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Art Studio Basics

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[center]Banners and Avatars[/center]


If you're making a banner and/or avatar for OtakuBoards, just be aware that there are size restrictions to save our 56k users from long load-times. These restrictions are [b]600x200 pixels[/b] for banners and [b]150x150 pixels[/b] for avatars. See below for examples.




[b]Posting Images[/b]

[i]Image Size and Dimension[/i]
Please pay attention that when you post pictures that would stretch OtakuBoards's lay-out, they may seem to be cut off. The case is that when pictures do not fit in the lay-out, a scrollbar will appear in your post that allows you to scroll horizontally to view the whole picture. So, pictures no longer stretch out our lay-out as they would have done in the past. However, you may want to post a link to the full view of the picture to save people the trouble of having to scroll back and forth.

[b]Constructive Criticism[/b] - [i]Helpful vs. Hurtful[/i]

When someone posts their art, theyâ??re looking for ways to improve it. You should be as helpful as possible when critiquing their art. So, when saying that you like something that an artist has posted, please add what you like about it. The same counts for when you don't like something. A good example of elaborating on the latter would be:

â??I like the yellow, but itâ??s overpowering the blue, so you might want to mute it a bit. Also, your lines are looking somewhat sketchy, so that might be contributing to the problem as well.â?

This critique points out specifics, describing things that need fixing and recommending solutions to these problems. It doesnâ??t just say â??this doesnâ??t work,â? it also says â??this is how you might fix it.â? We don't expect you to write stories, but we encourage you to help the artist when possible.

To give an example example of what [i]not[/i] to do would be:

â??Terrible! The orange and pink look like vomit. This isnâ??t art, itâ??s just lame.â?

While this provides reasons as to why the user dislikes it, the critique is vague and unhelpful. Furthermore, the tone is abrasive, which is frustrating for the artist. Criticism should be as helpful as possible.

[b]For further information regarding the forumâ??s rules or for any questions, please feel free to send a PM to [color=green]Boo[/color] or an OtakuBoards Staff Member.[/b] Edited by Boo
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