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Kensington Personnel Files


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[B]April 14, 2010
New York City
The Kensington Building[/B]

The vast double doors, hand-carved from the finest European oak swung open, revealing the most luxurious private office money could buy. Deep-pile shag lay on the floor, the walls painted in deep, rich colours, with velvet drapes hanging delicately over the windows, but the figure rushing towards the dark mahogany desk at the far end had no time to take all of this in.

He was a relatively young man, pale blue eyes, tanned skin and dark brown hair, which was not too long but not too short, arranged with great care into a neat style. A fairly large, but well-maintained goatee beard covered his chin, and as he walked he rubbed it with a large manicured hand, the index finger of which held a solid silver ring. His dark, pin-striped suit was of finest silk, tailored especially for him by a great Italian tailor. His left hand was empty, but the right contained a large manilla folder, packed tight with documents, which he gripped with great determination.

As he approached the desk, he raised the folder and threw it down on the surface, gaining the attention of the man in the huge leather swivel chair behind the desk, which was currently facing the enormous window that the desk was placed in front of.

The chair swivelled to reveal an aging man, most likely in his mid-sixties, wearing a plain black suit, his white hair thinning on top of his head. He placed a sheet of paper he had been holding down onto the desk, and wordlessly took up the folder, pushing his wire-framed glasses back up his nose.

He sat in silence for a number of minutes, reading and absorbing all the information within the folder, before calmly looking up at the man who had brought it in, still standing patiently in front of his desk.

[B]"Is it serious?"[/B] he said, finally.

[B]"We've managed to contain the leak, but one of the workers was affected when the container exploded,"[/B] replied the younger man, [B]"He's in a critical condition in one of our medical facilities, and his family have been informed."[/B]

[B]"How could this have happened?"[/B] the man behind the desk asked, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger and squeezing his eyes shut.
"We're not entirely sure at this stage, sir, but our safety officers are going to be looking into it as soon as it's safe to get into the area."

"Could it be sabotage?"

"That's one of the possibilities we're looking into, sir, but at this stage it doesn't seem likely."

"Good. Good. Report back to me as soon as you have any further information."

"Thank you, sir,"[/B] replied the younger man, turning on his heel and striding towards the door.

[B]"Oh, and Alexander?"[/B] said the man behind the desk, prompting the young man to turn back. [B]"Tell your mother I need to see her."[/B]

Alexander smiled and nodded, replying:

[B]"Yes, dad."[/B]


April 13, 2010, and an incident occured in one of the Kensington Industries chemical plants outside New York City when one of the secure storage containers holding any number of dangerous chemicals exploded. One man, Daniel Asherman, was severely injured in the explosion, but he is being taken care of in one of the finest Kensington pricate medical facilities.

It comes down to Alexander Kensington, son of CEO Lazarus Kensington and head of the PR Department, to work out what happened and resolve the issue. However, he will need to work closely with each different department of Kensington Industries, no mean feat when the head of every department is related to him in one way or another and, like all families, the Kensington family have their issues with each other.

This is a tale of corruption, treachery, corporate greed and conspiracy. Join me if you will.


All relevant information is contained in the Backstage thread, which can be found here. What I will need from each of your characters is a personnel sheet, much like this one:

[B] Name:
Position within the company:
How you got there:[/B] please explain, in no less than two detailed paragraphs, how you ended up working for Kensington Industries, and from there how you ended up in the position you are in.
[B] Psychological Evaluation:[/B] please state any personality defects you may have uncovered as a result of your psychological evaluation.
[B] Company Photo Record:[/B] please attach a small, portrait image of your face only.
[B] Any other information:[/B] if there is anything else you think it may benefit us to know, please establish it here.

I will be playing Alexander, mentioned in this thread, and will post my character sheet once I have a few replies.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][b]Name:[/b] Miss Ashira Mae Celeste

[b]Age:[/b] 26

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Position within the company:[/b] Secretary to Mr. Kensington Sr.

[b]How you got there:[/b] Hand picked out of several dozen hopefulls, Miss Celeste beat out the competition by being the most tenacious character to ever interview for a clerical position. Her snappy witty remarks, coupled with odd courtesy were a marvel to Mr. Kensington Sr. After graduating from a rather decent college with high marks in English and Philosophy, she heard about an opening from an Uncle on her father's side and found herself soon sitting in the exquisitely proportioned waiting room of the Kensington Building, twisting a very clean handkerchief in both hands. The psychological evaluation and writing examinations complete, all that remained was a face to face interview.

"Why would you like to work here Miss...Celeste is it?"

"Yes, like the musical instrument."


"I believe I'm the one for the job. You won't find someone else who can do what I can do. I guarantee it."

And she got the job. Obviously. Otherwise she wouldn't be writing technical reports and answering the phones for the ridiculously busy Mr. Kensington Sr. Juggling his appointment books like a performer in Cirque du Soleil, Miss Celeste has thus far kept her boss's papers in good order, the gigantic filing cabinets behind her filled with the detritus of nearly half a century. The secretaries that had gone before her had done well, and she'd do the same. While some thought paper records were obsolete, Miss Celeste begged to differ, and kept both a digital and written record. And thus she does retain her position with good cheer. So long as nobody asks her to kill a spider.

[b]Psychological Evaluation:[/b] Mild obsession with cleanliness, order, and parallel files and applications on a computer screen. Displayed unusually neat hand writing on written exam, enforcing one inch margins without rule lines. Confessed a fear of the dark in what was perhaps an attempt to hide a extremely intense fear of insects and spiders.

[b]Company Photo Record:[/b] see below.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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