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RPG 7 Sins

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Garnet rushed through the door as she heard a scream, she burst through just as a young man fell to the floor. A bright white orb floated infront of another person dressed in black. She gasped as the person looked at her and than frowned.
He smiled and nodded at her.
"Garnet Blaze, you've caught up with me. Interesting. Well than, lets see if you can follo me as I meet with my family."
Garnet's eyes grew large as she realized he meant the other sins. She ran forwards, he swallow drawn, slashing down she growled as his image seemed to fade from her vision.
"Come find me Garnet, we'll be wating."
She cursed and punched the wall next to her, she walked out and followed the trail to a small town to the north. She looked around and sat down. No sign she waited. A few weeks later she was sitting outside of a small cafe when a someone caught her eye.
"I'm sorry are you looking for someone?"
She blinked and told the person her story and it was not long till they decided that the others were on their way as well to find their own sins and destroy them before they got out of hand. It was now time to wait and see what happened next.

OCC: Alright everyone meet up with Garnet after confronting your sin and we'll get this thing underway. Sorry for taking so long to get it up I hit a brain block but I'm back now so let's have fun![/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Akatsuki ran up a fleight of stairs and knocked down the door from the stairway and ran down an empty hallway until she reached the last room of the hallway. She stopped in front of it and stared at it. As scream of a young girl and a young man came out of the room. Akatsuki bashed down the door and found two young looking people fall to the floor and blood draining from their bodies. A bright purple orb came out of each of the young people and floated infront of another person clothed in black.
She stared at the person in an expressionless face. The person laughed at her face since it looked weird.

[B]"Envy..."[/B] she muttered under her breathe.
[B]"Right on... Akatsuki Hana. You are one strange person you know? Dontcha ever say anything other than a few words? You kinda creep me out,"[/B] said Envy with a joking smiling face.

Akatsuki looked at Envy with no expression and drew her swords out of their hilts. Envy looked at her. With one swift motion, Akatsuki ended right behind Envy and had one sword to the neck and the other right at the back. Envy whispered something in her ear and then spoked out loud. [B]"It seems that you've caught me. But you'll have to do better than that!"[/B] Envy disappeared from her and was sitting on the open window ledge. With a smile, Envy disappeared.

Akatsuki walked to the window and looked down. There was no sign of Envy anywhere but she remembered what Envy said, [I][B]"Akatsuki Hana, come find me. We'll be waiting."[/B][/I] Those words lingered in her head as she walked out of the building she was in.

She was walking down the street when she stopped in front of a cafe and looked around. She then heard someone talking to her.

[B]"I'm sorry are you looking for someone?"[/B] said the person.
[B]"Envy,"[/B] she responded as she turned and faced the person.

The person's name was Garnet and she told Akatsuki all about her story and Akatsuki did the same. She sat down with Garnet when she saw a girl with long blue hair running then stopping and then again and again.

[B]"Are you in search of something?"[/B] asked Akatsuki as the girl stopped.
[B]"Yes..."[/B] she slowly said, [B]"For Sloth..."[/B][/FONT]

OOC: Thought I'd introduce Angels into this mix
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OOC: Going to go in a slightly different order with this one.

Aria sat quietly singing to herself in the small cafe, her attention focused on the sheet of paper she was currently writing on. The paper's surface was covered with small sections of musical notes scattered about haphazardly, and seeming to contain no real direction. Still, it kept her mind moving while she waited.

It was not long before a server came over and set down the slice of cherry pie she had ordered, and Aria scooped the waiting fork from the table in anticipation. She stopped a second before digging in as a nearby conversation caught her attention. [I]Wrath?! Envy! Could they be hunting....[/I] Aria knew all too well what they were speaking of, having had a similar encounter of her own only yesterday.

[CENTER][b]***One Day Earlier***[/b][/CENTER]

Wild cheering and laughter could be heard from behind the door that Aria was now standing next to. Gluttony was here, she just knew it. After weeks of tracking him she had finally caught up. And now she was sure that she would have the upper hand thanks to the surprise of having caught up to him. With her heart steadied Aria pushed her way through the door and.... stopped dead in her tracks, tears welling up in her eyes.

Inside was like a madhouse. The rather large room had tables filled with lavish delights from the far corners of the globe, and a group of people fighting over them in a way that even animals would consider offensive to be compared with. Fists were thrown, elbows swung, forks and knives used as weapons, all for the purpose of being the first to grab the food, or the one to grab the most.

A low mist hung in the room, surrounding the tables and the people. The mist seemed to pulse with an energy leading back to a single individual standing in the center of the room who looked Aria straight in the eye. "Welcome, welcome Faye.... oops, that's right. You prefer to be called... 'Aria', was it?" A smile twisted his face. "Tell me, how do you like my menagerie? Beautiful, is it not?"

Aria could not bring herself to respond, and nearly collapsed under the burden of pain her heart felt. Instead of letting the sadness crumple he knees she opened her mouth as if to speak, and let a sad melody echo from her lips. It did not take long before the music caught the ears of the people at the tables, and they soon forgot the food as a wave of sadness washed over them and drew them away.

Gluttony just sighed as the mist in the room faded. "Humans are such fickle creatures. My beautiful art is ruined by a sad child and a song. Maybe it [I]is[/I] time I heeded my siblings' calls and joined up with them again." As he spoke Gluttony slowly walked out of the door next to Aria. After what she had seen she no longer had the strength to try and stop him, and his words about his 'siblings' froze her in fear. Shortly thereafter he disappeared down the hallway.

[CENTER][b]***Next Day, at the Cafe***[/b][/CENTER]

The fork in Aria's hand trembled as she realized what she was about to do. Quiet talk of the other Sins still reached her ears, and she came to the sudden understanding that this was exactly like the way Gluttony's victims had acted. Wordlessly she stood up and approached the group talking about the Sins and set her food down in front of them with a childish smile to greet the bewildered looks she received.

"It seems that in my battles against Gluttony I have nearly become his prey. Have you, the hunters of Sins, faced your own selves as their potential prey yet?"
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On his way to New York Cliff was driving through a small town when something suddenly caught his eye. A beautiful woman dressed in black was sitting on the side of the road...that's it just sitting and staring. Cliff pulled over and approached her. "What are you doing sitting on the side of the road in the middle of the night lady?" The woman stood and looked at him with the most lustfull look he'd ever seen.

"I've been waiting on you Cliff Masters....it seems we're destined to be together." As the woman rose to her feet Cliff suddenly became cold. [I] I've never....felt so afraid...what the hell is going on? [/I] Seemingly out of thin air she produced a long sickel and was suddenly wearing a cloak. She resembled death...

"St...Stay back." Cliff stammered. He hadn't done that in years...he'd also never been afraid. Not since his parents death. He told himself he'd never be afraid again. As the woman drew back the omnious sickel. Cliff lunged drawing his blade for a quick kill. "Teach you to underestimate me!" Cliff cried as he slashed out. Only to find the woman had vanished. "Oh lover, I'm over hear." The voice came from across the road.

Turning to face her he noticed a man laying at her feet. Head severed from his body. In one hand she still held the sickel. But in the other she held a blood red orb. "You'll need to be quicker lover. I'll see you very...very soon" With a burst of flame he woman disapeared.

"Lust?" Cliff did not know where the name came from. He knew of the seven deadly sins from the bible but...why did that one pop out of his head. Cliff decided he needed a break and stopped at a nearby cafe in the same small town. As he sat down he heard two people talking. One said something about envy and the other something about sloth. [I] Hmm...this is too strange to be coincidence [/I] Cliff arrose and approached them, eager to learn anything about what was going on.
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Dawn slowly ran towards what seemed to have been the place that Sloth was hiding. She stopped and looked up. There was a parking garage and filled with cars and people. She heard a scream from the third floor and ran to it. Dawn decided to come up with a plan to catch Sloth. As she racked her brain, she had made it to the third floor of the parking garage. Dawn walked around the area until she heard the scream again. She ran to it and found a young woman on the ground. Dawn saw a blue gray orb float up to the man.
[COLOR="Magenta"]"Sloth,"[/COLOR] Dawn said.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Seems like I was caught. I thought that I had been careful but I guess not,"[/COLOR] Sloth said slowly.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Too bad for you but you are as good as dead."[/COLOR]

Dawn pulled out her bow and arrows and aimed for Sloth. [COLOR="magenta"]"Get ready to die. I've calculated everything and there is no way for you to get out of here."
"Whatever. Dawn Yurara, well, since you caught me now search for me. I guess I'll be waiting."[/COLOR] Sloth slowly started to disappear using his teleportation.
Dawn shot her arrow but he was already gone. [COLOR="magenta"]"Damn. I didn't calculate that into mind."[/COLOR]

Dawn had traveled from France to a new place to look for Sloth. In a small town she ran then stopped and looked then ran again and stopped.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Are you searching for something?"[/COLOR] someone called.
Dawn turned and replied slowly and clearly, [COLOR="magenta"]"Yes...For Sloth..."[/COLOR]
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Brando ran after Pride, literally. Pride began turning and stopped on a dime. Brando walked forward cautiously then vanished. "I know about your stealth Brando Baris!" Pride mocked loudly. Brando silently made his approach once within range he leapt toward his prey. With a flick of his wrist a long thin blade shot out and click solidly into place Brando aimed for the neck of his adversary, but Pride moved out of the path with unnatural speed. Brando's dagger missed by centimetres and swiftly slid back into his sleeve an instant later.
"Get back here demon." Brando said almost too quietly to be noticed. Pride looked over as Brando reappeared, his hiding in plane sight could only be used for a limited time.
"Ha. It appears you are not so stealthy after all." Pride taunted "I on the other hand am very stealthy!" He grinned at his boast and darted down a nearby ally. Brando followed closely in tail, the tail of his coat screaming in the wind. Pride narrowly turned a corner. Brando couldn't have been 3 seconds behind him, and yet Pride was gone...

A few days later Brando followed the rumour of 'mysterious' individuals around a small town. After searching it top to bottom he definitely found signs of Pride here. But other sins were powerful in the civilians as well. Stopping it a cafe Brando got a tea with 3 milk and 4 sugar. While he sipped at his piping hot drink, he noticed a few of the other customers gathering. He approached carefully.

Once sure they were talking about sins Brando spoke up "I am hunting Pride." he said quietly. The others views jerked towards him.
"How long have you been standing there?" one of the girls asked.
"Not too long." Brando answered Just long enough to verify my suspicions about your conversation." Brando had a habit and gift for walking up to a person or group and not being noticed for several minutes. "If you are planning to hunt as a group, I wish to join you."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Garnet sighed and looked at the others that were around her.
"What does this mean? Are we all fighting our own sins?"
She put her head on her arms that were crossed on the table and than looked up at Brando and blinked.
"I don't understand why we're all ending up here but I don't see why we can't work with one another."
She pulled a chair to table next to her and indicated for Brando to sit down next to her.. She took a deep breath and looked at the others with her.
"I'm in search of Greed. He took my father from me. Made him want more and more; till it became so much that he went insane, killed my mother and my little sister. After all that Greed took his tainted soul and made him self stronger. I've been hunting him ever since than."
She looked up and around the table till her eyes rested on Brando, she looked away and took a drink of her water and heaved another sigh.
"What about all of you?"
They all shifted some what uncomfortably telling her without words that their experiences with the Sins were bad as well.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][B]"What about all of you?"[/B] asked Garnet as she looked around at the others who had gathered round in hunt of the Sins. Everyone seemed to have terrible experiences about the Sins that they had all hunted for, even if it wasn't in words.

[B]"I lost everything to Envy,"[/B] Akatsuki said suddenly which made everyone turn and look at her. [B]"Envy took my only living family that I had. I could never forgive him."[/B] Akatsuki was angry at the very thought of Envy. He made her feel like she was about to fall into despair for all eternity. She wanted nothing more than Envy's death by her own hands.

Akatsuki looked around at the others before her and seemed to have sympathy for her lose. She had closed her entire heart off from everything around just so she could fight Envy and stand a chance at beating him at his own game. So it kind of surprised her at the fact someone would have sympathy for her.[/FONT]
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Dawn looked at all who had ended up where she was now. Dawn could see that they all had something in common. The Sins.

She took a deep breath and spoke up,[COLOR="Magenta"] "He made my whole town go into a lazy mode. Sloth, that bastard, he made sure that all of the people in my town go lazy until the point where we couldn't get any food and people starved to death and went broke. It was bad. After that, people died left and right and all of them said, 'What a lazy day.' And died."[/COLOR]

Dawn rested back into her chair and closed her eyes. Talking about it just made her more tired. She sighed and opened her eyes again. It seemed like all of them had some experience with the Sins.
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Cliff stared at the others, listening to their stories. "I wish I could fathom what happened to you. But I only just ran into Lust a little while ago....but yet she knew my name."

Cliff suddenly remembered something from a long time ago. When he was learning to fend for himself. He ran into a young woman.....he was instantly in love with her. And wanted her....but she rejected him.

"The only man I could ever call my lover would have to be the strongest man alive"

Ever since then Cliff has struggled to become stronger to make that woman his lover.....as he remembered her face he realized it was Lust.

Cliff came out of his trance as Dawn finished her story. "Lust...I've lusted for power forever. That whore tricked me. All this time she knew what woul happen...Well I tell you what, I'm at your service if it'll help me get a shot at Lust."

He sat down next to Dawn and listened to the others tell their tales.
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He heard it. Crystal clear, unmistakable. The violin's sad song wafted in through his shop's doors as the large man bursted in. [I]Where's that coming from? I only heard that in my dreams...[/I] Mikel started off with the normal tabble. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"Hi! How can I-[/COLOR]" The man's fist felt like granite as Mikel fell to the ground. He felt a soft warm trickle as blood ran from his nose, dotting his shirt. Eyes wide Mikel backed away as the man gain stepped forward, thick chin clenched and eyes dark. Mikel rolled back and scampered toward the door. Again he fell as the heavy boot pounded into his side, the soft violin still drifting around. Mikel coughed and groaned.

The familiar bell above the door rang again, the time a woman entering. Her soft complection seemed angelic to Mikel from the light flooding behind her. Laden in her hands like a baby was a thick piece of metal, with a flash of brown near the bottom. Mkel dawned in realization as he rolled to the side and she screamed out, her face filling with rage. The loud boom from the sawed shotgun seemed to shatter Mikel's eardrums, and he saw the large man turn. The man's leg, now shredded from the blast, bleed fervously as he mearly grunted. Mikel jumped up and ran toward the door, pushing past the woman with ease. He felt the man's heavy hand grab at his shirt, but come short.

Mikel left the story quickly and turned. The little girl stood right there, innocently playing the violin. Her dark hat covered most of her face, other than the thin grin, full of malous. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"You..." [/COLOR]Mikel said. Again she smiled up at him, the violin continuing. [COLOR="DarkGreen"]"Hello Mister. Want to play with me?"[/COLOR]


As he drove the beat-up ford out of town, the clouds slowly began to blot out the sun. A fire truck speed past behind him, surely on its way to the blaze of his shop. He felt his truck buck as he sped along, the next town only a few miles away. [I]Come on, baby...[/I]

The smoking engine finally quick out right on the edge of the town. Mikel sighed, walking the rest of the way into town. He had to stop her, end this... this [I]Wrath[/I].

The cafe was the first inviting building he saw. At least he could get something to drink before he planeed his next move. He entered slowly and sat down. As other people trickled in, seeming to randomly congregate. After listening to them for a while, he felt it. Something was going on.

Mikel stood up and joined the group, sitting silently. In a pause he murmured, [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"I... I think I know one of 'em. Wrath... she destroyed everything I had."[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]He sat there thinking to himself, wondering if his existence was really important. He only lived for the Master, only to make sure He was resurrected and brought back into the world of the living. It was a boring life, to say the least.

[COLOR="Red"]"Greed! Come over here so that we may discuss our next plan of action."[/COLOR] An older looking gentlemen approached Pride, wearing a grin that seemed out of place in such a dark and dreary place.

The sins had gathered in the crevice of a mountain somewhere near the Rocky Mountains, although to the sins it was just another base of operations. Pride had slowly become the allotted leader of the group, much to the chagrin of the other sins. Although there was an apparent dislike each sin had for each other, they seemed to get along well enough when the matter at hand pertained to the Master.

[COLOR="Navy"]"How may I be of service to you Pride? The other sins have already met there respective humans, now we wait for the one who will open the box so we may begin to absorb their souls and wake the Master. We currently have no leads as to where the box may rest." [/COLOR]Greed sighed as he reported the news.

[COLOR="Red"]"Very well then. We may have the Master with us sooner than anticipated."[/COLOR] [/FONT]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]"Well, then. I guess we should try and speed up the process if you ask me,"[/COLOR] said Lust with a calm voice. Lust sat there with the other Sins listening to what Pride had to say about reviving their master. She seemed to be very contained today and didn't want to go all out.
[COLOR="magenta"]"What should we do about finding the box?"[/COLOR] she asked.
[COLOR="magenta"]"I don't know. We have no leads so I can't say for sure,"[/COLOR]said Pride.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Then I guess we should go out and look for it if you ask me. The box is around here somewhere. Once we find it, it should be easier to bring him back right?"
"It should."
"Well, I'll take my leave and help look for it. But I do plan on making a few stops on the way to help with the stress of finding this goddamn box."[/COLOR]

Lust stood up. She looked around and sighed. [I]This is sure gonna be a hell of a search. But it's not like I can sit by and have to process be long drawn.[/I] Lust walked up to Wrath and said, [COLOR="magenta"]"Come with me Wrath. You will help me with my search."
"Okay."[/COLOR] Wrath replied. With that, they started to leave.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="Navy"]Wrath sat in a chair listening to what Pride had to say. She sat looking at the ground like a little kid and was swaying her feet back and forth. Her white dress flowing as she swayed her feet. Her violin case was placed nicely next to her and she was growing bored about the situation. She was so bored that she didn't notice Lust coming up to her until she spoke.

[B]"Come with me Wrath. You will help me in my search,"[/B] said Lust as she looked at Wrath.
[B]"Okay,"[/B] agreed Wrath as she jumped off her chair and grabbed her violin case. The started to leave.

Wrath had changed her appearance from the white dressed, short-haired, black headbanded girl; to the black dressed, long-haired, black hatted girl. Wrath walked with Lust for awhile when she wondered what they were exactly looking for.

[B]"Lust...I mean Akure, what in the hell are we looking for anyway? I'm getting bored. I want to kill someone. Like that boy...Mikel. He was a fine boy if you ask me,"[/B] she said as they walked amungst the humans.
[B]"We're looking for the 'box' Harmony."
"I see... I'm sure I'm gonna see Mikel in this."[/B] she licked her lips in an evil way and formed and evil grin on her face. Her eyes showed her lust for blood.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="dimgray"]Vidie popped into the place just as Lust and Wrath were on their way out. A soft grin on his voice, he slowly said, "[/COLOR]What'd I miss?[COLOR="dimgray"]" his watery voice bubbling through the room.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DimGray"]Each of the other six creatures disgusted him. Pride, of course, thought himself the leader still, walked like the others were merely pawns. Vidie grinned further, the thoughts of the box going through his head. "[/COLOR]You guys get any leads for that thing yet?[COLOR="dimgray"]"

The power would be his, and the 'master' would finally know this world belonged to Envy.[/COLOR]
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