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For a long time their had been talks about Folaria invading Choton. Folaria was a technologically advanced civilization and looked down upon Choton. Their was much speculation as to why Folaria wanted Choton, but it was revealed last spring that Choton's fertile countryside was a perfect addition to Folaria.

Folaria could build its cities larger and larger without fear of losing its natural resources. Choton would turn into basically one large farm. Choton had also been in a civil war for many, many years. The Samurai of the North and the Ninja of the South had began fighting for a decade and most were wiped out.

Our story begins after a deceptive move at a treaty signing. "Your highness. I'm so glad you could make it. Though I'm sorry I had to do this by teleconference. I'm sure you understand though." The Emperor of Choton watched the television monitor. "Mr. President, I'm glad we could reach this....." "Sorry Emperor, there is no microphone on your side. I just wanted to make sure I was present for this." Suddenly a large explosion rocked the tent. As he emperor and his body guards ran out to see what the comotion was they were greeted by over a hundred Foloaria soldiers with guns...guns the Choton's had none of....suddenly a voice came from the tent. "Sorry your highness. I can't have my grand farm land, if there are people in it." The soldiers all began firing...and within a few secons. The emperor....the king....the god was no more.

Okay now OUR story begins. The ninja and the samurai leaders. Both negotiated a truce. The Foloarian's were launching a full scale genocide. Already over 50 villiages were lost. An estimated 15,000 people were already dead and a lot more was to come. We are the first group of integrated soldiers. Though we have no guns we possess the skills of the greatest warriors of all time. We also possess some magic abilities that were lost to the Folarians years ago....

This RP is to be set in an era in which the military technology of the Folarians is similar to WWII. And the Technology of Choton is similar to Feudal Japan. There will be rogue Ninja/samurai that could care less about the Folarian invasion and will try and attack us.

We need a good mix of Samurai and Ninja. The Ninjas will have a skill set similar to Naruto. And the Samurai will have a skill set similar to Kenshin. Both wil have a few rules

A few notes. Ninja cannot use katana or Bow and arrows. As in real life ninja aren't made for close combat. They're made for quick stealthy kills.

A few notes. Samurai are trained for close combat. Though they're trianed in the use of multiple weapon types. Try and steer away from throwing weapons and those little claw things ninja have that I can never remember the name of.


Ninja or Samurai



Personality: This should include your alliance if you are a ninja. (Alligance to light or darkness)

Villiage: (Be as creative as you want)

Element: (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, or copy cat. Copy can learn any technique at a much lesser level as a singular element.)

Favored weapons: (Keep with the Naruto/Kenshin theme and be creative. Giant Shurikens/Giant Chakra eating blades/axes as big as a man are great examples of good choices. Remember this is just your "Favored" weapon. Not the only one you have to use.

Favored Techniques: Not that techniques should all revolve around a clan or element. Favored techniques should be techniques that only your clan/element know and can use. (Copy cat elements cannot copy a friend or enemies Favored Technique. Try and keep this to only 2 or 3 new techniques can/will be learned later on in the RP


I'm going to go ahead and make my sign-up. I do need someone to be a Folarian for a special assignment. Make a post here letting me know you're interested and I'll PM you with your signup.

Name: Shobien Ochira


Age: 20

Appearance: I'll post later on today

Personality: Being a Ninja of the light. Shobien is very good natured and well meaning. He is very loyal to his team/clan and is happy about the merging of the Ninja and Samurai.

Villiage: The village among the wolves.

Element: Wind

Favored Weapons: Shurikens he keeps in a bag attached to his belt. And "Bane" A magical blade his ancestors used. Able to shrink to no more's length of a throwing knife for easy concelment. And then it can grow to a larger 24inch classic ninja sword.

Favored Techniques:
Wolf Fang: A combination of chakra and wind energy. Shobien slashs his hands asthough he had claws. Then small blades of wind and chakra slash out. Depending on how much Chakra is used, the blades can sometimes cut through steel.

Shuriken Storm: Using his skills with his shurikens and his innate wind abilities. Shobien throws all his remaining shurikens in his bag into the air. Summoning his wind ninjutsu he somewhat takes control of the shurikens and forms them into a cyclone of sorts and surronds his opponent with them.

Final Blast: Summoning a huge amount of chakra. Shobien forms it into a ball in his hand. He points it as his enemy and lets it lose. Turning it into a giant energy blast. This technique can usually only be used once as a final resort....the problem is Shobien hasn't perfected it yet, and it can lead to....problems when its used.

Bio: My internets acting funny so I'm going to end this before it completly shuts down. I'll finish posting this later tonight. Feel free to post if your interested, don't wait on me to finish it.
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(finish later)

Name: Koreign Shuginko (Reaper)

Ninja or Samurai: Ninja

Age: 19

Appearance: [URL="http://xbox360media.gamespy.com/xbox360/image/article/793/793203/tenchu-z-20070531053805174-000.jpg"]http://xbox360media.gamespy.com/xbox360/image/article/793/793203/tenchu-z-20070531053805174-000.jpg[/URL]

Personality: Koreign is the silent, dark, loner type. He doesn't work well with others, and keeps to himself, unless the situations calls for otherwise. He is a light ninja, though not for he usual reasons.

Villiage: Za sato motte za chishio taiga - The village of the blood river

Element: Earth- As in plant life not rocks.

Favored weapons: A chain sythe, grappling hook, [URL="http://www.gypsyderose.com/Kit%20Rae%20Nasek%20Serpent%20Dagger%20w-Display-2%20-%204170197A.jpg"]http://www.gypsyderose.com/Kit%20Rae%20Nasek%20Serpent%20Dagger%20w-Display-2%20-%204170197A.jpg[/URL] this dagger, and spear (like scorpion from MK it comes out his hands.) plus the usual weapons.

Favored Techniques:

[I]Kaiyagan[/I]- His pupil splits into three, and when he locks eyes with an opponent, he can temporarily steals their technique. (The opponent loses his/her technique until it is retuned to them.)

[I]Shikigami[/I]- He has to spiral tattoo on the back of both his hands, he places his hands over his eyes and the spirals spin. When the opponent gazes upon the spiral, they are hypnotized. He can make them do whatever he wishes, but only as long as his hands stay over his eyes.

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