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[FONT="Verdana"]What animes do you think hhas the rights to call itself an Anime Classic?

Besides giving just 1 classic, how about for each genre. So give me your opinion of a classic anme in comedy, action, romance, etc.

As for me, I've only seen a few animes because i mainly read mangas. So I'll get an idea of what animes i should look out for. (By the way, this is not a suggestion thread. :animeswea)[/FONT]
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For future references Anime is singular and plural...in other words animes isn't a word.

[QUOTE]Besides giving just 1 classic, how about for each genre. So give me your opinion of a classic anime in comedy, action, romance, etc.[/QUOTE]

Well breaking talking about a classic for every single genre would be an epic pain in the *** so I will just do the ones you mentioned.


[B]Lupin the third[/B] is a classic. I have only seen a very little bit but Lupin as a character is snide witty and clever. Plus for the most part his side characters are very funny too. I suppose this could count as action too but I will save classic action for...

[B]Action [/B]

[B]Ninja Scroll[/B] is a classic. Uber violent+Uber Sexy=win. This was my first Anime movie ever(after digimon)and boy was it a whopper. Cool characters and awesome action scenes made this movie what it is. It was simple fun and action packed. A great Friday night movie to watch with the boys.


In my Opinion [B]Kare Kano [/B]is THE classic romance of the twentieth century. Sure it had ****** animation but the characters interactions and storyline was just so damn good. Definitely a classic.
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[U] Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken[/U] (no idea why it's nowhere to be found on otaku site)

Just by the art you can tell that this is old school right here, very classic, I think it came out around the 80s. I used to watch this anime when I was very young back before I moved to the states that was around 12 years ago, my brother used to watch it so I tagged along. It was post nuclear war time, and due to anarchy only the strong ruled, Kenshiro, the main character travels with a few friends and fights using the fighting style known as Fist of the North Star to save his loved 1 (this is part 1). Part 2 there is a time skip and he goes up against his strong brothers. Very good show, I really recommend this if you like old school. The thing I liked most about this was that it wasn't so repetitive, Ken was just strong, he beat the crap out of everybody, he did have his hardships but it wasn't anything like, oh I can't defeat him I'm going to go train be right back, non stop. Was cool show, very violent also.
Dragon Ball/Z/GT [/U]

Come on now. Whether liked or not by us (the crowd that's more into anime) it IS a classic, though it hit the states really late compared to all the other countries in the world, we know the Dragon Ball series is really old and was once ranked as the most viewed anime in the world.

[U]Knights of the Zodiac[/U]

Can you say old school. To be completely honest it's been so long since I've watched this show that I can't really re-call very much, there are knights obviously, and they each represent a Zodiac as the title states. I remember though the strong ones were gold armor, I can't put my finger on what the plot exactly was.



There are so many Gundam shows and I just absolutely love them and mecha anime all together, this started it all, it IS indeed a classic to a great franchise known as Gundam. I've seen most of the sequels I just got to find Zeta Gundam somewhere so that I can wrap this up. This aired on toonami a while back, for those of you who don't know, it's the same plot as lots of Gundams, big white ship, civilians, kid pilot, but 1 Gundam (at least on 0079) really great show, recommend it I like the sequels more, that's just opinion.

Lupin the 3rd[/U]

Show is hilarious, do I really have to say why it's a classic? Just look at the art haha, great show. It's about a band of thieves ran by a young man named Lupin that are always being chased by Zenigata (if I'm not mistaken), funny show good plot, cheesy ;p


? Not sure of a classic one of this.
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Lets put more effort into our posts people. If you are going to list anime that you feel is a classic anime, then I want to see a little bit as to[I] why[/I] you think a show is a classic anime. I'm looking at you FloraFreak and Tallgeese- Lists with no reasons at all are spam and I'll simply delete anymore like that.

Now as for classic anime based on what I've seen, the only one I consider classic is [B]Robotech[/B]. It's an older one that was made for American audiences and though it's not one of my favorites I think for one that was made to cater to an American audience, they did a great job with it.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Well I don't know if this anime that should be called "a classic", but I want to get your opinion if it should be a classic anime.

[B]Outlaw Star[/B]
It is one of the best anime that I seen till to this day. Outlaw Star, to me, feel's like its similar to Cowboy Bebop, but with a twist. I know that this series has some comedy, lots of action, I think, and some romance.The story of Outlaw Star follows the outlaw Gene Starwind and his eleven year-old business associate, Jim Hawking. Together they run a small jack-of-all-trades business on the backwater planet Sentinel III. After the two take a job as bodyguards for a mysterious outlaw, they find themselves the owners of the XGP15A-II, a highly advanced prototype spacecraft, and the caretakers of a bio-android named Melfina. Through the course of the series, the crew grows to include the assassin "Twilight" Suzuka and Aisha Clan-Clan, a Ctarl-Ctarl and former Ambassador of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire.
So the genre for this anime is a mix of action, some comdey, and a little bit of romance. So I hope that you will think that this is a classic.
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[quote name='Tallgeese-']I wouldn't consider Outlaw Star a classic, thought it's great, I don't think it's old enough or has had anime "decent" from the idea of Outlaw Star. Still a good show.[/QUOTE]

I dunno I don't think age plays a small role in an anime being a classic. I consider Spirited Away a classic and it's younger than Outlaw Star.

Still though I agree it isn't a classic. I didn't really break new ground or anything. It had a simple plot and was paced like some shows before it.
It was a decent show in my opinion but I would say it's far from classic.
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I think I was misunderstood, I meant it like for example, let's say Outlaw Star came out in 1988, then we could say that like Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Trigun and all those came down from that direction. You know what I mean? But yes you hit the mark when you said it didn't break any new grounds.
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]Well, I can't think of one for each genre. But that doesn't mean I'm just going to list one and be done with it.

[U]Sailor Moon:[/U] I didn't like it. I still don't like it. It turns my stomach, personally. But that doesn't stop it from being a classic. Wait... lets add asterisks to that. *Classic!*

[U]Dragonball:[/U] I don't think Z or GT are classics. They're great, DBZ is still at the top of my list of favourites. But DB started it all and deserves much respect! *Respect!*

[U]Lupin the Third:[/U] It recently came to my attention that a lot of people can't stand this 'un. It shocked me. It really surprised the hell out of me, considering a few years back when it aired on Adult Swim everyone, their mother, and their grandmother, and their uncle Joe... were obsessed with Lupin.

[U]Gundam:[/U] I'll admit, I know very little of the mecha genre. The most I know of Gundam is that they used to have a kickass fighting game on Sega or SNES, or both. But I do know it's either the first or most well-known series in Mecha, or both.

And a few that no one's mentioned yet.

[U][B]Speed Racer:[/B][/U] A lot of people overshadow this in favour of Astro Boy. I honestly think, with all due respect to Astro Boy, that THIS was more influential in the development of anime in both Japan and the US.

[B][U]Yu Yu Hakusho:[/U][/B] At the time I was too enveloped in DBZ and YuGiOh to really appreciate this one, but I watched it. Considering how old it is to appear in the US in '02 or '03 or whenever.

And I know someone already mentioned this...

[U]Tenchi Muyo:[/U] This got so many people obsessed with RPing on AOL. I'm not kidding. The RP rooms were flooded, and Tenchi-based rooms were springing up everywhere. It was definitely influential.

And last but certainly not least!

[B][U]Pokémon:[/U][/B] Oh, come on. Don't try to tell me you didn't like it. Everyone's liked it at one time or another. It's just that some of us are still obsessed with it.
Don't get angry at me for this, but Digimon came 2 years later, and I seriously think it was a rip-off.
Someone's going to get their panties in a bunch for that one.

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