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[SIZE=2][COLOR=deepskyblue]Madeline Neko walked around the camp she had set up for the group she gathered. She sighed as she looked around at everyone going about their business. She walked into her tent and examined her scythe. She took a cloth and gently wiped it clean. When it was spotless, she put it down on her bed and crawled back out of her tent. She walked around the camp once more, trying to think of something to do. Her dog ears twitched as they picked up a conversation about 2 miles to the north. It was 2 GUK members talking about someone leaking information about the camp. She groaned and crawled back into her tent, grabbing her scythe and crawling back out. She ran off into the forest, seeking out the two GUK members to kill them.
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Sitting down on a fallen tree trunk right outside of the camp, Taie hung his head and looked down as the whispy grass did the dance of the winds. The midday sun hung laily over the clearing, tents set up haphazardly behind him. The silence mixed with the idle tidings of the slowly moving crowd gave him an eerie impression of a broken movie show. He heard a male voice behind him, asking others to do one thing or another, and the sound of fleet footsteps. His eyes silently followed Madeline as she made her way out of the camp, scythe in hand. Her steady but quickened steps sent a shiver through the recesses of his mind. Taie stood up, tail flicking lazily, and felt his cool skin protest to the movement. This was going to be one of those days.
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OOC: I want to aplogize about my post. I had mistakenly overlooked Moni's post and thought she wanted me to start the tread :(.

"GRRR" Travis growled as he heard the commotion. "Madi!" Travis knew she was already on her way though he wasn't there. She was always endangering herself by fighting.

Travis tore through the forest and into the clearing just in time to see two GUK members sneaking around the backside of the others already engaged. With a howl that drowned out the fighting he ran out to meet the two.

Seeing their shabby formation, Travis knew they were rookie warriors. Not even bothering to draw his weapon, travis dodged the first thrust and grabbed both their throats.

Not uttering a word he allowed his claws to sink into their precious juggulars. Within seconds they were both gone...the lifeless, soundless screams still on their faces.

Travis howld again, this time sending a signal to the rest of his brothers in the forest to start the search for more other than the ones the others were already engaged in.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]oCC: Making some adjustments to Bravie, instead of a raven hybrid i would like to make her a panter. Sorry for the lateness of it.

Bravie dropped out of the tree next to Travis and onto the shoulders of another soldier that he had missed. Her scythe in her hand she looked at him with a simple 'becareful' look. Taking a deep breath she looked around useing her ability to see if there were more.
"I do not see anymore. She has taken care of the others."
She bowed her head and leaped back into the tree, her tail flicking into the shadows after her. She sat there looking at her claws and sighed. She was still an outcast amoung these others, they had all heard of her tail and many of them resented her like her own clan had. There were very few that still considered her a sister. She brushed the dirt from her skirt and looked around keeping an eye out.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=deepskyblue]Madeline Neko heard Travis rush after her and she sighed. She had taken care of the two she had heard. But she rolled her eyes and she sniffed him out. Quickly she made her way over to Travis, sighing when she spotted him. She quickly ran up to him and pointed a finger at him.[B] "If you keep protecting me like this, you'll end up getting yourself killed you know!"[/B] she exclaimed, getting in his face. A moment later, she pulled back and smiled softly. [B]"But, if you must, then I will let you..."[/B] she said softly.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Kizuna had just finished off cutting the heads of three GUK members clean off with her long sword. She could clearly hear the splattering of blood and the thump sound as the motionless but headless bodies fall to the ground. She looked around to see if she could find any of the others in sight but she couldn't. Using her intense hearing instead of her Third Eye ability, she scouted out the area only detecting what she would find as a normal sound of a commrad to her. With a twitch of her ears, she had found one.

To her, it sounded like Bravie sitting down and then getting up after brushing her skirt off and then looking around. Kizuna headed off into Bravie's direction. She jumped on the branches of the trees and made good timing in finding Bravie. Kizuna jumped down from the tree that she was on and landed on a lower branch behind Bravie. Making noise from her staff that she had as the rings jingled around making a noise that was familiar to all of her friends and her sword in hand as it chinked when she landed.

With a breath of air she started talking, [B]"Hey Bravie... How've you been? Getting in any good killings lately?"[/B] She waited for a response from Bravie as she sat there with what seemed like a dumbfounded face.[/FONT]

OOC: I thought that the first person that I would meet up with would be Knuckles' Girl. Hope you like
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"But if you must...I will let you" Madeline said as she turned and walked away from Travis.

Travis then glanced at Bravie...one of the newcomers. It took every ounce of strength he had to keep from thanking her. He had been foolhardy, he let the anger get to him and it almost cost him dearly. He didn't, however, want her to know he was starting to trust her. She had been with the "pack" for awhile now, and as he always was, he was hesitant to trust her. "Thank you" he whisperd....or he may have just thought it. He wasn't sure.

Travis approached the edge of the clearing. A large white wolf appeared seemingly out of no where. "What happened Simon?" Simon was the official leader of the pack of wolves that lived outside the clearing. They had a special bond with Travis and acknowledged him as the true "Alpha male" of their pack.

They all knew it and understood it, Simon especially. "I'm very sorry Travis, it was the twin's watch today...they thought they could handle the trespassers themselves. They took three but the others slipped by in the fray." Simon replied in the wolven language.

"No harm done, just ask them to be more carefull. I don't know what I would've done if I would have lost them....I must go now, tell them I said thanks for killing the ones they did."

"As you wish"

With that, Simon dissapeared back into the forest. He would discipline the twins something awful but it couldn't be helped. Travis went searching for Madeline, he hated leaving her side, but unless notified of anothers prescence beforehand, the wolves would not reveal themselves when another was around.
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Taie walked into the grassy clearing, the mangled corpses sprawled out around him. As the others spoke, he stared into the middle of the clearing the military troops had just minutes ago stood. Taie's careful footsteps brought him closer to the middle, his dark eyes searching the unkempt grass.

With a sudden snap he jumped down into the center, his bad left hand struggling with his right in vane to assist with the task. Finally he yanked out a long antennae attached to small box, clumps of dirt falling every which way.

Taie grimaced and quickly smashed the small box down, looking around the group. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"We need to leave."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Bravie looked at Kizuna and nodded, she jumped down and walked to her tent and came back out with a hand full of meat strips, she looked at Taie as he came into camp.
"We need to leave."
They all looked at her, she hardly talked and when she did it was shocking.
"I found a GUK box in the clearing near here. If we stay much longer they'll find us."
She spoke through the meat strip she had been chewing on.
"They already know where we are, otherwise they would not have sent the other men that came here earlier."
He looked at her and than the others.
"That's not the point, they'll send more this time."
"And we will kill them this time as well, it is not a big deal. We are stronger, faster, and we give no quarter. Unlike them."
She turned and went back into her tent before he could reply, her voice coming from it.
"It is not our choice, Madie is our leader, it is her choice if we flee or fight."
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Travis heard everything about the GUK box and the bloodlust. Bounding back to the other three he looked at the box.

"It's just a short wave transmitter. I doubt they have much more than half a clicks range. You three keep your mouths shut about it and I'll talk to Madi. You may get to quench that bloodlust of yours Bravie." Travis called to his brethren in the forest, to get them to begin searching the area surrounding the clearing for more GUK soldiers.

"The clearing is our home. We have all fought...and some of us have died to keep it proected. And I'll be damned if we're going to lose it now. I'll go get Madi and see what she wants to do next."

With that Travis ran as fast as his four legs would take him. He knew Bravie was probably pissed at him, he had figured her for a hot head that didn't like being told what to do....appearances could be deceiving. But he doubted they were. He just hoped no one would say anything, otherwise the more peaceful residents would be sent into a panic.
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Sindel rummaged through her pack and pulled out a black bandana, quickly wrapping it around her eyes. She hated the light, it always burned her eyes and blinded her almost completely. The night was her only ally, her only friend. It sheltered her from the light, and the eyes of those who would scorn her. She was growing impatient.

*Hmm...I need to find this camp. I've been traveling all day and I can't seem to find it. They were good at hiding, I can give them that. Though, I am blind at he moment...oh when shall the darkness fall? My beautiful night...*

As she flew over a clearing, she finally found it, well she thought. She could hear many voices, and it smelled of wet dog...it must be it. Landing softly on the ground near a tent, she listened intently and heard some girls talking of soldiers. This seemed intriguing enough, so she decided to check it out. The girls smells were fascinating, like she'd never smelt before, though she had only been around humans her whole life. She had never smelt a Halfling before.

Sindel quickly hid behind a tree near the girls, and listened. * I wish I could see them. I wander if they look as good as they smell...I am very hungry. Wait...I probably can't eat them, too bad.* As the girls finished talking, Sindel emerged from behind the tree and walked over to them.

"...Um...if your needing some assistance with the humans, I would be happy to drain them for you. I'm dying for some fresh blood."
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Travis found Madeline lying in the sun on the other side of the clearning. As he approahced her keen sense of hearing picked him up. "What is it Travis?"
"Taie found a box the GUK had planted, it just seems to be one of their short wave transmitters. But none the less, we have to locate its...." A howl echoched out of the woods.

"Damn....." Travis had caught himself. He had a tendency to say outloud what he was thinking and it always was a downfall.

"That bad huh? Guess theirs nothing to do but protect out clearing."

"Yes...there are quite a few soldiers. Perhaps 75-100 and not just the little weak ones we fought here. There are alot of leutenants walking around. This is bad."

Travis could tell Madi sensed the hesitancy in his voice. But she made the decision he feard anyways. "Go grab the others and prepare to go to their camp." "As you wish"

As Travis turned to leave Madeline called to him. "Oh Travis, there is a newcommer among us. I don't think she realizes that he was seen, but she's over by Kizuna and Bravie. I'm sure we could use her in the upcoming battle."

Travis turned his head and acknowledged her with a nod. Bounding away he thought about what was to come. [I] Something doesn't feel right about this.....maybe it's Madi's determination to be involved. Or my wolf friends apathy that allowed the GUK to get so close. Either way, this is no ordinary mission [/I]

He approached Bravie, Taie, Kizuna, and the newcommer. "Madi asked me to come get you guys, since you're the only ones who know about the GUK. We don't want to raise the alarm and alert the others."

Travis awaited their answers, his eyes never leaving the newcommer.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Kizuna had heard the sound from the newcomer and could smell it. She then heard Travis approaching them and turned herself from the newcomer to Travis to give him her attention. He walked up and said, [B]"Madi asked me to come get you guys, since you're the only ones who know about the GUK. We don't want to raise the alarm and alert the others." [/B]

[B]"That's a good idea. I'm with it,"[/B] Kizuna said as she activated her Third Eye ablity so she could see what the newcomer had looked like and the surroundings around her. She kept looking back at the newcomer as she got up walked over to Travis.

[B]"That newcomer is sure a weird one. We had better watch out if you know what I mean?"[/B] she whispered to Travis so low that no one had heard it but him. [/FONT]
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Sindel smirked and pulled her long bow off her back, reconnecting the wire and stretching it. It had been a while since she had been in a real battle. She mostly did stealthy kills, only killing a few at a time. Though, this sounded quite fun.

"I am Sindel by the way. My mother was a bat vampire(vampeer), and my father was a human. I know I may look like a monster, but I would never betray those I trust. So, I hope I will be able to trust you."[I] (Sindel has a Transylvanian accent. So the W's sound like V's, and the TH's sound like Z's.)[/I]

She untied her bandanna, revealing her pale eyes, and peered around her surroundings, and recently obtained companions. They seemed adequate enough, though she preferred to work alone. Perhaps they could be of some assistance on her mission. She'll have to see.

"By the way, I am most liable at night. I have very good night vision, and blend in very well in the darkness. If we are attacking at night, I would be very useful."

Sindel frowned and retied the bandanna.
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Royce had been with the others this entire time, although as far as they knew he was just off on his own again. Usually when the others thought he had wandered off, he was actually just up in a tree, taking a quick nap. It must have been the bear part of him, because he sure did love his rest, and at the moment, that's exactly where he was. But that did not last for long.

Stretching widely and with a ferocious yawn, he started to slowly regain consciousness. Royce's least favorite part of a nap was waking up because it was in his opinion the hardest thing to do. [I]Oh well[/I], he thought, no time to beat around the bush. He remembered that right now their ragtag group of halflings was covertly camping out in the woods, trying to remain hidden from the GUK. Royce stood up slowly and stretched his legs out some more, trying to get rid of that tingly feeling a person sometimes gets when they've been sitting too long. Afterwards he did a somersault off of the branch he had been resting on, inadvertently right on top of Travis.


[B]"Geez, what the hell man? What were you doing right under the tree I was sleeping in? Don't you know any better?"[/B]

Travis stared up at Royce with extreme anger in his face and then without much effort tossed Royce from his body and headfirst into a tree currently opposite to them. Royce was not exactly one of the favorite members of Madeline's group, but no one could deny that he was a skilled warrior and not too bad on the eyes, making things easier with the ladies but made no difference with his male counterparts.[/COLOR] [/FONT]
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Taie looked up, a quick glance at the unanounced guest, before again looking toward Travis as he stood back up from Royce's fall. He lowered his head again as his tongue instictively flicked out for second. Taie grumbled out, his voice low and scratchy, [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"So what are we going to do about it? Your friends find the relay?"[/COLOR] His tail twitched slightly behind him as he spoke.
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Travis looked at the group they had. All skilled warriors easily capable of handling such a mission....but something still smelled funny about his mission, something he couldn't put his finger on.

"Travis is everyone ready?" The voice was Madi's. She for being part dog she was sure quiet when she moved. "Yes, we're all ready. By the way, this is Sindel. She's....new to the group." Madeline looked at the newcomer as she would've someone she'd known her whole life. "Its nice to meet you I'm Madeline."

Travis was shocked she'd accepted the newcomer so quickly. "I'm just wating on...."

Suddenly a loud yelp alerted the group as a young wolf broke through the tree line.

"polo!?" Travis hurried to the hurt wolves side. He only walked on three legs and wa covered with blood. The young wolf whimpered to Travis for only a second before collapsing.

"GRRRRR. The bastards are only about half a click east of here. They've conceld their encampment with some rough camoflauge and are wearing scent block. they.....They killed Rolo..." Travis collapsed to his knees. His hatred for the humans was rekindled.

"Travis I'm so sorry.....Is there..." Travis didn't give Kizuna time to finish. "Bravie, take Madi and Sindel and flank south. Kizuna, you and Taie flank the north. Royce, me and your big clumsy ass are going right up the middle."

The ones that knew Travis the best knew what was going on. Travis only left Madi's side when he was with Royce. The two made a lethal pair though they sometimes didn't see eye to eye.

'Be carefull everyone, remember, the leutenants are bad news, and they may be posing as the incompetant grunts....good luck" With that the group split up and dove into the woods. With a final yell before everyone was out of ear shot "Let the wolves lead you straight to the camp. They've scouted the traps the GUK have laid....."

OOC: Sorry for the lengthy post. Moni said she may not be on for a couple days and asked me to get the story rolling. Hope I didn't overstep.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Bravie's roar rolled through the trees as she took off running on all fours, her nails extending like deadly claws and her eyes centering in on her target. She ran beside one of the wolves speaking with him.
"How many? That's cocky of them, not that many. They'll regret that."
She leaped over a fallen log and roared as a wire caught her left leg, lifted into the air her head smacked against a tree. She looked down at the other two.
"Just go, I'll catch up."
They nodded and ran ahead, reaching up she cut the wire holding her and landed on her feet gently.
"Come on out, I know your there."
"Interesting, a half breed can speak."
She growled low in her throat and jumped aside as he shot at her with a small pistol. She charged at him and knocked him down and over the hill growling the whole time.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]After hearing Travis telling everyone what to do, Kizuna and Taie were sent off to the north. Kizuna unleashed the tattoo on her chest to release her true form. A kitsune with wings. She started lifting up off the ground but made sure to keep in step with Taie. Kizuna could sense and hear the breathing of the GUK members as the two headed towards them. Suddenly Kizuna stopped and stopped Taie at the same time.

[B]"What is it?"[/B] asked Taie as he stopped.
[B]"We had better stay quiet or else... There's something just up ahead waiting for us. I can sense it,"[/B] replied Kizuna as she folded her wings into her back which soon disappeared without a sound. [B]"We had better talk in a whisper or not at all so that this member doesn't hear us."[/B]
[B]"Alright."[/B] He nodded in agreement as he watched Kizuna approach the GUK member with swift and quietness. Making her presence unknown.

She soon motioned for him to come and join up to where she was. Which he followed and they were soon only inches away from the member but out of sight. As the two were now very close and she feared of being seen, Kizuna casted a spell:
[CENTER][B][I]"The spirit of the Heaven's Gate falls down to the Pits of Hell.
Open Wounds and Closed Hearts.
Silence all in its wake.
Visability Reverse"[/I][/B][/CENTER]
She whispered as her staff glowed a white glow which only she could see and the two suddenly became invisible. She turned to Taie and nodded to him telling him to get ready for the attack.[/FONT]
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Taie looked down toawrd where his hands should be and took a step back. The strange abilities of some of the other 'haffies' shocked him every time, and he shook his head. Again he looked forward at the group of GUK soldiers moving forward through the trees. The nearest one, just on the other side of the tree, breathed heavily and clutched the crossbow tight. His black armor and helmet gleamed, and the radio at his side cackled a bit. His wide eyes were barely visible behind the mask, a bluish color, looking around wildly.

[I]Obviously never seen one of us before.[/I] He almost laughed, but caught himself before a noise was mutered. [I]I guess he never will.[/I]

Taie quietly lowered himself to the floor, feeling the grass whisper playfully with the wind against his scaled cheek. His hand grabbed at the handle of the knife, and he waited for the signal that said the others were in position.
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Travis glanced at Royce as he began to enter the forest. "Don't slow me down Royce. I only picked you because I don't trust you enough to make it to the enemy without taking a nap unless someone like me is on your ass."

Travis smiled as Royce disapeared behind him. He would never tell Royce how much he respected his prowess as a warrior. He also didn't want to reveal his fear that the Half-bears beserker nature may cause somebodys death. And Travis was willing to die to protect Madi.....[I] God I hope you're okay without me [/I]. Travis heard rustling behind him and knew Royce had entered the woods. The two had the most direct route to the GUK soldiers and had to move a little slower to coordinate the attacks.
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Sindel smiled as she heard Bravie preparing to fight. This was going to be fun. She immediatly lifted from the ground, soaring to he sky's just out of any arrow range. She had made that mistake once before, and was unable to fly for weeks because ofit. she wasn't going to make the same mistake twice.

*Finally, I'm starving!* With this thought a large smirk crept across her face, and she dove straight into a group of soldiers beneath her, crushing one beneath her feet. It had been a while since she smelt fresh human blood, and she enjoyed it very much.Wipping out her spear, she started to fight one of the soldiers, he was an easy kill, so was the next, and the next, and the next. She was very surprised how easily they fell beneath her blade. Though she didn't mind that much. Suddenly, a sharp pain darted across her hip, and she let out a crippling screech. Twirling around, she found a cocky leutenant before her wiping his sword.

"Well, what a vile little creature you are. I shall enjoy taking your life...haha!" The leutentants obnoxious voice hammered Sindels head, as she gripped her spear.

"We shall see human..." She smirked and lunged at him. He dodged the attack easily and landed another blow across her back, Sindel cringed and nealed on one knee. The leutenant laughed again, and raised his blade to finish her off, but stopped once he realized she was grinning madly at him.

"What are you grinning about fiend, I'll destroy you!"

Sindel continued to grin and pionted to the sky, a large cloud had covered the sun, shading the world grey."I can hear your heart beating human, your frightened. You should be!" Quickly removing her bandanna, her peircing white eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. She grabbed his sword and tossed it aside, evading every move he made. Then lustfully sunk her fangs into his throat, ripping, and tearing until the beating of his hideous heart subsided.

Slowly rising, she turned her head towards the other soldiers who had rushed to help heir commander, her chest smothered in crimson and her arm stretched forth towards them. "Come loves..." *Evil smirk*
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As the commotion began to trickly through the large group of GUK soldiers almost all attention was turned toward Sindel. [I]Damn! She doesn't know about our coordination... Well, here it goes anyway.[/I]

Taie flexed the muscles in his legs, feeling the reptilian density to the muscles spring up. The knife turned forward as he shot toward the inexperienced soldier, plunging into his back. Taie's free hand quickly threw the soldier's body down, the whole thing only quick enough to allow the soldier the slightest of whimpers. Only one of the others turned to see his comrade fall to Taie's invisible blade, the rest clumsily aiming their archaic weapons and the very few with silenced weapons trying to make a bead on Sindel.

Taie again jumped forward, this time his other hand taking the place of the knife. The claws raked across the throat of the soldier in one quick motion as a bolt fried wildly around. Again only a few turned to see the commotion, but this time an alarm got out. "[B]They're all around us[/B]!" one screamed before Taie's tail whipped out and knocked him back several feet.
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*Sigh* Was all Travis could do as he saw Sindel burst out like she did. "Royce, kick me when we get back for allowing her to tag along." Travis and Royce burst through the trees weapons drawn.

The first soldier feel victim to Travis blade as he decapitated the man with little effort. Two more ment rushed him again it was the same easy kills. As he impaled one of the men with his blade he sliced the others throat open with his clawed hand. "Royce, you're on your own. I need to make sure madi is okay in this commotion."

Withdrawing his blade he lept over a small group of soldiers. Landing he felt a pain in his ankle. Looking down he saw a small trickle of blood where an arrow knicked him. "Okay humans who wants to die first?" He turned only to be greeted by a swinging warhammer. Travis dodged to the leftbut still took a knick from the massive weapon.

The shot sent Travis flying back, but an agile turn in mid air brought him to his feet facing his new opponent. A large man, maybe 6 1/2' tall and an easy 250lbs. This was no ordinary solider this had to be a leutenant. Suddenly the small group of soldiers Travis jumped over ran to the large mans side. "Leutenant Commander Diego, we're here to help"

"Leutenant commander?" Travis said wearingly. He had heard of Diego from interrogating capture GUK soldiers a few years prior. The man was mean not just mean cruel. He'd once killed over 500 of his own soliders on a training mission because they missed the time they were alloted by 30seconds. "No, go find theothers, andlocate the commander. Tell him their puny leader must be somehwere around here. This fight is mine and mine alone"

[I] The commander's here huh? That's not good. If he finds Madi....no I can't think that. I just have to get through this first [/I] The two squared off against each other. Travis new the man had him beat in strength but he could win. "Travis, I'mdone with these bastards and I'm here to help you take this guy down"

Suddenly a roar washeard above anything else in the battle. "Royce its Bravie, she's supposed to be with Madi, Go see if she's okay. I'm not sure if that was a I'm okay roar or a Ouch that hurt roar."

Reluctantly Royce turned and ran towards the noise. "Just you and me now aye pup?"
Without replying Travis lept at the man, their battle was just begining....
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Royce had been with Travis for only a few minutes before he was already sick of his company. He knew that they worked well together as a team, but Royce just wasn't down with Travis's loner personality. If Travis was ying, then Royce was yang.

But then, all of a sudden, Sindel went crazy, drawing the attention of all of the soldiers in the forest. Royce had a feeling that Sindel would be a little nuts, but he had no idea that she'd be [B]this[/B] crazy.

[I]"Well ... at least it brings a little excitement to the table."[/I]

Royce was excited for the challenge, but Travis seemed worried.[COLOR="Red"] [B]"Royce, you're on your own. I need to make sure Madi is okay in this commotion."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]"Sure, go ahead. I can handle these guys alone."[/B]

As soon as Travis ran off to help Madi he was attacked by a man with a large warhammer, but Royce was having his own problems. He had easily dispatched a small group of soldiers by himself, but not even a moment later two or three more groups of soldiers came charging into the clearing his team was currently positioned at. Royce decided that now was not the time to try to fend off that many enemies, so he ran as fast as possible and leapt right over the soldier's heads, landing safely a few feet from where the large man was confronting Travis. Not a moment later, a loud howl was heard throughout the forest.

[B][COLOR="Red"]"Royce its Bravie, she's supposed to be with Madi, Go see if she's okay. I'm not sure if that was a I'm okay roar or an ouch that hurt roar."[/COLOR][/B]

Reluctantly Royce followed Travis' wishes and ran off in the direction of the howl, trying to follow the familar scent of Bravie and Madeline. He manuevered past a few soldiers on the way, but eventually they caught up to him and he had no choice but to fight back. He pulled his katana from the sheath on his back and held it in the standard sword fighting position, taught to him by his late father. One soldier sniggered at Royce and lunged at him with as much intensity as he could possibly create, but Royce was much faster and dodged to the left of the soldier and drove his katana into the man's side, piercing flesh and crushing bone. The soldier screamed out in agony, signaling to his friends that they better finish this halfling off quickly before they fall to the same fate. Royce; however, was already moving towards the other soldiers and slashing the mdown one by one, before there body's could even react to the fact that they were being attacked and wounded. Each soldier fell to the ground, screaming with anguish. Royce ended their suffering with a stab at each man's jugular, then moving back on in the direction of the roar.

[B]"Hold on guys, I'm almost there!"[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
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