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[SIZE="1"][CENTER][B]Outlaw World[/B][/CENTER]

[B][COLOR="Red"]Bio-Weaponary Research District III
11:42 P.M.[/COLOR][/B]

"Code Red! All Arcardian soldiers on stand-by command. Entry number 1004861001 has escaped. Prepare to-" The alarm was cut off by a bullet going straight through it.

The siren was driving him nuts and he knew that if he wanted to escape from here. He had to do it without pety distractions such as that one. The guard's suit he stole from his last victim, who went unconcious due to his phobia of blood, (he went crazy over a punch that caused him to have a nose bleed.) was much too large for him and made his ass itch like hell.

Regardless, he kept a good pace down the long narrow hallway, keeping a sharp eye for corners. Expecting an ambush awaiting his arrival at the front entrance, he decided to stop and think for a minute for the best course of action.

"Well I could go all the way to the back and see if there is a backdoor entrance...Yeah that sounds good." The black-haired one began to retrace his steps, when he stopped again. "Well maybe they would think that I would stop and think about changing my direction so they're waiting there to greet me...." Gale Highpool frowned from his overthinking the situation.

Then he looked up and realized the front entrance was just at the end of the hallway. Smiling with the joy of tasting fresh air again, he started up his sprint to the door and as he was about to enter through....*click*....The faint sound of twenty machine guns all getting ready to raise hell upon the unwelcome vistor.

Gale sighed, closing his eyes in disbelief. Why is it so bad for him to escape here peacefully? It seems like they would rather have him dead then able to walk out of here alive. They didn't have a right to kidnap him, use him like a lap rat for over two years. Now when he finally finds the right moment to escape the hell outta here, they would rather call him a failure and put a bullet in his head.

"Oh well. I never said this would be easy." He opened his eyes and reach into the stinky old guard jacket to reveal his trademark weapon. Those scientist freaks stole his caster away from him, but reuniting with his beloved gun is a dream come true. "Only got two shells left. But time is of an ergency right now. No time to think this through." He grabbed a shell from his pocket and ejected it into the slot.

"Alright, let's see what a number 3 does again." Gale pulled the trigger, with a flash of light, blasted away the metal door with ease and igniting the front lobby with a mix of black smoke and flames. He returned to his smiling as he walked past the dead guards.

"Hope your not leaving, Gale Highpool." The voice stopped him in his tracks as raged surged up inside. He turned to see a pale old man smiling from behind. He continueously rolled a beaded necklace in his hands.

"Not until I kill you of course, Diz." He turned fully to face the old man, determination of murdering this soul was all you could read from the eyes of Gale. "You kept me here far enough, you bastard. Im leaving, but before I go." He reached into his poket quicky and placed another 3 inside the caster. "I'll send you straight to hell!!"

The blast was right on target, but failed to hit the old man. A blue aura sliced the flash into two, both curving away from it's target. Diz was an Tao master, what gave Gale an hint that this would be easy? The stupid grin appeared on the man again.

"Out of caster shells? Don't worry, I'll end your pathetic life in a heartbeat!" He fired a blast of his own, but like the old man, Gale shared a grin of his own. He threw his caster onto the gun and let a beast-like cry. A red aura surrounded him, turning his jet black hair into crimson just like his aura. He sliced aside the blast and charged the old man with inhuman speed. One punch sent the old man flying into the wall, covering the once white colored wall, with rose like color, splattered all across it.

"The creation kills the creator." Gale whispered as he went back to normal. Picking up his caster, he dashed into the night, un-noticed by anyone.

[CENTER][B]information counter[/B][/CENTER]

This is from the Outlaw Star universe and if you don't know the basic info, then here is it all.


[B]Terrans-[/B] this is what many space creatures call humans.

[B]Ctarl-Ctarl-[/B] A cat-like alien race. The Ctarl-Ctarl have superior senses of hearing, smell and sight and vast strength (perhaps being the most physically powerful of all species) as well as an ability to turn into large, feral beasts completely at the mercy of their instincts (usually resembling huge felines and perhaps Lupines or Vulpines). The Ctarl-Ctarl are a vast empire that, after many battles with Terrans, have established trade treaties and are now on neutral terms. The Frontier - the area of space where most of the story takes place - lies in between the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire and the Terran Federation, and was established as a buffer zone after numerous battles between the two species. Its position is said to be 50 light years away from earth.

[B]Silgrians-[/B] A peaceful race in the Outlaw Star universe which resemble anthropomorphic birds. Physically they are usually at least 180 cm (6ft) tall, and have necks that can make a 180 degree rotation or can turn their head completely upward. Their eyes also have two lids. It is often complained that the Silgrians are 'too friendly' with human races.

[B]Corbanites- [/B]An industrious race of frog-like amphibians. Their natural habitat is in the water, so Corbanites wear environment suits that maintain an aquatic environment to their liking. With their technological advancement, most Corbanites fit their enviro-suits with translators that turn their native Corbonese into the local language.
Sith- [/B]An insectoid race that are so alien to the other humanoid races that any manner of relationship with them is all but impossible.

[B]Lorgans- [/B]A secretive and distrusting people. They apparently have such a strained relationship with the Terrans that the two races just avoid one another.

[B]Saurians-[/B] A bio-engineered race of reptiles created by Terrans by combining different strains of dinosaur DNA. Saurians are tall, powerful, imposing creatures with the intelligence and cunning of any Terran combined with the strength and viciousness of their great lizard ancestors.

[U][B]Planets and space stations[/B][/U]

[B]Sentinel III[/B]-A level 4 terraformed world. Primarily an agricultural exporter, the only urban areas known are Locust and Hugo. The only known space port is the West Virginia Spaceport outside Locust.

[B]Blue Heaven-[/B] An asteroid colony, and a free town unaffiliated with any interplanetary state or any of the dominant pirate guilds. Its neutral status make it a popular stopover and resupply center for outlaws.

[B]Heifong III- [/B] It is one of the planets in the Heifong system, such as the water planet [B]Heifong 7. [/B]It is a very expensive place to live (and port a ship).

[B]Symka 5- [/B]A satellite station where Jim first met Hanmyo. These stations seem to have artificial gravity though the means by which it is simulated is unclear.

[B]Tenrei-[/B] A pleasure planet covered in hot springs. A long time ago, three wizards came to this paradise in an attempt to resurrect mana, the energy of nature. Instead, one of them happened upon the hot springs and turned the entire planet into her own interstellar vacation spot. The wizards are the creators of Caster bullets.

[B]Hecatonchires-[/B] It is a planet with wildly fluctuating gravity due to its rapid rotation rate and non-spherical shape. The gravity at its equator is stated to be approximately 1g. The Gehenna prison is in a location of 3g, while its punishment facility at the north pole is at 10.4g. has never been a successful breakout.

(*note there will be planets added later on.)

[U][B]Galactic Leyline[/B][/U]
The Galactic Leyline is a location shrouded in myth fueled by rumors and superstition. Popular claims say that it is a holder of immense treasure of valuable metals or minerals, possibly the very rare material dragonite.

However to those who possess deeper information about the Galactic Leyline, it is actually known to be a 'universal library' created by an advanced but now-extinct race that possessed an unsurpassed knowledge of science, technology, and reality. Drawing upon Feng Shui, the word leyline means "a place where Chi collects." By manipulating the Chi lines (the timelines, referring to the idea that time is linear and branching, instead of looping and singular) of the universe, the Galactic Leyline has the ability to manipulate time, reality and causality, or fate, as if it were a physical law. Using the knowledge and power of the Leyline, one's wishes and desires can be granted. In simpler terms, the Galactic Leyline can be thought of as a "God Machine" because of its advanced knowledge and understanding of the universe.

The Galactic Leyline itself takes the form of a large gaseous planet consisting of thick clouds and strong vortices that serve as protective barriers for the Leyline within. Only a ship guided by the Maiden in the XGP (or a craft with similarly advanced speed and capabilities) can pass through this barrier via small wormholes created by the vortices of the planet. Entrance through any other means results in death or insanity from a brain-splitting screeching that only seems to affect organic creatures. Hazanko, the main villain, also gains entrance to the inner Leyline by means of powerful Taoist rituals that force the clouds to part.

Once through the outer atmosphere of the Leyline, ships enter a planet-sized cylindrical structure and are transported to an entirely different location with breathable air and normal gravity. This bizarre setting consists of landscapes of large crystal formations and strange foliage. The landscapes surround a mountain, on top of which is the door to the Leyline, the Leyline relocates itself to a random point in the universe to be found again.

Here is the sign-up below. The cast of the RP will join together to search for the infamous Galactic Leyline to satisfy their hearts' desire. Of course, alot of twists and pirates stand in the way of that. And what secret organization wants to control the universe and will stop at nothing to obtain power to do so? Lets find out.


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(Digging the idea. Hope it goes far.)

Name: Donner Skyclan
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Age: Looks somewhere around his late 20's.
Appearance: [URL="http://www.chamberofhorrors.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/cs214.jpg"]http://www.chamberofhorrors.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/cs214.jpg[/URL]
Personality: Generally reserved, which gives those around him the impression of arrogance. Though, word is he's got reason to regard himself highly.
Abilities: Donner's not a very complicated man, but he's able to make a weapon out of just about anything in a scrap.
He's also an accomplished gunslinger, marksman and spacer, skills he picked up while working for a Space Forces black ops unit, which was disbanded shortly after a crucial truce with the Ctarl-Ctarl.
His most powerful asset, however, is his arsenal, which consists of several weapons that, were he not specially licensed and authorized for their use, he would be sent to a lifetime in prison for merely possessing.
Weapon(s): Skyclan's personal armory is vast, most of the weapons ranging from high-caliber pistols to heavy solid-round projectile weapons. His more prized possessions are a pair of modified flintlock-style pistols (modifications - Automatic fire, expanded magazine, special ammunition) that he's never seen without, a pair of low-grade light-shields, and a long heat-knife. His armory also possesses several special weapons that use experimental technology (personal laser rounds, unstable biochemical compounds, etc.), but he knows better than to rely on such shaky odds during a shootout.
Bio: Donner joined the Space Forces when he was 16 years old, having graduated from a prestigious 'Force academy. He displayed admirable skill and was put into training for a new division of the Space Forces. The project was top-secret, and initiated in response to the growing aggression of the unaligned Ctarl-Ctarl tribe-nations. However, after many years of intense training in the arts of skillful weapon use and espionage, a crucial treaty was signed between the Terrans and the renegade tribe-nations, calling for their withdrawal and peaceful trade within Terran spheres. The squad's usefulness had run out, and its members had been honorably discharged from service. After leaving the Space Forces, Skyclan was unemployed, and sought bounty work, mostly with a pirate clan whose rivals were numerous and in need of culling. When rumors of his training began to circulate, he was almost immediately outlawed from all officially Terran nations, though his access to experimental and dangerous weapons remains unhindered. Today his bounty work is done, after hearing of a place in space where wishes can be granted...
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[B][U]Name: [/U][/B] Delaney May (Not knowing her real last name, she made up her own.) She’s also been known to call herself ‘Elodie’, ‘May’, and ‘Elsie’.
[B][U]Gender:[/U][/B] Female
[B][U]Race:[/U][/B] Terran
[B][U]Age:[/U][/B] She appears to be really young, around 8. However she is actually 13.
[B][U]Appearance: [/U][/B]Delaney looks closer to a doll than a human. Her skin is an almost porcelain shade of pale white. Her lashes are a deep black that make her vivid blue eyes stand out against the milky tones of her skin. Her hair is a golden color of blonde that reaches in large curls down to her shoulders. She’s ill-fed and as a result she’s a rather petite girl. Her sweet eyes and her thin body give her the appearance of a child much younger than her actual age. Her growth has been delayed by ill heath and malnutrition.

[B][U]Personality: [/U][/B] Delaney has the same amazing ability that most children do… the ability to manipulate, pretend, and overreact. As a result it’s hard to say if she even has one set personality. She likes to play ‘sweet’ and ‘innocent’, though that’s probably more of an act than anything. Sometimes she’s quiet and lost in observation. Other times she’s loud and won’t listen to a thing you say. She’s largely unpredictable and often surprising. Like most children she’s easily persuaded by sweets, food, and toys.

[B][U]Abilities:[/U][/B] Delaney’s main ability is that she is a manipulative little thief. She’s quick with her hands and with her brain. She uses her youthful appearance to deflect blame away from her when someone’s wallet comes up missing. Her small and lightweight body allows her to be rather stealthy. Her footsteps are generally too quiet for anyone else to hear, especially when she is barefoot. She’s also able to squeeze into places that other people couldn’t even dream of fitting past. Small holes in fences, cracks in between buildings, and ventilation systems are no problem for her to squirm her way through. Delaney is observant and smart, making her able to think quickly on her feet.
Weapon(s): [/U][/B] Delaney normally doesn’t use weapons. She uses her mind, her stealth, and her ability to run real fast. However is she needs to use weapons she prefers small ones that won’t weigh her down. She likes small knives and daggers the best. She’s never held a gun, but she’s not squeamish around them. Despite her age, she has nothing against hurting other people to defend herself.
Bio:[/U][/B] Delaney doesn’t remember much before the streets. She remembers, vaguely, two adults. She figures that they were her parents, but doesn’t think much of it. The two adults fought, very loudly, over money. Bills were being tossed around as were the horrible vulgar words…

“We can’t afford this! We can’t afford any of this!”

“No! It’s HER! We can’t afford HER!”

The next thing she remembers was being dropped off in a street somewhere far away…

And she’s been living on the streets ever since. At first she did what most people do: she begged, she dug through the garbage, and she tucked herself away in boxes. When she realized that she was getting nowhere, she changed. She started picking people’s pockets. If they turned or noticed that it was lost, she’d hold it up with sparkling innocent eyes and say ‘Miss, you dropped this.’ And simply hand the wallet back.

It worked. So she tried harder. She stole more often. She wove stories to tell to people with questions. And soon enough, she became a rather manipulative little thief.

But one day she saw something that astounded her beyond belief… A space ship! It landed in the port nearby where she was thieving. The urge to investigate was so tremendous that she couldn’t hold it back. Soon enough she found herself as a stowaway on a ship bound for ‘Blue Heaven’.

For a few days, she was in awe. After that she decided that she’d stay here for now.
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[B]Name[/B]: ?Moonlit Snow? (will answer to either ?Moon? or ?Snow?)( Explained in bio)

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Race[/B]: Ctarl-Ctarl

[B]Age[/B]: mid-30?s

[B]Appearance[/B]: Moonlit Snow towers over many at a height of 6? 7? tall, and looks as though she could bench-press a small planetoid. Her body is covered in a pure white fur, which has a faceted, glistening shine to it which is said to resemble moonlight dancing across a field of snow (hence her name). Her hair, equally as white, is pulled back into four waist-length ponytails, with two sitting over her shoulders and two falling down the middle of her back. Contrasting the gentle white of her fur/hair are two deep crimson eyes, which look back at the world with a sharp glance. Despite her age Moonlit Snow has a rather young looking face, and is often mistaken for being ten years younger by many.

Moonlit Snow?s usual attire is a simple denim jumpsuit, often left unzipped in the front and off of her shoulders so that it hang down from her waist up. When it is like this she ties the arms around her waist to keep them from dragging. Underneath she wears a leather ?girdle? (for want of a better term), which ends just below her arms. Her boots are leather with open fronts to avoid being torn open by her claws.

[B]Personality[/B]: ?A wild one.? This is perhaps Moonlit Snow?s favorite description of herself. When in a good mood she can be one of the friendliest people anyone has known, and will often celebrate anything she can think of with a drink, or twelve. However, when she is in a bad mood most people will know it across the span of a space station from the yelling alone. She tries to control herself more than the average Ctarl-Ctarl, and will do her best to seclude herself before reaching the point of physical violence. Mention of certain events from her past, or conversations leading in that direction will turn her heart to ice, and she will often go silent for a time instead of answering anything about them.

[B]Abilities[/B]: A knack for machines has always been one of Moonlit Snow?s greatest strengths. Growing up she could practically disassemble a ship?s engine, clean it, grease it, and have it back together in time for breakfast (not seriously, just the standard overrated description). She has even managed to make a variety of small gadgets to help her with repairs, and if she does not have one for something she might just go and make it for fun. ?I can tell you the personality of your engine(s) just by spending a day listening to them speak, and hearing them whisper in my dreams as I sleep near them.? While she tells people things like this often, no one is really sure how serious she is.
Weapon(s)[/B]: Moonlit Snow sees little use for weapons, given her natural abilities as a strong and proud Ctarl-Ctarl. Despite her natural strength and endurance she has been know to use her tools and her gadgets as weapons in a pinch. The one common weapon she tends to keep with her is a ?Shock Talon?, a customized glove designed to deliver a non-lethal shock to a victim. Even though she prefers non-lethal devices she is not squeamish about using guns, knives, and over weapons if absolutely necessary.

[B]Bio[/B]: Growing up in a lower-class family on a Ctarl-Ctarl ship did not afford Moonlit Snow many options in life. Both of her parents worked as part of the ship?s repair/maintenance, and as a result she was seen as being only able to learn to their level as well, never getting a chance to even train for a position of honor in the military. Still, this suited her, and she learned at a rapid pace. Despite not getting an opportunity to reach higher she became noticed for her skill and aptitude with the workings of the ship, and was often offered postings on bigger ships with better names. It was still just a lowly repair tech life though.

All of this changed for her one evening though. While stopped at a random dock on a nearly nameless space station in the middle of nowhere she had a chance encounter with a Terran. Both of them were slightly tipsy from a night of drinking, words were exchanged in a flurry of drunken emotion, and the almost inevitable fight broke out. Moonlit Snow found herself bested by a Terran, in front of several members of her own crew, and worse yet that Terran had the unrivaled gal to claim that her loss meant a debt was owed. To top the entire thing off, and nearly send her mad with rage, her superiors agreed with the Terran.

From that point forward she was pressed into the service of the one who had bested her, becoming the personal tech on his ship. Refusing to admit her previous dealings with her own kind she gave up her birth name and took on the name Moonlit Snow, which the Terran had told her that her fur resembled on that fateful night of drinking. For nearly four years she worked with him until the day he tossed her into an escape pod and jettisoned her into space, moments before a missile cleaved the ship in half, at the very least. Since then she has wandered around finding work as it came.

OOC: Any issues with the sign-up, just let me know.
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[SIZE="1"]OOC: everything looks great guys. A couple more sign-ups and I can start it.

[B]Name:[/B] Gale Highpool
[B]Gender[/B]: male
[B]Race:[/B] Terran
[B]Age:[/B] 26
Gale is a very large man. Standing around 6'4 with a tone muscle structure. He has thick jet-black hair and green eyes. His body is a mix of jagged scars and tatoos with godly symbols and number codes given to him by the reseach facility. He usually wears red-style shirts and baggy dark pants. Gale always has keeps his holster on to display his weapons.

A very honest man, Gale is very open and friendly to everyone he meets. Most of the time, it rather gets on people's nerves because he is mainly a jokester. He is always ready for a good laugh, (even during a heated gun battle), which just anger his foes even more. Gale often is in major debt with bars or reasturants for large damages he has caused with open fights with people.

When there is something he wants, Gale will stop at nothing to obtain in. Plain an simple. His fighting spirit cannot be crushed whatsoever. When it comes to killing someone, he goes beyond him personality and ends the life in a blink of an eye. He isn't afraid to send one to th after-life.

After countless experiments preformed on young Gale, he has obtain the ability to go berserk. In this state, His hair turns into a crimson-like color, the same as his aura that surrounds him. All of his senses are doubled as so his strength and speed. The only down-side to this is he loses every emotion except anger and sorrow, the only ones that cloud his mind during the mode. Which, often leads to one of his comrades getting hurt by the likes of him.

Gale Highpool carries a caster with him at all time and uses it the majority of his battles. He tries his hardest no to use the berserk mode at all, but to combat against Tao magic, its kind of hard not to. Gale also carries a hidden pistol in his shoe and also a small blade in his back pocket just in case some drunk guy at a bar decides to pull a knife on him.

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Name: Saio Uzu

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Ctarl-Ctarl


Saio's appearence is quite odd, he dresses in a kimono reminicent of a geisha, but the length is short, it is only thigh length. He wears fishnet leggings, and spike heeled leather boots. He's short, only 5'7". Hish kimono has an elaborate gold leafing on the right sleeve, off-setting the inky black of the kimono. He wears a gemstone flower in his hair, which is a platinum white. If he didn't reveal he was a man, then one would assume he was a woman.

Personality: He's brash, crude, rude, and a complete oddball. As predictable as the oceans of his home world, he's an overall sweet natured guy, but he rarely shows it. He's always bright and cheerful, and rallying to fight. He loves to have fun, but this often gets him into trouble.


He has the ability to transform into a huge tiger like beast. The phases of the moon affect his strength in any form he takes.

Weapons: He has none.

Bio: He's not really a typical Ctarl-Ctarl, he left his home and then decided to explore the reaches of Outer Space. Coming from a military background, seeing him now no one would guess it.He doesn't really talk about his past, he finds it depressing.

He traveled with a circus for awhile, performing as an acrobat. Now, he's heard of the Leyline, and out of mere curiousity is he looking for it.
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