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[SIZE="1"][U]Alright OB. I've come to you in times when I've needed help. Here goes again.[/U]

I 'enlisted' in the Navy 20-Oct. Went up to MEPS, made it and everything. I was really proud to go military. I was going in to be a Gunners' Mate, and everything should've been going fine. Then things went severely down hill at home, thus. I moved to my dad's. The man who I haven't seen in 17 and a half years. (Moved to his on Feb. 1st.) Still planning on going on going Navy at this point.

Started a new school. Loved it. Was in ROTC. First drill meet? Had to do Armed Basic with only 5 minutes with the rifle. Started Ju Jitsu. Started double thinking about my choice to go military. I mean, why did I sign so soon? I really wanted to go to college first. And yet, I go military. (I chose Navy becauseI couldn't go Sniper in Marines or Army. My plan was do my stint in the Navy, and then if I didn't like it, go Air Force and be a sharpshooter. Which is the closest thing I can get to being sniper.)

Here, I'm seriously thinking about not going Navy.

My mom called me when I was at my boyfriend's, telling me she wanted me to talk to my little brother because it was probably going to be a good while before I was able to talk to him because she was going to go admit him. ( He has bad anger problems PTSD, OCD, ODD, and a few others.)

I started crying because he means the world to me. I started talking to him and then my mom ended up taking the phone back from him after [I]he[/I] started crying. Mom knew I was upset about something else, and I told her. My dad has Multiple Personality Disorder...really bad. It scared the living **** out of me. Honestly. It did. Mom said she was going to get me home as soon as she could.

Thus, I leave Monday afternoon back for Kansas. (I was supposed to leave Sunday for my Dad's house. Bus screwed up, had to leave Monday.) Due to being re-routed countless times by Greyhound, I come in 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

I find out that since I moved back so late in the year, I don't get to graduate. Yeah it irritates me, but hey. It was for my little brother so it doesn't bother me too bad.

[I][B]I want to major in Poli Sci (minor in a language possibly), and then go to law school.[/B][/I]

Here's my problem. I'm still SERIOUSLY thinking about not going military. And Yes, I can still back out at this point. Do I:

A) Get my GED and still go Navy?
B) Get the credits I need (aka repeat my senior year) and go to college?
C) Do option B and then go military?

Advice. <3
[I][SIZE="1"]If more information is needed, I'll give it. [/SIZE][/I][/SIZE]
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[font=Arial]I personally say finish high school and go to college. If you're not truly passionate about joining the military, I think you'd regret the massive commitment, intense work, and great effort that would go into the training/service.

Getting a GED and going into the military seems to me the worst of all options, since you are not passionate about joining anymore, and a GED simply doesn't go as far as a diploma in a great portion of the workforce.

Going to college affords you the most and (imho) best options in life. But at the end of the day, go with your head, not your heart. The heart is a fickle thing for a teenager, and it's what impelled you to join the military in the first place.

Best of luck resolving things.[/font]
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[FONT=Arial]I think you're forgetting a few somethings:

D) Get your diploma (or GED, whichever you decide), go Navy, [I]then[/I] go college.


E) Same, except college first and find a ROTC while there, [I]then[/I] go Navy.

Remember that the military does offer to pay for post-secondary education expenses. I don't really see you completely shut out of either option; it just depends on which one you want to take first.

Plus, there's bound to be something in the Navy for you to do with (or in preparation for) a Poli Sci degree and such. (^_^)[/FONT]
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Don't go into the Navy unless you're sure you want to go.Also getting a GED isn't the end of the world, although it kind of depends what college you're planning to go to. Also, make sure you have adequate funding to go to college because getting out with $70,000 in debt is a great way to hate life.
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