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Heroes: The Company


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[I][FONT="Times New Roman"]When day becomes night, everything can change.[/CENTER][/FONT][/I]


Across the world, people look into the sky as a dark shape moves to obscure the sun. A simple cosmic movement, but one which brings the Moon into position between the Earth and the Sun, casting darkness across the the planet.

Hand in hand with that darkness come a great many changes.

In Kansas, a teenage girl moves with such speed, blocking her drunken stepfather's fist mere millimetres from her face. He looks at her, his fat, gleeful face falling as he sees the sly grin that creeps across hers.

In Mumbai, a school burns to the ground as a young man finally sees the revenge he wished on his teachers fulfilled. Manic joy fills his eyes, a single fireball flickering between his fingers as he walks calmly away, noticing the approaching sound of sirens.

In Hong Kong, a boy jumps from the edge of a building, ready to end it all, only to find himself floating on the very air itself. He smiles, his love of life restored, and flies high into the darkened sky.

In London, a father cries with happiness as his terminally-ill daughter awakens from her coma, healed at his very touch. He embraces her as tears stream down from his eyes onto her hair.

And in Hartsdale, New York, there are those who wait in the shadows for all of these people...

"It's happening," says one man to the others surrounding him, "Now, find them."[/INDENT]

[INDENT][FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="4"]Chapter Index[/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE="1"]
Here's what's happening. The first three chapters I will start with a brief description of what it will encompass. After the first three chapters I'll leave it open to anyone to start the 4th and so on, this is just to get the ball rolling.

Basically this is a few years after the creation of the company. We will not be interacting with [i]any[/i] characters from the show quite yet, only the people who work for them. The following takes place before the company decides to have a "front" named Primatech so their HQ is just an unnamed office building.

[b]CHAPTER 1: "Miscalculation"[/b]
In the following chapter heroes and villains alike are contacted by the company and taken to their base of operations (willfully or by force). Remember when posting that this is the early stages of the company and they are a little sloppy in what they are doing. Villains if you do get taken in you will be placed in cells but they are very easy to break out of. Save that for chapter 2.

[b]CHAPTER 2: "Uprising"[/b]
Certain characters are drawn to each other due to similar views on the company and attempt to overthrow them. The line between hero and villain is blurred here as they plan to take down the company.

[b]CHAPTER 3: "Downfall"[/b]
In this chapter, everything is put into action. By the end the company building will have been destroyed, lives will have been taken and sides will be picked. Wether you decide to stay lawful, neutral or evil is up to you.

If you are helping the company, you will spend this chapter defending the HQ and later escaping with your life. If you are planning on taking down the company, you will be in control of this chapter for the most part. It will end with the building burning in flames and every returning to their "normal" lives. Ask questions in the underground![/SIZE][/INDENT]

[INDENT][SIZE="4"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Chapter 1
[url=http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa71/anyelaaleyna/anime%20guy/anime5.jpg]Izzie Hasier[/url] lounged lazily in his favourite black arm chair in front of his home computer. He was home alone for the weekend so his two dogs and cat kept him company in his room. He was thinking about what had taken place a few weeks ago. Following a particularly irregular eclipse, Izzie had discovered an uncanny resistance to the freezing Canadian snow.

He opened his window and grabbed a handful of snow with his bare hand from the sill. Watching it melt into his hand, no sign of frostbite appeared and there was absolutely no pain.

Izzie had gone to the doctor the other day to make sure he was alright. An hour prior to the appointment, Izzie had sat nearly naked in the snow for 20 minutes. The doctor was oblivious and said Izzie was "as healthy as a horse." And so from that point on Izzie decided it was best to keep this resistance to snow a secret.

But to Izzie's eventual surprise he was not the only one who knew of his extraordinary power. Just outside his house a black SUV pulled into the long driveway of his suburb home. The doorbell rang.

Izzie peaked through the peep hole and saw two tall men in black trenchcoats. One seemed friendly while the one in the back seemed to be more of a bodyguard. Izzie didn't open the door. They knocked again.

"We know you're in there. Please open up." the man said. Izzie hesitated but opened the door.

"Yes?" he said shyly.

"Izzie Hasier? You're coming with us." the man that was in the back placed his hand on Izzie's forehead causing him to instantly black out.[/COLOR][/FONT][/INDENT]
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[B][SIZE=1]"Next customer, please," [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1]said the squawking electronic voice from the speakers about the queue, signalling the line to inch forward. Everyone in the building seemed depressed, down-trodden and thoroughly miserable. The silence in the room was only broken by occasional shuffles of paper, or mumbled requests at the counters. Little did the occupants of the bank know that the mundanity was about to be destroyed.

The front window shattered, shards of glass falling to the ground like solid, glimmering raindrops as a metal fire hydrant from outside crashed through it. Outside, water sprayed in all directions, flooding the street.

[URL="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/graemecarpenter.jpg"][B]A man[/B][/URL], dressed entirely in black, his face twisted into a grimace, stepped through what was left of the window, his hand outstretched, a single silver ring gleaming on his ring finger. Security ran towards him, grabbing their revolvers from the holsters on their belts, but with a flick of the man's wrist, the metal weapons flew from their hands and skittered across the floor. He brought his other hand swinging up from his side, and the fire hydrant hurtled towards the guards, slamming into them with an almighty clang and sending them flying across the room.

[B]"Everybody stay exactly where you are," [/B]he said, his British-accented voice commanding, [B]"Customers, get down on the ground. Cashiers, put any and all money you have into bags and place it in front of your desks, then get down on the floor. Do as I say and nobody has to get hurt." [/B]Under his watchful eye, the customers got to their knees, and the cashiers did as he asked. He walked towards the desks, grabbed the bag and threw them into the middle of the floor, then vaulted the desk quickly and nimbly.

The bank's main vault was behind the desks, an enormous metal door guarding the entrance. He smiled, and stepped right up to the door. Placing his hand on the cold metal, he closed his eyes and concentrated.

Metal spoke to the man - he understood how it worked, the energies that were involved in it's creation and the energies that the metal itself gave off. It spoke to him, and he listened intently. The door was about to give it's secrets away, and with a slight movement of his hand, the bolt on the other side slid back, and the door creaked open. He smiled again, and pulled the door open without touching it.

[B]"Freeze!" [/B]shouted a strident voice from behind him, [B]"Put your hands on your head and step away from the vault!"[/B] The man complied, placing his palms on the top of his head and turning to face the shouting man.

He was in uniform: impressive. The cops turned up quickly this time. He looked deep into the cop's eye, and saw fear and confusion. He didn't understand how one man could have robbed the bank and done so much damage. He began to walk towards the cop, slowly but purposefully.

[B]"Don't take another step, or I will be forced to open fire!" [/B]shouted the cop, his voice quivering a little as he spoke. The man in black took another step towards him, and an echoing explosion filled the bank. The cop opened his eyes, which he had squeezed shut, and saw the bullet dangling in mid-air, the man looking intently at it, his eyes completely focused.

[B]"Big mistake, officer," [/B]he said, his eyes quickly flitting from the bullet to the man who had fired it, sending the projectile back towards it's source. The tiny piece of metal slammed into the cop's neck, knocking him to the floor in a gushing torrent of thick, red blood. The man flicked a finger, and the gun slid across the floor out of the dying cop's reach. The man stepped over the spasming body and back towards his money.

He looked out of the broken window, and saw that the cops had set up a perimeter, but nobody else was setting foot inside. The other guy must have split off from the group, thinking he was some kind of maverick. Or maybe he was the negotiator, there to talk him out of killing the "hostages." Cops with guns were lined up outside the window, behind a barrier of squad cars.

[B]"Playtime," [/B]the man said with a tiny smile, and stretched his arm out once again, his palm open with his fingers splayed. He focused his concentration, and pushed, sending one of the squad cars screeching backwards into the rank of cops stood behind it. With a movement of his hand and a change in concentration, he flipped the car end over. Cops began to take aim, but with a sweep of his hand he sent their weapons flying. He twisted his arm so the palm of his hand was facing upwards, and with a visible amount of effort, he began to lift one of the cars into the air. Cops looked on, astounded, as it rose three, four, five feet into the air. Once it had risen to perhaps eight or nine feet above the ground, he released his grip on it, letting it drop back to the floor with an almighty smash.

He stopped, dropping his hands back to his sides, looking at the chaos and confusion he had caused, and saw two people amongst the crowd who stood out. While the officers were in uniform and the senior members of the force were wearing dull suits and beige trenchcoats, these two, a man and a woman, were dressed in smart black suits, dark glasses covering their eyes. They looked too calm, too sure of themselves to fit in with the squabbling masses of police, panicking over this incident.

[B]"Hello there," [/B]the man said quietly to himself, as the man raised a gun, levelled it towards him and fired. The bank robber smiled once more and raised his hand, but the bullet passed through the magnetic field he had put in place and slammed into his chest, hurling him back off his feet, three or four feet across the floor.

He felt unconsciousness coming, and the last thing he saw before passing out was the man and the woman, both so serious-looking, standing over him.

[B]"Bloody rubber bullets..."[/B]
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[SIZE="1"]Olivia Ford was sitting silently at her desk in her gloomy apartment. It was that time in the morning where the sun shone perfectly through the window to show piles of dust and it only disheartened the girl.

[I]'I've got a lot of work to do today.'[/I] She sighed at the though.

Having just returned from her double shift at the local diner, [I]Mary Lou's[/I], it was certainly going to be a very long day.

[I]'Well before you do anything, can you take me out first? I need to go.'[/I] Sally, a dog who was also her only inheritance from a rich old lady she used to work for part-time, gently laid her head on Liv's lap.

She sighed again. If things weren't already stressful enough, ever since she started talking to her dog, she thought it would be wise to check into a mental institute.

[B]"Just let me finish paying these bills,"[/B] She said to the dog and Sally just returned to her doggie bed on the floor in the hallway.

Olivia was kidding herself in thinking that she could afford all of this. She needed to move someplace that cost less. Even working as many shifts as she had, she couldn't afford any of the luxuries she was used to with her parents helping her out. [I]'Who am I kidding? I can't pay all of these.'[/I]

Sally's head raised from across the room. [I]'So does that mean you're going to take me out now?'[/I]

[B]"Would you quit doing that? Stay out of my head!"[/B] She shouted, realizing that she must really be insane.

She approached the window, pulling the blinds, and was suddenly struck with a vision...

It seemed almost in tunnel vision. A group of two were approaching her apartment complex. A man and a woman, both dressed in black suits. Then, the view magnified to show some kind of holstered weapon. And then it all faded away. She looked out the window to find a small bird perched on a window sill across the ally. It was staring right at her. [I]'Hide'[/I] It seemed to say.

Olivia had no clue why she was listening to a bird, but her instincts took over and she ran into the closet, which was crammed with equipment she had meant to sell on e-bay. She tried her best to cover herself with the junk.

Sally's voice entered her head, [I]'I hear someone coming up the stairs,'[/I]

[I]'Okay,'[/I] Olivia replied, [I]'If they walk passed my door, I'm insane and will check myself into a mental institue.'[/I]

[I]'And if they're here for you?'[/I] Sally was still outside. Olivia could smell the woman's perfume and stench of the young man's cheap shampoo. She must have been picking up on whatever Sally was smelling.

[I]'If they're here for me, then you make sure they don't find me.'[/I] she replied back to the dog. [I]'I don't know why they would be here for me? I know my bills are late, but people with weapons? This is intense.'[/I]

Just then, there was a knock on the door. [B]"Olivia Ford,"[/B] The woman's wispy voice filled the apartment, she seemed to be speaking very calmly, but Liv could tell there was a hint of excitement in her voice.

[I]'At least you know you're not crazy.'[/I] Sally said. Olivia could feel the anxiety in Sally. She was likely pacing back and forth in front of the door.

[B]"Ms. Ford,"[/B] the man said, [B]"We need to speak with you. We know you're in there. Please open the door."[/B]

Then it was quiet. Quiet enough for Liv to hear her heart beat. [I]'Did they leave?'[/I] she thought after some time.

[I]'No. They're just standing in front of the door.'[/I] Sally replied.

Suddenly, the kicked through the door. Sally reacted quickly enough to avoid being hit by the flying door. [I]'This is bad.'[/I]

And she had another vision. Only this time, Liv knew what was going on. She was seeing through the eyes of her dog.

Sally was calmly sitting on the floor, staring up at the intruders. Making sure that Liv got a good look at them. [I]'Now we know what they look like.'[/I] the dog said.

Liv could feel her dog wagging its tail. This was too bizarre. The two people looked all throughout the apartment, taking small photographs, examining her bills. Not one inch was missed except for the closet she was hiding in.

Until the woman approached. Her hand was outstretched, reaching for the doorknob [I]'Sally, do something!'[/I] she commanded her dog.

Sally let out the loudest whimpering bark she could, the woman took her hand away from the knob and stared at the dog as it continued to bark.

[B]"Would you shut that thing up?"[/B] The man said, almost commanding the other.

[B]"No problem."[/B] She replied, pulling out her weapon. From Sally's eyes, it didn't look like any gun that she'd ever seen. Perhaps an advanced taser, but both Sally and Olivia knew it would hurt.

Sally attempted to run out of the way, but was slipping on the hard-wood floors. Olivia could feel the fear and wanted nothing but to protect her dog. She pushed the door open with as much force as she could muster. It opened and slammed into the woman's back just as she fired the weapon. It missed.

As the man trained his weapon on Olivia, Sally came from around the corner and bit his hand before he had a chance to fire.

[B]"Run girl!"[/B] She shouted and both she and Sally made their way to the door.

As she attempted to jump over the woman's body, she reached out and grabbed ahold of her ankle. Sally bit her as well and she let go. Almost too easily. Like she didn't even want to really capture Olivia...

And then they exited as fast as they could, without looking back.


[B]"What do we do now?"[/B] The man asked.

[B]"We go back to the company of course."[/B] The woman said, calmly composing herself.

[B]"Why the hell would we do that? We need to go and get her."[/B]

[B]"We don't need to do a damn thing,"[/B] she replied, [B]"I tagged her and the mutt. Let's just get back to HQ and she'll follow soon enough."[/B]

The man calmed down and holstered his weapon once more. The woman did the same, making sure to collect the misfired ammunition. Then, they left, not even bothering to at least set the door against the frame.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Ethan heard the bell ring from the school parking lot. He looked back at the large bell tower, then back to the lot, and kept walking. It was a long day of studying, so he seemed to be dragging himself around. He had felt that way all day, since he woke up. He looked at his arms. Over night, somehow, they had gained about double the muscle mass they had the day before. He was starting to think that this, the event when he was a kid, and the facial hair incident were somehow connected. The day he grew a small stubble of beard, he actually fell asleep in class from pure exhaustion. Walking home today was going to be a drag, and him being already tired, it was going to be a fun little trip.

He had made it a block away from the school when he heard a voice behind him.
[B]?Hey! Ethan!?[/B]
He turned to see Hope. She was pretty much his best friend from the time he pushed her dog out of the way of the car in 3rd grade from the time she became hot and was promoted to popular girl. After that, she kept in touch, but was never out of eye shot of her ?evil lackeys,? as he would call them. She was always happy somehow, Ethan noticed. He tried to remember a time when she was angry. When nothing came to mind, he remembered a time when she was sad. Her uncle had just died. One of her favorites. They were in 6th grade, just before her ascension on the social food chain. They were sitting in her backyard, just staring at the stars. She began to cry. Ethan held her. It was that night he almost told her-
[B]?Ethan, are you listening to me??[/B]
Whoa, he thought, trailed off. She had been talking to him the entire time he was thinking.
[B]?Sorry about that. My mind got a little sidetracked.?[/B] He had looked her in the eyes. He almost sunk in.
[B]?Heh, it?s okay. I was just wondering if you were doing okay. I saw you in the halls today and you looked, well??[/B] she looked off to the side as she talked, as if she was looking for the words.
He answered for her. [B]?Like crap??[/B]
She turned back to him. [B]?Yes! Well, no, um? sorry, I?m just a little worried about you.?[/B]
[B]?It?s okay, I just didn?t get enough sleep, I think.?[/B] He shrugged his backpack back up to the right position. [B]?And why should you be worried? Is it because I?m not around during lunch? ?Cause that?s for some extra credit. I?m helping some underclassmen with some algebra tutoring.?[/B]
She looked at him with a bit of shortness in temper, [B]?And that?s what worries me. You?ve been acting a little, dare I say, ?weird? as of late. Ever since that eclipse. And speaking of that.?[/B]
[I]?Here it comes.?[/I] This was going to be rough.
She punched him in the arm hard. Thou he didn?t feel it, he didn?t tell her. [B]?Where were you for Jackson?s party? You said you would meet me there, and you never did!?[/B] She raised her fist again for a moment, dropped it, and laughed.
[B]?Sorry about that.?[/B] He laughed weakly, his sleepiness kicking back in a bit. [B]?I wasn?t feeling too good, so I stayed at home. I know I should have told you. My bad.?[/B]
Hope sighed, [B]?Oh well. It?s too bad you missed it. I was kind of hoping it would be like??[/B] She didn?t finish the sentence.
[B]?Like??[/B] Ethan pressed.
She turned away from him, towards her house, then turned her head back at him. [B]?Like that night back in 6th grade.? [/B] She smiled and turned back around. [B]?Well, I?ll see you later Ethan. I would invite you to hang out for a bit, but Becca is coming to pick me up for some shopping. Unless you want to come with us??[/B]
[B]?Nah,?[/B] Ethan had a hard time hiding his true feelings from coming out in his voice. [B]?I?ve got some homework that needs to get done, ASAP. Good hunting out there, thou.?[/B]
She laughed. [B]?Will do. Later Ethan.?[/B] With that she trotted around the corner of the street and towards her house. All he could do was stand there.
[B]?Yep,? [/B] he said aloud, [B]?I?m smitten.?[/B]

He had walked about three blocks from his house, thinking about that conversation. That, and wishing he had gone to that party, instead of looking at his chin. But then, he realized something odd. He stopped and turned around. There was a decent amount of cars on the street, all parked. But one caught his eye. A black, windowless van. He looked at it carefully. Then he remembered. That van, he thought, was at the school. Then again, when I was talking to Hope. And a couple of blocks ago. His tiredness left in an instant. He turned back and kept his course. He took about fifteen steps before he looked back. When he did, there was a the van still there. But this time, the doors were opening. Two men in black trench coats made their way out of the van. The first out was a bulky, but stumpy Latino man. The next was a tall Asian man. Both of them had faces that defiantly meant business. The men looked at Ethan and started towards him. The taller of the two called out to him.
[B]?Ethan Port??[/B]
He knew this was bad. So, he did what he always did in a situation where someone was looking for him. He ran. He bolted across the street, away from his house. He looked back quickly. Although he had a large head start on the men, the were catching him, and fast. He looked forward and ran even harder. His only thought was to get away. To run. After a second or two of running at full speed, he noticed everything had become slightly red. He remembered what this was. He read it in a Biology book. This was an adrenaline rush. He smiled. He had just got a secret weapon for a bit. And he was going to use it. He pushed himself even harder, running faster than he had ever been going. He didn?t quite realize it. Everything was slower to him. He looked back at the men. They had stopped running after him. He had won. He stopped and took a breath. The red disappeared and his vision became normal. He couldn?t help but smile. Then, the van hooked the corner. His face went from a smile to shock, in about half a second. He turned and ran again. The van was going about 40 mph after him. He had to keep running. I wish I had that adrenaline rush right now, he thought. And almost as if on command, the red came back. The same sensation of strength returned. The smile made it?s way back on to his face. He ran just as fast as before. He was booking down the street. But, then he tripped up on a bit of concrete that was sticking up. He fell right over it, braced for an impact, and met the ground with his shoulder. Oddly, he didn?t feel anything. Thou he was stoked about his shoulder not hurting, he knew he had to get up. But just as he raised himself, he looked up, and there was the van. It was stopped right by him. This time, the two that chased him were in seats on the other side of the van. Closer to him was a dark toned man. He was wearing sunglasses and smiling. He held out his hand to Ethan.
[B]?Mr. Port??[/B] the man said in a deep, but friendly voice. Ethan looked at him. [B]?There?s no need to be worried. We?re the good guys here. Please, we would just like to talk with you.?[/B]
Ethan got up, looked at the man, looked down the street both ways, back to the man, and then got into the van. He sat down and buckled up. He looked at the three men in the back with him. All of them were looking at him. The driver was behind a tinted window. Ethan looked back at the man that invited him.
[B]?Ethan, did you know you were going about 29 miles per hour??[/B] The man said.
Ethan didn?t know what to say. He knew he was going fast. But not that fast. [B]?So, what do you guys want with me??[/B]
The man took off his sunglasses and looked into Ethan?s eyes. [B]?Ethan, You?re a very interesting person. I would like to tell you more, but that?ll have to wait. Until then, you should get some rest. This is going to be a pretty long trip.?[/B]
Ethan was about to ask another question, but he became tired again. Even more so than before. He looked at the other two men. Then at his lap. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
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[SIZE="1"]The darkness engulfed Kain; he looked around trying to gain his footing. He felt no fear in this situation; he was analyzing the situation immediately. Buildings started to materialize before him; they sprouted to each of his sides and created a narrow alley way for him. He slowly started to walk down the alleyway and looked around casually, his bare feet patting lightly against the ground. He suddenly heard a familiar voice, and when he heard that voice, his shields all went down. He was no longer treating the situation as a threatening circumstances, it was now personal for him. That voice was what was making it that, it was soft and silky and had a comforting feel to it.
?Sister??[/B] Kain called out as he reached out into the darkness of the alley way, trying to find her now. It was an obsession he had. He always hungered for his long dead sister; it was a fixation he would never be able to break. Something that would never be removed from his mind, something that would gnaw at his very being until the day he passed from this world and into the dark abyss of nothingness. His pace quickened immediately to that of a light jog, then to a run, then to a dead sprint. He leaped over dumpsters, ran across walls to avoid piles of trash or something heavier obstructing his path. Climbing fences in one leap and systematically calling out for his sister.

He needed to find her, to ask her questions, to find out the truth. He eventually came across a person that forced him to a dead stop; he just stared at the other person. He displayed no emotions, just held a cold stare on this being. It hid its form in the shadows, but he knew it was there. He cocked his head to the side as he looked at it more closely, trying to discover who it could possibly be.
?You, who hide in the shadows, reveal to me who you are.? He could understand why he said those words in particular, it wasn?t what he wanted to say, they just came to him and he spoke them. The figure obeyed his request and moved from the darkness. It revealed a man who looked exactly like him, save for the fact that this figure had nasty dreadlocks that were tied back with a leather throng and had a smile on his face that seemed rather unnatural, Kain maintained his standing.
?I remember you; we talk often now don?t we?? The doppelganger nodded his head and let out a small chuckle.
?It is a lot of fun to watch you try to chase after your sister, it never works. You never catch her and we always come to this point. It?s fun to see you run arou??.?[/B] Kain seized the copy by his throat and smashed him up against the wall, then pulled him back a little and grabbed his head with his other hand and smashed the doppelgangers head against the building. He smashed his head harder and harder until the copy was not moving anymore. He then twisted his head hard and a sickening snap followed, he rolled his other self?s sleeve up and then sank his teeth into his bicep muscle. He tore it out with his teeth and swallowed the muscle whole. His own arms increased in size and then seized the head of the copy and pulled hard. The muscle, skin and veins all pulled away from the body and the head was gripped tightly in Kains hand. He dropped the body and tossed the head away.

[B]?How many times must I kill you before I am rid of you? You really are becoming nothing but a problem for me.?[/B] He walked away from the body and walked down the alleyway again, focusing on moving forward. That was, until he suddenly heard a faint ring in the distance, it grew louder and louder and then suddenly, his eyes snapped open. He sat up and looked around; the sun was lightly shining on him through the clouds. He stood from his resting place and walked to the edge of the building he had been sleeping on. He looked over the edge and saw all the school children getting out of school; he stood on the edge and then crouched down. His toes hung over the edge of the roof and he watched carefully.

He just watched them all until he was hit with a sudden smell. One that was far more powerful than anyone he has ever smelt, he steadily climbed down the side of the building. Shimming down the side by grabbing window sills and then leaping into a tree and climbing down to the ground. He slowly started to follow after the smell, pushing through the the kids as he followed the trail. He eventually saw the person giving off that smell, and he quickened his pace. It was a young man, and all Kain wanted to do was sink his teeth into him and find out why he was giving off that scent. However, his encounter was cut short when he noticed a van following both of them, he turned away and sprinted down and alleyway. He knew he was wanted by the police and he wasn't taking any chances.

He dodged and weaved through the alley and came out the other side and ran into a park, the gravel in the park rustled as he ran through it on his bare feet. He made a dead stop, his chest moving up and down more radically. He looked around quickly, his hair tossing back and forth as he looked around. He heard a twig snap and instantly leaped on to a tree and scurried up it quickly. He carefully walked out on to a tree branch and saw a man in a black coat standing where Kain was, he looked around and continued to walk around. Kain shimmed out of the tree and jumped down on to the ground. He was crouched and looked where the man was standing, he then saw a small piece of paper. He reached out carefully and grabbed it then unfolded it, he read its contents aloud.
"Got you now?[/B]" He suddenly heard a gun cock, he turned his head and saw a woman with a small smirk on her face.
"Well that's just not fair." [/B]Kain said in a rather childish way.
"It never is."[/B] She replied just before pulling the trigger, Kain felt everything go dark, and then he fell in a heap on the ground. Everything was lost to him now, he had no idea what was going to happen, he just knew he would find a way out soon enough.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][B][URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/LDeathNote.jpg"]Leon Dietrich[/URL][/B] slid delicately through the shuffling masses on the sidewalk, attempting to avoid laying out a random passerby in his haste. His target was about 20 feet in front of him, and unlike Leon, felt no need to take the wellbeing of anyone else into consideration, evidenced by the reckless abandon with which he raced down the street. To make matters worse, his careless attempt to escape had left, purposely one had to imagine, a trail of civilian “obstacles” for Leon to surmount. Leon felt bad for bounding over the fallen bodies instead of helping the rattled citizens to their feet, but he was on a mission. He was devoted to stopping crime; devoted to conquering evil. And that meant stopping every crime, even if it was simply ending the frightful reign of a local purse snatcher.

Leon watched as his target quickly rounded a corner and disappeared into an alleyway; he could hear the man’s footsteps getting fainter and fainter. Refusing to allow the man to get any further away, Leon pushed his body as fast as it would go, causing small bolts of electricity to spark of off him. He rounded the corner wildly, lost his footing, and crashed violently into a row of trash cans. He barely even noticed the collision, however. He quickly pounced back up, his body releasing another wave of electricity— this time noticeably more powerful— and thoroughly electrocuted everything in his wake as he bolted after the man. Fortunately for Leon, luck was now on his side.

The purse snatcher had encountered a chain-link fence, and was in the process of scaling it when Leon reached him. Leon jumped at the fence and clenched his fists tightly, causing them to glow with an intense blue shine. As soon as he was upon the fence he opened his hands and gripped the metal tightly, releasing a painful bolt through the metal and into the purse snatcher. The Snatcher yelled out in agony, unable to release his grip from the fence, and was helpless to defend himself as Leon pried the man off and threw him to the ground. Leon grinned down at the man, and pulled the purse from the man’s grip.

[B]“Did you really think I was going to let you get away?”[/B] The purse snatcher growled at him, obviously straining to recover from the shock. Leon patted the man on the shoulder and walked towards the street.

[B]“Well, while you try to move again, I’m going to hail over a policeman. Wait right there, would you?”[/B] Leon took another step towards the street, but stopped cold in his tracks as the sound of a gun cocking reached his ears. A grisly voice from behind him barked orders at him.

[B]“Turn around!”[/B] Leon gritted his teeth angrily, but did as he was told. The purse snatcher looked less then pleased, gun aimed squarely at Leon’s head. Leon could tell the man was still recovering from the bolt, however; every so often the man’s face twitched slightly, or one of his muscles would contract quickly. The man gave another order to Leon, this time a bit more calmly.

[B]“Now come here, and give me that purse. Try anything, and I’ll shoot.”[/B] Leon sneered and sauntered over to the man, hand raised at his side.

[B]“I don’t doubt that you will. But could I ask you a question? Why steal purses? Why not actually get a j—.“[/B]A shot rang past Leon’s right side and struck the wall next to him. The Snatcher had regained his composure somewhat, and no longer looked furious, simply playful. The man answered his question casually.

[B]“Because it’s more fun. At least it is to me. Now, bring me that purse, and no more questions.”[/B] Leon was now standing directly in front of the purse snatcher; and the purse snatcher’s gun was staring him directly in the eyes. Leon tossed the purse to the man discontentedly, and the man grabbed it with greedy determination. He nodded his head to Leon slightly, and waved the bad around.

[B]“Appreciate it, friend. You have yourself a nice once. Now turn around and walk away. Motion to anyone, and I sh---.”[/B] The man was knocked forcefully to the ground as two streams of lightning struck him squarely in the chest. Leon scooped up the bag swiftly and frantically ran out of the alleyway, but it was too late. The snatched had regained his wind and was pointing his gun at Leon again, and all Leon heard was a series of shots go off. He clenched his eyes tightly and braced himself, cursing the fact that he never put his powers to any real, life changing good. He waited for what seemed like an eternity, then questioningly opened his eyes and spun around.

The purse snatcher was sprawled out on the ground, obviously unconscious. The wall opposite of him was lined with bullet holes. And standing above his motionless body were two figures, a male and a female, dressed in suits. The female picked up the purse and tossed it to the man, who nonchalantly walked in the opposite direction of the alleyway. Probably to return the purse, Leon thought. The woman turned to Leon and smiled at him, then walked towards him. Leon grinned back and decided to meet her halfway. She was noticeably attractive, standing at 5’7’’ with dirty blonde hair and shockingly blue eyes. She spoke softly, yet officially, which Leon admired right away.

[B]“Leon Dietrich, correct? You should have disarmed the target before turning your back on him. However, I must commend you on using your terrain to your advantage. Deciding to abandon your plan to electrocute the man close range and instead opting to use your powers on the fence was clever.”[/B] Leon smiled and was about to thank her for her criticism and compliment when he realized exactly what she said. She had mentioned his power. Nobody knew about his power, and he thought he had been somewhat discreet with the use of it. The woman smiled knowingly and continued.

[B]“Don’t be alarmed, Leon. We’re an organization that helps people like you; people who are special. We know you’ve been having difficulty controlling your ability, and that you’ve been looking for a meaningful way to use your power. We can teach you to hone your ability; we can give you a purpose. What do you say? Can we discuss it further back at our HQ?”[/B] A van pulled up behind the woman, and stopped. Leon looked hard into the woman’s eyes, searching for any signs of treachery. But her eyes were honest, her intentions were clearly good. He sighed and stuck out his hand to shake hers.

[B]“What can I say? Of course I’ll come along. I owe you nice folks for saving me… and something tells me this is exactly what I need anyways.”[/B] The woman smiled and shook Leon’s hand, and led him to the van.[/SIZE]
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