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Anime Stupid Question


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Akira Toriyama lives, or we at otaku would hav heard about it somehow. If you expect to meet him, them I am sry, but it is not ganna happen. First, he lives in Japan. Second, you don't kno where in japan he lives. Lastly, do u believe that there would be other people who would hav the same ambition? U can't just walk into his house and say hello. He is not dead, but I do not think that any one here at otaku or anywhere else could prove that because it would be impossible to find him.

And please, don't sweat my avatar...
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[color=indigo]He is angry that you have the same avatar as him, I think, but Gohan is about to be a member so he'll probably chose his own soon enough....

And who knows if you went to Japan for a couple of years and stalked the right people you may run into Mr. Toriyama and then get thrown into jail...It would more likely be better to send him fan mail...just learn how to speak japanese and write charecters...[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by gotenssj6_2002 [/i]
IM sorry but i have to ask this!!!!!!!!!!
Is akira (i dont know the full name) the creator of dbz dead?
I hope he is not cause i wanna meet the greatest anime artist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [/B][/QUOTE]

I would have to agree with Gohan on that. there is no way you are going to meet him by just ging to Japan. We would have known and have said if he had died.
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