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Anthony Horowitz

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Though I've never read any of his books, or heard of them for that matter. I'm always looking for a good read. Back when I used to read fantasy I read a lot of (Obviously) R.A. Salvatore's books. I got into the horror/sci-fi/mystery genre now, but I'm always looking to find an author that captures me as much as Salvatore did.

If you don't mind, give me some insight to his work, (Just my opinion, but you should always open a new thread with alittle more description, this way you get on the subject of a certain aspect of Horowitz's novels you like. Then it will evolve itself to more. If you just leave the thread wide open it can make people hesitate when posting.)

Once again just my opinion.
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Well Anthony has many series. His Alex Rider series is about a boy named Alex Rider (No Way) Who in StormBreaker wakes up to find out his uncle had died. His uncle was a banker, very careful,and took care of him since his parents died at a young age. When the police said he died in a car wreck he doesn't beleive it. He finds bullet holes in his car and ultimately figures out his uncle is a spy of MI6.

He is quickly recruited and has some mysteries to solve: Who is his father, how did he die and was he a spy? The series has many parts of action for example he kiyaks down a raging river as a sniper in a helicopter shoots at him or dodging people on 4 wheelers who have flame throwers.
The books go in this order :


point blank

skeleton key

eagle strike


ArK angel

Snake head

All extremely good.

He also has a series called the gate keepers

It's about five gate keepers who have extrodinary powers

Matt is telekinetic

Pedro can heal

Scott and jamie are telepathic and can force people to do things.

Scarlette's are yet b discovered

They have to close 5 gates with thier powers to prevent the old ones from destroying the world.
But most are beyond one's power. Problem they are scattered across the globe.

Pedro is in Peru,Matt in London, Scott and Jamie are in Nevada, and Scarlette is in Hong kong.

The books go in this order

Raven's gate

Evil Star

Night Rise

to be continued....

Also great series. There are many more but I havn't read them.
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[COLOR="Indigo"]I absolutely love Anthony Horowitz's books. They are so good an intriguing. I have in fact, read most of the series of the Gatekeepers. That was the greatest ever. Skeleton Key was really good, too. The one about Jamie and Scott, they could read minds and make people do things, that's cool. My favorite would have to be Matt, really. I haven't yet gotten to the book with Scarlette in it, but Night Rise was awesome! I have the whole book recorded on my mp3 player. So yeah, I love the Gatekeepers and Anthony Horowitz is a great writer.:catgirl:[/COLOR]
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[quote name='chibi-master']OOOHHH!!! I'm reading his Cherub series! I'm on the fourth novel right now! He really is a talnted writer.:animesmil[/QUOTE]

Oh, his book Necropolis came out in July.

It's based around Scarlette and is an extremely good book.

China's been taken over by the Old Ones and Scarlette is in Hong Kong visiting her dad who works for the Night Rise corporation.

Matt, Pedro, and the group goes to Scarlette's hometown. England. Apparently, Scarlette was Matt's neighbor. They get there just as Scarlette passes them to go to the airport. Now they have to find her and discover her power before Scarlette's dad turns her in to The Old One's!

Good Book.
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