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War of Strife

Muuh Puar

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Warning: This thread may contain mature language, violence, sexual content, the works. If this offends you, please don't stay on this thread. If you can't just leave, please message me about any thing you have a problem.

[SIZE="1"]The war has ravaged the land of man for far too long. Before, it was a war of man between man. Their petty differences and needs kept them from finding peace between one another. Only now, that a larger and threat arises to overcome them all, have they decided to rally together. The leaders of their lands are simple minded and tyrannical. They would sacrifice their own men, just to keep themselves alive and rich.

But not all is lost in the world of man. I can see those who will shape the future. They are hidden for now, but soon, quite soon, the will bring a new order of men. What shall befall them, I can not see. I only see the few that can shape it, not who will reign supreme between them. My vision of man has been consumed by one in particular. He is one that rides west, to the lands of his origins.

On the other front of this war, there is sheer desperation. The Werewolves have had to ally themselves with their former slave masters. After a decade of freedom their only way to survive is to seek help from the Vampire empire. Their king has had to make a unwanted move on his part. Now that humans have hunted his ilk till only one of their 8 mighty cities remains standing. He has had to wage a war in which he knows is not for the benefit of the lands of man, vampire, or lycan.

The elements stir as well. They have always been docile, but as of late, some have become more violent, seeking fights. The Beast-men have also been on the move, moving to the edges of the forests and lakes, to provoke a human attack. These hostilities have been not only odd, but… unnatural.

The Elves have not been able to find a cause for these attacks. They at first thought it was the doing of the High Shamans and their Necromancy, but in their search, they have told the Centaurs and I of what they have found. These things are far too horrible to even write. We have all agreed, thou, that the Necromancers have no part in the savagery of the elements and beasts. I must leave my noble hosts, these mighty Centaurs, and search for what is causing these oddities. I will first visit the Cities of the Undead. They will know if anything unnatural is causing this unrest.

The world is in a dark time. I can only see that heroes will emerge. What their resolve is… I can only hope for the best.

Now, choose your side.

[B]Name:[/B] [Pretty Self-explanatory. Any name will do, so don’t feel too confined.]

[B]Age and Gender: [/B][How old your character is and what gender they are… no hidden questions.]

[B]Race & Class:[/B] [Your choice between human, vampire, werewolf, elemental, undead, necromancer, elf, beast-man, or centaur. If you choose undead or necromancer, please specify what race they were before they became which race they are now. Also, please choose your class in your race. Is your character a prince, a peasant, an Alpha in their pack, an Elder of the Forest, a High Shaman of the Necromancers, or such. More info will be available on the background page.]

[B]Alignment:[/B] [Are they good, evil, self-sufficient, or do they listen to their races’ elders no matter what they say? Your choice.]

[B]Company:[/B] [Does your character travel in a group or do they brave the world alone? If they travel in a group, give a brief description of who travels with them, including race and weaponry.]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [Just a little description of what your character looks like. The more, the better. If you have a picture, put it up. If you only have words, talk your character up. If you want to do both, totally do it.]

[B]Personality:[/B] [A brief description of your character’s personality for the others out there. Wouldn’t do much good if we didn’t know what you were like.]

[B]Weapons/Magic:[/B] [Please select a weapon to use. If your character can use magic, please give a brief list of what you can do. Remember, you don’t have to use a weapon or magic right off the bat, and you can always decide to pick up something new along the way.]

[B]Writing Sample:[/B] [Please write a small segment in which we can see your character in the world they live in. It can be an action scene, a more tender moment (please don’t do that…), your character speaking with others that will be prevalent in your story, and anything of the sort. This will give everyone a better feel for your character and will help everyone, yourself included, find out what comes next in their story and who will be involved.][/SIZE]
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[size=3][b]Name:[/b] Baraccus Rahl

[b]Age and Gender[/b]: Roughly in his 30â??s, male

[b]Race & Class:[/b] Undead. Personal Guard to a necromancer

[b]Alignment:[/b] Loyal to the necromancer

[b]Company:[/b] Baraccus travels with a rather, unstable necromancer who doesnâ??t carry any weapon with him. He just uses his magic for odd purposes that Baraccus doesnâ??t question.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Baraccus is a different sort of breed; he is 5â??10â? and he use to have a dark skin tone about his body, a tan color that could blend in nicely with the ground. He has one green eye and the other is blue, his hair is a pitch black color. His face is clean of any mark or blemish even though he is an, experienced worker. His attire is simple but very effective for his line of work. He wears a simple black vest over his bare chest that has holes where laces should go, but are not there.

His pants are slightly baggy, but only enough for his legs to maneuver quickly, they constrict around his ankles, just above his ankle high shoes. He has an armguard on his right arm, starting from his wrist and going up to about his elbow. The arm guard only covers the front part of his forearm, leaving the back exposed. On his left wrist, there is a cord wrapped around it once, the cord then goes up and ties around his neck. The other end of the cord attaches itself to Baraccusâ?? sword, which is his primary means of killing any person that is presented before him Of course, with him being undead now, his clothing looks torn a bit and his flesh is progressively rotting away and drying up.

[b]Personality:[/b] Baraccus is the normal, silent but strong type. Well, thatâ??s how he is perceived at first, itâ??s just his hardened way of being able to handle whatever situation comes his way. He does have a rather interesting sense of humor; the necromancer he travels with seems to enjoy it quite a bit. He doesnâ??t seem to lack a moment where he is serious and says things that are necessary. He has grown use to be cowering in fright at his decomposing body, it doesnâ??t hinder him in the least bit to be a walking corpse. He actually rather enjoy the occasional joke of being able to removed a body part and then reattach it at will.

[b]Weapons/Magic:[/b] Baraccus carries a single edge, curved sword that has a black leather grip and a small spike at the end of the hilt. The weapon itself looks dull in color and as if it isnâ??t taken care of. The blade edge is clean and sharp at all times. The only magic he has comes from him being a new undead, and that is he can be disassembled piece by piece and still be alive. The only means of truly killing him is by taking him apart and burning those pieces, itâ??s a perk he quite enjoys.

[b]Writing Sample:[/b] It was that quiet sort of day, one that he hadnâ??t had in a very long time. Baraccus Rahl stood guard that night; he was one of the last few people left around who knew his technique of fighting. He was one of the last Blademasters in existence. He looked out from the perimeter walls, it was the twilight time, that time of day when the sun was just setting and the moon was soon to follow. This was the few hours of the day the human race got to rest. Werewolves were always at the door during the day, he had slaughtered many of them, and it was rather demoralizing to see that they never seem to stop. They could change at will at this point; they no longer need the moon to shift into a wolf. He was thankful that they attacked during the day; it was easier to cut them apart in broad day light, rather then pitch darkness.

The only issue with them attacking during the day was it gave them no rest when the vampires attacked during the night. They were at war twenty-four hours a day, well, save for the few hours in-between night and day. They had that time to rest and eat and fortify their defenses for the new enemy coming. It was a tedious process, so much routine for such a terrible time. The vampires were trickier then the werewolves, the lycans had numbers, they could keep coming but were easy to spot. Vampires were few in numbers, but they had the darkness on their side. They were more elusive then the werewolves, it was growing more difficult to fight them. They were smart, they changed their tactics every night and it was getting hard to keep up, you never knew how they were going to strike and that wore down the mines of many people in the human encampment.

He didnâ??t let it bother him; he always just focused on the solution. He focused on the task at hand and didnâ??t let his mind wander when it came to combat. Thatâ??s why his fighting technique was so hard for many to grasp, they were thinking too much about the whole thing. It leads them to die far too quickly, he had taught it to many people. Almost all of his students perished within the first few days, some died within hours of finishing the training. He had buried all of the ones that died; it was something he was growing use to now. People died everyday now, they were getting better about less and less people dying, but it showed that only a few could actually fight, and soon only they would still be around and they would die from either the enemy, or from exhaustion. It was a fate none of them could escape, and Baraccus wasnâ??t expecting to die anytime soon, or to run form his duty. He would die a blademaster, and he would die in combat.

He watched the sun getting closer to the horizon; he watched the plains to make sure there wasnâ??t going to be a sneak attack. You could never be to sure about werewolves. They were cunning and it was always interesting to see them run in packs, it was more interesting to see solo ones. It was pretty rare to see the solo runners, but when you did, you knew they were up to no good. They were the worst of the worst, faster, stronger and deadlier then the packs. He always made sure to kill them first, if he didnâ??t they would do the worst damage. He saw the sun just about to set, thatâ??s when he saw the shapes, the creatures moving in the almost darkness. He cradled his blade as he watched the creatures move in odd formations; this was a whole new attack all together. It was made up of vampires and lycans; this was a battle that would not end well.

He stopped cradling his blade and gripped it tightly in his hand, his knuckles turning white as he sounded the alarm. He could hear men readying themselves for the fight to come; many were surprised to hear the alarm. This was their usual time to be resting, for men to switch out and put fresh ones on patrol. This was not normal attack protocol for the coven that these creatures had created between them. But, to Baraccus, this made it that much easier for him to fight. He could still see them; he could clearly make out their figures and their movements. He held his sword at the ready as they finally made contact with the huge wooden walls. The werewolves scaled them easily, and the vampires seem to float right over them. He swung with pure fury and hatred; he cut apart a creature he didnâ??t care to know what. He just heard a yell from it and swiftly moved to the next creature, removing its head form its body and then swinging again as he evaded a clawed hand sweeping at him.

He roared as he swung with all his might at these beasts, but, he could see they were slowly crowding around him. This was going to turn out bad if it didnâ??t change, unfortunately for Baraccus, It didnâ??t change. They slowly moved toward him, squeezing his area to fight in down into nothing but a few feet. And it was getting harder to wield his blade in such a tight area. Baraccus wasnâ??t going to just lay down and die though, he fought with every breath, with every ounce of strength he had. But, it was a sudden slash that broke his concentration, it broke him. He stumbled and saw them move in on him, he heard a cackle from the vampire that was standing close. The lycans and the vampires tore at him; they found out, though, that he wasnâ??t done fighting them. He swung that blade even if it was shallow cuts at best, it was enough to make them take precautions when attacking him. All he could do was look up and see that one vampire, and aged one, one that bore the marks he had left on him.

[b]â??Why me?â?[/b] Was all Baraccus could say. The vampire had a cold look on his face as he leaned over and looked into the eyes of the blademaster.

[b]â??Because, you have always been the biggest problem. You alone have killed too many of us, I could not allow that anymore. And al of you humans, you all must die or we will be killed first.â?[/b] Baraccus faded out of this world, his eyes went dark and his life was gone as far as anyone knew. He was buried after that battle, he was given the final ritual of a blademaster and then left to rot in the dirt as he had left so many to do before him. That was, until his eyes opened. He found himself under loads of dirt. He dug his way out, furiously fighting to get to the surface, he made it in time. And when he rose from his grave he found a peculiar man crouching by his grave marker.

[b]â??You are a funny one mindless zombie.â?[/b] Baraccus raised and eyebrow at him.

[b]â??I am not a mindless zombie, I am a blademaster. Baraccus Rahl. You will know it well.â?[/b] The man simply laughed in a way that Baraccus knew was not the laugh of a sane man. He got all giddy and started to jump around as if he was playing a game.

[b]â??Oh yes, finally an interesting creature. You are an undead that still has full memory of your past. I am so excited I can hardly contain it!â?

â??Undead? I canâ??t be and undead. I feel very much alive.â?[/b] The man merely gesture with his hand and dismissed the whole statement he made.

[b]â??You are undead; I had to raise you from the grave. It was tons of fun and too late or else those sheenies would have gotten to you.â?[/b] Baraccus simply stared at the man and then placed his face in his palm as he shook his head.

[b]â??I see you are one that does not really worry about what you say. That means you need someone to protect you, I guess that is my obligation in this undead life I now have.â? [/b]He pulled himself from his grave; his blade still attached to the cord around his neck. He sheathed his sword and stood before the man in front of him. He cracked his neck and readied himself for the journey ahead. A journey that was a completely and utter mystery to him. He was going to enjoy his time now, a time on this earth that was not limited to his death. He simply could roam free now, it was rather, relieving. And he was going to get that vampire, that one that had spoken to him last, it was something he couldnâ??t let pass by for any reason.[/size] Edited by Darth Vectis
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[B]Name[/B]: Alexial Shurina

[B]Age and Gende[/B][B]r[/B]: Female, 125

[B]Race & Class[/B]: Elven Princess/Warrior

[B]Alignment[/B]: Good

[B]Company[/B]: Travels with her best friend Kirali, a bat beast-woman. Kirali is a summoner, she is new to summoning, so she can only summon two spirit beasts:

[B]Kronos[/B]- [I]The Spirit dragon[/I]- This Dragons favorite elements are Soulstone, Hematite, and Wind.

[B]Ixiona[/B]- [I]The woman in white[/I]- She's a personification of Yuki-Onne (the goddess of death and winter), she takes the appearance of an all white woman who is always crying. Her abilities are to control snow and ice.


[I]Alexial-[/I] [URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-10-08-118705.jpeg"]http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-10-08-118705.jpeg[/URL]

[I]Kirali[/I]- [URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-10-01-117610.jpeg"]http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-10-01-117610.jpeg[/URL]

[B]Personality[/B]: Alexial is very controlling and free. She might be royalty, but she stands tall with her people, fighting alongside them always. She follows the wish's of her king without question, and never gives up. She is expected to take over her kingdom when her father resigns, but she has no intention of doing so, her free spirit cannot be secluded in a palace all day. She might be very loyal, but she is slowly excluding herself from her family, hoping that one day she can be seen as an equal, instead of another spoiled princess by her people. Although those close to her know she is far from it.

Kirali is shy and quiet. She follows her master everywhere, and stands by her always. She is very clumsy, and tends to get herself in a lot of trouble.

[B]Weapons/Magic[/B]: With magic she is mainly an alchemist, but she also uses some minor Elven magic, like speaking/controlling plants, animals, and basic elements, of course healing as well.

[I]Armor alchemy[/I]- She has half an alchemy symbol on both her inner forearms. When she connects them together, it creates a suit of armor across her body. This armor is impervious to magic, but weak against man-made weapons.

[I]Weapon alchemy[/I]- She has alchemy symbols on both palms and feet. When she activates any of these symbols she can change that part of her body into the weapon of her choice (Like the swords in the pic), or change an object she is holding into a weapon ( Ex. she can transform a branch into a sword.) Once she is done with the object, it transforms back into it's original form.

[I]Weapons[/I]- She has a magic bow that has been passed down within her family for generations. This bow creates it's own elemental arrows, fire, ice, wind, light, darkness, poison, etc. It is powerful, but can only be used once a day, so every shot is vital (Unless she uses regular arrows, then it can be used like a regular bow).

[B]Writing Sample[/B]:

Her breathing was course now. Every step burning as she raced her way through the shadowed woods. *Damn! They're gaining on me!* Quickly peeking behind her, she could barely see the figures getting closer to her, there movements were static, almost inhuman...Suddenly something wrapped around her wrist, pulling her high unto a tree branch. Preparing for an attack, she outstretched her staff. To her surprise, there was no one there, only a thin vine circled around her wrist. Hearing the leaves scatter, she noticed a new figure dashing towards the shadowy figures that had been chasing her. Lighting up instantly, she cried out of joy. "Princess Alexial! Be careful!"

Alexial smirked, her subordinate was quite energetic, even in high risk situations. Gliding through the trees with ease, she quickly found her targets. The horde of undead were angrily searching for the young bat-girls scent, frantically dispersing in random directions. She smiled at there incompetence, if only they ever decided to look up they would have much more success. Getting tired of watching them scurry like ants, she raised her hand above her head, catching a falling leaf. The leaf instantly transformed into a small blade. Mumbling a quiet chant under her breath it caused the winds to immediately pick up. The skies were raining with crimson and gold now, with the occasional silver slicing through the air. As the leaves touched her skin, they immediately turned into blades, flying swiftly into the decaying flesh of the horde. * Too easy..." Jumping to the ground, Alexial examined the bodies. They were newly borne, not but a few days old at the most, fortunately they hadn't the time to fully regain there conscious or else killing them would have been harder. Yet, having them around must mean a necromancer was around. * Necromancers...I hate them! What gives them the right to control the dead? Let the souls live in peace, instead of defiling their bodies for your own gruesome deeds!*

" Kirali come here...now!" She waited patiently as her underling flew to her and clumsily hitting a branch then falling.

"Ow...you called your highness." Standing up now, Kirali wiped down her clothes and caught her breath.

"What happened? I told you to gather some herbs and fruit from near the river, and I come back to this."

Playing with her fingers she blushed. "Well, I went to the river like you said, but I decided some fish would be nice, and that part of the river wasn't very good for fishing. So I followed the river until I found an unusual camp site. I know you would have told me to never bother investigating such frivolous things, but I was curious. When I got there, I found a whole basket of fresh fish and red meat. I couldn't resist! It looked so yummy..."

Sighing, she replied." You stole from a necromancer? How naive are you?"

"I'm sorry...I was just so hungry! I can't live off of plants and berries like you. I need meat and blood..." Tears steaming down her face, she quickly wiped them off with her sleeve and sniffled.

Smiling, Alexial patted her head. " It's alright little one. You'll learn from your mistakes. Now, let's go get you some fish."

Kirali immediately perked up, a huge smile on her face." Really? Why thank you princess. I'll make you the best fried fish ever!"
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[B]Name:[/B] Brixon (Brix)

[B]Age and Gender:[/B]
[I]Brix-[/I] M,34
[I]Gwen-[/I] F,30
[I]Quiv-[/I] M, 33
[I]Till-[/I] F,29

[B]Race & Class: [/B]Brixon and co. are Shadar-kai, also known as shadow folk. Lurking in the gloomy corners of the world and attacking unseen for their god the Raven Queen. In his own land Brix is known simply as a Chainfighter.

[B]Alignment:[/B] The group is evil made up of cold hearted merciless killers.

[B]Company:[/B] Brix travels with three other Shadar-kai, his assassination team consists of a long haired woman with dread locks, duel poisoned punching daggers and many piercings known as Tillis, a long wavy haired man often seen in a cloak called Quivokk. Who wields a poisoned great sword. a woman with strangely shaved and braided hair with a long dress and many tattoos named Qwenvalla and himself.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Left to right- [URL="http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/art_preview/20080516_114853_0.jpg"][U]Till, Quiv, Gwen, and Brix[/U][/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] The group as a whole is generally cruel and murderous. They all have slight differences though. Till is the youngest and makes this fact obvious with her childishly playful attitude toward killing. Quiv lives in constant scorn by the fact that Brix is one year older than he, he views himself as a superior fighter and commander than Brix and while they are as close of friends as Shadar-kai could ever be, they also hold a constant rivalry. Gwen is almost obsessed with their god the Raven Queen, constantly seeking new ways to please her, this usually consists of attaining new targets for the group to eliminate, so that their souls may be offered to her. Brix is the oldest of the group and also the leader, often being the key part of their assassinations and overall actions. Almost none of the group acts without consulting Brix in some way or another, but Quiv may make a rash decision of his own once in a while trying to prove his [I]superior[/I] strategizing.

[B]Weapons/Magic: [/B]
[I]Brix-[/I] While not as magically inclined as some of the other members in his group, Brix makes up for it with his deadly prowess while wielding his bladed chain (in pic).

[I]Till-[/I] Till's skills are few but lethal. She is not only exceptionally skilled with her use of duel punching daggers, she also has the Shadar-kai ability to twist shadows around her opponent, tying him within a net of shadowy tendrils. This technique is commonly called a [I]Cage of Gloom[/I].

[I]Quiv-[/I] Quiv's weapon of choice is a poisoned great sword (in pic), he also has the Shadar-Kai ability to blanket himself in shadows, this gives him the ability to turn invisible for a short period of time, as a combination attack Quiv often uses his brief displacement to strike a critical blow on his target.

[I]Gwen-[/I] Having no weapons, Gwen provides support to the group through magic alone. She can infect a targets mind with shadows themselves, making the target see the area around him as an extremely light reduced place. While not totally blinded the target can only perceive things within a foot or two of himself. Gwen can also extend this ability to her surroundings, oozing out dark writhing shadows from herself to conceal herself and her Shadar-kai companions. This living shadow not only hides her allies but greatly sickens her enemies eating away at their lungs and skin slowly like a gaseous acid. Unfortunately Gwen can only hold this up for a minute or two and while maintaining it must concentrate on it with almost all of her mental power. For close combat Gwen can coat her palms in a strange black fire, burning her opponents on contact but harmless to herself.

1. The poison used on Till and Quiv's blades is not a lethal variety, it is only a neurotoxin that attacks the nervous system, those with immunities too weak to fight it off become completely numb, and soon unconscious.
2. Though not listed above, all Shadar-kai have the ability to assume the form of pure shadow for very brief moments, this manifests as a short teleportation (only 6 ft max) and as they reappear they appear to be of a smoky composition for about 10 seconds this makes it hard to pinpoint their true location and increases the chances of an attack missing them. They can only use this shadow jump about once every half hour or so.

[B]Writing Sample:[/B] The sun was just barely taking it's last glimpse of the land on the horizon as Brix and his team made their approach. Their target this nigh, a wealthy business man, mostly wealth because of his darker businesses, namely an elven slave trade. This didn't matter to the team of elite assassins tracking him though. The most important thing to them was getting their target eliminated, unfortunately to do that they needed first to eliminate his hired security guards.

All four guards were highly skilled and hired with the intention of stopping assassins just like the group following them, this would be tricky. [I]Would be[/I] if Brix and the gang hadn't murdered dozens if not hundreds of targets with similar protection. They made their approach silently as always, Brix signalling the others with swift tactical hand gestures they had practiced for years. With merely a few signs the message was deathly clear. [I]Back guard, on the left, trails behind, strike.[/I]

As motioned, on the next corner the target and his security turned the back left guard trailed behind, and as ordered, the assassins struck. As the man took his last look around before turning the corner to join his party, Brix dropped down silently behind him. In an instant the razor sharp chain fell around the guards neck slicing deep. The guard still gurgling through his own blood reached for his broad sword, his hands were stopped as two punching daggers were thrust into his biceps. As Till pulled back her blades, so too did Brix, jerking the chain to run it's course around the guards neck. In a quick flash f sharpened steel and a spray of blood the man's body fell limply to the ground. Not to be careless Till quickly ducked and caught him, not fully but enough as to stop his small pieces of armour here and there from clanging onto the hard ground.

Shortly after the guard did not catch up The slaver sent one other guard back to fetch him. Insisting he keep at least two with him for safety. The single guard sent back met is end a moment later, it seemed to the slaver that most of the street’s lamps had suddenly went dark, but in fact his mind was infected by Gwen's darkness. The single guard sent back was met with a deep jutting stab from cloaked figure. Quiv was careful to make his gash only just deep enough to hide his blade from protruding the man's back. As he walked on the guard fell to the ground in a quickly spreading pool of blood. The two guards tried to rush forward, but only one managed to get past a few steps, as it was none other than the slaver who grabbed the other and held him within view.

The single guard who rushed forward quickly redirected is attention from his dead comrade to the cloaked man who was obviously his killer. The guard went to slash forward with his mighty broad sword, when Quiv vanished from sight. Using his brief invisibility Quiv ducked behind the guard and hacked off one of his legs at the knee. The guard fell to the ground with a thud and a scream. A scream quickly silenced by Quiv , now visible, driving his great sword into the back of the man's head. The final guard twisted and wrestled his arm away from his client, having the man just killed being his blood brother, the guard was rightly enraged. Though it was all for not.

For while Quiv had no time to turn, he did not have to, a bladed chain shot across in front of the guard's shins digging hard into the wall beside him. Not strong enough a collision to sever his leg's, the guard still fell to the ground with a yelp and two deep slices. Till a second later fell on top, landing daggers first onto his back. The man let out a painful scream and quickly the cry fell silent as one of Till's daggers was lurched out of his back and onto the back of his neck. The primary target now wide open he began running. not getting to far before being grabbed by the neck with one of Gwen's burning hands. The man let free a muffled cry, and swung wildly.

One lucky fist collided with Gwen's cheek sending her down on her backside. The slaver had not made it 2 steps farther, however, before a flash of steel had spun around his neck and torn away. The man gasped for air s a mane of blood encircled his chest shoulders and back. As the one who ordered the hit had requested the death be especially painful, the assassins did not disappoint. In the blink while the man was only dying and not yet dead. Quiv sent his great sword cleaving into the man's side, Till had slid forward and jabbed her daggers through the mans shoulder blades, and Gwen had gotten up and kneed him in the face for good measure. The group of assassins all made a quick unified nod to each other and vanished back into the shadows from whence they'd come, disappearing from sight completely by the time the slaver hit the ground.
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Name: Vesemir, also known as The Black Hawk

Age and Gender: 87, Male

Race & Class: Human, Witcher

Alignment: Self-sufficient and tendancies towards Good

Company: While Vesemir doesn't travel with anyone at the moment he knows many people and is occasionally joined by another witcher or old adventuring friend

Appearance: While he is human the modifications preformed on his body in his youth have kept his apearance at roughly 30 years old with sleek pitch black hair running down to his shoulders. His face has 2 small scars on it, one on his chin and another slightly above his left eye.

He has a thin yet muscular build, and his atire consists of pure black clothing as yu might suspect from his nickname. thought the most noticible thing about him is whats different about all Witchers, his eyes are odly shaed he walks slightly diferent though only a truely remarkable man would notice that but anyone learned about witchers could tell he was one through various small things about him.

Personality: He isn't one to talk much or atleast when he does talk he makes it short and straight to the point, he has the tendency to do good deeds but he isn't afraid to kill humans if it serves his purpose.

Weapons/Magic: Hawk carries 2 swords one silver and one steel each of which is special in it's own right. The steel sword has small veins of blue and red running down it's length and the silver one is engraved with various runes.

As a witcher Hawk knows a small variety of magic used with "signs" in which he puts his hand forward making a sign with his hand and a magical effect happens:

Aard: Holding his hand forward in what apears to be a relaxed position as if japping with his fingers Hawk releases a wave of force that can break down a door, weakened wall or send assailants flying

Igni: Holding his hand palm up as if holding onto something Hawk sumons fire which can be shot towards his enemies or just used for menial tasks such as heat or light

Quen: Holding his hand in a fist and infront of him such as if he stuck his thumb out it'd point at him a force surounds Hawk and deflects blows and projectiles, if he concentrates on it he can even hit back the attacks with enough force to hurt the attack(only melee blows not ranged)

Axii: Holding his hand forward almost as if to shake a hand Hawk curses one enemy causing him to lose his alliegance for a short period of time and gain it with The Hawk, others within a short distance of the target loose focus, sometimes run in fear or even become blinded by the outlash of the magic, if the charm is resisted by the target these may also aply to him

Yrden: Holding his hand open Hawk sets up a "trap" on the ground that when walked over sends pain into the enemy, slows the enemies movement and making it harder for them to attack or dodge, at times like Axii Yrden can blind the oponent or even effect them with fast acting poison

Writing Sample:
It was dark out and had just started to rain when Hawk entered a bar. It's name was the Hairy bear, it wasn't the most splended of pubs, atracted the wrong type of croud, but for at the same time it was the only pub in this god forsaken town. Walking up to the inn keeper he was met with a sneer, "what do you want".

"to talk" Hawk replied

"about what"

"Witcher jobs"

"Why, you a witcher?"

"If i am"

Staring at The Hawk the inn keeper gave up on his hostility "you'd have to ask Jared, he's in his room now but i'll tell him to wait for you in the morning"

"thank you, do you have any strong alcohol, perferably as pure as you have" Hawk asked

He didn't ask for drinking purposes tho, well atleast not in it's current form anyways. He would use it later as a potion base mixing various herbs, and monster parts he would create a drink too toxic for a normal human to handle and would do little more then poison one if they did but for his body, the body of a witcher it would imbue with powers, such as perfect sight in the darkest of night or outstanding regenerative powers, even moreso then his body already had, tho there was a limit to these for they would still toxify his body and if he drank too many in a short time they could start have adverse effects.

After purchasing a decent amount of alcohol from the inn keeper he also purchased a stay for the night and retired to his room to meditate until morning as Witchers don't truly need sleep as humans do.

The next morning when Jared came downstairs The Hawk was already waiting. "Jared i wish to speak with you"

"And you might be" jared said raising an eyebrow

"Someone who heard you might have some problems that you are willing to pay to get rid of"

"Ah a witcher, i shoulda known" Jared said, "Yes i do have some work for you, i need a cockatrice taken care of, it's been plauging my merchants along the roads for over a week now"

"It'll cost you 400 coins" The hawk said calmly

"no way thats way too much, how about 200" Jared said taken aback

"no it has to be 400, the cockatrice is a dangourous beast and i require my expenses pain"

"ok, ok fine how about 300 then it's a fair offer"

"350 and you have a deal"

Jared painingly accepted and told The Hawk where to find the cockatrice.

The Hawk went forward now in a swamp outside the city, he was up to his waist in water and was searching for signs of the cockatrice. A small group of Drowners(evil water elemental, weak to silver live near waterways) came up a short while infront of him and began to move to encircle him. This was the 3rd group of them he had met, each time he had turned away from where they where more densly populated for they would avoid the cockatrice.

Drawing his silver sword the hawk leaped forward slicing through the gut of one drowner with a quick movement and turning cutting off the head of another. now surounded by the other 3 he held his fist infront of him creating a barrier that they could not peirce as he cut throught them with few more slashes.

Based on the information he got he continued on and soon started getting sure signs of the cockatrice. following them he came upon its den, luckily it was daytime and it would be sleeping so the Hawk snuck up on it. As he rounded into its den he turned around in a split second blocking it's attack from behind.

"Damn bird" Hawk yelled pushing his hand forward send the bird flying with a wave of force. proceeding to attack his slashed down cutting a deep wound into the cockatrice's side. Attacking with a fierce peck The Hawk responded with a stap into it's mouth and through the roof of it's mouth. The cockatrice thrashed in it's dying moments and it's claw cut into the Hawks arm.

Looking at his arm it had a deep gash in it and he figured it would take an hour to fully heal maby a bit more time. Walking up to the carcass he took out a small knife and cut into it's skull ripping out it's eyes which contained a very rare chemical compound(hydragenum) useful for a few Formula then took out it's poison glands in it's mouth and some tail feather which each contain Vermillion and Aether respectively both of which are valuable and useful.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B]Mori

[B]Age and Gender: [/B]15; female

[B]Race & Class: [/B]Mori is a kitsune, a fox spirit. Most humans have considered these often-wise spirits as elementals due to their kitsune-bi, or fox fire. She has some basic magic use for combat and healing.

[B]Alignment: [/B]Normally neutral, leans toward good during certain situations.

[B]Company: [/B]None

[B]Appearance: [/B]

[B]Personality: [/B]Normally quiet, Mori is kind and gentle most of the time. When provoked, she can get slightly bloodthirsty. Mori is very understanding of other people's feelings, and can sometimes be her downfall. She is very couragous in the face of danger.

[B]Weapons/Magic: [/B]Mori carries a sword that she can make burst into flames at will, which she uses for self-defense. She knows basic healing spells and first-aid tactics. Her special skills that she has due to being a kitsune are her kitsune-bi, the ability to possess people (though not for very long, depending on the strength of the victim), and the ability to transform.

[B]Writing Sample:[/B]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]Mori was searching for herbs. It was early morning, and she knew it was dangerous to come out alone, but she had to. Mori was low on medicines and had to make her own.

She could smell the scent of wolves in the air. They were rogues. She quickly gathereed her things. They had the smell of blood on them. Their scent surrounded her.

"B-back away... I'm warning you!' She yelled.

"Why should we... after all, we found our dinner!" The three werewolver dashed at her, only to be knocked back, each with an open wound now on their chest.

"I warned you... now back off!!!"

"Oh yeah?" They came at her once more. Now only one remained. One had its head cut off, the other was stabbed straight through his chest.

"Now do you get it? This is what you get for messing with me!"

"No! Please! I'm begging you!"

"It's too late... DIE!!"

The forest went silent. She now had the scent of blood on[I] her[/I]. Mori knew that she would have to get the scent off of her somehow, or she would attract some angry werewolves.
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[FONT="Garamond"][COLOR="silver"][B]Name[/B]: Erebus Arillius Woden Magsire
[B]Age:[/B] Visibly in his early 20’s
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Race:[/B] [I]Light Elf[/I]- A higher race of elves rumored to live in the heavens. Not much is known about them, though many rumors abound- such as Light Elves being highly efficient with magic, and possibly having beautiful white wings.
[B]Class:[/B] [I]“The Fallen”[/I]- A light elf who, knowing the repercussions of practicing Necromancy, delved into other dark arts and became almost entirely consumed by them. Also known as an “ArchDemon”. As rare as the Light Elves are, this branch is even rarer.
[B]Alignment:[/B] Loyal to “The Necromancer”
[B]Company:[/B] Erebus currently travels with a highly unstable Necromancer and one of the Necromancer’s undead warriors, Baraccus Rahl.

However, his usual party consists of him and a squadron of female Light Elves. He has a scroll that he can use to summon them to his side whenever his needs to.
Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/LDeathNote.jpg"][COLOR="White"][Erebus][/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Gabranthiddia_Art.jpg"][COLOR="White"][Erebus Dragon Armor][/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://creativeuncut.com/gallery-08/rff-raguna.html"][COLOR="White"][Erebus Everyday Attire][/COLOR][/URL]
Erebus’s body has a fairly visible dark glow about it- it constantly looks as if his body is covered in a thin black or purple fog and or radiation. This mist trails behind him when he walks, and looks much more sinister when he’s in his Dragon Armor. His eyes, though being a crystal golden color, can often become entirely black. Also, due to his extreme dark energies, his wings, when manifested, are black. He wears a headband with his everyday clothing.

[URL="http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee135/Dragonfly0910/black%20god/BlackGod-v03b.png"][COLOR="White"][Skuld Pendragon][/COLOR][/URL], a Summoner
[URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-10-02-117809.jpeg"][COLOR="White"][Freya Fareweather][/COLOR][/URL], a Martial Artist
[URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-11-02-122699.jpeg"][COLOR="White"][Brynhildr Maybelle][/COLOR][/URL] and [URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-04-12-96157.jpeg"][COLOR="White"][Hildr Maybelle][/COLOR][/URL], Sister Mages.
[URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-10-07-118579.jpeg"][COLOR="White"][Rota Dietrich][/COLOR][/URL], a Sorcerer Knight
[URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2007-01-16-41443.jpeg"][COLOR="White"][Adelle Leonhart][/COLOR][/URL], a Shapeshifter
[URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-01-03-83978.jpeg"][COLOR="White"][Ilyena “Ruby” Ruby][/COLOR][/URL], an Enchantress. [URL="http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-12-17-130857.jpeg"][COLOR="White"][Outfit][/COLOR][/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Erebus, for being a creature infused with massive amounts of dark energy constantly attempting to overrun his body and send him into a murderous frenzy, is quite jovial and good natured. He is very defensive of his party members (albeit horridly frightened of the Necromancer at times). He has a righteous streak, destroying or killing most things he finds unjust or “evil” (although, interestingly, he’s never considered killing the Necromancer)- this is probably a physical manifestation of his constant battle against his inner demon.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Erebus:[URL="http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/f/f6/Gabranth.dissidia.JPG"][COLOR="White"][I][The Fell Blades Hugin and Munin][/I][/COLOR][/URL]- Both blades can connect into one long dual sided blade. He only wields them with the Dragon Armor- when not donning his armor, he uses a simple katana (which can morph into the Fell Blades), his fists, and his magic.
Skuld: [I]Nidhogg[/I]- The staff shown in her picture. The various runes on the staff can only be invoked by Skuld, and when invoked, can summon a creature corresponding to the symbol.
Freya: [I]Fenris and Fenrir[/I]- A pair of silver gauntlets with a wolf crest over the knuckles.
Brynhildr: [I]Brisingamen[/I]- A necklace with a large emerald in the center that Brynhildr channels her magic through.
Hildr: [I]Fafnir[/I]- A black flute with a vermilion dragon design on it that Hildr plays to cast magic.
Rota:[I] Balmung[/I]- A blood red nodachi.
Adelle: [I]Tyrfing[/I]- When not shape shifting, Adelle wields a long dagger made of a dragon’s fang.
Ruby: [I]Gleipnir[/I]- A shawl that is draped around Ruby while she dances.

Erebus- Erebus can use his dark magic to create dark versions of the elements- Fell Lightning, Hellfire, Tainted Winds, Desecrated Earth and Vile Frost to name a few. Erebus can also create Akuma- demons made from a concentration of fallen souls or bodies that can act as foot soldiers or "living" bombs.
Skuld- Skuld has the ability to summon extraordinarily powerful spirits to do battle for her. Unfortunately, while summoning, she can’t move her own body or perform any actions, so the other party members need to protect her.
Freya- Freya doesn’t use magic per se, but while striking at her opponents, the force of her blows release powerful gusts of wind that knock her enemies back.
Brynhildr- She uses advanced elemental magic using her necklace as a conduit. She can use magic without it, but it’s much simpler and less powerful.
Hildr- Hildr plays the ancient elven songs of power to summon the elements and manipulate them. Also, like her sister, her magic can be used without her conduit- simply by singing- but they are less powerful.
Rota- Rota can enhance her blade with the elements. This isn’t any supremely powerful magic, but it adds extra energy to her strikes (I.e. if she channels fire, her enemy gets burned upon impact.)
Adelle- Adelle has the ability to transform into different animals, and attacks opponents as such. The transformation period is somewhat lengthy, however, and if she’s struck before finishing, she’ll revert to her original form.
Ruby- Ruby dances to generate illusions or influence the moods of her enemies or allies.

[B]Writing Sample:[/B] Erebus smiled absentmindedly, staring off into the horizon as the Necromancer performed some horrible experiment on a nearby dead body and Baraccus practiced his swordsmanship. The sun was setting, and Baraccus and Erebus had managed to convince their mad leader to allow them to raid a den of vampires. They all had different intentions upon heading in, of course: Erebus wished to eradicate evil, Baraccus was searching for the vampire who killed him, and the Necromancer was interested in finding out what would happen if one attempted to turn a vampire into a simple undead; well, more specifically, he wanted to see how much he could irritate a vampire by removing all of the perks of vampirism. Erebus watched the sun adamantly, his eyes completely undamaged by staring directly at it. After what seemed like an eternity-- most likely augmented by the cries of the not so undead or dead creature behind him-- the sun finally set. Erebus grinned and stood up, turning to his allies.

[B]“Ready Baraccus?”[/B] Baraccus spun his blade and nodded determinedly. Erebus drew his katana and turned to the dark forest in front of them. He walked up to Baraccus and they treaded into the dark together. The Necromancer called after them.

[B]“Tell me when you’re finished so I can begin my experiments!!”[/B] Erebus and Baraccus smiled back at him. God forbid he shouldn’t have yelled and alerted all of the vampires to their presence. He always managed to make things more exciting for them. Erebus patted Baraccus on the shoulder and they ran off in opposite directions. Erebus was barely running for a minute before he heard the sound of the snarling creatures. He slid to a halt immediately and barely managed to mow down a lunging vampire with his katana. He quickly slashed again, taking out the three vampires who lunged after the first. Wave after wave bore down on him, and Erebus was only growing in ferocity. He smiled from ear to ear as vampire after vampire fell to his blade. After he had laid waste to a couple legions, he jumped into a tree and sheathed his katana. He held his hand out, and a blood red glow engulfed it.

[B]“Hellfire!”[/B] He lit the bodies ablaze, keeping them from reviving. The fire illuminated the forest well, and he could see legions of Vampires running towards him. He frowned and jumped from the tree, eyeing his opponents warily. He shrugged carelessly and held up his hand again. This time, the aura around his right hand switched from black to metallic gray, and soon it became encased in metal, and the metal slowly spread across his body, forming armor piece by piece. Soon, all of his body save his head was covered in a metallic gray suit with silver-white designs. A dim outline of his helmet formed in his hand, and he placed the outline onto his head. His eyes flashed, and the metal filled into the outline. His aura changed yet again, this time to a fierce golden color, and golden lightning generated in his hand. The Vampires sprung onto him, and his voice erupted from his helmet.

[B]“Fell lightning!”[/B]

[I][U]A Couple of minutes later…[/U][/I]

Erebus walked slowly out of the forest, still in his armor, with a vampire body strewn over his shoulders. He walked up to the Necromancer and plopped the body in front of him, then collapsed onto the floor, his armor falling off and dissolving around him. A little while after, Baraccus strolled out of the forest, dragging a vampire by it’s leg. He, too, tossed the body at the necromancer, then sat down and relaxed. Erebus chuckled and looked over to Baraccus, pretending to breathe heavily as if out of breath.

[B]“Was that good for you too?”[/B] Baraccus growled at Erebus, though he couldn’t help but grin slightly as the Necromancer fell over, hysterical with laughter.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Dairine Siofra

[B]Age and Gender:[/B] 102, Female
[B]Race & Class:[/B] Undead, elf, former member of the royal guard
[B]Alignment:[/B] Unlike most undead, or as most people picture undead, Dairine is not evil. In fact, she is good and wishes to side with the elves as she once did. However, it is not known yet whether they will trust someone who was brought back by a necromancer or not.

[B]Company:[/B] [URL="http://i40.tinypic.com/f013f5.jpg"]Barra Oilill[/URL] (Ignore the bumps on his chest, they were padding he put in one time to disguise himself to get past some guards.)
A friend and longtime companion of Dairine. Barra is an elf as well, but unlike Dairine, he is not undead. However, he did leave the elves when he heard of her death. He went searching for her until he finally found her body. Then when she came back as one of the undead, he followed her once more. He is the only one that knows who brought her back to life, but he never wants to tell her why or who did it. Besides confrontations on that subject, he gets along very well with Dairine.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i40.tinypic.com/jv0u8i.jpg"]Dairine after a battle[/URL]
Her appearance has changed very little after becoming an undead, which gives her a clue that a very powerful necromancer brought her back to life. Since usually most necromancers who are not well trained in their arts can only bring back undead that look a bit more rotted. The only difference between her old appearance while being alive, is that sometimes pieces fall off of her. Besides that though, her looks haven't changed much at all.
Personality:[/B] Dairine is very determined, not ever taking no for an answer unless she absolutely has to. Besides that, she is very protective of Barra, has no sense of shame for anything she does, and loves to do battle. However, becoming an undead has changed her just slightly. She tends to give up sometimes, which really surprises Barra. Besides that, she is still the fierce warrior that she used to be before her death.

As for Barra, he is a bit feminine, embarrassed for Dairine when she does something without shame, and has very strong feelings for her. For reasons he doesn't like explaining, he loves her even more now that she is one of the undead.
Weapons/Magic: Barra carries a bow and arrows for Dairine, in case she needs to fight long range battles. He carries a dagger though for his defense, and he has no magic powers that Dairine knows of. (Although, he might have one or two secret powers he has never told her about before.) As for Dairine, she carries a large broadsword, but she rarely uses it because of the size. Most of the time she uses her large cleaver, since it is a better size, she uses it for her short range battles. As for magic powers, she only has a power that is shared by most undead. The ability to detach and reattach her limbs. However, unlike most undead, even her head can come off without her dying. So she is a bit tougher to kill than the average undead.
Writing Sample:[/B] "Barra, tell me!" Dairine shouted.

Barra ran off and hid behind a tree.

"No!" He shouted back.

Dairine gritted her teeth. No matter how many times she asked, he just wouldn't tell her the name of the necromancer who brought her back to life. She would have to resort to greater measures to find out what she wanted to know. She drew out her cleaver that she kept for short range battles. Barra backed up and tripped over a tree root.

"D-Dairine, what are you doing?" He asked nervously.

Dairine didn't answer, she just continued forward slowly. Hoping that she could scare Barra into telling her what she wanted to know. Barra closed his eyes and shielded his face as she slowly lifted the cleaver. However, no blow ever came down upon him. Barra heard Dairine curse and slowly opened his eyes. What he saw made him start to burst out in laughter.

"It's not funny!" Dairine yelled.

Right before she was going to bring the cleaver down close to his head, both of Dairine's arms fell off. What was worse was since they were so close to a hill, they both started rolling down. Dairine gasped in surprise. She couldn't reattach what she couldn't find.

"Barra, come on get up! I need your help!" She yelled, running out after her arms.

Barra got up, but before he could help Dairine who had started to run down the hill, both of her legs came off next. She and her legs both went tumbling down the hill. She yelled at Barra from down below and he went to go collect her pieces. When he got down to her body, she was cursing so much he cut off her head and stuffed it in a bag. He laughed to himself, listening to her muffled screams as he looked for her limbs.
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OOC: Ah, a chance to dig one of my old characters out of storage (just wish I remembered the original name). Let me know if there are any issues with the sign-up.

[B]Name[/B]: Isha (pronounced: EE-Sha) Bladescale

[B]Age and Gender[/B]: 68, Male

[B]Race & Class[/B]: Beast-Man (Serpent), assassin/untouchable (lowest of the low caste, not trusted by the higher castes and deemed only barely above the level of livestock)

[B]Alignment[/B]: Self-aligned. Fights for whatever he decides to believe in.
Company[/B]: Normally travels in groups out of necessity, however he has recently found himself in the company of a very young Sylph (air elemental) whom he calls by the name Aria (as she seems to speak only in melodic song tones). Aria has the appearance of a human girl, around 5-7 years of age, pale skin and white hair with ice blue eyes. She wears a simple white dress and a pair of red dress-shoes. Aria carries no weapons, though she may have a few natural techniques that are better than weapons.

[B]Appearance[/B]: Isha stands at a height of 5’ 7” and has the look of a man in his mid-twenties (slower aging). For his size his arms and legs seem disproportionately long and thin, and his fingers are about half-again as long as a normal human’s fingers. The skin on Isha’s back between his neck, arms and legs, and stretching around the front of torso, and down to the back of his hands and top of his feet, is formed of blood-red scales similar to those of a snake. Portions of his forehead and face have the same scales, though they are a bit more blended with the skin. Both of his eyes are a vibrant yellow color and have the iconic “snake-eye slit” to them. Usually hidden behind a closed mouth are elongated canines (teeth that is) and a disturbingly long and agile tongue (no jokes). No hair grows on his head, which is instead covered with the same scales as most of his face.

Isha’s normal attire tends to be a simple red hooded cloak and dark-brown cotton shirt/pants combination.

[B]Personality[/B]: Very quiet and watchful. Isha doesn’t tend to speak often, and can more often than not be seen watching the behaviors of others from a distance. When he does speak it is generally a toss-up between a meaningful input, or a slightly twisted remark or action which finds itself based in an urge to watch people cringe (out of a sadistic sense of humor). Despite having many of the qualities of a loner, primarily out of self-preservation, Isha seems to be protective of Aria and has been known to be aggressive to anyone that threatens her in any way. By the same token, anyone that Aria shows a liking to can find an ally in Isha.

[B]Weapons/Magic[/B]: Isha’s only weapons are his natural abilities. Extremely dexterous joints, slightly enhanced senses, and venom glands tied to the elongated canines in his mouth. To increase his natural abilities Isha has trained in a few varieties of martial arts, both offensive and defensive in form. To aid his abilities without using weapons Isha has trained in a few incantations. The first increases his speed and strength, the second gives his skin mimetic properties, and the third allows him to reshape the scales on his body into blades no longer than six inches in length.

[B]Writing Sample[/B]: Laughter mixed with a light melodic sound echoed through the small clearing in the forest. Isha sat at the edge of the clearing against a tree and stared out at the center of a small pond which had formed in the clearing some time ago. His attention was focused less on the pod itself than on the young girl in white dancing across the surface of the water. The girl’s pure white hair and dress twirled through the air as she spun on the tip of her toes with an unnatural grace that even a ballerina could never hope to mimic. Isha smiles slightly as the beauty of her laughter/singing, but his mood was cut short by a feeling that something was not right. Standing up he called across the pond.

“Aria, it’s time to go.” He spoke in a calm voice, trying not to sound like he knew something was wrong. Hearing his words the young Sylph stopped mid-dance and stood on the water for a second looking disappointed, only to smile the next instant and start skipping in Isha’s direction. She was almost to the water’s edge when she stopped, pointed past Isha, and let out a discordant screech of alarm. Isha spun around and found himself face to face with two earth elementals, one appearing male and one female. Both had taken on a look like that of the trees around them. Their skin was make of bark that seemed to flow like silk, their hair a cascade of leaves down their backs, and “clothing” made of jade green moss.

Both looked at Isha with eyes that seemed to glow with the embers of a small forest fire, an oddity amongst elemental of this nature that showed their age and power. After a moment the female elemental spoke up. “Return the Sylph to her own kind, Child of the Beasts.” Her tone was commanding, but not aggressively so. “We have not qualms with you, however you are not the right kind to be teaching her. She needs to learn from her own kin.”

Having spent much time in the wilderness that was his home Isha knew a few basics about elementals. One of the biggest being their natural affinity for the essence or meanings of their element, especially among the elders. In the case of earth elementals this meant a strong tie to feelings of stability and natural order. They had less intention of taking Aria away because she was with a Beast-man than doing so because it was more natural to have her with her own kind. Perhaps this knowledge is what kept him from feeling threatened by the pair. As he spoke he looked the female elemental in the eyes, trying to push back the overwhelming feeling to look away from one with such a high stature.

“With all do respect, Elder, Aria has chosen to follow me of her own volition. I have neither forced her nor have I coerced her into staying with me. From the very start it was her choice to remain at my side.” It was getting hard to remain still and looking at the elemental as he spoke. She never moved or did anything to seem pressuring, however her mere presence was commanding. “I understand that your kind has a preference for the natural order, which in this case means Aria learning from her own kind, however Sylphs are free spirits, able to decide their fate almost from the moment they are born…” Isha paused for a moment, “…from what I understand of them, that is, Elder. If that is truly the case, then is it not her decision on whether or not to return with you?”

There was a long pause from the female elemental as she turned to look at her companion. Neither of them uttered a word, but it was likely they were talking to each other regardless. During that time Aria approached Isha and stood next to him, clutching his sleeve lightly. After several minutes the elemental turned back and looked at Isha, then looked down at Aria. She held her hand out to Aria in a clear ‘follow me’ gesture, and Aria merely clutched tightly onto Isha’s sleeve. The elemental lower her arm and looked Isha in the eyes. “You understand a bit more about elementals than I would give you credit for, Child of the Beasts, and you are right that she has the option to decide. This trial is over. Aria, as you have taken to calling her, may stay with you. Know that your actions with her will be watched so long as you are in our forest.” With that both earth elementals turned and walked deeper into the forest, out of Isha’s sight.
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[SIZE="1"]Name: Abel Frett

Age and Gender: Male, about 23

Race & Class: Human Necromancer that has no known class among the Necromancer society

Alignment: Evil

Company: Travels with Baraccus Rahl and Odin at most times and on occasion he travels with his ?experiments?

Appearance: Abel has the appearance a man that has been to hell and back. He has short, black hair, that resembles a Beatles? cut. His eyes are what he calls, ?Poop brown,? as any other term would be ?both inappropriate and unnecessary.? With a sleek nose, thin eyebrows, and a modest sized mouth, he would look like any other peasant.
He wears a brown cloak, that he also adds a wizards hat to periodically. This outfit was clearly stolen from someone, as it does not fit him properly. The time it was stolen, however can not be quite determined. It has patches and tears at almost every joint, while the hat has seen better days as well. He wears no shoes, so his feet have become a bit disgusting, yet amazingly durable. On his hands, however, he wears two different gloves. On his right, he wears a thick leather glove, one used to tame falcons. On the other, he wears a pauper?s glove, with the fingers missing. The leather glove matches the color of the robes, and the cloth one matches the ruggedness.

Personality: Abel seems a little uncaring about what he says at first. But as you listen to him more, you?ll find he?s just plain crazy. Using racial slurs as simple terms, killing people just to get them to do what he wants them to do, eating the people his minions kill, and finding only the most morbid of jokes to be humorous. In short, he?s blown a fuse. He remembers what he was like before, describing that he was a jolly young man, full of hope and deceit. But, as he would say, he craved for something that people couldn?t give him, so, he changed his attitude on life. His personality is quite odd, in a nutshell. He?s has no patience, but has no temper. He simply will do what he has set his mind to.

Weapons/Magic: Abel carries no weapon. He has Baraccus and Odin to do that for him. His magic is Necromancy. He shows a powerful adaptation to his power, being able to create a ?Puppet? in almost no time. He also has amazing agility for a non-warrior. He will only use his speed when he does not feel like fighting. When he doesn?t run, he?ll use some remains he always carries with him, or his Necron blasts. These blasts have been used as assault magic by the Necromancers for many centuries, but have only been taught in their military schools. This makes it odd that he knows this spell. Odd and dangerous. Despite his sheer tenacity, he is easily knocked back. The problem is keeping him back. He also has magic he uses when he feels like it.

Writing Sample: [B]?Come on! Come on!?[/B] Abel yelled at the other two. He was about 50 feet ahead of them. Peter and Alma were a long behind him.
[B]?He?s a little full of energy today, isn?t he??[/B] Alma asked Peter, swinging her picnic basket from side to side as she walked forward. Peter looked at her and smiled.
[B]?Define [I]?a little?[/I].?[/B] he said in a sarcastic tone. Peter and Alma looked into each other?s eyes. The made their way forward towards the picnic area.
[B]?Come on! Some one else might have taken it by now, with the pace you two are making!?[/B] Abel was at the two trees that marked the beautiful clearing.
The area was a small plain, surrounded by trees and with a stone slab in the middle of the clearing. The grass was always short, somehow, and light green. The coniferous trees all stood a good 25 feet, give or take an extra foot. The meadow was always quite, uninhabited, and usually had no other visitors. It was like a taste of heaven.
Peter and Alma caught up with Abel at the stone slab and begun to set up the feast. The got out the servings of chicken and vegetables. And with that, they began their wonderful little picnic. They laughed, they told jokes, they gossiped, they did what all people would do in their situations.
[B]?Abel, we?ve got something to tell you.?[/B] Peter said, holding Alma?s hand. Abel looked at them, while still stuffing his face with food.
[B]?What is it??[/B] Abel asked, face full of chicken leg.
[B]?Well,?[/B] Peter said, [B]?Alma and I have been together for quite sometime, well, about 2 years to be exact.?[/B] He took this break to look at Alma and smile her.
[B]?So??[/B] Abel was now sitting back, rubbing his full stomach.
[B]?I asked her father for her hand in marriage, as well as ours. But, to our dismay, both of our parents have disapproved of our requests to unite. But, our love knows no bounds. Thou we respect our parents, we must be one in the eyes of our gods. So? We?ve decided to leave on an airship and become wed in the land of the Elves. I only tell you this because you are my brother, and my best firend.?[/B]
At this, Abel actually had a reaction that didn?t involve food. [B] ?Wow, guys? That?s great!? [/B] His voice was one of sheer excitement. [B]?I mean, it sucks that I wont be able to see you guys till I become old enough to join the armies, but that is great news! I wont tell your or our parents, but that?s-?[/B]
At this point, Abel?s ears couldn?t hear anything but a sobbing cry. Like a woman in pain. This shot him off his rock that he was sitting on.
[B]?Holy Gods! Where is that coming from??[/B] Abel was looking around, trying to find the woman to see what she needed. But he couldn?t find her anywhere. He looked back at his brother and Alma. They were looking at Abel as if he were mad.
[B]?Abel, are you alright??[/B] Peter asked Abel.
[B]?Don?t you hear her??[/B]
[B]?Who? There is no one else here but us, brother.?[/B] Peter got up to help Abel come back to senses. But once he did, Abel began to run away. [B]?Abel!?[/B] Peter yelled as Abel ran off into the woods.
Abel raced to get to the woman. He needed to help her. But then he started to hear a new voice. Another person sobbing. This time it was a man. Abel stopped to assess the new voice, but then made back to his running pace towards the original voice. The new voice was coming from that direction as well, so if he found one, he would most certainly find the other voice.
He raced for almost a half an hour. And almost every two minutes, a new voice emerged, crying, sobbing. This was getting to become too intense for Abel, but he knew he had to stop whatever was causing this sadness. After fifteen more voices joined the original, he arrived at where the voices were coming from: the old Druid graveyard. Once he got into eyes view of the sight, the voices went from the tens to the hundreds. The sobbing of hundreds of people? no. Souls. These people were dead. Long dead. There was no other explanation to this. These souls were weeping. Abel was at a loss. He didn?t know what to make of all this. He shouldn?t be hearing this. This was not normal. He knew that for certain. He didn?t know what to do. So, he did what had lead him here. He ran forward. After about five steps, he tripped and fell. But instead of hitting the ground, the ground let go under his weight. As he was falling, he screamed for his brother. Then, he fell into the darkness.

[I][U]8 years later?[/U][/I]

[B]?Bring him over here.?[/B] The bigger of the three cultists barked at his underlings, who dragged a small boy into the clearing. The placed him on the stone slab, tied him down, and backed away. The child was screaming at the top of his lungs, struggling to get free of his captors. The three cultists formed around the child, fixed their hoods, and began a dark, evil ritual. They began to chant in unknown languages to the child, a low and grisly language. Many grunts and moans. Still, he struggled, and still, the cultists chanted. This proceeded for five minutes, then, abruptly, the taller cultist un hooded himself and spoke to the others.
[B]?I don?t understand. Why has nothing happened? This was guaranteed to be able to bring dark souls to us.?[/B]
[B]?Don?t give up so easily.?[/B] A new voice had emerged from behind them. The three cultists turned to greet the newcomer, and the child stopped struggling to see for himself. The newcomer was a young man, about 21 in age. His clothes were quite small on him, his hair and nails very unkempt, and everything else about him was quite grimy and gross, to say the least.
[B]?Who are you, and what business do you have disturbing our sacred ritual??[/B] the lead cultist yelled at the man, who stood just at the edge of the clearing.
[B]?I recognize that language.?[/B] The new comer seemed to not even care that cultists outnumbered him, or even were hostile in any way. [B]?It?s an old dialect, but I know it. Not Druidish? no. More natural. Oh, it?s Centaurian! Yes, that must be it!?[/B]
[B]?Enough!?[/B] The cultists impatience was quite visible in his voice. [B]?What are you doing here!??[/B]
The boy looked straight at the leader. He looked him in they eyes, tilted his head to the side, letting his long hair shift, and he grinned. [B]?You asked for evil souls? I?ve come to deliver.?[/B]
At that, out of the woods themselves, five creatures that resembled humans emerged and attacked the cultists. The young man began to walk forward and laugh softly. The creatures began to devour the men alive. The shrieks were quite audible and horrific. The sight was almost enough to make the boy vomit. Then, the young man noticed the boy. He walked forward to the boy, looked him up and down on the stone slab. Then he smiled at the boy. [B]?Well then, I guess I get to know the joyful meal along with my friends.?[/B] [/SIZE]
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Book Antiqua"][B]Name: [/B]

Captain Gaizka Duchamp

[B]Age and Gender[/B]:

Later Twenties, Male

[B]Race & Class: [/B]

Human, Sky Pirate

[B]Alignment: [/B]

Not good or evil, the Captain and his crew are essentially mercinary and self-sufficient.

[B]Company: [/B]

[I]Stockton Black[/I], human male, late twenties. He has straight, black, jaw-length hair, a similar comportment to Gaizka, and wears the same thing as him, but instead of a frock, he has a much shorter coat with the sleeves rolled up.

[I]Charles Faustus[/I], human male, early twenties. His hair is very short and wears spectacles. He behaves more seriously and is more or less a scientist. He also wears a frock, which is black, and brown pants over black workboots.

[I]Klaus Clementius[/I], human male, early thirties. He's a more built man, a work horse. He's got shoulder-length hair and more of a tan complexion. His face is pitted and scarred and he very much appears to be a warrior, and while this is true, he is surprisingly good natured. He wears an heavy coat and gathered pants with heavy workboots, all black.

[I]Erikah Attica[/I], human female, late twenties. She has long dark hair and a more tired look in her eyes, but still smiles. With a slender frame that should in no way be misconstrued as weak she wears a black jacket and short capri-ish pants.

[I]Zinaida Sinclaire[/I], human female, early twenties. Shorter blonde hair with bangs, she has a "spunkier" persona and wears a white shirt with grey pants.

[I]Stas[/I], elven male, early thirties by appearance. Tall and slim with feathered blonde hair he is garbed in light elven robes and boots. He is able to perform fire element spells. But is wary to do so in wooded areas for the sake of plantlife.

[I]Nika[/I], elven female, mid twenties by appearance. She is shorter with long straight blonde hair and is also in elven robes, but usually travles barefoot. She too can perform fire spells.

[I]Eberhardt[/I], beastman (wolf), mid thirties by appearance. A large man, bound with muscle and possessing fur on his back and arms. He often just wears pants and boots, omitting a jacket. While he is fierce and animalistic, he is deeply enamored with the natural life of the world.

[I]Timur[/I], beastman (wolf), late twenties by appearance. Very much the same, in appearence and personality as Eberhardt, but thinner.


Short hair, what would be called "buzzed", he has an angular lawline dotted with stubble, and a generally well-meaning expression, and his build is tall, but muscular (not so much "thin"). From toe to tip, he wears pointed calf-high boots (for stepping in rigging) over gathered grey pants and more or less of a very beaten frock coat over a white shirt with a laced collar, and brown fingerless gloves and brown goggles with large glass lenses.

[B]Personality: [/B]

Good natured with an open aura, he isn't so much a pillaging destructive pirate, as one who seeks to right the horrible wrongs in the world; and thus he and his friends have left the humans, seeing them as violent, greedy and overall counter-productive to their cause, and have allied with elves and beastmen who more appreciate the world.

[B]Weapons/Magic: [/B]

The crew typically carries swords and daggers but are proficient in using anything on hand, Stas and Nika can also perform magic. The airship is equipped with cannons on each side, a deck gun (a smaller version of the cannon), and has a bomb bay from which to drop gun powder bombs, heavy objects, boiling oil, etc.

The airship looks like a spanish galeon (as it once was a naval battleship), but, but rather than masts it has many propellers, ranging in size from the two vey large ones (main sails) to smaller ones for balance. It has a rudder for steering and retractable "legs" for balance when docking on land.

[B]Writing Sample: [/B]

A brief description of the crews relation, and how they came to be in Gaizka's company.

Stockton, Charles and Gaizka were the closest of friends growing up and as described above, they became sickened with humanity's greed and warmongering. They ceded from their race and became nomads, using guerilla tactics to ambush military brigades they made and lost a lot of acquaintances and eventually happened upon a shipyard where an enemy engineer was being held. They helped him escape and commandeered a naval vessel, that was Klaus and he would eventually modify the ship to become the airship, [I]The Eye of Horus[/I].

In later travles they met Stas and Nika, elven siblings who were orphaned from their society when their villiage was razed by Undead. Not many elven tribes in the area practiced such a destructive art such as casting fire, and they were essentially ostricized. After much trial, Gaizka and his crew proved to be more than human simpletons, and earned their trust.

Eberhardt and Timur belonged to a tribe of wolf beastmen. When werewolves proposed to their clan an alliance, the elders denied it stating that the lycanthropes were mere abomonations, a cruel corruption of man and beast. This left the werewolves in a rage and they ruthlessly killed off the wolf tribe, as their sheer number overpowered the clan. All had fallen except the two brother wolves, Eberhardt and Timur as they had been placed in a pot and left to drift down a river. They were taken in by an elven villiage and met Gaizka's crew when they landed at the same villiage starved and wounded from battle. The brothers found friends in these humans, reinforced by their having the two elves in their company, and saw how they could exact their revenge on the werewolves.
After many years together, they now find themselves en rout to raid a vampire stronghold, as they would be inactive by day.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

Ok, if there are any discrepancies, just let me know and we'll work it out. Other than that, I hope this looks good. I'm excited, this'll be fun.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hope I'm not to late for this...Looks good.

Name: Nega Score
Age and Gender: 30

Race & Class: Werewolf

Alignment:Wavers between good and evil, what ever is in her best interest.

Company: She prefers to be alone.

Appearance: [URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20wolf%20girl/hanabihuga19/candicerpc2.jpg?o=12"]Nega[/URL]

Personality: She is cold and bitter towards most people; the only time she opens up is if she in caught up in the thrill of a hunt or kill. She'll stand something or someone for so long till she gets fed up and eventually tears them to pieces.

Weapons/Magic: She carries two sickle blades on her hips, the blades come from the handle and curl around her hands, they are razor sharp and deadly.

Writing Sample:
Nega jumped from branch to branch staying in the tree and off the muddy soil as the cold drizzle fell through the trees ad hit the ground. She stopped as a twig snapped underneath her. She looked down her ears twitching slightly.
"Who goes there?"
"Nega, the clan needs you, we are lost with out your guidance. The vampires from the west have shown up at our den asking for help."
"Worthless blood feeders, they can't do anything on their own."
She looked down at the young wolf standing under the tree she was in. She gave a audible growl and dropped down onto the ground next to the young wolf.
"Nega what are we-"
Blood sprayed the ground as she licked the blood from her sickle blade and sheathed it back on her belt.
"Words mean nothing anymore. I'm bored of working for the blood suckers. If they want my help, let them come to me and me alone, not send an Omega to fetch me."
A soft growl escaped her as she leaped back into the tree and continued her nightly walk through the trees as the rain began to stop, soon the clouds cleared and the moon shined bright and beautiful lending her its added strength to her flight. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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