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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]Day 1 of Kiruna's grand vacation had begun. He set his things down in his room. He was kind of disappointed at the accomidations he was afforded, seing as his mom owned the hotel, but he learned that some official's son had rented out the penthouse suite. Kiruna was never one to let that sort of thing bother him. The room afforded him a bed, a couch with a matress in it, a mini fridge and microwave, A large TV and for some reason, a large mirror right next to his bed, which Kiruna jokingly acknowledged it being there for the exhibitionists. He went to restroom and took a shower, to try and freshen up while he waited for his friends. While he was showering, his cell phone rang. When Kiruna's voicemail picked up, a familiar voice could be heard on the speaking end.

"ummm...hi Kiru-kun. I'm just callin to let you know I'm on my way and that I'll be there soon. I can't wait to see you again! BYEEEEEE!"

Such a voice only belonged to Skye, who had changed dramatically since Kiru last saw her. After Kiruna graduated, he had many issues that he had to work out. His relationship with Natsu had faded, due to Kiruna's carefee spirit and Natsu's overwhelming attitude. Skye had not lost her girlishness, but you could tell that she had matured from her highschool days. As Kiruna stepped out of the shower and changed into his outfit for the day, a gray pair of shorts with a black tank top and white long sleeved overshirt...he listened to the message and smiled. Just then there was a knock at the door. Kiruna lazily made his way to the door, suffering from the aftereffects of the long drive out to the hotel. He opened the door and no was there. Kiruna peered out into the hall and saw that nobody was there. As he closed the door and turned around, a large figure jumped out from behind him and screamed "BOOO!!!!!" Kiruna jumped and fell backward, startled by the sudden appearance of this person. The figure just laughed at Kiruna and said....

"Hahahahaha! I always get you with that old trick Kiru! When are you gonna stop being soooooo predictable?"

"Shoulda known it was you Inuko. Why are you here?"

*Inuko gasps* "Why am I here? Because, dear cousin, your mommy wanted me to stalk you! To be honest though, I asked to come here. I haven't seen you in a while cousin!"

She excitedly hugs Kiruna and then dashes off to her room. Kiruna stands there in amazement of his cousin's behavior. Weird or not, Kiruna loved his family and Inuko had been a part of his life for a long time. He wouldn't trade her eccentric behavior for anything. Kiruna smiled and closed the door and waited for his company to arrive.

OOC: try writing this while listening to caramell dansen....no easy task...lol[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1]Skye was almost dancing out of her skin, humming happily under her breath as she freshened her makeup in the airport bathroom. Not too much, of course, just a little eyeliner and a soft purple eyeshadow. She had finally been convinced that she didn't need the stupid lipgloss anymore. Her hair was drawn into a loose frenchbraid, leaving little curls around her ears and face, the braid drawn over her shoulder so she could play with it. Skye had settled for a simple outfit, not wanting to overwhelm Kiruna and Jacob with her sudden mock-goth phase. Regular hip-huggers had been written all over i n Sharpie marker, a colorful flare. Her top was a simple sleeveless tank top of dark blue; her favorite accessory was still huge hoop earrings. And flip flops! That would make them look at her funny.

Swinging her purse back on her shoulder, she grabbed her rolling suitcases - matched purple with gold - and headed for the parkinglot where her rented blue convertable was parked.

[i]1 Hour Later[/i]

Skye stood in front of the door nervously, and then knocked. The door opened slowly, like whoever was on the other side was afraid of opening it. Kiruna's face poked around the door, and lit up as he saw the familiar face. Skye flew at him, dropping her stuff to fling her arms around his neck as the door flew open.


She was giggling maniacally, hugging him tightly. Kiruna laughed, pushing her back gently. "[b]Geez, girl, let me breathe![/b]"

Skye blushed, but was still grinning. "[b]Missed you, bro.[/b]"

"[b]Missed you, too, little sis.[/b]"

A face popped up over Kiruna's shoulder, startling Skye. She yipped and jumped backwards, bumping into someone going past. She babbled out, "[b]Sorry![/b]"

Turning back to Kiruna, she asked, "[b]Who is that?[/b]"[/size]
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"Huh? This is is my classmate, Paul Cheung. Umm...wait a minute, why are you hear again, Paul?" Kiruna asked.

"Well, I got [I]really[/I] bored in my room and decided to come bug you people. I'd say that I hope you don't mind, except I don't really care if you do or not." said Paul as he walked over to Kiruna's mini fridge and snatched out a soda.

"Can't you go bother someone else, like Inuko, perhaps?" Kiruna offered.

"I already tried. She told me she was working on a sculpture and that if I got in her way, she'd make me pay for the supplies needed to make her next one. And I don't wanna have to do that, now do I?" Paul sneered.

"I guess not. Hey, Kiru-kun, let's go wait for Jacob in the lobby, 'kay?" requested Skye in an attempt to ditch the rude little jerk in Kiruna's room. Before Kiruna could answer, Skye was dragging him towards the stairs by his wrist.

I hope that this isn't to crappy...this is my first time taking part in one of these...>.<; And as not to let Korey suffer alone, I too did this while listening to Caramelldansen...very difficult...
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[size=1]Not bad, just... could you add that I put my stuffaway first? xD I kinda don't wanna leave my stuff in the halway. And I listened to it, too. No distraction here. o_O


Skye really just wanted to have time alone with her best friend. She had been friends with Kiruna since the third grade, and she wasn't going to share him with some dude she'd never met before while she could avoid it. She'd get to know the guy later.

Hugging Kiruna's arm, she practically dragged him to the elevator, and hummed along with the elevator music. Kiruna was laughing slightly at her, and she just grinned. "[b]You know you missed me.[/b]"

Kiruna knuckled her on top of the head, hugging her. "[b]Yeah,yeah.[/b]"

Making it to the lobby, Skye released her friends arm. "[b]I'm sorry for dragging you away like that, I just wanted my brother to myself while I could still manage it.[/b]"

Kiruna laughed again. "[b]Makes sense. We won't get much time to check up after everyone gets here anyway.[/b]"

They sat down in two of the large comfy chairs in the lobby, Skye curling up like the kitten she often acted like. She was grinning from ear to ear, showing her old self, abandoning her seriousness so she could enjoy catching up.

"[b]Ooh! Guess what! I got my tattoo.[/b]"

Kiruna groaned. Skye stuck her tongue out at him, pulling a funny face. "[b]Hey, it looks good, and it [i]means[/i] something to me. Look.[/b]"

Turning around, she lifted her braid so Kiruna could see between her shoulderblades. There, in purple with black outlines, was a simple treble clef about three inches tall and one inch wide. There were three small dots at the bottom swirl of the clef. She said softly, "[b]The dots represent me, you, and Jacob. Friends for ever, music binding.[/b]"

Kiruna smiled, and hugged her. "[b]As long as it means something, sis.[/b]"

Skye grinned. "[b]You know it does.[/b]"[/size]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]OOC: I've got no idea who or what caramell dansen is. <_<


Jacob approached the front door of the the Ohjyo Hotel with his blue suitcase in tow, an anxious look, and the usual sense of inevitable foreboding he got whenever these gatherings came about. Nevertheless, he couldn't help an eager grin as he walked through the big glass doors and into the mercifully air-conditioned lobby.

He was wearing simple blue jeans and a blue t-shirt with yellow stencil-type letters reading "freak" on the chest. He felt it was an adequate warning to anyone seeking to socialize with him.

He paused as he spotted Kiruna waving at him from one of the big arm-chairs arranged around the lobby. He waved back, smiling as he did so, and changed course to greet his friend. Skye's face popped quickly up from the seat of the chair opposite Kiruna's, turning to face him. She had a bigger smile than both of them as she hastily stood and jogged around her chair to give Jacob a headlong tackle hug.

"Oof... hi." Jacob returned the hug a bit slowly, having had the wind knocked out of him. Skye glared up at him, still grinning, "You're late sir!"

Jacob shrugged (or did the best he could while being constricted) as Kiruna approached. "Sorry. I had a little trouble finding a taxi... hey." He exchanged greetings with Kiruna as Skye let go of him.

"We can't start the party until the trio is all here!" Kiruna slung an arm around Jacob's shoulder and started leading him towards the elevator. Jacob gave a sideways grin and followed, "Good, 'cause I brought the liquor!"

"Uh-huh," Skye glanced apprehensively at the blue suitcase, "I'm sure that's exactly what you've got in there." Jacob just smiled. He stopped then, remembering that he didn't have a room key. "Oh crap, I've gotta check in."

He hurried away toward the front desk, leaving his suitcase with the other two. His expression faded as he walked away, remembering Skye's joy as she turned to see him. It was like their last meeting had never happened. The one that had marked the beginning of another downward turn in their relationship. He hated that he still felt horrible about it.


OOC: Longer post than I had been going for... oh well.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]At last the three friends had be reunited after a long absence. Kiruna felt a wave of happiness overwhelm his heart. Jacob had seemed to remain the same as when Kiruna first met him. He was still awkward around women, especially Skye. But it seemed that their recent problems had caused Jacob to take a downward spiral. Kiruna worried about his friend, but he knew that Jacob had a good heart and that he would continue to trudge on, one way or another.

However, it was Skye that had really captured Kiruna's attention. She wasn't the little girl he had met all that time ago, when Kiruna was in the fifth grade. She wasn't the happy-go-lucky girl that he remembered. She had grown and matured into a young lady and Kiruna found himself staring at her as they rode the elevator back up to his room. Skye caught him staring and smiled...


Kiruna quickly jumped and averted his gaze and mutterered "Uhh nothing" as he blushed and turned away.

'How can I be thinking about this? She's my friend, my little sister!' Kiruna shrugged it off and returned his gaze back to her and smiled. This vacation was going to be very interesting, indeed.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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She walked out of her room. Even the hallways in the hotel showed it wasn't exactly a cheaper hotel. The walls were decorated with some nice decorations that brought out the environment.

Katie soon found herself in the elevator, heading down to the lobby. The day had just basically started, and it felt good to be out of the hotel room. She ended up sitting down on one of the couches in the lobby and watching one of the TV's there to get some info on the day's weather and so on.

After a few minutes it was decided it was going to be another one of those 'generic summer days.' You know, the kind where it's rather hot and somewhat humid out. It only made her think of what she should do.

OOC: Sorry it's rather short, but couldn't see some way into it yet.
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[size=1]Skye was utterly perplexed by the look on Kiruna's face. She knew she'd seen that look before, she just couldn't remember where. With a mental strug, she told Kiruna, "[b]I'll be right back; go ahead and take his stuff up.[/b]"

Skye went over to Jacob, waiting for him to get his card. Once he had, she gently slipped her arm through his. They'd fought, over something little, and she felt horrible for making him feel bad.

It had gone a little something like this. They'd made a date one night, and short version was, he hadn't showed up. She'd gone home, and pretty much cried herself to sleep. He'd called her the next day, falling over himself to apologize, and she'd been too pissed to listen. So instead she'd gone for a drive, disappearing for the day and turning her cellphone off. When she'd gotten back, they'd talked; and talked, and talked, and talked. He'd forgotten, having been studying until the point of exhaustion for a final.

Sure, it had hurt like hell when it had happened. But as they walked towards the elevator, arm in arm, Skye wondered why she'd let it hurt her so much. He hadn't meant it. She felt horrible for making him feel like that.

"[b]I'm really sorry, J-chan.[/b]"

Skye looked at her feet as she walked, feeling a flush burn its way across her face. She wanted so badly to hold him and make it better. They'd had hard times, especially during the phase where she'd turned away all of her friends because of a boyfriend she'd had during her middle years of highschool. Although, she guessed she [i]could[/i] blame him for her emotional issues.

Jacob didn't say anything, and Skye was afraid to look up. But she did anyway, and kissed his cheek quickly as the doors to the elevator opened, and took off down the hallway for her room.[/size]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Jacob stared as Skye ran off, touching his cheek where her lips had touched. [i]She said she was sorry.[/i] He knew there was only one thing she could be talking about. Had she forgiven him for that night? Did that mean they were back together? He stood there wondering so long he almost let the elevator door close in front of him. He hurried out and took a deep breath. She hadn't given him a chance to respond...

As he approached the door to his room, he saw Kiruna was already there waiting for him. Kiruna smiled again as Jacob unlocked the doro and they both went in. "Here, I'll take that," Jacob indicated his suitcase, which he relieved from Kiruna and set down on the floor next to the room's bed. He would unpack later.

Kiruna sat down on the low dresser across from the bed, looking distracted. Jacob sat down on the edge of the bed. "So what have you been up to?" he asked. Kiruna came back to Earth, "Oh, you know... this and that." He seemed about to ask something, but Jacob was too oblivious to notice. "Well, I guess we should go check up on everybody, eh?" Kiruna said as he stood up.

Jacob smiled and agreed. As the entered the hallway and Jacob closed the door, Kiruna turned to him and said in a casual tone, "So what's up with you and Skye?" Jacob, startled, only emitted a "Huh?"

"Well, I thought you two would arrive together, you know... I know you're not exactly constant, but you're still pretty close."

Jacob rubbed the back fo his neck and let out a sigh, "Well... we're not on the best of terms right now I guess. It was my fault really..."

"What happened?" Kiruna looked concerned.

"It... I missed a date."

Kiruna didn't comment. Jacob continued, "But... she... apologized, in the elevator. But, it's... I feel like if I try and ask her if she wants to be together again, she'll just... I don't know."

Kiruna gave him a sympathetic look, "Sexual tension sucks, huh?"

Jacob took another deep breath, "I heard that."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]"Well Jacob, I don't have all the answers. I can tell you this though. The fact that you are feeilng these things means that you care. It's not like you just forgot to be mean or to not care about her. I think you guys need to sit down together and have a serious talk. If you'd like, I can help mediate."

Jacob looked back up with a nervous, yet somewhat determined look in his eyes. Kiruna wasn't good at motivating people, but his friends meant a lot to him. He was dedicated to helping them. But with all this motivation, Kiruna had a nagging thought at the back of his head. The way he had looked at Skye in the elevator had remained on his thoughts. Kiruna was bewhildered about it. He couldn't stop thinking about her and how much she had changed. Kiruna dismissed the thought initially, but he couldn't stop the thoughts from flowing in. Kiruna realized though that his friends were going through turmoil and him adding his feelings to the mix would only complicate things. He had to butt out and bite his tongue.

"Well Jacob, we need to get out of this hotel room. Time to make stuff happen eh? Let's go head down to the beach!" Kiruna smiled and rushed off to his room to change into his swim trunks. As he left, the smile left his face and he started to think again. 'What am I doing?' [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[B]OOC: This is my apology post. Sorry, everyone, that it has taken me so long to post. I forgot my laptop when I went on vacation.

Sadly, this post is all I have time for, since I must leave for work promptly and I have not had time to read all the previous posts. I will post my first soon. Tonight.[/B]
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Okay, first of all, I'm sorry about my first post being crappy. That said, will everyone stop PMing me about it? Also, sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Inuko was in her hotel room stretching her arms out in front of her. [I]Glad that sculpture's done. Now I can relax.[/I] she thought. She stuck her head out her door to see if there was anyone worth scaring in the hall. Inuko saw Kiruna and Jacob heading for the elevator in their swimtrunks. [I]They're goin' to the beach? Wait a minute! Why the crap wasn't I invited?![/I] Inuko fumed. She grabbed her swimsuit and bolted for the elevator. Dashing towards the elevator, Inuko strained to get there before the door closed. And get there she did. Inuko had jabbed her foot in between the almost-closed elevator doors with a scowl. The doors retreated and she walked into the elevator. Kiruna and Jacob's faces showed astonishment.

"What were you guys thinkin'?! Leaving without me!" Inuko barked.

"We thought you were working." Jacob answered. Inuko's scowl dissappeared and was replaced with a look of stupid realization.

"O-oh...W-well, you guys should have known that I'd be done quickly!" Inuko stuttered. Kiruna turned to face a corner and chuckled to himself about his cousin's tendency to jump to conclusions. "Oi! You got somethin' to laugh about, cous'?" Inuko asked darkly.

"Heh heh...nope...heh." Kiruna answered.
There we go! I hope I didnt screw up again...:animeswea Oh, yeah! Sorry if I messed up the seriousness...I just think that seriousness is boring...
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Paul heaved on his swimsuit with a heavy sigh. The loneliness of his trip was already getting to him, and it was only his first day. He knew things would only get worse, too, if he continued being such an ass to people. He grabbed his towel, ipod, lotion, and walked to the elevator. He made sure to shut and lock the normal hotel door that seperated his penthouse from the public elevator.

He pressed the G button and began his descent. As the LED display above the door read [B][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]8[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B], the elevator stopped and opened up for a new passenger. In walked Skye, wearing skin-tight jean shorts and a fish net-type top over her swimsuit. Paul quickly glanced away as she walked in, trying to seem tough and aloof. Her voice caught him off guard.

[B]"Paul Cheung! I didn't know you were staying here! What's up?" [/B]Paul was amazed by the sincere kindness in her voice. All pretense of apathy and badass-ness melted away in an instant.

[B]"Oh, you know, same old. Going down to the beach to get some sun." [/B] Paul was careful not to look at her shapely body for too long.

[B]"Oh, cool me too. I'm meeting up with Jacob and Kiruna and some others. You remember all of them, right?"[/B]

Paul nodded.

[B]"Well,"[/B] Skye prodded. [B]"Are you meeting up with any friends?" [/B]

[I]Why did she have to phrase it like that?[/I] Paul thought angrily. He sighed a little. [B]"No," [/B]he answered, adding silently to himself: [I]I don't have any friends.[/I]

[B]OOC:[/B] Hope you don't mind me dressing you, Stephanie. :)
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[size=1]Nope, not at all! Pretty accurate, so it's fine. ^_^


Skye smiled at him, trying hard not to fall into her rather natural flaunting pose. She had her hands buried rather firmly in her pockets, trying not to look at him too hard. He was kind of cute, admittidly in a bad-boy way, but cute nonetheless. She shook her head, trying not to think about it, which only made her hair flop around her face, out of its braid.

"[b]Gah. I have to re-do it now.[/b]" This she muttered under her breath. Reaching up, she began rebraiding her hair, loosely so as not to make her head hurt.

"[b]Would you want to come with us? I mean, if you're not meeting anyone.[/b]"

She mumbled the invite around the hairband in her mouth, concentrating fully on on her braid. Skye missed the almost shocked look on Paul's face as he contemplated the offer.

"[b]Sure, why not. It's not like I've got anything else to do.[/b]" The answer was sharp and aloof, almost holier-than-thou, but Skye didn't really notice. She just smiled warmly at him as she tightened the hairband around the end of her braid and put her sunglasses on, just as the elevator stopped.

"[b]Sounds good to me! J-chan, Kiru-kun![/b]" Skye ran out of the elevator to meet the guys. She flung one arm around Jacob's waist, beaming up at him.

"[b]Ready for some sun?[/b]"[/size]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]OOC: nice to have you abord Mykul

Jacob stared at Stephanie for a moment, trying to take it all in. Was he really there? Was she still being nice to him? Did he deserve it? He caught Kiruna's gaze and shot him a look of confused terror. Kiruna kinda nudged him with his eyes and nodded towards Skye. 'C'mon dude this is your CHANCE!!' Kiruna thought to himself.

"Uhh...you bet!" Jacob eventually stammered out. Kiruna smiled inside, happy to see that he'd made a difference in their relationship. He was happy to see the two getting along and happy.

Kiruna, in an "un-Kiruna" manner, sprinted out the door to the beach. If there was one thing he loved, it was the beach. Kiruna looked back to see if anyone had followed his lead and mistakenly had run into someone, knocking them down. Kiruna instantly picked the young girl up.

"Oh no! I'm sorry, are you ok?"

Kiruna's soft green eyes met hers and and he was taken back the sheer attractiveness of this girl. She had this calm demeanor about her and something inside Kiruna just seemed to come out from this girl's eyes...Kiruna finally realized he was staring and looked away...

"Yeah I'm ok. You ran into me kinda hard..." the girl said

"Sorry sorry! I don't normally do that I swear!"

The girl chuckled. " I certainly hope not"

Kiruna extended his hand "Name's Kiruna Etsune...pleasure to meet you ms...."

The girl met his hand with hers and softly shook it "Katie...."

"Ah...welll, would you like to go to the beach with us Ms. Katie?"

"Sure, if you stop calling me Ms. Katie" the girl chuckled out. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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She was about to walk out of the hotel with them when she looked down and remembered. She didn't have her swim suit on.
"Haha, I'll be right back, I gotta change into my swim suit." She smiled and took off for the elevator.

She stepped in and hit the '7' button. After a few stops, the elevator made it's way to the seventh floor where she stepped out and into the hallway. At a quick pace, she walked to her room's door, unlocked the door and walked into it.

She found her swim suit on the bed and grabbed it. She changed into it and grabbed some shorts and a shirt to wear over it until they got to the beach. She once again hurried to the elevator, hit the 'G' button, and waited. With some stops, like last time, she made it to the ground and stepped out of the elevator into the lobby and hoped that the group had atleast waited for her.
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Skye waited for Katie, amused strongly by Kiruna's blunder. She had only seen him this flustered over a girl once, and that hadn't ended well. Still, he needed to start over somewhere and she'd help if she could. Still, she was resisiting giggling, shaking with the effort.

Skye eventually looked back up at Jacob, realizing that he was tense. She reached up to tweak his nose, smiling. Softly, she told him, "[b]Relax, J-chan. I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have reacted the way I did, and if you still feel bad, I forgive you, okay?[/b]"

Without waiting for his response, she went inside the lobby to walk out with Katie. "[b]I'm Skye, nice to meet you! Don't mind Kiru-kun, he loves summer. I know it sounds fifth-grade, but I honestly think he'd marry the beach if you'd let him.[/b]"

Katie laughed as they walked out the doors, and the group headed for the beach. Skye stretched, looking up happily at the clear blue sky and the puffy wisps of clouds that floated serenely across it. They were an odd looking group, really, all so different. But as they got to know each other, the laughter ensued. Especially as they made it down the boardwalk into the sand and the girls took off across the beach to find a place to lay out towels.

Skye unrolled her blue and green towel, flopping down to kick off her sandals and stripped to only her bathing suit. Katie put her towel down right beside as they chatted about nothing in particular. The boys made it to where they were about five seconds after Inuko flopped down next to them, where they were slathering themselves in sun tan lotion.

Skye stood and stretched as the boys laid out their towels, then grinned to Inuko. She knew about Kiruna's cousin's competitive side.

"[b]I'll race you to the water![/b]"

Inuko grinned. "[b]You are so on![/b]"

The two took off for the water at a full run.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Jacob sighed as he sat down on the sand, not bothering with a towel. Skye kept running off before he could say anything. He knew better than to think she would purposefully try to cause him anxiety, but damn it if it wasn't irritating.

Jacob was wearing a white t-shirt over his pale green swim trunks, always the self-conscious one. He noticed Kiruna looking at him and gave him the 'what are you looking at?' face. Kiruna just smiled and leaned over to say, "So did you have that talk with Skye?"

Jacob put his face in his hands, "Well... not really. She kind of ran away." Kiruna gave a mock sigh of frustration, trying to do what was best for his friend.

"You've gotta just work yourself up and [i]do it[/i]. If she runs off, follow her!" Jacob glared at him with an eyebrow raised.

"You're one to talk. Don't think I didn't see you falling over yourself with 'Ms. Katie'," he said with a glance to make sure Katie wasn't listening in.

Kiruna didn't respond for a minute, and Jacob thought, '[i]Got him there.[/i]'

Then Kiruna got up and started walking toward Katie, "Yeah, well, watch how easy it is!"[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Navy"]Jacob had put Kiruna in a tight spot. He couldn't live this down if he failed to exempliied his own advice. Preaching to the choir is something that Kiruna wasn't known for. He worked himself up and approached Katie...

"So...ummm...havin fun?" Kiruna said behind a shy smile and blushed cheeks.

"Y...Yeah. I am" She said nervously, also blushing.

"Well I know one thing that would make this even more fun...surfing! Hold on, I'll go rent us some boards and I can teach you how to surf!"

Kiruna shot a glance back at Jacob, sort of a "told ya so! told ya so!" kind of look. Kiruna rented two surfboards, one longboard and one standard one to take down to the water. Katie looked nervous as Kiruna waxed up the boards. Kiruna could feel her anxiousness eminating from her....

"It's ok. You won't get hurt or anything. Just a lil wet. I'll be out there with you ok?" Kiruna turned and smiled.

Katie immediately tensed up and began to blush...

"Um...uhh....o-okay" She stammered out.

"C'mon, just take my hand"

They waded into the water and Kiruna put down the longboard into the water.

"Ok, I'll help you through the first few rides so you can get used to it ok? First thing you gotta do is paddle out. "

Kiruna helped Katie onto the board and sat down behind her and helped her paddle out. This was turning out to be a better experience that he had imagined, but then....he thought of Steph playing in the water with Inuko and how much he'd like to have her sitting in front of him learning how to surf. Katie's voice broke Kiruna's train of thought.

"Hey what do we do now?"

"OH! Sorry...what you do next is, start to turn the board around and then slowly creep up...like....this"

Kiruna started to paddle the board around while the wave approached, he caught the wave perfectly and began to stand up. As he did so, Katie started to squeal a little bit, probably stemming from the fear of falling into the water. Kiruna chuckled to himself and grabbed Katie by the waste and slowly started to pick her up. She struggled and clung onto the board, afraid of falling off.

"It's ok, I've got you. You have to trust me."

Katie relaxed and let Kiruna pick her up. He held her by her waste and rode the wave until it's conclusion. Katie had been blushing the entire time.

"See? Easy?" Kiruna laughed as he peered upon her face.


With that, Katie ran off...leaving Kiruna bewhildered by her strange behavior. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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Skye and Inuko hit the water at the same time, diving head first into the water as soon as they were deep enough. This was more than a race to the water; they were releasing stress from school, and they swam out a good bit before stopping to tread water and smile at each other. Inuko laughed. "[b]You're more of a fish than I am, girl.[/b]"

With a laugh, Skye turned and kicked her way over to where Kiruna was helping Katie learn how to surf. She grinned as Inuko swam back to shore for a temporary break. As Katie ran off, Skye raised an eyebrow, stealing one of the boards from Kiruna. "[b]What was that about? I see you and Jacob bicker for two minutes and suddenly you're teaching "Ms. Katie" how to surf.[/b]"

Skye pouted and then grinned at the surprised look on Kiruna's face. "[b]You never taught me how to surf![/b]" At the stammered reply from her friend, she laughed. "[b]Dude, chill! I'm kidding. Besides, I already know how to surf![/b]"

She turned, the board flat on the water in front of her. She hoisted herself onto it, laying stomach down on it and then paddling out. Skye heard Kiruna give a yelp of surprise, and looked back. He was paddling out to follow her, still looking surprised, but grinning now.

Skye looked forward, lifting up long enough to crest a slight wave. Then she carefully got to her feet, bent over so as to keep her balance. She heard laughter behind her, and then something rammed into her board.


With a shriek of laughter, Skye flailed to keep her balance, and then fell backwards off the board into the water. As she went under, she caught a glimpse of Kiruna laughed hard enough to explode. Going under, she lost grip of the board, and hoped fervently that Kiru-kun would be able to rescue it before it floated out.

Instead of coming up, Skye sunk to the bottom and let the current carry her back to the shore. As her head broke surface, she heard Kiruna calling for her, and sat up in the less than foot water to wave at him. She grinned.

"[b]I'm good, bro, just rescue the board.[/b]"

Kiruna gave her a thumbs up and headed for the surf board.

"[b]You okay?[/b]"

Skye looked up to see Jacob looking down at her, worry written in his features. She smiled.

"[b]I'm fine, J-chan. Really.[/b]"

Instead of leaving the water, she simply scooted up the beach, farther from the water, to sit cross-legged in the sand to search for shells. Upon finding a mussell, she picked it up and put it somewhere else to watch it bury into the sand.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"]Jacob kneeled down next to Skye, watching her fascination with the mussell. She looked over at him and smiled again, that smile that made his heart jump several beats before landing solidly in his throat with the intent of obstructing his speech. He looked at the sand for a moment before saying a bit quieter than he had wanted, "I'm sorry too."

She frowned for a moment before nudging him with a shoulder and causing him to tip over into the sand. "You don't have to be. I know it wasn't your fault."

He smiled back at her as he propped himself up, "Well, it was, but thanks anyway." Her grin widened as she gave him a brief and somewhat sandy hug and went back to the search for shells.

Jacob sat next to her for a while, just watching. He turned away from her then and dug a small hole in the sand, just deep enough for sea water to leak up into the bottom. He poked her shoulder, "Watch."

He grabbed a fistful of wet sand and let it syphon through the bottom of his hand onto a patch of dry beach. As it hit the ground, it froze in place, forming a neat little coral-like tower.


OOC: That actually works by the way.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Paul was lying on the beach, watching moodily as the group had fun in the water. He wished like hell that he could let loose and join them, but years of social posturing wouldn't let him. He couldn't do anything fun and cool like surfing, and he knew that he would look foolish trying to learn. Even though it was apparent to Paul that he was in kind company, and that nobody would belittle his lack of coordination, he knew that he would eat sand and damage his strange and fragile ego.

[I]I'll just lie here until they decide to do something else,[/I] Paul thought to himself.

Without warning and from out of the blue, Inuko trotted up behind Paul and sat down beside him. She was panting slightly.

[B]"Hey there! What's eating you?"[/B] She said in an energetic and amiable tone.[B]"Don't you see the water? Come on in!"[/B] She tugged on Paul's arm, but only lightly, as they had not yet officially met.

Paul yanked his hand away. Again, he was acting more aggressively than he himself wanted. [B]"I'm fine right where I am,"[/B] he said darkly. Inuko, however, seemed impervious to his bad manners.

[B]"I bet you're scared,[/B] she said in a teasing and matter-of-fact tone. [B]"I bet you can't even swim."[/B]

Paul's self-image had heard enough. Without a word, he got up and strode into the water, heading for Kiruna who was fetching a surfboard.

[I]This is a stupid idea. Really.[/I] Paul whistled, and Kiruna looked up. [B]Hey! Slide me that board real quick, Kiruna!"[/B] He shouted, hoping that none of the copious amount of reservation he had in his mind could be heard in his voice.

[I]I'm an idiot. Prepare to eat beach, tough guy,[/I] he thought to himself glummly.
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Skye smiled warmly at Jacob. They were back on good terms, and that made her happy. She looked up as Paul went for the board, and grinned. Standing up, she pulled slightly on Jacob's hair. "[b]C'mon you, lets go swim. I gotta see this.[/b]"

Without waiting for his answer, Skye splashed back into the water. She heard Jacob's indignant, "[b]Hey![/b]" And then a splash as he followed her into the water. She stood about waist deep, coasting the waves as she watched Paul take the board from Kiruna. She heard giggling, and Inuko was standing beside her.

"[b]What'd you get him into?![/b]" Skye whispered to her devious friend.

"[b]I don't know, but it should be funny.[/b]"

Paul didn't even make it onto the board before sliding off into the water. Skye burst out laughing, and then dove out to help. She made it out just as he surfaced, face red and pissed. She smiled warmly at him and the pissed look kind of faded.

"[b]Hey dude, you want help? I can teach you.[/b]"

Paul looked even more flustered. Skye kept smiling.

"[b]You should have seen me learning. I looked like a floundered fish.[/b]"
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[B]OOC:[/B][B] Sorry for the quick re-post, but it's 4 AM and I can't sleep.[/B]

[B]"I doubt you looked like a floundering fish. You're way too pretty."[/B] Paul tried to keep his voice flat and his eyes brooding, but something inside of him had sparked to life when he said those words. He had never felt that way in his entire life. He had said a nice thing to a girl...and [I]meant it![/I] Without any sarcasm, malice, or intention of getting laid, he had meant it.

The look of surprise on Skye's face quickly faded. Was she red in the face? Was she blushing, or was she merely flustered from the heat?

[B]"Ok, first things first, wait in position like this..."[/B] she moved Paul into a proper wave-catching position. Paul began to feel warmer as her hand moved across his broad shoulders.

[B]"Ok, now what?"[/B] Paul tried his best to keep his voice even.

[B]"Now we wait for a wave!"[/B] Said Skye cheerily. A sense of dread began to build in Paul's chest.

[I]Great. I get to whipeout in front of her AGAIN.[/I]

[B]"Ok, here comes a good one!"[/B] Skye exclaimed.
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Skye could see the look of dread on Paul's face and smiled. [i]He's faking himself out... he could do this if he'd quit thinking he couldn't.[/i] She held the back of the board as the wave began to crest, one hand on his ankle. As the wave got bigger, Paul looked like he freaked out and then fell off the board. Catching it with one hand, she reached down through the waves for his hand as he floundered.

Skye pulled Paul up towards the surface, shoulders straining to lift the rather more muscular body in the water. His head broke the surface, and she laughed good naturedly. Behind them, she could hear Inuko almost rolling with laughter. She pulled Paul through the water to something slightly shallower.

Paul's face looked extremely pissed.

"[b]It's okay, dude. No one gets it the first time. C'mon, I'm sure you'd do better if you weren't so sure you couldn't.[/b]"

Paul grimaced. "[b]I'm just way too off balance for this.[/b]"

Skye laughed and simply shook her head, dragging the board back to the shore before wading back out to swim. Suddenly thoughtful, she grinned at Paul and Jacob . "[b]C'mon, I'm sure you can body surf.[/b]"
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