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Writing The Limerick Thread


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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]Here you can make limericks. Limericks are a type of poem that follow a pattern.


So here is an example,

[CENTER]Someday I will go to Peru,
when there I will poop in a shoe.
But perhaps I will find,
some other funny rhyme.
But this for now, will have to do.[/CENTER]

So have fun! And remember the pattern.

Here are some I made.

Oh my god I just ate like a pig.
And soon I will have 20 figs.
Soon I'll be fat,
and than I'll eat like a rat.
But for laughs I will wear a fox wig.

"Ha" I said to the maid,
"These limes don't make lemonaid."
But then she spread open a door,
and soon something flooded the floor.
And there lime lemonaid laid.

There once was a young lady of ten.
Who layed eggs like a hen.
She layed fifteen underneath
the cankles of her feet,
and she named her stomach roll Sven.

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[FONT=Arial]There once was a Ninja from Nantucket
Who kept all of his swords in a bucket.
He started to spin
And he said with a grin:
"When I let this thing go, you best duck it!"
[INDENT][SIZE="1"][I]?The Ask-A-Ninja[/I][/SIZE][/INDENT][/FONT]
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This is called waking up way too early and writing something that later today I'll mostly likely be doing this when I read it again: [I] *headdesk*[/I]

[INDENT]You have been warned...[/INDENT]

There once was a member named Prem
Who would jump at your every whim
Just as there use to be a boy
Who didn?t understand the word coy
So tell me, were they stuffed into a trash bin?
[INDENT]Remember kids,[I] this[/I] is [I]your[/I] brain with little to no sleep; and[I] finals![/I] XP[/INDENT]
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Soft like a gentle feather
Warm no matter the weather.
With a gentle curl and twist
A pure soft white mist:
Its touch brings people together.
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