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Anime What anime/manga have you seen/read?


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So what anime/manga have you seen/read?
And which is your favorite so I may have something to watch/read lol

So far I have seen

Inuyasha- First anime I saw, well I mean technically its sailor moon but who cares lol, I got to say it was pretty good. I didn't really like the ending though, It could have been better. But all in all it was good. My favorite character would have to be Sesshoumaru. Both because he fights cool and because he looks smexy xD. Yes I did say that. Somehow Naraku reminds me of Orochimaru though lol. The manga ending is better though or so my sister says lol I haven't read it. I think it was interesting but sometimes it got kind of boring. I would recomend though :]

Bleach- The BEST anime ever lol. Yes even though I haven't finished watching it I still think it is =]. I love the whole plot. But most of all I like the drawing style. I like the whole hallow form of Ichigo. So far the anime hasn't gotten boring and hopefuly it never does lol. It has it's funny parts and it's sad parts and it's thoughtful parts basically it's a good anime. Well rounded. I would definitely recomend watching (^_^)

Naruto- I love this anime although they can make some parts play out for too long it is still good. Very awesome characters and good story. Lot's of Ironic stuff happens though which makes it interesting.
Of course I have not finished it yet well because it's not finished itself lol. But I still want to see how it ends. I would also recomend watching this. Don't hate me if you don't like it lol.

Kodocha- Hm... Interesting anime although it really doesn't go with the manga lol. I like it but then I don't. I like the manga more. But the ending isn't that good. Lots of random stuff happens I don't think there really is a plot lol but still pretty good.

Noein- This was really awesome yet confusing at times lol. Very interesting to watch. I don't remember if the ending was good lol. I would recomend watching though. There werent any boring parts. So basically its good lol.

Ouran High School Host Club- Love this anime. Very funny at times yet thoughtful. I would recomend. The Plot is really good. I love the drawing style.

Lovely Complex- Now this anime is very interesting I would really recomend watching it. It's funny most of the time but thoughtful at the same time. I love the whole plot and relationships. Good ending. Risa and Otani make such a good couple :]. It was never boring so you wont be bored lol.

Eureka Seven- Hm this one I liked but at the same time it was w/e. The ending was good though. Story was good. Good drawings. But sometimes it got boring. lol

Loveless- I love this anime. Yes it is short but after all that's why there is a manga :]. Very confusing though. But it's sweet (ew) lol. I love how Soubi teases Ritsuka though lol. Ending was pretty good. But I still want to read the manga to find out what happens. Recomend though.

and more that I don't remember xD

So far I have read

Tokyo Boys & Girls- not that interesting so all I have to say Is...Don't read it lol

Kill Me Kiss Me- i liked it. It was short but it got the point across lol. Cool drawing style. Funny sometimes.

Koukou Debut- I LOVE this manga I still havent finished reading it but I'm hooked! lol Very good plot and really good drawings. What are you doing reading this go read the manga! lol

Hana Kimi- Eh it was ok didn't really liek it but I didn't really hate it.

Mars- Very interesting manga. I love the ending. It had a way of keeping intrerested lol. I would recomend reading.

Ai Yori Aoshi- It wasnt good lol

Descendants Of Darkness- Well so far I only have one manga and so far its good so who knows lol

Dream Saga- it was ok.

Drama Con- I liked it although the ending wasnt that good but still. Atleast she got the guy lol.

and more that I don't remember at the moment xD
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Word of advice, simply listing shows without bothering to explain them all is considered spam. I'm going to leave this open for now, but if people don't put more effort into their responses... It will get closed. Plain lists of shows is boring. It's not that hard to explain a little about each show. Thanks.

[B]EDIT: [/B]And thank you for the edit darkmousy93 and the save Phenom. You don't have to give full indepth paragraphs, but at least a sentence or two is a good idea. ^_^[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="darkslategray"]Anime that I've seen? [strike][size=0]crap... darn mods and their means of conversation[/size][/strike] :p Although, this can take a bit, my list is not very impressive.

(All dubbed by the way.)

[i]Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex[/i] - The cream of the crop. My favorite anime. Till this very day I still haven't seen anyhting that can de-throne such a hit. Sure, it's got its confusing moments, but atleast it doesn't give me any brain farts. And all of the detailed conversations aren't tedious to listen to either, so that's a plus. The characters are great. The art and animation is among the best I've ever seen. Not too many anime I've ever seen matches up to it's quality, and it's pretty consistent to boot.

[i]Cowboy Bebop[/i] - Another one of those anime that has a high bar to surpass. (For myself that is) Again, enjoyable characters, and the art and animation is good as well as consistent. Nothing clunky looking or hideous. Majority of the music is really good. Of course any Spike storyline would be my favorite of the series.

[i]Yu Yu Hakusho[/i] - I still need to see the Dark Tournament saga. I was truly hooked after an episode in the Chapter Black saga because the fighting was really good. (Repeat here) At first I thought this was a DBZ rip-off, but it eventually began to grow on to me, and it surpassed DBZ when that, "said" episode of the CB aired. (Yusuke vs the Doctor) When it comes to the tourney style, or shonen type anime, this is the best IMO. I still don't like Keiko or Kuwabara, but they're not as annoying as other characters in other anime. The artwork and animation started out as a mix bag, but what I liked about the artwork was, as the series progressed, so did the artwork. It had clunky kinks here and there, but it was never hideous looking, and for something that looks rather old, it looked really good.

[i]Rurouni Kenshin[/i] - The series that truly hooked me on anime. When it comes to sword fighting, I look for something of this magnitude. Intense, fast-paced fighting. If we haven't figured it out by now, I'm an action nut as well as an artwork/animation freak. I pay a lot more attention to these assets moreso than the story itself. (That don't mean that I don't know the story though lol) Kaoru, Misao, and Yahiko are the annoying characters in this one, while Sanosuke tends to get on my nerves for running his mouth too much (not a bad character, he just has his faulty moments too), but, fortunately, there is a huge cast of characters that are very likable IMO. Another thing is that the music has its ups and downs. Now music has never been a real factor for me, but I do have my moments where the music could annoy me. The BGM's (that is what they're called right?) are better than the opening and ending themes to me. (Departure and some 8 minute tune.) The action is what really draws me into it though. Artwork is inconsistent. Some moments characters tends to look really good, and other moments they just look dopey and stupid.

[i]Samurai Champloo[/i]
[i]Trinity Blood[/i]

"Read Favorite Anime Thread for those 5"

[i]Big O[/i] - Outside of IGPX, this is probably the only other mecha anime I'd really sit down to watch multiple times. I like the whole Gotham feel to it. And none of the characters are annoying. Haven't really paid much attention to the music. Artwork is nice and consistent. Animation is cool, I suppose. I don't have much to say about this one.

[i]Samurai 7[/i] - First and foremost, the artwork can be inconsistent at times. Like some other Gonzo productions I've seen (Vandread and Hellsing) characters can look a bit too good, but then it's not a big deal with gonzo either because it's only like 1 or 2 episodes where the artwork is inconsistent to the point to where characters look weird-ish looking. (close to ugly at times.) The animation, while it's nothing spectacular, it is better than some other fighters. What I really hate is when production crews get lazy and use the same action sequence in a previous shot/episode and reuse it for a later episode or something. This happened about 2-3 times, I believe. 2 characters I can't stand in this one. (Rikichi and Kikuchiyo) But like other titles, they're not as annoying.

[i]Death Note[/i] - Ah, Death Note. Something that started out nicely, ended in tragedy. (For me anyway) Till this very moment, I still haven't read the 1st half of the manga, and I don't intend to either. But I did read it when Near and Mello stepped into the picture. (Reading and following the anime on Adult Swim at the same time.) I thought the 2nd half would be good because it's really good in the manga. The anime counterpart, I don't know what happened, but for some unforseen reason, important parts in the manga has been cut out of the anime all together. And for such an informative anime, one wouldn't think such things needed to be snipped. The 2nd half of the anime is not bad, it's just that so much has been cut to the point to where it lost its steam, and became disappointing. I'd say if you read the manga, don't bother with the anime, or watch the anime first and then come back to the manga.

[i]Naruto[/i] - Honestly, this anime's not good. It's not bad either. It's just mediocre. People rag and rave about it all the time about it being one of the greatest shows ever, and then you hit one of the biggest disappointments out there. I don't blame the dub either. I guess I could blame it on the fact that I started out with the manga first, but even then, the manga's not that great either. (Sure, I read it, but I have nothing else to do to pass time lol.) I suppose I can blame it on the characters. Out of, I don't know, say 20+ characters, out of those 20 characters, I only like 3 of them, and they aren't even main characters that get a lot of screen time. (Naruto is an anime killer along with Sakura) I suppose I could also blame it on its inconsistent artwork. Talk about some ugly characters. When they do those "spectacular" fighting sequences (done by some guy)... Fight's like Lee vs Gaara or Sasuke vs Orochimaru. Those fights are nothing to me if the characters just look down right hideous. People seem to settle for less when they should be treated to the full meal. (I like good consistent artwork and animation dag flammit. I'm not settling for less.) But I truly blame it on it's pacing. Characters "panting" forever. (In both the anime and the manga) Characters staring in amazement takes 5 minutes of screen time. Pointless episode recaps, and flashbacks mixed in with those recaps is just too much for me to put up with. (And you don't have to tell me. I already know that I'm picky with anime lol.) But by all means, continuing watching if it pleases you. (Oh yeah, the music is garbage)

[i]Bleach[/i] - If there was ever an anime that I was disappointed in, it's this one. Overhyped, but not as much as Naruto. Again, like Naruto, I started out with the manga. And majority of the issues I have with Naruto is here as well. Inconsistent artwork as well as poor animation. People raggin on about how good these fights are when animated + picturing the fights while reading the manga = disappointment. The manga seems to have it where these characters are so fast and the fighting is fierce and intense. The anime is the complete opposite. Slow and dull. I went into the anime expecting something on a Rurouni Kenshin level, or at the very least, they could've done the fighting similar to Samurai 7. (Naruto and even Inuyasha's fighting is far better than these fights) And then it takes forever for anything to progress. In the manga, I enjoyed actually enjoyed the Soul Society arc, whereas I dreaded watching the anime version because its pacing was garbage. The only good point in Bleach IMO are the characters. The music is garbage. With all that being said, though, like Naruto, it's not bad, nor is it good. It's just mediocre.

[i]Neon Genesis Evangelion[/i] - I'll come straight out with it. [strike]This anime is straight up garbage.[/strike] I hate this show. :p

[quote=Phenom from Worst Anime Thread] - Heh, I'll admit right now that I lack the brain capacity to comprehend majority of everything of what was happening, and I hate doing a lot of thinking lol.

With that being said, depressing and psychological animes aren't my thing. (Judging from NGE, they give me tons of headaches.) I really wish I did some research before tuning into it on AS.

Story - "sighs" With all the depression going on, it was hard for me to even grasp the story.

Animation - For an old series, it looked really good.

Characters - Heh, my biggest gripe of all. SHINJI. Hate is a strong word, but I truly hate this boy. (His VA didn't make it any better.) I cannot stand characters with no backbone, and I was pretty much done with the series when Shinji started whining about everything. And foolishly, I let people talk me into sticking with the series... "Stick with it, it get's better." X_X Shinji gets worst (That boy is an anime killer) and;

In comes Asuka. Which I thought she would make the series a little more interesting. For a moment she did, and then like Shinji, she's going through all this depression. Rei... Do I really need to say something about her? Misato was a decent character until she started going through all that depression as well.

Truthfully, I don't like any character in NGE, and as I said, the depression made it hard for me to catch any part of the story. And then that ending.... which was a headache in itself. The only type of animes to ever make me want to put a hole in my tv are the ones that pisses me off. (The ones that just gotta have some type of animal being killed and I try to avoid those at all cost because I tend to take it out on others lol.) NGE made me want to put a hole in my tv just because it made my brain tired.[/quote]

[i]To Be Continued[/i]... This is some tiring stuff. [size=0]That's what I get for trying to be generous and save a thread.[/size] :)[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]Indeed it is a matter of opinion. But what's so upsetting about me not liking NGE? From another forum, the views I've been seeing was a mixture. So I would think it's either a love it or hate it kind of thing. I'm one of those that found Rahxephon to be better, but "shrugs".

I'll try to keep things relatively short. (giving full detailed explanations on why I can't stand a series or whatnot)

[i]Gungrave[/i] - I still haven't seen anything better than this when it comes to character development. I think my only complaint about this series is that it falls into that trap that I've seen from some of the latest Madhouse. Using repeated scenes from previous/earlier episodes.

[i]Inuyasha[/i] - Re-read Naruto and Bleach, and then add in Shippo as an annoyance factor.

[i]Eureka 7[/i] - I'm really bias when it comes to kiddy romance. With that said, I can't stand Renton and Eureka (nor the 3 kiddies), but everyone else makes of for it. As well as the artwork/animation. There are times when I was going to give up on the series because it just seemed to focus so much on comedy rather than an actual plot (or rather a lame plot with a boy trying to do whatever it takes to get the girl to like him.) or action. And while I'm not a big fan of mecha, I won't completely dismiss it either. (Mecha has been growing onto me as of late.)

[i]Scryed[/i] - I'm at a toss up with this one. On one hand I want to say I like it, but on the other hand all I heard was a bunch of annoying people shouting Ryuho or Kazuma. Then Ryuho and Kazuma repeating the same words to each other was on the annoying side. Hearing Steven Blum as Kazuma took some time to get used to, but it grew on to me I suppose. The only time I actually liked hearing him talk however was when he was pissed off. (Because it was nothing but intense yelling...) The fighting was pretty good, too, although the last episode, or whenever [spoiler]they did the weird transformations[/spoiler] took a downward spiral. Straight Cougar is the best character of that series.

[i]Code Geass[/i] - (currently watching on AS) It's slowly growing onto me. I can't say that I've looked at many episodes, but from the ones I have seen (outside of that one episode involving Lelouch chasing a cat) were pretty good. I like the way Lelouch uses chess to due battle and whatnot. What's sort of killing any buzz that sparks whatever interest that arise, though, is that there's the school environment. I'm not much of a fan of anime when it comes to the whole school setting mainly because of the unnecessary fanservice that comes packaged with it, and they're normally chucked full of corny jokes. Not saying that CG has any of this, but it just makes me skeptical. I've skipped quite a few episodes, so I really couldn't say... I'm also missing out on quite a bit of info as well... Heh, yay for "On Demand" I guess.

[i]Black Lagoon[/i] - Read "Fav Anime" thread

I know I've seen more than this, but I can't think of them, and I don't feel like giving anymore thoughts about em lol.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"]I'm not going to list all that I've seen, but currently I've been reading Hajime no Ippo(Fighting Spirit). My boyfriend introduced me too it because I do TKD, and Muay Thai kick boxing. Its a boxing manga about a boy named Ippo Makunouchi, a shy high school student.

It revolves around Ippo as he trains for Japan's pro boxing, learning something new from each opponent he faces.

For more info see [[URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fighting_Spirit_(manga)"]Wiki[/URL]]

Its been very addicting so far. I'm on Ch. 75, Pg. 13.[/SIZE]
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well, as for the recent things i've been watching-
Rockman.exe beast- very cool, a lot of time spent making the regular characters into vilains and previous villains into super-villains!
Shuffle!- don't know why it's rated as it is, it wasn't as perverted as mahoromatic, but the storyline and the songs are rather addicting.
Katekyo hitman reborn- who doesn't love the mafia?? a lot of people for one thing, but i love all the characters and it's pretty fun to watch!
Shuo Chara- Very kawaii show.
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