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Art Looking for a free downloadable art program PLEASE HELP!!!


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okay, well I finally decided i HATE mspaint. After working with photoshop in school I realized how many fun and cool effects you can do with other programs. MSPaint is SOOOO limited. I've tried searching on my own, but I just don't know what exactly I'm trying to look for. I've never been good at google.

I would really REALLY appreciate it if any of you could take the time to suggest different programs letting me know how much they help you out.

Thanks for you time reading this plead for help


Please note: The reason I posted this here is because I'm sure many of you look often at this page rather to help pages. I know as to I'm one of those people. I also realize that many of you do have downloadable art programs.

Please don't yell at me or say anything rude to me. I only ask for guidence.
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