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Writing The Reaper: The Brotherhood

Drizzt Do'urden

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Not many people know me by my real name. Hell, anymore I can't say I know my real name. Its been over 200,000 years since I've even heard my name uttered. Instead I'm known as the Reaper, Grim Reaper, and possibly my personal favorite Reaper of Souls.

That last one was uttered for the first time when I was seen taking Alexander the Great so many years go. He receieved more attention then a certain man god who was killed for your "sins". Sins....that always makes me laugh. Even to this day, it seems so ludacris that you are given the right to do whatever you please and still get into heaven. Yet I still cart millions of souls to the underworld each year.

Taking millions of people each year isn't very difficult. Not many people are sent off the old way. No mourning for days on end, then cremation, no its not done like that. I can just go to a funeral home, morgue, or even wait till the soul leaves the body when its buried underground; then its an easy grab the body and leave. No my job couldn't have been easier, that is until that fateful day.

If the souls wait to long, they roam free and become a pain in my ass. They get the chance to run, and oh boy do they run. Even the ones who are going to heaven run, the earthly body you're given has such appeal to you. It would be so much easier if I didn't have to do all the leg work, if Satan and God would just fight it out.

That's not what this story is about, no this story is about a group of people that call themselves "The Paladin Brotherhood". The self-righteous sons of bitches came about when i took their leader, that smug bastard named Isaac Paladin's father (yes he changed his name to Paladin to assert himself as leader, can you say full of himself?). Issac's family had an odd ritual of sitting with the body for days and days on end. I won't tell you how many nights until the soul wriggles free; you'll have to find that out on your own. Anyways, the whole family sat with the body for days and days on end. Finally I couldn't wait even a moment longer. I tried sneaking in when the familiy was asleep, but of course little Isaac was awake.

He alerted the family to the "intruder", poor little bastard didn't realize the power that his "god" has given me. Right there I reaped the whole family, in front of Isaac's eyes to took his father, mother, brother, grandmother, and several cousins. I was all set to get that little bastard, but he snuck out during the fray and the one thing I can't do is find the living.

I finally go the chance again when Isaac died 50 years later, little did I know that Isaac and his "brotherhood" had taken advantage of the technological advances of the early 2000's and created an artificial body for Isaac. When I went to reap him, his soul had wiggled out early and into that body. I had to fight him, needless to say I lost. Isaac tortured me for years inside his prison, he'd developed a whole arsenal of spirit world technology that held the ability to destroy.

This is the story of my battle with Isaac and his brotherhood. The time in which there was no death, and mankind made its worst decision to date. They attempted to kill god himself.........

Well this is the first installment of my short story "The Reaper". I'd be glad to hear what you think of it. I'm thinking its only going to be around 10-15 chapters. Each about as long as this one, if its well enough recieved I'll either put up the next installment. I'm thinking maybe a series of short stories.
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?You know you can?t kill me Isaac. You?re just?.? Everything went black as it usually does. Isaac had developed quite the little chamber of horrors. I was the guest of honor; the whole chamber was built just for me. Oddly enough there was what seemed to be the remains of freshly deceased mortals, apparently Isaac was testing the world; trying to find out if death still existed without, well without death.

What Isaac and many other people don?t realize is I do the world a service. The overcrowding of souls creates a real problem for mankind. The wandering spirits gain power overtime, and I don?t just mean the power to materialize or manipulate small objects. In just four months of living in the mortal world the spirit will have accumulated enough energy to do practically anything they want. Their powers begin to materialize, depending on their personality, and other factors, they can manipulate objects as large as a bus. Some can manipulate their energy into attacks that can kill mortals; still others can manipulate the elements themselves.

These are the spirits that must be destroyed; the ones that I have the most difficulty with. These are the spirits Isaac Paladin and his band of misfits want to keep around. Their plan is to raise enough spirits, capture them, and use their energy to reveal god and destroy heaven. Then with the power of god captured in their little energy cells, they plan on then going after hell; making them the ?gods? of everything. Of course they tell the press they?re just a simple spirit hunting society, of course nobody but me and the ?brothers? have seen Isaac since his death. His metal body that runs on pure spirit energy, energy that is capable of destroying souls, time is now running out.

?Wake up!? I can hear his voice, but I don?t respond. Whether I wake up or not he?s going to hit me with a blast of spirit energy. ?Wake up you son of a bitch, we have things to talk about!? I open my eyes. This is a different tactic; normally he would have hit me with spirit energy time and time again, testing his new body, seeing what kind of power his suit as evolved. I open my eyes and see Isaac standing there, his body looks just like his human body, though on the inside it was cold and hard.

?I?m going to ask you the same question we?ve been working on for three years now.? His breath is minty fresh, it?s disgusting. ?Where is your scythe?? Isaac is like the rest of humanity; he thinks that the scythe is my signature weapon. What he doesn?t know is the scythe is just what I want it to be. During the rise of Rome I worked a lot of overtime, the scythe you all know was a scimitar. It can become whatever I fancy, the same goes for my appearance. The robed omnipotent figure you all know and hate is just what I?ve been favoring lately. When I?m at my palace in the underworld, I usually favor my original appearance. I look just like a mortal, my natural appearance is about six feet tall, pretty skinny. I keep my hair shorter, slightly parted to the right.

?We?ve already been through this Isaac. This cannot go on, god will intervene and destroy you himself.? That got him fired up alright. ?I am god you shadow crawling coward. I will be a god people can see and believe in for that reason, and I won?t employ a single spirit to do my reaping. No I will do it myself, in the open unafraid of what simple people think!?

?That?s enough Isaac, just do it already. You know I?m not giving up my scythe.? That did it, he hit me with a blast so powerful it rendered me unconscious instantly. He was getting stronger, which marked he would probably be able to kill me in another couple of years. Little did I know that my own prophecy would be coming true soon.
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Its dark, I can?t see anything. Isaac likes it that way, he thinks it creates an ominous atmosphere that will frighten me and keep me in line. Funny how it?s never crossed his mind that I live in hell' which has always bewildered me. You see at the beginning of time God gave Adam and Eve eternal life. They were to live in Eden for eternity, but they threw that away thanks to Satan. Well after that, god revoked that privilege; instead they were given a set amount of time to prove their love for him. Well god of course has the power to do my job himself, but due to certain celestial rules he cannot leave heaven whenever he wishes; so in order for him to do the ?reaping? he would have to take groups of people at once. This would also give rise to even more souls coming to hell since nobody would ?believe? or have ?faith? they would know; and knowing isn?t the same as having faith.

God, instead, created me to solve this problem. Though I?m a mere guest here in hell, and hold no true power, I have a very nice palace and minions of my own. Of course that?s nice, but I would much rather live in heaven. I guess god knew that more souls than not would be damned, so he wanted me to live close to where I work.

Well I?m done rambling, back to what happened. Isaac had miscalculated the effect of the dark on me. Instead of restricting me, it actually increases my power. Of course this doesn?t matter due to the effects of Isaacs?s technology, in this room. Spirit power is contained, so no matter how strong I am I can do nothing. I was none the less amazed when the lock suddenly turned and without any warning the door flew open. A man walks in, a soldier of Isaac, and yet not. ?Reaper, I?ve been sent to get you out of here.? It?s literally the voice of god coming from this man.

Exiting the room, I hold my hands above my head. In a brilliant flash of light the majestic sword that I was given to ?reap? with appears in my hand. Yes I said sword, it was this sword that guarded Eden for so many years as a giant flaming sword in the sky. It was this sword that I changed into the scythe you all know and fear; it is this sword that will gut that worthless son of a bitch that held me in here for so long.

So that?s my story so far, yes I know its an odd place to tell a story from, but the real story is about to start?..
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“Oh it feels wonderful to be free again,” I think to myself as I exit the holding area. There’s almost enough time to enjoy it before I encounter my first “problem”. A single guard stands watch at the entrance to the room. There’s something you don’t know, that I probably should explain before continuing. You see I’ve been given an array of nifty powers, the one in particular that I find most useful is my ability to move throughout the time continuum at a much quicker pace than any mortal, that is any mortal without the brotherhood’s suits that create radius around them in which my enhanced ability becomes useless. This poor soul, isn’t wearing his like a good soldier; maybe poor soul isn’t right, he was lucky enough to not see me coming up behind him. No poor soul is right, my blade didn’t make it cleanly through him, and he wasn’t given a very quick death. Apparently my powers haven’t made a full return yet, oh well.

You may be thinking now, “How are you going to get his soul to where it’s going?” Well that’s a good question; in a nutshell any soul that I use my sword on is destroyed. Yes I said destroy, another of my ‘divine’ powers. This nasty death is only reserved for the souls that give me a particularly hard time tracking down or of course on one of Isaac’s fellow “brothers”.

Thinking that it may be a good time to leave before I get caught when my powers are so weak still, I attempt a simple teleport back home. Unfortunately I once again underestimate Isaac’s technological advances and am stopped short. My attempt sets off a multitude of alarms all around me, apparently there are some sort of spirit detectors around, now I’m really pissed.

I poke my head out the door and glance around both directions. The other guards haven’t rounded the corner yet, just enough time to work up a distraction. I run back to the jail room where the unconscious body of the guard that was divinely possessed is lying very still, you would mistake him as dead if you didn’t know that being divinely possessed cannot harm you, unlike of course what I’m about to do. I stand over the body, closing my eyes and mumbling the language of the ancients; and just to clarify when I say ancients I mean the language lost in time. No I don’t mean Latin; I mean the language of the time before the great tower of Babel fell, a language that only those who were there before, and were spared the fate of the mortals remember.

I always hate doing this; my body feels like it’s ripped in two as it begins to fade. I’m transferred via an incredibly bright blue light. To an onlooker, I could imagine it’s a very beautiful thing, I hate it. The pain is unimaginable, but I always assume it would be something like giving birth to a fifteen pound baby, literally ripping you in half.

When it’s finally over, which seemed like minutes but was only a few seconds I look down to my new body. It’s slow, clunky, and the worst is my powers are useless to me as long as I’m wearing this skin suit. The good thing, however, is that this mans soul is gone. Destroyed as his brothers was, except he’s left me my escape in his death.

I exit the room just as the other guards make it, they definitely wouldn’t receive any awards for performance. One looks at me in a funny way, probably wondering how I escaped death. “Justin, where’s the reaper?” I rub my head and point down the corridor, the only thing that worries me is my acting; I’ve never been real strong. “I think he turned down that way, I’m not sure what happened.” He looks at my head which is bleeding pretty badly, I said divine possession itself couldn’t hurt you, I didn’t say a fall after the fact couldn’t.

“Get yourself to the infirmary, how’s Jason?” Hopefully he was referring to the other guard. “Didn’t make it, the damn reaper has his scythe. It appeared after he broke through the door.” Damn, they would never doubt Isaac’s spirit energy reducing technology. “Broke through? Damn looks like father has some work cut out for him.” Yes he said father, starting to see how vein that dirt bag is?

They run off in the direction I’m assuming is the way of the exit. “Hold on sir, I’m coming along. That bastard killed Jason and I won’t let him get away with it.” I run off to catch up to the group, I’ll lag behind for awhile so nobody will talk to me. These guys are determined; it always makes me a little sad to kill Isaac’s lackeys. They think he is sent messages from god himself, he’s convinced half the free world of that fact, but I like to think of it as I’m saving them from hell because some of them don’t deserve that, but it’s their only other alternative. I tell myself that, but honestly it’s probably because I’m too lazy to escort them all to the boatman. I see a sign that says exit flashing up ahead after a few short moments, hopefully its an exit I can teleport from and regroup.

Isaac has already grown more powerful than I ever would have thought, before it was a nice thrill dodging him and his many traps. Now he’s become too powerful to contain, so I must stop him. I’m just not so sure how.


This is my first story told from a first person perspective, and I’m not so sure how I’m doing. I think the story itself is good, I’m just not so sure about how I’m telling it. If anyone could give me some advice to improve this I would appreciate it.
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Wowzers!!! You're doing a great job telling the story from first person! It's going excellent so far and your creativity is just awesome! I wouldn't say it needs improvement, however, here's a [URL="http://writing-novels.suite101.com/article.cfm/writing_in_first_person"]link[/URL] that'll help a little in writing first person. You're probably not planning to write a novel, but just in case. Again, you don't need improvement, but if you think you really need it, you can check the link out. :animesmil[/COLOR]

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"Damn that bastard's smart" I mumble to myself, it seems as though Isaac had already prepared for my doppelganger type escape. Just past the doors that lead to my ?exit? is an airlock looking thing that even I can tell is a spirit energy detector. One at a time the guards walk in, the doors slam shut behind and in front of them. There is then a blue light emitting from the cracks in the door; it looks like I have to find another escape route.

I glance to my right down the hallway where just my luck, a spirit is wondering around. ?Thanks, I owe you one.? I know that god must have tripped some of the other cells in the jail area, letting loose the other souls Isaac had trapped. ?There he goes!? I don?t wait for the rest of the group to acknowledge me; I just bolt down the hallway in pursuit. The less time I spend with those mortals, the less likely they are to notice I?m not who I?m trying to be.

The spirit leads me on a marry chase, I think for just a moment about bursting out of my shell and destroying him. It?s a hard habit to break; you try reaping every soul ever created and not have it become second nature to you. I resist the urge though and continue my pursuit, all the time hoping and praying he?s under divine influence, and I?m not just chasing my tail.

It?s amazing how many things go your way with god on your side. I come upon a window to what appears to be an exercise yard. The walls are incredibly high, and I?m sure made out of pure Iron. Iron is a medium that spirits cannot pass through, but the spirits they allow to freely roam out here are allowed this time I?m sure because they don?t have the ability to fly like I do; no wonder they never let me out to play with the other prisoners.

The door has no handle, but an access card slot. Now what are the odds that this particular guard is one privileged enough to have a card key? Remember what I said about having god on your side, so of course he did. I quickly scan it, with a whir and a couple clicks of mechanical locks freeing, the door slides open giving me my escape.

I can?t deny it; even though I enjoy spending my free time in my underworld abode, the sun on my face feels amazing. I even allow myself a half second pause to just enjoy it before I rip out of the body I took over. I?ll spare you the details, but as I said earlier that when I enter a body I destroy the soul. Now when I exit the body, that?s when it?s destroyed; or rather blown apart. I never took the time to learn how to dematerialize myself inside a mortal shell; I guess I never saw the point since the soul is already gone?

Outside I call out my sword incase of any resistance and begin my ascension over the wall. I wish I could say I move at the speed of light when I fly, but unfortunately it?s not much faster than my ?accelerated? speed I move at normally. Still near Isaac?s facility, however, I?m affected by whatever sort of nasty machine he has that restricts this ability, so I?m stuck flying at the speed a normal human runs.

As I figured about the time my body cleared the wall was about the time somebody spotted me. Every alarm in the place went off no more than a second after I was spotted; apparently during my captivity Isaac?s crew had developed another nasty toy. A new siren that was capable of producing an ear splitting tone, which is ear splitting if you are a spirit. The force of the sound wave killed my concentration, and in a second I was plummeting to the ground. I know what you?re thinking, ?well that won?t hurt you; you?re the Grim Reaper.? All I have to say about that train of thought is ?Shut the hell up!? I do indeed feel mortal pain, and though I won?t break any bones from the eighty foot drop; I will hurt like hell from it.

Luckily I?m not too disoriented to stand up, or run for that matter. I start to cross the field that lies outside of the compound, as I finally get near a distance where I can think a blur shoots by me at a speed equivalent of mine. The thing stops on a dime, and then turns and faces me. It?s exactly what I fear it is; it?s Isaac.

?I see you?ve upgraded a bit eh?? The last time I saw Isaac in that prison cell earlier today he was in a body that looked just like his humanly body. Fake skin, muscle, hell probably fake blood running through the veins was what he used. Apparently that had only been for show, because this thing in front of me couldn?t even be classified as human. It had a human head, Isaac?s head to be precise. The body was that of a body builder who spent his life on muscle beach, except for the fact that it was about 12 feet tall. Apparently he liked the fact that it resembled a human because he still went with the fake skin thing; it was easy to tell by looking, however, that there was no fake muscle underneath. This thing was all machine baby.

Upon further investigation, the head wasn?t what I thought it was. It was Isaac?s head all right, but it had two small matching machines sticking out of each temple. The arms, while appearing to be that body builder look, had things that looked like small canisters underneath the skin in the forearms. The legs were covered so I was unable to examine them any further. It looked like our battle was going to come sooner than later.

I brought my sword up, though I rarely ever have to use my combat skills. Every once in awhile we?ll hold a tournament in hell, every year I win. So I?m fairly certain if I can beat demons that have lived for thousands of years, I can beat a human no matter what kind of machine he?s wearing. Sure he beat me the first time we squared off, but that doesn?t count since his little minions got involved and started hammering me with lead bullets, remember spirit can?t pass through lead, so lead can?t pass through us.

He doesn?t even say a word; with nobody around he doesn?t feel the need to sound heroic. We lock blades; sparks are thrown everywhere, I won?t deny that I enjoy the thrill. Isaac kicks me in the chest, sending me reeling backwards. Unfortunately for him we?re far enough away that his little machines at the facility aren?t affecting me so I?m right back on him. I feint a forward slash, and when he tries to parry I break into a spin bringing my blade straight at his head. He ducks at the last second, and comes up with an uppercut that lands straight in my ribs. The pain is instant and excruciating. I?m not without my tricks though; as soon as the shock subsides I lash out with a kick that lands in his chest. It was all for show though, I use my planted foot as a pivot point an spin myself into a kick that hits home straight in his head.

I roll onto my feet and am met with a sword coming straight at my face, sure he can?t kill me. There?s no way that he?s going to knock me out and drag me back into that facility until he can though. I managed to duck it, spin and before I know it the opening I?ve been looking for. My sword rushes for his neck, there?s no time for him to dodge and it connects. Unfortunately for me, it bounces right off. ?I guess I upgraded a little more than you thought eh?? that sissy nasally voice he possess, god I hate it.

Though I?m startled I don?t give him an opening, we?re back to crossing swords. Slash, parry, thrust, he starts gaining ground on me. A lot of ground, and I?m not up to full strength yet. Finally he goes for the knock out blow, he swings his blade with all his might at my midsection, I parry and we?re locked. He moves so our blades are crossed right in front of my face. ?Want to see another trick?? The arrogant bastard exclaims with a tone of victory in his voice. One of those cylinders makes a noise on his sword arm, and instantly I?m sent airborne. Nothing but the scent of gunpowder up my nostrils, I land hard on my side. I have absolutely no strength left; he zapped it all out of me with that cylinder full of lead shot. He slowly makes his way to me; I grab my blade and thrust it into the ground. I mumble a few words, knowing that this type of teleport technique could land me anywhere in the world, but I don?t care, just want out of here.

Everything goes dark as the last drop of energy leaves my body, I know the teleport worked. I just hope I?m not back where I started??
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]:animesmilYou're a great writer! You are doing excellent with writing in first person and the story is just amazing! Keep up the great work and update on a regular basis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR]
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Screams?Screams of agony, screams of death, screams of the damned. I awake in what seems to be something resembling New York City. Well better yet, a combination of hell and New York City. I stand up, my head spinning like a Tilt-a-Whirl. How quickly I sober up when I see what?s around me. People fleeing the streets from what though? I begin a slow, limping trek in the opposite direction the people are running. They?re dirty, their clothes are torn, and some are bleeding so heavily they should not be able to stand. Something is scaring them they?re actually dying while running.

I grab the first one to come near; it?s a young man who couldn?t be older than 16 years old. ?What is going on?? I ask, trying to instill fear. It?s futile I know, but in his state I doubt he?ll answer. Apparently the fear of being slowed down, allowing whatever?s coming this way a chance to catch up is just enough. ?The Paladins...They...They are going crazy. Killing everyone they see, saying it?s time for their total solution. Let me go man, I have to catch up to my family.?

I drop the boy, he runs in the direction he was running in the first place. I?m not near strong enough to take Isaac out, but a few of his lackey?s won?t be a problem. ?Isaac you crazy son of a bitch; I knew this is what you were up to. I just never knew you could ever pull it off.?

I walk around the corner of the building nearest me. I almost drop my jaw when I realize what it is. It?s the remnants of the Empire State building. Only a couple stories of rubble lie where the once tallest building in New York stood. As I walk, the crowd is still coming like a tsunami. Just like the waves they knock each other down, running from a fate they think they can escape. The smart ones, the ones who have accepted their fates take shelter in the rubble of the surrounding buildings. I?m starting to doubt I?ll be ready to face whatever can cause this type of destruction, but its time to find answers if anything.

The crowd starts to thin; I?m getting close. The air itself smells like blood and burnt hair and flesh. Whatever it is, is right around the corner; what?s strange though, there is no noise other than the screaming and the pounding of feet.

I round the corner and am frankly not surprised. I had prepared myself for just this scenario. A mechanical beast stands in the center of the street. Fifty to sixty feet tall the beast stood on six mechanical legs. It resembled, well I?m not sure what it resembled. Its body was a large cylinder; even I can tell it?s a holding tank of sorts. It?s ?head? was just a simple box type cockpit with the ?pilots? in plain sight. Beams of energy blasted from the antenna type attachments on the cockpit. I watch as one of the beams leap from the head and strike a person.

I have to give Isaac credit for his efficiency. I can see the soul immediately being ripped from the person?s body. It enters the antenna which I can see now has some sort of tube, would you like to bet what its made out of? The soul travels down the tube into the holding tank where it probably goes to the same facility I was in just a few hours before.

It?s not hard to see the antenna pointing in my direction. Away from the time constricting powers of Isaac?s facility it?s easy for me to dodge the beam. I sidestep and make my way towards the creature. I slowly draw my blade, making as big a show as I can. I want these bastards to know who I am and where they?re going. I must admit I should have known something was up when I didn?t see the fear of approaching doom.

I dash at the closest leg, set on cutting the beast down to my level. I leap in the air, moving for what I assume would be the thing?s knee. My sword glows with power, I figure this thing is made out of something similar to what Isaac?s new body was, so I charge it up with everything I have. Unfortunately bad luck isn?t a one and done deal, god must?ve had something better to do because he?d left me high and dry more than once now. My blade bounces off sending me into a spin, just as I figured.

?Time for plan B I suppose? I can?t suppress the sigh that escapes my lips. I?m still tired from this whole day, and I just can?t bring myself to want to do this. I leap up, planting my foot on the ?ankle? of the thing. Next I leap to the knee I tried cutting through a moment ago; next up is the ball joint that connects the legs. One more big leap and I?m up to the top of the holding tank; even through the lead of the tank I can feel the souls moaning around. Though they are not made of traditional matter, they do feel cramped just like you do, and I?m sure they?re not happy right now.

Halfway to the head one of the pilots bursts out of a hidden hatch, firing a laser that?s the same color as what comes out of the antenna. It hits me with of course no affect. It?s set to the wavelength of a typical soul, which of course I am not. I slowly make my way to him, considering for a moment letting him live.

Of course that?s against my nature, and he?s not going to hell, he?s being destroyed. Just like they all will, the only one getting the gift of eternal life is Isaac. He of course will be juggled between Satan?s eternal torture, and my special brand of vengeance. I dash at the man; easily slicing threw the soft meat of his neck, and the thin vertebrae.

After cleaning my blade, I?m sort of OCD when it comes to a clean blade, I make my way for the head. Of course the pilot has sealed himself in thinking that I can?t break through the lead composite of the head, and he?d be right of course. What he didn?t figure in is the fact that I?m not coming in through the head. I get a grip on the small notch where the glass meets the lead, swinging myself backwards I slam into the glass. Its shatter proof, but I?m a little stronger than the typical human. The glass easily shatters under my weight.

Before he can move, I grab the man and put my blade to his throat. I can now see that fear in his eyes I?d been longing for, ?What is the final solution you are working on?? Of course he doesn?t readily answer; he?s going to ?heaven? thanks to Isaac?s teachings. I continue on, ?let me tell you something about your ?teacher?. You may think you?ll go to heaven dying for his sins, but if you?re killed by this blade you will be gone forever.?

I throw him down and sever a finger, he watches as it instantly catches on fire. I wouldn?t have left that fact out with the first victim, but his body fell to the ground out of my sight. He watches his finger burn, too frightened by his new knowledge to continue. ?If I tell you, I?ll go to heaven?? I nod; hey I?m not all bad. ?Isaac wants us to kill every living person in the world. That way he?ll create a world in which he?ll rule.? It was so obvious, I pretty much figured as much; I just wanted to get some validation before I plan.

His eyes grow large, and then burst into burning jelly as I thrust the blade into his heart. Hey I man not be all bad, but when I make a promise I stick too it and Isaac is the only one I kill who will be able to have life after death.

As I feel the warmth of the burning body it gives me an idea, if my blade isn?t strong enough. I?ll have it re-forged; I am in a hurry now and have two stops. I look to the sky, close my eyes, and thrust my blade into the ground. There?s only one person with a material strong enough to upgrade my blade, and he doesn?t give favors out often. The cockpits starts to shake, becomes the constituency of water, and as it melts away so do I.
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The place I emerge in isn?t much better then the one I left. The milky, cloudy atmosphere is considered ?paradise? to some, but to me it?s nothing more then smoke and mirrors used to mask the truth behind this place. The truth being that you slave away your whole life to get here; when in reality you?re just doing the bidding of an ?omnipotent? being who gets his thrills out of denying many people who truly deserve to be here, a place.

I look up and see the gates. They?re just what the media makes them out to be, immeasurably tall. So tall in fact they seem to disappear in the clouds above. I quickly cut to the head of the line; yes there is a line in heaven. It is also immeasurable in length. I would venture to say there are probably 200,000 people waiting here. All of which I either brought here personally, or were forced to come by means of a few spirit spells I?m capable of using.

As usual blind old St. Peter tries to stop me from entering. If I came more often I would probably be a little irritated, but my visits are very few and far between. ?Who is this insolent fool who tries to hurry up his entrance into eternal paradise?? On the outside he is just a senile old fool who takes his job way to seriously; however, on the inside he is a senile old fool who has the capabilities to skip the judgment and send any soul that disobeys the rules straight to a fiery eternity.

?It is I St. Peter, the Reaper of souls? I dare not make a move, though I could probably best him and destroy him; god would not take kindly to me destroying one of his favorites. ?Ahh Reaper, it?s been some time. God told me to give you this and to wish you luck.? He pulls a mess of metal out from under his robes, it?s what I was here to get. I had thought I would have a little more trouble obtaining it. ?Does he not want to meet with me and tell me why he let me rot in that cell for so long before stepping in??

All of heaven grew dark before my eyes. The souls awaiting their final judgment dropped to their knees convinced it was the end for them. Suddenly a booming voice was heard, a voice I recognized, but a voice that actually destroyed two or three unlucky souls who ventured a look at him. ?Reaper! You above all others should know that I do nothing without purpose. You will understand when you are meant too and no sooner.?

I start to raise protest, but it?s too late. The ground opens up beneath me. A dark crack turned black abyss in the white marble floors so fast I had no chance to move. I find myself tumbling, tumbling, down further and further into the blackness. I know where I?m going; it was my next stop anyways. This particular person I?m too deal with will meet me in person, and I already know what he?ll want. He?ll want me to diminish all rights to the souls I?ve taken for myself, and all his minions returned. I?ll have no choice but to oblige him, though it sickens me so.

Even though I?m going to be losing my variable kingdom I have created over the years, I?ll begin restocking it after I deal with Isaac. In all honestly I?m keen on the idea of having an all paladin servant team. Though I?ll probably have to destroy most of them before getting another shot at Isaac. He?s not stupid after all; he knows I?ll be back and packing some serious heat.

Speaking of which, I apparently am getting close to my destination. The all to familiar scent of brimstone fills my nose. Most would be gagging by now, but for me it is somehow?comforting.
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[QUOTE]The all to familiar scent of brimstone fills my nose. Most would be gagging by now, but for me it is somehow?comforting.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]I absolutely love this part!!!!!!! You're a great writer! I can't wait to see what happens next!!! Update soon!!!!!:catgirl:[/COLOR]
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[B]~First off I need to apologize for this taking so long. My computer feel victim to a virus during the busiest season at work, so now I'm restricted at work and I have no comp at home. I'll try and get back to posting two times a week, but it will probably only be on Saturday's for awhile. I hope you enjoy this next part of it, its not my favorite but I couldn't wait any longer.[/B]

It wasn?t very long into my descent that the soothing combination of smells filled my nostrils. Brimstone, burning flesh, and the oh so sickening sweet scent of sulfur. One thing I?ve hated since I started this was the free fall from heaven. For some reason I?m yet to uncover a power that will allow me to teleport from heaven elsewhere. It?s easy enough to teleport around the earth by focusing my energies through my blade when it?s buried in the ground. Even getting to heaven is easy this way since the ?highway? that I send the souls on is connected to the earth itself, but the ?highway? is a one way street and not even I can use the connection in reverse.

No instead I?m free-falling a countless number of miles to the earth, and then I have to go through the earth. I?ve been accused of being hard headed before, but I tell you this crosses the line a bit. As my descent nears the end the drop starts to ease up; apparently god doesn?t want me breaking my face on Satan?s floor. I?m hoping this means he?s on my side, but more the more likely explanation is that he doesn?t want to make a mess and piss Satan off.

I slow so much that the last hundred yards or so is just a walking pace down; which is quite remarkable. Even I don?t get this view of hell, and I must say I like it. You can see every fire pit, torture house, and even the lake of fire that most occupants enjoy?.or rather most occupants are put here would be the better choice of words.

Straight below me is Satan?s main palace. Apparently God?s plan is to stick me right in the center and hope I?m not unannounced or this is really going to suck.

Luckily for me it appears I am a planned guess, not that this will make it suck any less though. Satan has always had it out for me. Divine blessing, reap and destroy souls, and get the perks of having my own sub-kingdom with none of the torture, and the best perk is I have free movement between all three realms; though getting back from heaven as I mentioned earlier leaves a lot to be desired.

As I land softly on the floor in the center of the courtyard I immediately draw my blade and prepare to destroy a few demons. They amazingly enough back off and go back to work patrolling the perimeter; protecting the castle from a force that will never come.

As always he enters in a fantastic manner. Now I don?t mean fantastic as in a good thing, I mean showy, wasteful, boastful, basically everything you hate in a cocky guy at a bar, just a side note: those guys are my favorite. They?re the ones that pick a fight they can?t win and I get to reap them after they just got their assess kicked.

Just in front of me there is an explosion, followed by another, and yet again another. Glorious explosions that show flames in every color of the spectrum, finally ending in jet black flames that stay hovering over the ground. The heat from these black flames makes me cringe; sure I spend a lot of time in hell, but not all the time so I?m never exposed to Satan?s black flame. It?s said that the black flame is hot enough to burn God himself. Satan steps out of them unscathed and impressive. Unlike God, Satan takes pride in how others perceive him. Just like me he can transform into anyone he wants to be, except his powers go further. He can transform himself into a creature, or any combination of them. In his current form I can?t decide what animals he?s chosen. Satan stands at least 10 ft tall with the build of a Mr. Universe candidate. Well other than the fact that his skin is the color of a human body that just lost its skin. His legs end in hooves that are either horse hooves or giant goat hooves. His hands are human, but boast bear like claws each razor sharp. He does indeed have horns coming out of his head, sometimes as big as longhorns; this time, however, he choose amore modest pair of 6 or 7 inch horns jutting from his forehead. Before I can finish checking out his latest form he begins speaking with the voice that shakes the very foundation of his kingdom.

?Reaper, what business do you have here?? I leave my sword drawn, but reach into my cloak and bring forward the metal St. Peter handed me just moments before. The inevitable explosion of anger springs outward like a snake that had been coiled up for hours. The force itself is enough to cause me to slide about a foot or so backwards; I can?t honestly say I?m not impressed.

?You would be the one to wield the Divine Diamond?? His voice booms, it now seems sad which means any second acid rain will start falling from the ceiling; never figured out why hell responds to Satan?s emotions in this way. It is nice to finally know what I hold in my hand is none other than the Divine Diamond. The metal, well rather mineral, that is so strong it can literally cut through the bars on the gate into heaven.

?You?re lucky Reaper. I could take that from you, make my own blade, and storm into heaven. Alas, your enemy Isaac has grown too powerful. He has just perfected his technology and is now able to see the spirit realms and all in them. This ability has given him insight into how to kill us?.your enemy is now our common enemy.? I can?t believe it, in a matter of a day Isaac is strong enough to actually kill souls, and that means me included.
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