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RPG Rise of the Tiatans

Akieen Cloud

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]OCC: Sorry for the wait everyone, had some things to do.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Gaia looked down at the dismal planet that she commanded, it was so depressing since the last time she had lived and yet seemed angry at being ripped apart and defiled. She looked up as Zeus began to talk to them.
"The titans are on the move, we haven't been able to tell where they are at this moment but the fact that they are loose can not be dismissed."
Gaia shook her head, clueless as ever; she still listened besides that point.
"You will all be returned to your human states but your powers are now fully awakened. Go, I will make sure you all reside within a decent distance of each other."
Teela woke up and looked around seeing chaos.
"Decent as in the same apartment building? Convient."
She stood and looked at the shabby room and shrugged, it was decent considering that they were most likely going to die at the end of this battle nnyway. [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]
(I had a better one typed up but the power went out and I lost it)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Nyx grinned and watched Zues make his little speech. He was so cocky.* Ha! He is so pathetic, he has to rape everything that moves, and not even that. Even his own sister!* She frowned when she heard about the human thing. How the hell was she supposed to protect herself from the pervert if she was a human. Especially when her son wasn't around. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Raven awoke on a hard wooden floor. Looking around she saw Arion sleeping on the couch. She searched the dump that was her apartment and sighed. *Seriously! Were Gods and this is all we can come up with? * She hated it here. She longed to be free, to wander like she always did. She wanted to raom the woods in peace. No war, no death, just a peacefull serenity alone in the darkness... in the night. Unfortunetly she was stuck here, so she'll have to try.

She opened the window and smiled as the moon shone in on the room. She noticed a large spider on the windowsill and placed it on her hand. Walking over to Avian, she sat next to him on the floor and stroked her spider while she waited for him to awake.
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"Still looking to others for your dirty work eh brother?" Arion smirked. Zeus wouldn't give him the joy of responding out of anger. Arion had always been that way, he jumped on every mistake Zeus made. Zeus shoot him an angry gaze as he finished, which of course made Arion smile.

Sam woke up on a small couch, scanning the room of the dirty apartment he couldn't help scoff in disgust. "Remind you of home?" It was the voice of Nyx, out of all his fellow gods/goddess' she was his favorite; her powers of darkness and the night complimented his nicely. "If hades looked like this, I would have gladly given up my throne long ago."

Sam sat up and stretched, he had felt so free in Zeus' prescense in his old body. Now he was back as a human, powers or not it was disheartening. He had felt so free in his old body, if they survived this he would beg to get his old life back if he had to.
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Prometheus, now fully awaken felt an uncontrollable rage from the bottom of his once strong and staunch heart. The happiness he held for mankind was still there, despite all that had happened these many years, but his anger and fury was undeniable towards the gods.

"I can sense them all...leagues away...all except one...the demi, no, the human who saved me so long ago..." Prometheus thought placing his hand on his right side.

"Hercules...my friend...where could you be and Ray...where are you?" he continued looking about the city streets. He felt compelled for some reason to call out to Ray, but he couldn't fathom why.

"...I'm here..." a gentle female voice said from behind him. Prometheus turned around only to be met by the eyes of his wife, Ray.

"Ray, you talked to him a while ago didn't you..." Prometheus said a little harshly. Ray looked away from him, distress was clearly upon her face.

"Prometheus, the titans are done...their rule is over...and it saddens me to say this but...but..." she stopped as a few tears streamed down her now flushed face.

"....but I must die...is that what you were going to say Ray?" he replied stomping his foot into the ground, cracking the pavement.

"...yes...and I'm sorry for this...sorry as your wife and as your friend..." she weakly said dashing towards Prometheus with a large ball of blue light clutched in her hand.

"I'm sorry as well..." Prometheus whispered as his iron cuff's chains, with great destructive force, ravaged the streets and surrounding buildings eventually reaching Ray and suspending her in mid air. Thousands of chains retaining her.

"Goodbye Ray..." Prometheus said as he pointed two fingers at her chest producing a giant flash of bluish-white light straight threw her.

"I love you still and always will...Theus..." she said in her final breath as the chains retracted.

"Ray...I'll join you soon enough and love you like I should have, but until then...I shall shed the blood of the gods onto this world" Prometheus replied as he began to walk down the debris ridden street.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Teela sighed as boredom began to set in more and more til she couldn't take it anymore, she grabbed an old dusty black baseball cap from a nearby dresser and slipped it on her head, pulling it over her eyes she headed out when she heard a voice sound out behind her.
"Where are you headed Gaia?"
She turned and smiled slightly.
"Chaos, glad to see you decided to wake up."
He sat up and shrugged. She looked back at him now and folded her arms across her chest.
"I'm bored so I'm leaving this dump to see where we are."
She didn't wait for a response only left and walked out into the darkening world. She looked up and sighed again. Judging by the geographical nature of the area they were in England, she wasn't sure where. This was just great...[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Sam ran to the window, opened it and yelled for Gaia who was already out the front door. "Hey Gaia, pick us up some dinner will you I'm starving!" She shot him a look that even at that idstance could have killed.

Turning from the window Sam decided he'd try and catch up to her. She already had a head start, so Sam sprinted out the front door, turned in the direction Gaia went and ran down the street. He'd hoped to catch up, maybe she could give him some insight as to what exactally they were supposed to be doing.
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