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[color=indigo] Okay, I really don't know much about DBGT other then the Basics....I have a few questions about things I have heard though....

Here are My questions

1. Who are the supporting charecters....I know Goku and Vegeta are in it but who are Pan and Trunks (Is trunks Trunks son?)

2. I heard Krillen is alive, is he old like Roshi in DB?

thats it--Thanks HC[/color]
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(well sorta) Giru (A robot thingy),

Dr.Myuu, Bebi, and the evil shenron(s)[1-7], Pilaf (does he count?) :laugh:

Trunks is Not Chibi Trunk's so. He is just an older version.

Krillien is NOT like kame he looks oldER but not REALLY OLD

The plot is good but strange. Basically Pilaf (remember him) wishes goku was a child again so he could beet him easily, well it doesn't work out that way... yea he's a kid but he still kicks pilaf's :butthead: . Goku would be stuck as a kid but he goes on an adventure for the black star db's ultra powerful DB's hidden across the universe. They travel in space ship (goku, trunks and pan gohan & videl's daughter) hence the GT (Grand Touring). Along the way they meet villians, oddities, and other strange characters along their search.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Spikey [/i]
[B]i know number one. well see gohan's son is pan and vegeta's son is trunks. i don't really know the answer to number two but i might have an idea. yeah just listen two what mastermind said. [/B][/QUOTE]

pan is son gohan's daughter, not son....

kuririn is not old like muten roshi, but he does have a moustache....
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1. Well, the starting characters are Little Goku, Trunks (not trunk's son, just trunks), and pan (gohan's daughter). But later we see the return of Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, 17, Dr. Gero, Dr. Myuu, Emperor Pilaf, buu, as well as some new ones including Bra, super 17, bebi, the shenlongs, Giru, ubuu. These are the charcters who fight, of course, not others.

2. He is alive, but not as old as Master Roshi. Master Roshi is over 300 years old because he drank from the fountain of youth. It is only about 11 years after dbz.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by -_MaStErMiNd_- [/i]
[B]Pilaf (does he count?) :laugh:

hence the GT (Grand Touring)[/B][/QUOTE]
Pilaf does count, but as a VERY pathetic villan

It is not Grand touring, just Grand Tour
~it was made to be a lot like dragonball, but when fans demanded action, Grand tour had no resemblance to the series anymore. It should hav then been called DBGTWMA, Dragonball grand tour with more action, LOL
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