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Strange Traditions


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[size=1]Ok, so it was my 21st on Wednesday. To celebrate the occasion, the boys in work beat the **** outta me, taped up my arms and legs, threw me into a large container filled with freezing water, sprayed me with the hose and then threw all sorts of delightful things over. Mostly flour, really, really, REALLY sour milk, old fish, cat food and all sorts of other wonderful stuff. They also put enormous amounts of grease in my hair. Took a good few washes to get out and I can still smell something on me even though I've pretty much scrubbed my skin off my flesh. ¬_¬

This is a regular occurence in work. Tends to get done to people for important birthday Milestones, Apprentices when they finish their apprenticeship, people getting married etc.

So, my question to you guys is, do you have any strange (or in this case, just plain twisted) tradations at school, where you work or at home?[/size]
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[SIZE="1"]Damn it Andy you should have told me it was your birthday on Wednesday, now I feel like a jerk for not congratulating you. *Sighs*

Anyway, only weird tradition I have that I can think of at the moment involves watcing The Count of Monte Cristo movie every year on my birthday. I started out based on the fact I happened to be down at my grandmother's place for my sixteenth birthday, watched the film and love the story. The fact that Albert has his sixteenth birthday in it just kinda stuck with me, so now for the last five years I've rewatched it.[/SIZE]
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