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What was the weirdest thing a family member of yours has done?

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What are some of the strangest thing a family member has done?

It was around midnight my dad got up way to early to go to work, not even paying attention to what time it was. He took his shower and everything half asleep. I was up I just thought he could sleep anymore, he had to get up an few hours any ways. He was about to go out the door when I asked if he was forgetting anything. He said no. I thought he would have notice the time by now but he didn't. So I finally told him to look at the clock, he was about 2 hours early to leave. I then went back in my room but yelled I thought people only forgot their pants in their dreams. My dad was about to go to work 2 hours early with just his work shirt and underwear. I had a good mind to let him go. I always wondered how someone could forget his pants.
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[color=#9933ff]Oh man, do we have enough space for every weird thing my brother, father, mother aunts, cousins and soon to be inlaws have done? Well I can try.

First off of course is my brother. The strangest thing that comes to mind for him is the time he stuck a fork in his head. He was sitting at dinner and just waved his arm around and the next thing we knew his fork was in his head. This of course is the same guy who while recovering from foot sugery was hanging out his bed room window to smoke a cigarette so our mom won't smell that he's smoking in the house.

Then there's my mom's younger sister. We went out to an Italian resturaunt for my grandfather's 80th birthday. My brother ordered spegghetti and meatballs and my aunt didn't hear him ask for the meatballs so she asked my brother if he wanted balls with that.:animeswea Needless to say we all cracked up at that one.

Finally for the last post I'll have to mention my soon to be (soon as in like three years) mother-in-law. The best one so far that I can remember my boyfriend telling me about her is the time she shut her jacket in the car hood then started yelling that she was stuck until one of my boyfriend's friends popped the hood. When she got back in the car she kept ranting about how she could have been stuck out there if they hadn't helped her and my boyfriend finally pointed out that she could have just taken off her jacket.

Well three down I have no idea how many to go[/color]
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[quote name='TimeChaser']The one thing I can think of off the top of my head was my uncle catching a couple of lizards and getting them to bite his ear lobes so he would have lizard earrings. :p[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="Sienna"]...................................what the heck?! That tops all posts so far. [/COLOR]
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Well... ( I don't have much of a family).
I went to the store & got some new soap. I really loved the scent. But when I bathed with it for the first time that night, as I was getting ready for bed, my cat jumped upon the bed and bit me. I got up, thinking she needed something, like water or food and when I got into the bathroom, she attacked my feet. I then sauntered back to bed, she followed me and didn't get on the bed, but slept on the floor all night long.
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[SIZE="1"]Fun fun.

My brother and his friend made a sandwhich of peanut butter and pickles when they were younger. He still enjoys them from time to time, lol.

I have one of me, but its kind of gross so bare with me, heh. I went out to eat with my mom and my brother to some Chinese restraunt. I was getting over a cold so you know, the nose is all "slimy". Anyway we started laughing about something, and the next thing you know snot is everywhere, which made us laugh even harder, and more snot ensued... The sound and sight was amazing, lol. There was one other man in there, who was unfortunetly sitting right behind us. I had to go outside because I was having a serious "issue". It was embarrsing, but funny all at the same time.

I have many more, once I remember them.[/SIZE]
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Well in the name of 'funny' I'll have to go ahead and tell one about me. It's really nothing strange, but it'll give you a little laught.

About 10 years ago me and my stepfather were gathering fallen limbs/grass clipings/leaves to burn. At this time we lived in the country surrounded by a field of 3 ft. grass. It had rained a couple days before, so my step dad had the idea to use a gallon of gas on this rather large brush pile. He was smart enough to make a 30 ft trail from the pile, not so smart as to have water on hand.

Well he did the honors of lighting the gas, so we stood their watching the flame go up the trail, kicking off small shockwaves of blue flame. The pile literally burst into flame, sending up a flame that was at leat 40 ft high. A shockwave that if standing much closer, would have floored us; and of course the field was on fire. My step father called for buckets of water, but I had a better idea. I went and grabbed the hose, I figured constant stream would beat bucket afte bucket.

I grabbed up the hose and sprinted as fast as my bony little legs woud go. About 15 feet from where we had been standing....I ran out of hose. Luckily though I had a nice tight grip, so instead of it falling out of my hands I witnessed my feet shooting in front of my body until I was lying down, 4 ft. off the ground. I'm actually on camcorder, since my mom was so kind as to videotape the incident from the house, saying that she wanted to be sure that if my stepfather killed anyone by starting that fire, she would have the evidence on tape.

Instead we have a tape, that looks so unreal if we sent it into america's funnies home videos, the experts themselves would swear we had messed with the tape.

After the fact, as I tried to pick up the pieces of my pride. My stepfather comes to me and says "I figured out what the problem was....that was a 5gallon can." yeah, I almost set the record for simultaneously slapping my forhead as my jaw slapped the ground.
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[COLOR="Sienna"]Another one!!!!!!!

Well, it happened on a Saturday. My sister had fallen asleep while watching Spongebob. After about 2 hours, it was time for her to go to bed. I woke her up and she got up and started walking towards the tv. I ddin't know she was still sleep.
Then she started trying to grab the screen of the tv and said
"I.........I have to get it. _______, let me get it! Stop, _____."
She continued grabbing for it when she finally walked back over to the couch and went back to sleep. My family and I were laughing, it was pretty gosh darn funny.

[SIZE="1"]Note, the blanks are my name. Security purposes, you know.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]I was rather young when this happened but the weirdest ever thing was my oldest brother. He's weird most of the time but this was really odd.

Basically there was all this noise at about two in the morning so me and the second eldest (who would have been about fourteen or fifteen at the time) went to see what was going on. Turns on Malc (oldest) was painting the living room yellow and black O_o. Needed new furniture and everything.

He got absolutely thrashed by my mother and although I was too young to understand what she was yelling at him I gather, in my older age, that he was probably on something... I'm guessing LSD >_<.

Nowadays the top weridos in my family are me, my dog and then the cat.[/size]
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