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Who doesn't love a game?

Drizzt Do'urden

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I'm using a thread made awhile ago as basis for this "game". Basically the first poster picks a category, it can be anime, videogame, movie, cartoon, etc. Then using spoiler tags the poster adds the answer at the bottom. The next poster does the same and so on. I'd thought about some mods to it, such as instead of posting the answer you'd just wait for the first correct guess. Then that person could go on, but not everyone can be on all the time for that to work. So let's just stick to the first way, unless anyone REALLY wants to do it that way then we can work it out....

Category: Videogame Character

This character is taken into the future by a creature whose name brings terror to christians everywhere.

He is/was a star player in his videogames signature soccer style game.

In order to save the world, he must wake up the thing dreaming him, knowingly making him dissapear since he is only a dream.

The characters main girl, who he is in love with, spends the next title in the series searching for him.

Answer: [spoiler]Tidus (FFX)[/spoiler]
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[color=#9933ff]Okay I'll play, then I have to go watch that episode of Ellen I DVRed yesturday

Catergory: Cartoon

This character was left a record company and an orphanage/ shelter for girls by her late father.

The house where the shelter is housed is falling apart around their ears so she goes to get money from the record company only to find out that it's been taken over by her father's less than honest business partner. There she meets her soon to be rivals.

That same day getting home she finds someone has left a pair of earrings- which reveals that her father left her a super computer and the ability to create 'holograms' This gives her the idea to fight back and start a band with her friends thus launching a story that spanned three seasons, a shed load of music videos along with dolls and other merchandise.

Answer: [spoiler]Jem/ Jerrica Benton (Jem and the Holograms)[/spoiler][/color]
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I have no idea what the answer is. For Drizzt's, all I can think of is Link. I don't know why, though... (And I'm definitely wrong.)

As for mine... only a few shall actually know this one.

Videogame character

She was featured in the fourth game in the series. her name is the same as the original's hero with the exception of one letter. When she dies, the hero is having trouble dealing with the loss of the person who picked him up off the streets. Her death was the result of something called the "Black Energy Wave."

Answer: [spoiler]Alys Brangwin[/spoiler]
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Category: Video Game Character

He is the rival of the star of the series of the game he's in. He's a gang leader, has red hair, and has a motorcycle. He's prideful, tall, Korean, and his fighting style is Tae Kwon Do. It should be easy to figure out.[/COLOR]

[spoiler]Hwoarang(Tekken series)[/spoiler]
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Is it... the one whom is our fave?

I got another.

Videogame character

The hero of this game. He has an eye patch (because of who-knows-what). He carries a sword made of dark matter, which humans couldn't normally use. He is a vampire slayer. He wants to get revenge on the vampire duke, Dumas, for taking away the woman he loved, Ellen. He has the terrennial of darkness, Nero, with him.

[spoiler]Lucian/Sartana , Lunar Knights[/spoiler]
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