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Best way to start a descriptive essay.


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[size=1]Use your imagination and write it as best as you can. That's all I'd say.

You can have all the brilliant grammar, sentence structure and all that jazz in the world, and you might possibly [i]ace[/i] it, but the only way you'd astonish people is if the link between your pen and your thoughts is absolutely wired together like a life support system. You have to sort of delve into the back of your head and pull out the best imagery you can, then glue it back together with vocabulary, syntax and lexis.

Otherwise, you can easily look up a load of techniques to use on the internets.[/size]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]At the beginning. Duh.

I'm kidding kidding kidding, but seriously. If you have something to write about then you're halfway done. But my advice of course is to pick something you know. So for example turn out the lights, and let your imagination run wild. I believe in getting strung out on whatever auditory/physical/mental sensory you need to write descriptively.

So when I write some short stories that I actually care about I try to put myself in the same sort of situation, or feel the same way. In my case I usually have to drink excessively, abuse valium, light candles, or you know. Do something to 'get in the right mood.'

It's a method that might have results, but my advice to you besides that is to use ms word's handy grammar checker while in the final stages.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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