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    I'm young, restless, a proud parent, hate myself, hate this planet, hate this species, and am somehow generally happy.
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  1. Star Trek Voyager>Paramount>Titanic>Disaster Films>The Perfect Storm>Thunderstorm That wasn't too hard. Hurray for fun times! Spellcaster>Basic Law
  2. If you time yourself right you will always lunge forward for maximum damage when trying to hit someone.-Halo You'll always fall with arms flailing and body horizontal, whether it's from 300 feet or just from the back of a destroyed vehicle. -Halo Don't listen to anyone try to tell you that something good is about to happen. Irony is a way of life. -Way too many game plots If the fight is too much for you, just turn down the difficulty level. -Oblivion, probably a bunch of others If you ever wake up somewhere strange with no memory of who you are, you will be a hero and extremely influenial to a major world event.-Lots of games If you make a very witty comment right before hitting or shooting at something, you're sure to hit and they're sure to die. -Lots and lots and lots of stuff Your enemies' battle strategies are always repetative and progressively stronger the more you hurt them. -Zelda
  3. I hate most natural adrenaline causers. I could never skydive, I hate rollercoasters, ect. My fight or flight instict always kicks in really powerfully whenever I'm in a situation like that, and my nerves get so bunched up just thinking about it. Ugh. Horror movies are more of my thing. I like to be [U]scared[/U] not just shocked at the level of blood (I really hate movies like Texas Chainsaw Masacre and Saw 4,) Especially zombie movies. I'm incredibly afraid of zombies. Hwne I was in grade school I used to have horrible zombie-infested nightmares that would wake me up with the shakes. So otherwise the only time I use adrenaline is when I'm working and not feeling lazy. If I start to breath quickly and focus on my body I can cause small amounts of adrenaline to be released, which is good enough for me.
  4. Decay

    RPG 7 Sins

    [COLOR="dimgray"]Vidie popped into the place just as Lust and Wrath were on their way out. A soft grin on his voice, he slowly said, "[/COLOR]What'd I miss?[COLOR="dimgray"]" his watery voice bubbling through the room.[/COLOR] [COLOR="DimGray"]Each of the other six creatures disgusted him. Pride, of course, thought himself the leader still, walked like the others were merely pawns. Vidie grinned further, the thoughts of the box going through his head. "[/COLOR]You guys get any leads for that thing yet?[COLOR="dimgray"]" The power would be his, and the 'master' would finally know this world belonged to Envy.[/COLOR]
  5. [U]Freeze[/U] The night was cold. She hugged the frozen razor tightly to herself, a silent shiver coercing throughout her. Her fingers were already numb; now was the time. Slowly, so slowly, she drew a red line up her arm, staring down at it widened and broke. She was completely alone at last. The night was cold.
  6. I skipped 8th grade, and all my high school drama always seemed to happen to my friends, so I was pretty safe from that. It was the at home drama and other semi-related to my house dramas that caused problems.
  7. ... Sorry, I still don't get it. A reality show? What? Like... the drama of the game or something? I'm so comfused... :animestun
  8. Yeah, I really like mexican food, being so close to the border. My mom was taught a whole bunch of recipes by some crazy old woman who lived as a chef in central mexico, so I got chimichangas and tamales and home-made salsa and -- *drools* Also I really hate how when I do try to go into an 'authentic' mexican restaurant up to where I moved to they don't ask about red or green chile. I feel compulsed to tell them my preference, even though I'm pretty sure they don't even use chili to make the food. Arg, I miss sopapillas so much. Also I'vel always liked japanese food, but I haven't been experienced to it much. My sister's babysitter back on some air force base was japanese, started to teach my sister the language and always seemed to be stocked with a few foriegn delicacies. I liked everything I tried, except for this werid corn-flavored bar thing that I couldn't stand.
  9. I realized my description for Mikel was rather short so here's a picture I think fits nicely. [URL="http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h182/bonnie_anna92/anime/boys/l_1c2127db0189e4e5e0db7f5308c05c5a.jpg"]Mikel![/URL]
  10. What do you mean by reality LARPG's? Like real ones? Amtgard is a big one here in the Western US. I've been to tournaments with hundreds of other people, been to giant events at various settings, and and seen travelers from many different places. It's a sword and magic-based fighting game that's mostly popular in the southwest US, but is gaining populatiry in some european countries, Japan, and is moving its way around the country. I personally love it, though I haven't had a chance to play in a while, because of the thrill and exercise. Back in New Mexico people had seen us fight and thought it was some kind of gang war or something, seeing the padded swords as baseball bats :animesmil.
  11. I've been playing the Nights game for the Wii lately. It's really chidlish, but it passes the time. Also I went to a friend's house to play Guitar Hero for the first time. After about four hours I can get an average of 75% on the difficult level for most songs. I must be a Guitar Hero prodigy or something. Also I went to the mall a week ago and totally busted my moves at DDR: Supernova. As always I rock, getting an A at difficult two out of three times and then falling off the board in a rush and hurting my ankle. That's why I usually don't try to beat Mugen. My X-Box360 decided to go on strike or something, won't play anything. I sent it back to the company, and by the time I get it back I'm definately going to get X-Box live so I can make a good use of Halo 3. Without X-Box live it's pretty much the most useless game I have.
  12. [quote]Beneath the robes, there was nothing.[/quote] This makes me think of nudity... :animeswea [quote]We danced together quietly. Music unheeded.[/quote] I like this one. Something about it is really sad and nostalgic. Here's a few more throws from me! [B]The night was colder than ever.[/B] [B]He fell, finally, a broken man.[/B] [B]If only the flames would die...[/B]
  13. Here's the most latest picture of me, as of yesterday night. [URL="http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh260/gnome_4ever/me/100_3047-1.jpg"]Wowza![/URL] And yes, my eyebrows really are schmexy.
  14. Gerard Butler. Most awesomely amazing person alive. He can sing, act, has amazing abs, and is the pinacle of all humans. If I wasn't straight I'd be in love with him. That's why it's called a mancrush!
  15. Decay

    Sign Up 7 Sins

    I'm going to take on the persona of a sin! Hurray! Name: Envy, but goes by Vidie Age: Looks to be fresh out of school Personality: Cruel but joking. Vidie loves to torment people, show them what they can't have. His mocking attitude commonly states the obvious. He enjoys stating the flaws in other people and suggesting the alternative, whispering taunts at them. His life is a game, and he has so much fun just moving around pieces, stirring up trouble. He's practically a sadist delighting in the pain of loss and need from his hands. Appearance: Vidie is a very pale young man of seemingly mixed decents. His skin is far too white to be normal, almost the color of a body found at sea. He typically wears long sea-green robes when alone, but in public he tends for just dark-colored street clothes. His fingers are strangely enlonged and bluish, twirling around each other almost like they were boneless. His cruel laugh bubbles out from his pale blue lips, adding to the strange appearance of his wet-looking sunken face. His eyes, a brilliant shining green, stare out everywhere with a malicious intent. Bio: Over the history of the world Vidie has been freed only three times. Each embodiment brought destruction and death to the world, but each tiem the chosen one found a way to contain him. His Lord and Creator, known as Loki to him, each time used Vidie to help open a gate to the world, but each time Vidie was defeated before the gate could be awakened. Vidie, finally glad to be free again, is trying to regain the power and ultimate supremecy he and the others once held over the world, no matter what happens to anyone around him. This time he has no intention of letting Lokiuse him again, unlike some of his other siblings. This world will be his toy again. In time... Weapon: The necklace of envy, a band created from seashells and unholy magic. Magic: Vidie's stare can create envy in people who previously had no reason. Depending on each person's will power eventually the envy will consume them. Once consumed Vidie will use his necklace to collect their essence, strengthening himself but killing the envy's host. To open the gate Vidie has to give up a great portion of his power to activate his side of the Seven. Also he has the power to 'slide' from place to place, kind of like teleportation but more slick and less distanced. Sin: Envy, obviously. What do you guys think?
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