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[I] Journal Update- 17/03/08

I'm sure that all of the world has heard of those damn SuperFriends... Bloody good guys saving the world from villians like Grodd. Seriously, Grodd is a damn talking Gorilla whose powers were that he could talk. I don't know about anyone else out there but they set the bar low there although they do have Aquaman and Hawkamn as members.
God damn, They were from

So I bet some mates of mine while we were watching a news report on them last night that I could create a kickass superhero team within a week. Trouble was, I don't know any damn heroes or even have powers. Not to mention that I was drunk as hell and bet 5000 dollars that I didn't have.

I've got some real trouble here...[/I]

The following message was found posted around various forums on the internet.

[INDENT] Are you the next Super Hero?

Do you think that you can surpass Superman in all of his Spandex wearing glory?

Do you enjoy beating up people because you think they are supervillians?

If so then email the following form to this address [email]Superass@hotmail.com[/email] and let us decide

Your Suerhero name-
Your secret identity-
Your known identity-

Your powers-
Your background-
Why you think Aquaman sucks-
Your Archnemesis-

Your Personality-

Please include an attached image of yourself for... public relations reasons.


OOC: This RPG is a parody of the Super Friends so as such it will be a comedy. With the whole trying to find superheros through the internet, this means that your character will have pathetic powers.
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[u][b]Your Suerhero name:[/b][/u] Kiss ?n Tell
[b][u]Your secret identity:[/u][/b] Kaitlyn N Tesla

[b][u]Your powers:[/u][/b] Well, I have the ability to telepathically connect with another person, after I?ve kissed them. After the kiss I can control the connection so it can either be one or two ways and I can cut it off whenever I feel like it. However, after I cut it off, I have to kiss the person again to reconnect.
[u][b]Your background: [/u][/b] I suppose I don?t really have much of one. Not one you?d put in a comic book, anyway. I?m a new college student, going for a degree in psychology. I figured it?d be a laugh, me being a psychologist, that is. Other than that, I?ve had your average everyday life? aside from the whole telepathic thing.
[u][b]Why you think Aquaman sucks: [/u][/b] Isn?t it obvious? He talks to fish! Pretty lame. I mean, I eat fish! What threat is a fish? I mean, all I have to do stand on the land and his powers are pointless!
[u][b]Your Archnemesis: [/u][/b] My ex-boyfriend. No, seriously! After I read his mind and found out that he was a sneaky little good for nothing cheating bastard? well, I told the girls he was sleeping around with and then we all kind of ganged up on him and told him off? then we posted it on the walls at school. He hasn?t been able to get a girl since and he?s never forgiven me for it. Every time I see him it looks like he?s plotting something. But I had already cut off my connection with him, so I can never be sure as to what?

[u][b]Your Personality:[/u][/b] I?ll be honest, I?m not always nice. I have times where I can show absolutely no mercy. Most of the times, though, I?m pretty easy to get along with. I can hold an intelligent conversation if I want to, but not many guys like it when I talk smart so I won?t unless someone else starts it. I suppose I?ve gotten a pretty bad reputation at school. See, I?m looking for a new boy or girl friend and I just can?t seem to find one who tells the truth. And by ?looking? I mean making out with people and reading their mind to see if I like them or not. It?s what I do. I like the idea of showing up all those stupid boy-scout super heroes. I mean, why be nice? If you want to take something down, you have to take it down completely and with no mercy. You have to destroy it so it will never come back to haunt you, right? How often do these villains break out of jail? Seriously! Just kill them already and get it over with! Why does being a good guy mean that you can?t kill bad guys? It?s ridiculous. But now I?m just getting off-topic, huh?

Oh, you want a picture of me, huh? Well how about this, hun. I?ll show you mine if you show me yours. * wink *

(I?ll draw a picture of her when I get the chance. Are we supposed to have superhero like costumes or something a little? cooler?)
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[B]Name:[/B] Seaman (really Aquaman in disguise)

[B]Secret identity:[/B] Aquaman

[B]Known identity:[/B] not much known, he is conspiciously new, he is known as Seaman

[B]Powers: [/B]The ability to talk to fish and make them do his bidding, super swimming speed, strength, heat vision (its a lie to get people to not think that he is Aquaman), he has all the abilities that Aquaman had.

[B]Background:[/B] Not much is known about Seaman except for the fact that he is relatively new in the super hero world. He is really the prince of Atlantis, Aquaman. But as the years went by anti-Aquaman stigma began to spread and Aquaman slowly faded from existence, that was until Seaman showed up. He whole reason for being is to restore his name, and get revenge against the man who created this new super hero team that bad mouthed Aquaman.

[B]Why Aquaman Sucks:[/B] His fake story is that he hated Aquaman after he played Aquaman the video game, he claims that the horrible experience damaged his eyes and gave him the ability of heat vision (but its just a lie)

[B]Nemesis:[/B] The leader of the superfriends team who badmouthed him (but his cover nemesis is StingRay Man).

[B]Personality:[/B] He is the desperate but lovable fool at times, he has his moments, but most of the time (because he is Aquaman) he is trying to make himself look good and get more powers (because Aquamans powers suck). He is a foolish arrogant man.
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