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Generation neXt (A Marvel RP)


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From the notes of Professor Charles Xavier

[QUOTE][I]September 22nd, 1975

Homo sapiens superior or Mutants

An individual that possesses a mutated genetic tract that is known as the X-gene. An X-gene causes the body to develop abilities that regular humans cannot. The majority of mutants develop these abilities, which vary from person to person, upon puberty, though there are some mutants who display powers and/or physical mutations from birth.

Many people harbor prejudicial attitudes against mutants. They do so for a variety of reasons, including bigotry and xenophobia (particularly directed at mutants with nonstandard appearances), jealousy of their natural superpowers, and fear of being replaced or rendered extinct by the so-called next stage in human evolution. I, Professor Charles Xavier, realize that certain humans and mutants will take the chance to lash out in anger or in a desperate attempt to seize power. While there is too much for a single man to accomplish, I hope to create fair and equal relations between Human and Mutantkind so that the children of future generations can live without prejudice.[/I][/QUOTE]

The professor nodded as he handed the notes out to his small class, while they shuffled out of the classroom. His name was Aeron Williams, a teacher in the employ of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, but he was also something entirely different. He himself was a mutant although nothing more than a low level Empath but he wished to continue on with fulfilling the dream of Xavier. Humans and Mutants might never see one another as equals but he hoped to realize Xavier’s dream and at least create a better world.for the younger generations. And of course, if it was necessary then he would craft them into people who could keep the peace by any way possible.

After all, it is the young who often fight the battles of the old even if we do not wish for them to do so.

OOC: Check the [URL="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=828717#post828717"]Backstage thread[/URL] for a more detailed backstory.
Character Creation Sheet

Age: (Your character will be early teens to early twenties)
Powers: (Nothing too over the top. Your character is still in the learning phase of things )
Biography: (No need for anything massively in-depth. Just a look at your characters background)

Any other notable things:

My Character:

Name: Masato Indohara
Codename: Corpse
Age: Technically 16

Powers: Masato possesses an incredibly potent healing factor that is powerful enough to quickly heal any injury. He possesses no other powers but the fibres in his muscles are constantly repairing and growing stronger, giving him extra strength.

Personality: Having already died once in his lifetime, Masato possesses a cowardly streak a mile long due to him (in his own words) "Not particularly enjoying the experience". He is also overly protective of his fellow students, always acting in the role of the sheltering big brother.

Biography: Masato was an average teen. He got good marks (especially by the relatively strict standards of Japanese culture), was relatively well liked by those that knew him and kept to himself. However, he was not infallible. He could be stunningly arrogant to certain people and drove a fellow student in love with his girlfriend deep into depression.

This student finally struck back on the roof of the school, shoving Masato off the roof and causing fatal wounds on impact. Masato passed away within the minute but somehow something happened. Although he didn’t realize it, the blunt force trauma was sufficient enough to force the activation of his X-Gene. The rapid cell regeneration was enough to return him to life and restore the functions of his brain.

When he awakened, he was treated only with hostility. Those that he had been friends with turned against him, backing away from them when he was at his most vulnerable. So Masato did what any regular teenager would do in this situation, they take refuge from the world.

Masato remained like this for two years, suffering no cell degeneration thanks to his powers while also discovering that he was effectively immortal due to his body no longer requiring the basics of living. It wasn’t until he was found by a Welshman named Aeron Williams that he would again try to find his place in the world.

Appearance: [IMG]http://content7.flixster.com/photo/10/39/52/10395221_gal.jpg[/IMG]

Other Things: as Masato is functionally deceased, he no longer requires sustenance or oxygen to survive. However, Masato only survives through his healing factor. If he loses his powers than he has no idea how long he would exist without them.
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