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Operation Black Betty

Mr. Blonde

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I'm currently working on an idea for a spy RPG set in Colombia in the mid 1980's concerning the cocaine trade. The characters will be attempting to bring down Pablo Escobar's notorious terrorist group M-19. We'll exam the casing and raiding of terrorist safe houses, the mental and physical ramifications of an agent delving into the criminal underworld and attempting to infiltrate a terrorist organization, and the dangers and unfamiliarity of urban warfare. The characters will be from a wide background, including:

D.I.A (Colombian Defense Intelligence Agency)
1st SFOD-D (a.k.a Delta Force)
Quero-El (A rival Bolivian terrorist group)

Among others..

I know this is vague but I'd enjoy feedback and to know if that sounds like something people could get on board for.
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I think this sounds interesting; at least, I don't think we've seen an RPG quite like this before.

My only concern/advice would be that this concept seems heavily based on real life situations. People who know little about these subjects or their histories may have difficulty getting into the idea.

So if you want to make an RPG based on real organizations and events, it may be a good idea to link to some resources about them (Wikipedia maybe).

This could be why the more fantasy-based RPGs do well; players may feel that they have more flexibility and they don't have to know as much info going in.

I would tend to try and keep it simple and provide some info/summaries to give writers a feel for the world you are creating. :catgirl: [/FONT]
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For me, this is a slam dunk of an idea, unfortunetly I thought that way about your down in Mexico RP (I still think that was a good idea.)

James is probably right on the reason that these don't do as well. You may be better off not mentioning the psychological aspect of it, as it may turn the casual RPer off. If you keep it to a set storyline, and make sure you make it perfectally clear what you're looking for in a poster and what you're expecting of them (not to strict because that's a turn off as well.)
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Well as far as the psychological aspects go; the poster wouldn't have to explain those neccesarily but I believe there would be psyhological repercussions to such an event unfolding all around that person. But I too believe James is probably right and this is far too realistic to take off. Maybe if I set this RP in the future and gave it a HALO sort of twist, that would eliminate the chance of any historical inaccuracies.

However it seems that people shy away from these heavy RPs...

My next RP will be about a team of carebears that duels with lollypops on top of a gumdrop mountain.. right.
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[quote name='Katakidoushi']
My next RP will be about a team of carebears that duels with lollypops on top of a gumdrop mountain.. right.[/QUOTE]

Now that's an RP for me, where do I sign up?:animesmil

I don't think you'd need to adjust anything like put it in the future or anything. I do think it'll take off given the right timing. Right now it seems like things are kind've dead in the theater, with people being away for one reason or another. I'd be all for throwing in my 2 cents if you'd want some input.
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I'll be beginning to put this idea together more early next week and get it on here within the next couple weeks hopefully. If you have any ideas feel free to PM me with them. And that goes for anyone, I won't promise I'll use them but I'll certainly take a look.

I think I will make this furturistic and that way I will be able to fabricate certain organizations (law enforcement and terrorist). I'm thinking the role of the terrorist leader (the Escobar) will be a role in the RP as well. Nothing is certain and I'm just spitballing at this point, so we'll see. Also... maybe it takes place in space? There could be a jungle type planet that manufactures the drug, like a "forest moon of endor" kind of thing, but with cocaine... We'll see.
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