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Odin M Yggdrasi

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[I]There are many things in this world that we may never understand completely.

Some things, like life and death, may never be truly understood for as long as the stars show in the sky.

Others, the meanings that seemed so concrete and reliable is suddenly swept away by new ideas.

And strange things can and will happen, without a clear reason, at any time. [/I]

On the coast of a volcanic island in the mid pacific known as Mt Angelica, signs of human civilization could be seen. A small town had sprouted on the island, the subject of tourism and trade, and a resting place for weary travelers crossing the sea. Nestled in the bay between two peninsulas that were the last remains of a previous volcanic island, could be found a comfortable and prosperous trade and tourism community, served by air and sea.

Home to everything one would expect to find in a tourist resort in the mid pacific, and featuring a lot of natural volcanic terrain that was not yet spoiled by the commercial development that ruins a lot of resorts, nearly a million people a year came to visit, on top of the few thousand people who lived there permanently.

By air, or from a distance, it seemed perfectly ordinary. The school was in the same condition as one would expect of a public school, although slightly less cash-starved due to the number of wealthy people attending, gas stations and fast food places dotted the streets, and ships and airplanes came and went from the harbor.

One peninsula was decorated with a lighthouse and a few farms; the other contained a moderate-sized power and communication station to provide electricity to the island in addition to Internet and telephone service, fed in via a government owned satellite system.

The unexpected is what happens though, and although this island met the eye the same way any island like it would be, it was on this island that something had happened, that only a youthful mind would truly be able to understand.

[I]And thus, things were just beginning. [/I]

[b]~Friday Afternoon, as school lets out~
~Odin Yggdrasil, C101 computer lab~ [/b]

[I]Almost done.[/I] A slender blonde kid thought, typing frantically on his laptop in the back corner of the room, trying to finish what he was writing before the bus home left.

“Odin at it again with the laptop? That is your computer after all, can’t you just finish it on the bus?” The teacher commented, straightening up the classroom a bit.

Odin jumped, though it didn’t seem like the teacher realized that he was actually writing something and not just keying in computer program language or CAD coordinates he still was quick to save the page and shut his computer off, putting it in his backpack and hurrying to catch the bus. [I]Seriously why do I always run out of time?[/I] He thought, getting on the bus that took him home right as the first few in line began pulling out.

“Hey did you hear? Another person vanished for a few hours, and when they showed up again later that night they started telling tales about their being a spacecraft pilot from the year 3015 and the government took them away for questioning.” Another student whispered, rumors about these disappearances were sweeping the area again and the gossip chains were eating it up.

Odin sighed, he never was openly into gossip, however he often would take note of some things to use as leverage later on. This was just rumors and conspiracy theories though as far as he was concerned, and was rather boring.

Taking a seat right around the middle of the bus where there was an empty spot, he looked out the window at the ocean and the town, daydreaming in the hour or so before he was home.
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[SIZE=1][B]~Friday Afternoon, an hour or so before school is letting out~
~Drake Historan, Downtown Mt. Angelica, the mall

[/B]A young man stepped gingerly from the tour bus, careful not to trip as other passengers tried to shove by. His dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail, a rubber band holding it in place. A pair of wrap around sunglasses sat on his nose, protecting his eyes from the otherwise harsh brightness. Today it was jeans and a t-shirt for him, his combat boots making surprisingly little noise as he walked. The jeans were torn in the right thigh and left knee, faded and worn with age. The t-shirt was as tight as possible, with a picture of something zombie-like that said "I'm out of bed and dressed, what more do you want?" The concept didn't fit him well, but he thought the shirt was funny.

At his side was a relatively tall (at least for a girl) blonde, a bikini top and miniskirt showing off her rather impressive figure. She had a cell phone to her ear, and appeared to be chattering away rather incessantly with whoever was on the other end. The young man did not look happy. With a cheery and very teenager "Bye-bye!" the girl flipped the phone shut and stuck it in her purse.

"So, Drake, what're we gonna do?" her voice was high and shrill, piercing Drake's eardrums with every syllable.

He glanced sideways and glared before stopping dead. "[I]We[/I]?" he started, his voice low and annoyed. "Girl, I don't know who you are or why you're bugging me, though I'm guessing it's to avoid parents, and [I]we[/I] are certainly not doing anything. [I]I [/I]am going to do some shopping. [I]You [/I]can do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't involve me."

With that, he turned and stormed away. Damned girls around here were always hanging on one guy or another, generally trying to make one jealous or some other thing out of a million different reasons, all equally stupid. He'd been stuck next to that one on the bus, and had endured her yammering and made polite conversation for nearly an hour. That happened a lot when you tried to be polite and sociable. Next time, he was looking for an old lady to sit next to.

Drake headed for the music store. There was a new CD he wanted to pick up.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][I] Whispers from a darker place

Hidden stories Throughly based

Creatures looking to the sky

Where hopes last glimmer will arrive.[/I][/COLOR]

[I]Paragraph twelve of the prophecy of the Prophet Diometras the Demented[/I]

[FONT="Arial Black"][B][COLOR="Green"]*Friday Afternoon Afterschool*
*Creedence Akimi, Back of Bus 104* [/COLOR][/B][/FONT]

[COLOR="SeaGreen"] [B]"Why did i ever come to this Godforsaken Island". [/B][I]He thought to himself as he sat in the back of the bus his Bag next to him the on old wornout Materal of the bus seat. His Partial Image staring out back at him as he looked out at the world outside the Bus.[/I]

[I]He stared out the window until other kids climbed on the bus.. None of them coming near him.. They seemed to already know better. He was a bit of a troublemaker but mostly he would just ignore them. Some would label him as shy while others who had heard a few outragous rumors that weren't true spread there filthly little lies.

His Brown eyed gaze swept over the kids coming on. A few of them would caught his attention but the rest. Were just more high school students he didn't ever plan on speaking to in his life. One of them was in the same Class as him. Yggdrasil was his name he thought..

His eyes lingered on the other Boy for a moment before they shifted back to the window. gazing out at the school before the bus would start to move. He had done most of the extra work during Free period. Not like it was hard or anything just.. Well not worth his time.

After a few moments he looked away from the window and leaned back closing his eyes as he pictured in his mind what the next Drawing he would make would look like. Maybe something different this time.

He would have to remember to Hide it this time.. after all Old Pastor Thomas didn't like the pictures and on one occasion.. Had found some. He had burned them saying the boy still had a demon in him and the two had spent the next few weeks in serious "prayer" with God.. More like the old man was praying While Creedence took a well hidden snooze. [/I][/COLOR]
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It had been a long trip, but finally this little plane touched down on the narrow runway for this little tropical island. Tommy had slept much of the way. Or at least tried to when his sister was bouncing up and down like a caged monkey. I suppose this was to be expected from a small child going to some new and exciting place for the first time. Both of their parents were all worked up, and admittedly Tommy was a little intrigued himself. He had never left the states before so coming all the way out here was kind of exciting for him.

As the plane slowed and came to a stop everyone began to get to there feet. They reached for their bags that were stowed overhead and began to wait impatiently for the door to open and let them all out. Tommy sat quietly, not moving from his seat, waiting for the crowded walkway to clear out a little bit before bothering to get up himself. Sarah grabbed hold of his arm and began trying to pull him to his feet. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere if he didn't come with her, so she was rather upset that he was still calmly sitting in his seat.

After much pulling and whining from his little sister, Tommy finally stood and pulled his black backpack out from the overhead compartment. He then stepped out and into the walkway and headed for the door, Sarah pulling him all the way.

As he got out the door he was hit with an almost blinding flash of light. Tommy didn't know that the sun could be this bright. He didn't really like it to be honest. The aired was filled with an array of smells he had never known. the only one he recognized was the smell of salt, which he knew must have been the ocean. Sarah was already at the bottom of the stairs, jumping around on the runway. Tommy, with his parents closely behind, stepped off the plane and on to terrafirma for the first time in several hours.

Tommy reached into the cargo pocket on his pants and pulled out a pair of deep black sunglasses and put them on his face. This helped bring down the intensity of the sun, but did little to help the heat. He was starting to think he should of worn shorts, but it was too late to worry about that now.

While he family went to get there luggage out from under the plane, Tommy took some time to look around a bit. The sky was a clear and vibrant blue, the air was filled many different aromas, and the area surrounding the airport was litterd with white sand and palm trees. This was unlike any place Tommy had ever been in his life. But he wasn't quite sure that he liked it yet. That would have to wait for a while til he had seen a bit more.

His mother finally called him over to help with the bags. As he walked over to her she asked [B]"So what do you think, Tommy?"[/B]

She asked in the most pleasant of tones. Tommy just smiled and said [B]"It's different, mom. It's definitly different."[/B]

His mother sighed, probably a little dissappointed he wasn't more excited, but at this point she knew what to expect from him. Tommy took up a large black bag with wheels on the end and began to make his way toward a small terminal at the far end of the airport where a bus was suppose to come and pick them up. All the while, his sister still bouncing about like a monkey in a cage, his parents positivly glowing with excitment, and Tommy simply looking off into his own little world again, thinking [I]'what's gonna happen next?'[/I]
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[B]***Friday Afternoon, shortly after classes end***[/B]

Voices could be heard from the now dark room of the school's automotive class accompanied by the sound of a small engine's hum. Inside Seita was getting ready to leave the school on his motorcycle, which the teacher allowed him to park in the small garage in exchange for the opportunity to use it as a demonstration piece in class, when he was interrupted by one of the few friends he had. The girl's name was Amy, and she had been a recent transfer to the school a grade below Seita's. At the current moment she was giving him an earful about joining her for a party planned for the evening, another one of the heavy-metal just outside the city where people overlooked the noise due to it's distance.

"Come on, Seita. You really need to get out more, meet people, have fun, and loosen up a bit. You're too quiet sometimes, and you need to show people you can be social too. Even if it is at the top of your lungs over blaring music." Amy let a wicked grin slip past her lips at that last mention.

Seita just rev'ed the engine a bit before looking over at her, shaking his head and replying in a quiet voice. "As much fun as it would be to have a whole crowd avoid me for a night, I'll pass. With the weekend coming up I have to help out my family anyway."

Amy just crossed her arms, stamped one foot on the ground and gave Seita a dirty look. "You really are no fun sometimes." Seita looked away at this remark. He knew Amy was only joking, but his self-conscious nature kicked in at that moment. Amy uncrossed her arms as a look of regret passed across her face. "Sorry, I did not mean it that way, Seita."

"It's fine. At least you are willing to stand up and say it." He left of the second half of that thought: '...most people wont even bother.'

"At the very least can I get a ride out of here," she asked with a coy smile. "All of the buses have left." Amy took a step back to catch the helmet that was lobbed at her after that remark.

"I figured you would plan something like that. You may be manipulative, but you are not [I]that[/I] good at it." Amy just responded by sticking her tongue out at Seita before putting the helmet on and sitting down on the back of the motorcycle. Seita kicked the RPM's up and barreled out of the parking lot a second later.

OOC: Short after-note. I know this seems a little off from the description of my character's personality description, but I wanted to show early on that while he is shy in groups, he is a bit less so with one of his friends.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][I]The winds of time never cease,

The angels glory lost and desist,

Demon's roaming freely now,

Humans crying of mercy aloud,

Thus their crys shall be met,

By the heart of death.[/I][/COLOR]

[I]Paragraph eight of the prophecy of the Prophet Diometras the Demented[/I]

[FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]*Friday Afternoon Afterschool*
*Creedence Akimi, Back of Bus 104*[/COLOR][/FONT]

[COLOR="Green"][I][B]The Bus rumbled away from the school nearly on time as always.[/B] Sitting there in the back was Creedence Head leaning back with his eyes closed deep in personal thought. The humm that vibrated through the metal of the bus Vibrated though Creed's Seat but in his own personal view it was kinda relaxing it helped him think.. to retain what he felt was his slipping sanity on days.

As the vibratation from the road vibrated the back seat. Kredion felt the mental picture in his head forming.. The one he wanted to Draw.. a Grand grey Spire of Black Glass and thick Purple vines that made the spire look almost like it had viens.

Three wispy shapes seemed to be flew around in his head.. and at the Summit of the spire stood a figure it must to have been about three times the size of a man.. a roar of flames and whip lashed out into the air as if gathering attention. The figure extended what seemed to bones from it's back. As they extended the figure leaped off the Spire and as it Fell through the air Fire leaped from the bones and they flapped and instead of contuineing to fall the Figure flew off the three wispy figures just behind it.

The Bus hit a pothole and Kredion's Head bashed against the back metal walling of the Bus Breaking his mental imaging. His hand slipped back instictively as his vision swam for a moment. He pulled his hand back as he felt some warm and wet and looked at fingers as they came back into his vision.. He looked at them dumbly for a moment as he mentaly tried to proess his own injury.

It seemed unreal to him for a moment and he Felt the bus come to it's first stop. Not expecting it he felt his head yank forward because the dumb drivers way of almost missing the stop. His hand shot forward a Mere second before his head hit the seat and for the breifest moment he swore he saw something other then his hand where it had before it proved to be just something in his head.

As he pulled himself back he shook his head. Mentally blaming his "hallucination" on the bashing on his noggin. He was better prepared for the next couple stops. As his head starting to Pound and his head head start to spin. At which he closed his eyes and tried to block it out which only made him vaguely sick to his stomache. When he looked out the window he sort of distantly relieze His stop was next. He numbly grabbed his bag and hoisted it over his shoulder with a grunt.

It weighted more then it should. As the Bus came to the next stop he hoisted himself to his feet and started down the asle as his head's pounding grew stronger making him wince.. which in turn Made him properly seeing where he was going quite impossible.. his foot caught on one of the metal Bar's that held the bus seats up. As he triped His body angled slightly and his head came down on the metal bar inside of a bus seat with sicking thud.. He laid their dazed as his forehead a tickle of blood went down his face bleeding from where he had hit his head on the metal bar in the bus seat. His vision narrowed and went black. The last thought before his mind went into the darkness of unconiousness was... [/I][B]Why me?[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Teal"](( As you can see Creed seems to have a greater chance of getting into slight improbable situations..))[/COLOR]
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