Oh yeah, Timofey. I wonder where she is?"[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Green"]Gar kept looking at the eagle in front of him. The other mechs were lashing out and acting feral but the eagle just stood still. The glare it shot out, though, was enough to melt skin off the bones of men. Gar chuckled as he watched it.

"Oh, you're a proud bastard, aren't you? You'd rather sit there then act all fucking 'uncontrolable'. Well, that's fine with me. Just don't let it get in the fucking way if we work together. You fucking mess up and we fail, then your ass is nothing but fucking scrap metal."

The Eagle glowered at him, but seemed to understand. The gaze it returned seem to be say 'That's fine, but if [i]you[/i] mess up, your gone.'[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]okay, I'm gonna go ahead and bring Lilt into this so we can get going.

Ty was about to retort to Bobbies comment about it being hard to quit when Cain, followed by Timofey and the Comanding Officer, they all immediantly stood at attention, the CO smiled as he walked past Bobby, Cain and Timofey getting into place in line with the others.
"I'm pretty sure it's against policy to smoke in the hanger."
Bobby smiled sheepishly and put the ciggerate out makng the others besides Cain smile and laugh at him.
They all stood up straight and tall.
"You are here because we need pilots, not ordinary pilots as I am sure you have heard from the rumors. What you are about to see is classified, you are not to tell anyone what you see here if you are not what we are looking for. Follow me."
They did as they were told, going through large double doors they met with the base scientist.
"Professor, are they ready?"
"As ready as they have ever been comannder."
The CO nodded and filed the young men and women into the large dark hanger; he nodded the professor who flipped on the lights, they all sucked in a breath or let their eyes widen as they stared at large metalic beasts. Ty stood infront of a large beast that she knew to be a Griffin. She chanced a glance around and saw that the machines were calm and looking at them , and they really were. She watched as Cain approched a large Black Panther, who silently bent down and pressed its nose to his hand. She walked over the Griffin and pressed her hand to the leg, it felt as if it were real fun, warm to the touch and pulsing as if it were alive. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Alta walked into the hanger with the other students of her class. She was walking besides Ty when she looked ahead and saw the amazing mechs infront of her. They were real and calm looking. She noticed Ty walking over to what seemed like a Griffon mech and Cain walking over to a Black Panter mech. As Alta watched the two closely, something out of the ordinary caught her attention.
She walked over to what seemed the most interesting one of all. It was Dragon mech. Alta absolutely loved the mythological type of beings, being dragon her favorite. It seemed like this was scene right out of a book where a girl and dragon meet each other and become friends. She stepped in front of the Dragon and held out her hand. The Dragon knelt down and turned its head to the side and rubbed up against her hand. She petted the Dragon and walked around its head. It looked and felt like scales of a dragon as well as the texture of it its hair. She was truely amazed at the Dragon.[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Navy"]Timothey was looking at the snapping Cobra and saw Jared look his way. He gave him a smile and was returned with a glare. He turned back around to examine the Corbra. It's skin and eyes looked as real as a real snake and he wondered if it felt like one too. He walked up to and set a hand on it. It flinched and flailed around as he stroked its skin. Its skin felt like real snakeskin and it was sleek and smooth.
He smiled as the Cobra settled down and he looked at it in wonder. He took a few steps back from it and walked over to Ivy.
[B]"Hey there Ivy. How have you been all this time?"[/B] he asked as he walked up to her and gave her a smile.
[B]"What the fuck do you want?"[/B] she said coldly.
[B]"Oh, nothing. I just saw you admiring the mech that's there. It looks pretty vicious to me."[/B] He stood there smiling waiting for a response.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Vulsar noticed, one by one they seemed to be drawn to a specific creature. Cain, the Black Panther. Such a majestic creature in it's own right, but also seemed to hold a calm composure dispite its obvious ferocious nature. The dragon, though mythical in reality was a great symbol of many cultures. Something feared by many and believed to burn it's foes, Alta would enjoy it. Ty, the Griffen, was a cool headed creature mixed from two of the mostly beautiful creatures in the world, natural born leaders.

Vulsar closed his eyes and walked in with the rest of them. He waited and listened and felt. Then a ping in the back of his mind made him open his eyes and look up. Looking back were the observant and curious black circles easily the size of his head, if not much larger. A snout with small, but perky ears along a slender body. This one was a Meerkat.

"You know... in a way. It's rather fitting now isn't it?" Vulsar spoke out loud for the first time since the entire team had arrived. Probably made them notice him for the first time too.
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[COLOR="Blue"]Bobby stood in awe of the amzing creatures that were in front of him. He watched as the others each found a animal that suited themselves. Bobby looked at the mechs, but his eyes suddenly stopped on one.

A white tiger. Tigers were the most powerful feline on the planet and were natural born killers. However, they had a majestic appearance and a regal attitude about them. The white tigers were an especailly rare breed that almost never occurred in the wild. They were especially majestic and some royal families thought of them as their maascots.

Bobby walked up and laid a hand on the creature. Surprisingly, he didn't feel any fear despite what he knew about tiger's strength. Chuckling to himself as the tiger bowed down his head to knudge him, Bobby turned around and looked at the CO.

"So when do we get to take these babies out for a test drive?"[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Green"]Gar took his eyes away from the Eagle for a few seconds. He listened as Ivy lashed out with her ussual sarcasm and hate, and chuckled. Timothey was just egging her on.

Looking back, Gar noticed Jared was here. The cocky bastard. "Where the fuck's the CO?" Gar said aloud, sure he was going to get a smart-ass comeback. "And if any of you motherfuckers aren't going to tell me where he is, don't open your fucking mouth. I don't feel like hearing any of your smart-ass yap."[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]Gizmo Had followed the rest of the group in watching them Drifting to the mechs that called to them. He wander around for a bit looking at Cain and the Black Panther and mildly hearing what Vulsar said as he looked at the Meerkat.

He Kept walking around as he saw Ty and The griffion and then Alta with the Dragon Mech. Turning around he saw Bobby and the White Tiger. He sighed as he Watched them all Seemly drawn to one or another of the mechs.

He back up a few steps before he let his shoulder's drop and turned around only to find a Amber colored eye looking at him. He blinked and Looked at the Owner of the eye and gave a low whistle at the Sleek form of the Realistic Falcon Before him.

He held a shaky hand out palm first to see if the Mech would let him touch it when the birds head thrusted forward and flipped him up. As he landed on it's Head with a Grunt and a weezing of Air being knocked out of him he Got this Weird feeling it was laughing at him and then something spoke in the back of his head Causing him to feel a sharp pain in his head and he Clutched it for a moment as the words formed in his head. [I][B] So.. What is your name Meatbag?[/B][/I][/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]Gar was one of those people who Severely pissed him of so when he spoke Jared just gave him a look and a under the breath comment about Gar's Anceastor's and incest. He looked Back to the Red Tailed hawk that was Scaled up to Larger then possiblely Able proportions. He Walked around the mech Just out of it's Range to attack him and said Snidely. [B]Your mine. Deal with the Fact now and it will be less painful for you later. [/B]

He had a cold Cruel look in his eye now and he walked around the bird Confidently as if know that if it came to breaking it's spirit.. He would do whatever it took. He Glanced at the entrance of the Hanger as he took another long Drag off his Saint filled Cigerette and upon seeing Gar again he gave him the finger just to piss the bastard off. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Ivy sneered and growled out her response.
"You know Timothy, I don't think so, I think your afraid. A Hyena's jaws can crunch anything they get around. I think it is the prefect choice for me."
She walked up to the beast and as it lashed out she kicked it hard making it growl.
"You will be mine to control and if you have any thoughts otherwise I will have you ground down into a tape player."
The beast stopped and looked at her with a wicked look, than slowly, very slowly lay down in front of her submitting to her. She smiled and looked at Timothy.
"I think I can handle him."
She walked around him examining him thoroughly, her hands roaming over the thick rough fur that seemed to cover the Hyena and smiled more, this was going to be fun.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]Ty smiled as the others all found their respective mechs and looked at Vulsar.
"What do you mean he's fitting? I don't think your that small."
He looked at her, a slight look of shock on his face that she had spoken to him.
"But I can kinda see what you mean, he's smart and quick."
He blinked at her and than looked at the little mech in front of him, she smiled more as Cain was circleing the Panther, looking over the machinics of the mech infront of him. She knew that they all had the same thought.
'What next.'[/COLOR][/FONT]

Okay, finish up your posts about your mechs and we'll get to the good stuff, waiting for a few to post if they do.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Century Gothic"]Timothey watched as Ivy submitted the Hyena. He watched as it knelt down to a queen that would have severely punished it. He walked back over to his Cobra and looked at it. It was still flailing around trying to get itself free from the straps that held it down. He smiled at it wickedly telling the beast something that only he and the Cobra could understand. The Cobra had stopped it's flailing and settled its head down in front of him.
[B]"That's a good Cobra. You should know what to do and what not to do and do it. You seem like you will be very easy to handle if I get you into the right field of mind,"[/B] Timothey said with a smirk on his face as walked up to the Cobra.
The Cobra tried to snap its fangs at him but he looked at the Cobra with a snarling glare and it stopped dead in its tracks and settled back down again. The Cobra kept trying, to what it might seem to others, take Timothey's head off but it couldn't because of the muzzle that was made over its mouth.
Timothey got anxious on what they were gonna do next. He didn't know if they were gonna get a call from the CO or what.
[B]"Hey, do any of you fucking bastards and bitches know what we are gonna do next?"[/B] he yelled out in the hanger making all eyes on him as he said it in a nice tone of voice that seemed to piss everyone off. [B]"I'm giving a wild guess and say that you all don't."[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: Sorry if it's a bit short. Couldn't come up with anything else.
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[COLOR="Green"]"Hey asshole, do you know what we're fucking doing next? No? Then shut the fuck up, your just as useless," Gar shouted back to Timothey. Glancing over at Jared, he saw he was ginving him the finger. "Oh, you're a clever motherfucker. Real classic, you fucknig douche bag. Why don't you choke on you fucking cigarette or something?"

Suddenly a sharp pain ran through Gar's head. "Fucking shit, what in hell's name..." Gar muttered as he clutched his head.

[i]Human, when do we go outside?[/i] Gar looked bewildered as the pain shot through his head, a voice resonating within it.

"The fuck...?" Gar murmered as he spun around. His eyes locked with the Eagle and suddenly he understood. "Just what the fuck are you?"

[i]I'm a bird that wants to stretch its wings. When are we going out?[/i] the eagle replied in a ters tone.[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Blue"]Bobby kept walking around the tiger, petting its fur. The tiger seemed to like him and watched him curiously. Bobby chuckled as the mechanical creature let out what seemed like a pur.

"Man, are you a beauty or what? I want to take you out so bad." As if understanding him, the tiger leaned foward. There was a gentle hissing sound, a a compartment in the tiger's chest opened up, flipping down for a human to climb in. Inside was a cockpit, but not one like Bobby had ever seen

The inside was made of some sort of metal, but instead of the usual grey the metal was the color of flesh. There was a seat and monitors completly surounding the chair. The monitors looked like normal monitors, but they looked more...organic. Actually, the whole cockpit looked orgainc.

Bobby almost went inside, but stopped himself. He looked back at the CO with a longing look in his eye.

"Sir, can I please take him out for a test ride. I need to, uh, familiarize myself with this new, uh, partner?"[/COLOR]
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(ooc: hey! you never told me it started! since i have just a bad guy i'm just gonna use him)

Sorivile walks into the room. "sorry i'm late, one of the meat sacks out there got me mad." he smiles mischeviously. "Am i too late?"

Something moves and catches his eye, it was a huge weasel. he walked straight up to it touched the nose, it was wet, he smiled. "weasel bot...."

The giant bot pushed it's nose against him making him laugh, he notices a opening and looks at it, it was the cockpit, large and not full of buttons or levers, simple and had a comfy looking chair, he wanted to go inside but it could've been a trap seeing as the bot had a mind of it own. he hopped up top of it feeling the softness, thinking it was going to be hard and cold but no, it was soft and warm, like an actual weasel. He looks at the others.

"So these are ours?" he said excitedly like a little five year old, that's all he was, an extremly smart five year old with an insane homicide's personality.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Sorry its been so long everyone, been alot going on. ^^; But I'm back.

Ty looked over at the Captian Commander as he looked over the mechs and how they were responding to the young adults.
"I suppose it is worth a try, go ahead everyone, see what they can do, see if you can handle them."
Ty smiled wide and walked towards the griffin and put her hand on its leg again.
'How do I get in?'
As if hearing her thoughts a large cockpit opened up in the chest and allowed her in, she looked around and saw simalar things happening as well.

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Sorivile, seeing how everyone is ignoring him, decides to hop into the cockpit that he couldn't close, the door closes and he looks around, simple buttons labeled but he couldn't read it all it's all faded out. He looks at the controls, it looked like a game control without the buttons, just the analog sticks. he grabbed hold of them and then a new vision popped up in his head, it looked as though he was looking through the eyes of his bot. he smirked to him self as he brought one stick forward making the weasel walk forward.

" Cool! But now do i get out?" He looked around then almost immediately the same door on the side of the bot opened up. he got out and went to the front where the bot was looking at him head tilted to one side, sorivile though he was confused.

"Don't worry." He smiled petting the large wet nose "We'll have loads of bloody good fun!" He turned to Gar.

"Hey Gar?" no response" RUDE BOY! when's the fun? i want rip someone in half!" his smile was curled and wicked, eager to have his brand of "fun"

(ooc: sorivile gave you all nicknames so ya....bear with it. good guys, your name is meat sack sorry to say.)
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[COLOR="Black"]Cain looked closely into the Panthers eyes. Seeing if it truly had a soul.
"In the shadow, darkness shall rule..."
He saw as if the panther understood him.
"I'm neither master nor owner nor are we partners. We shall be one."
- Maste-- I mean we are one..." -
The Panther opened itself for him. Cain Jumped up to the cockpit without another word. The Panther turned to the hanger door and roared.
"Come uno, guideremo."

(**Like one, we will guide**)[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Nanashi looked upon his mech. The Bear looked into his eyes and knew that only evil awaited.
"Only strength will decide the king or the horse."
The Bear leaned to him and roared. Nanashi jumped onto his muzzle and knelt down.
"But with great strength must come great speed."
The Bear shook violently, but to no avail. The Bear looked with fear and admiration.
- You are the King as I am your horse. -
It opened the cockpit. As Nanashi went inside the feel of unease from the Bear was gone.
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[COLOR="Blue"]Bobby smiled as the CO said it was ok for him to try out the Tiger. He stepped into the cockpit and sat down. The door closed and Bobby sat still, perfect darkness engulf him. Suddenly his vision flooded with the sights around the tiger. He was seeing through the eyes of the tiger!

'Then what were those monitors for?' Bobby wondered to himself. Concentrating on the monitors, Bobby's vision snapped back to the cockpit and he looked to the side at the monitor. It flashed and an image of Ty came up. "Hey Ty!" Bobby shouted. She jumped slightly as she heard him. "Sorry," Bobby said, a sheepish smile across his feature. "This must be how we communicate to eachother."

Willing his focus back to the Tiger's eyes, Bobby's vision snapped back to the tiger's vision. It seemed easier to switch between visions this time. Bobby guessed that with time it would become as simple as willing his body to move.

Bobby willed the tiger to move and found that even though he didn't have a joystick in his hand, the Tiger moved as if it were an extension of his body. Granted it was a little slow, but with practice it would become easy.

Bobby sluggishly walked around the room, then his gait became more smooth. Bobby smiled to himself and on the outside the tiger's mouth opened in what looked like a smile.

[i]You're better than some of the other partners I've had.[/i] said a voice in Bobby's head.

"What the hell is that?" Bobby muttered to himself.

[i]It's me, human. The creature you're inside right now.[/i]

"Well, no shit..." Bobby murmered. "So I guess we really are partners."[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Green"]Gar looked over at the weasal and saw the cockpit. Man, did he wnat to fly his bird. Hearing Sorvile shout at him, Gar said no response. Sorvile continued to shout.

"Shut the fuck up, you dumbass," Gar said to Sorvile. "If you couldn't fucking pilot as good as you do, you'd be completly fucking useless." Gar looked over and saw Nanashi going into the cockpit of his bear.

'Well, fuck the CO, let's go,' Gar said mentally, pretty sure the Eagle would hear him. The bird lowered himself slighlty and a cockpit opened on his chest. Gar stepped into the bird and noticed there was no joystick of buttons like there had been in the weasal. Suddenly something pricked the back of his neck and he felt something being inserted into his skin.

"Ow, what the fuck man, you got be be fucking shitting me."

[i]Calm down, human.[/i] the eagle said lazily. [i]We're synchronizing right now.[/i]

"Then why the fuck did Sor not have this shit? And where teh fuck are the buttons?"

[i]While we were made around the same era, we each were made slightly different and we were made at different times. Because of this, not all of us have the same type of control system.[/i]

Gar thought about this while the pain continued to wrack the back of his body. He felt as if liquid acid was being poured down his spinal chord. Then it stopped and Gar noticed he was seeing through the eagle's eyes.

"Ahh, so this is why we had to fucking synch. Makes some of that goddamn pain fucking worth it." Gar looked around and saw the CO was [i]still[/i] not here.

"Fuck him, if he doesn't show up in two fucking minutes, I'm gone."[/COLOR]

(OOC: Out of curiosity, do the mechs have any conventional weapons? ie:guns, lasers, blades...)
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" Tch, how rude! ah well, back in I sup-OW! sirt!" he pulled a hampster from his shirt and scoweled at it. " No biting! Don't make me put you in the dresser again!" He let the hampster scamper up his arm and sit on his shoudler as he went back in and sat down, strapped in and took over the weasel's vision again. " So weasel bot, what can you do?"

[I]press a button any button![/I] the voice popped up in his head.

"Nifty keen! you can talk to me! so, do you like to have fun?"


"Great! now lets see...." he pressed a button and the weasel jumped.Amazed he pressed another and nothing seemed to happen. "what happened?"

[I]stealth button[/I] The bot said happily [I]you learn very quickly![/I]

"well thank you! you need a name.....Sly! you're Sly now!"


"Now lets see....I know!" he controls the weasel to walk around the wing, annoying the others and pretending to act like an actual weasel, sneaky, curious, mischevious, and playful.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Ty smiled as they all slowly got into the cockpits of the Mechs, she cringed as a stern voice sounded in her mind.
'So you are the one, the one who thinks you can tame me? No one can tame me, I am free.'
'I don't want to tame you, I just want to work with you.'
'Tsk, you humans are all the same, self centered and heartless.'
'I really don't know what you are talking about.'
'Fine, pley your games, but know this, I am in control of what I do.'
She nodded and smiled.
'That's fine if that is what you wish.'
She jumped as a helmet came from behind the seat and covered her face, she blinked twice and saw the hanger as if she were looking though the griffins sight. She blinked more and whistled as she saw things so sharply that she could easily make out the hairs of Bobby's mech.
"This is amazing, is there more?"
Her hearing seared as she could hear things better than ever, the light hum of the machanincs from the mechs they were all in and the sounds of the hanger and base.
"Incredible. I am going to love this."
She looked around for a way to move the mech and is by thought a pair of controls came from beside her.
'Let us see how you do human.'[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Ivy looked around and saw Cain step up to the Bear.
'Hmph, it suits him'
She put her hand on the snout of the Hyena and began to look around it again when the CO of the base walked in.
"I see you have all met your new partners for battle. I am glad you all seem pleased. You will be piloting these machines in a few moments to test out their combat abilities, your target is the TriMeg base North of here. It seems they too have come across a few of these wonderful weapons and we intend to take them, by surrender or force, we would prefer force so as not to leave any trace that it was us. There are specual suits in your hanger lockers that allow you to deal with the pressure of piloting these machines easier, you can wear them under your usual attire but you are conditioned to wear them in order to pilot any of these machines. If you are not wearing these uniforms you will not be permitted to leave this hanger, is that understood?"
He saw the hard looks that the young adults were giving him and took it as a sign they understood him.
"Good, Suit up and get the hell out of my hanger!"
Ivy moved fluidly to her locker and got changed with the others.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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"I never wear anything but this!" Sorivile said as he walked out of his mech.He saw the stern glare stalled. "But everything else is so itchy!" The glare kept going. "Fine fine, have it your way boss man, I'll be uncomfortable the whole trip." he walked out, little sirt on his shoulder still, giving the evil eye to the CO as Sorivile left. They got the their dorm and found the suit. "Gah, so ugly." little sirt looked at him. "What? blue and red go together!.....Oh what do you know you're a hampster!" He changed and him room again scratching his side. "This, will not help my fighting skills!" his big eyes flashed a tint of red.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Alta looked around at the Dragon when suddenly an opening in its chest appeared. Curious, she walked over to it. She looked inside and saw that it looked like a cockpit. She climbed in and sat down on the chair. Everything inside looked as though it wasn't real. Then suddenly the cockpit closed and a helmet descended over her face.
[B]"Huh?! Wha?! What's going on?"[/B] she said when she couldn't see anything and then there was hanger right in front of her. She could see all the others and everything clearly. It was as though she was seeing every thing through the Dragon's eyes.
[B][I]'It seems that you are the one that I have been searching for. You are better than all the other partners that I have had,'[/I][/B] said a voice in Alta's head as she looked around in confusion.
[B]"Who said that?"[/B] she asked in wonder.
[B][I]'It is only you and me. Who else would it be?'[/I][/B] said the voice, [B][I]'You are very talented and very skilled but remember that I am the one that is in control and not you.'[/I][/B]
[B]"I know I know. Anyway, it seems that we might be going out for a fun ride together. Please be nice to me and I will do the same."[/B] She smiled.
[I][B]'Yes, understood.'[/B][/I][/COLOR]


[COLOR="Navy"]Timothey saw as the other pilots got into the mechs. He looked at his and then a cockpit opened up. He walked over it with a smile on his face and got in. He sat down as the cockpit closed. Controls were everywhere and the feeling felt similar. A head gear set came up from behind him and was place on his head. Lights turned on and he could see the hanger that he was in through the Cobra's eyes.
[B]"This is pretty fucking sweet. I wonder when the fuck we are going to go out and play,"[/B] he said to himself as he looked around.
[I][B]'You pathetic human, do not think that your in control of me just because I decided to back down. There is more to me than you think and I could take your fucking life if I want to. But I won't since it seems that you might be the one that I have been looking for all these fucking years,'[/B][/I] said a voice in disatisfacation.
[B]"Well, I'm sorry. Anyway, are you any good at killing people by making them suffer by any chance?"[/B] Timothey asked in curiosity.
[I][B]'Yes, I am. It's one of my specialities. But I will only kill those who you see as yours and mine enemies.'[/B][/I]
[B]"That's understandable. But I intend to kill anyone that gets in the way of a mission."[/B]
[I][B]'That's good. I need that kind of thought in mind if those people intend me to go out with a pathetic human like you.'[/B][/I][/COLOR][/FONT]
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"Not really what I had in mind." Vulsar said still kinda feeling like he was speaking to himself. Well he was in a way. He was used to being the shadow of the group. He was quiet, but alert. He faded away more than Cain did. But he was glad to see everyone else was getting along with the creatures before them. And like the others from the fur an plate opened letting out a small his as a cockpit lowered into his reach.

Gingerly he stepped up to it and felt the seat. "Whoever built these understands the meaning of comfort." He chuckled a little to himself and sat down in the seat. "Thank you for letting me in."

[B]Not a problem little one.[/B] The chipper and meek voice inside his head said. [B]Now who may you be anyways? You may call me whatever you wish, I've had plenty of names but few I've liked.[/B]

He didn't want to respond right away, but he knew that whatever it was could read his thoughts, he knew because its thoughts came to Vulsar. "I'm Vulsar... and... if you don't mind I think I have a name I would like to give you..."

[B]Out with it then little guy.[/B]

"I would like to call you Genki... if that isn't too terrible."

There was a long pause before there was a response. [B]You know I was lasted called Meery. Can you believe that? Calling a meerkat Meery. What a dumb name. Yours on the other hand has some sort of personal meaning to it. I like that.[/B]
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[COLOR="Green"]Gar cusred as he got out of the eagle, the synchronizing chord coming out of the back of his neck with a stinging pain. He climbed out and looked at the bird. "I'll be two fucking seconds. Don't move at all."

Gar went to his locker and put the suit on. As he changed, he looked over and saw Sor talking to his hamster. 'Fucking freak' Gar though to himself with a shake of his head. making sure his suit, which actually felt pretty good, was all zipped up, he started walking back to the hanger.

"So just why the fuck do we have to wear these suits anyways?" Gar thought out loud. "We never had to wear suits like these before..." Gar fell quit as he stopped in front of his Eagle.

[i]What do you want, human?[/i]

"Shut the fuck up, bird. I was just thinking, I should give you a fucking name."

[i]Well, get on with it,[/i] the Eagle said tersely. [i]I've been called many things, and usually they suck.[/i]

"What about Onyx? It's greek for 'talon'." The Eagle paused for a moment as if it was mulling it over.

[i]It's bearable. Now get in and let's go cause some carnage[/i].

"Fucking amen, man" Gar smile as he climbed into the cockpit. He let out a soft murmer of "motherfucking shit" as teh synch chord latched on to his neck and he felt the odd feeling of his nerves being aligned to Onyx's. Then his vision flashed Onyx's eyes.

"Let's go fuck some bitches up!" Gar shouted over the com chanel as he spread his wings and waited for the hanger door to open.[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Blue"]Bobby kept walking in circles around the room and before he knew it, he was walking as naturally as if he had been born in the body of a tiger. He sat back and then layed down, the tiger's body oberying his every thought.

"This is turning out easier than I thought," Bobby chuckled to himself.

[i]It's ussually not this esay for humans to work with me.[/i] the tiger conceeded. [i]You are very taleneted human.[/i]

"Call me Bobby. But what should I call you?"

[i]Whatever you want. But please make it a good name.[/i]

"What about Niveus?"

[i]Sounds ok. What's it mean?[/i]

"It's Latin for snowy or white."

[i]It fits. So, when do we go?[/i]

"When the others are ready." Bobby turned Niveus's vision to the others. "Guys, when are we going?" he shouted over the communications channel that was shared by their mechs.
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