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Hunters: Grand Apocalypse


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"I can only imagine the look on their faces when I show them what I've done..."[/FONT][/CENTER]

Night sat idly in his chair. He was staring at the fireplace, watching the flames and obviously lost in thought. The large grandfather clock he kept in his room ticked off the seconds softly. 4 minutes to midnight. The room was quiet, short of the crackling fire and the ticking of the clock. 3 minutes. The hunters red eyes flicked to the sword mounted to the wall. A giant claymore with a serrated blade. The word Vendetta was etched into the hilt. Night returned to staring at the fire silently, his black bodysuit giving a dull reflection of the flames across his face. 2 minutes. The Hunter shut his eyes, breathing slowly as he shifted in the chair. 1 minute.

The clock chimed midnight. Night's eyes snapped open. He stood, pivoting over to his bed where the heavy red trench-coat lay. With a swift movement, he pulled it over his shoulder and straightened the collar. Zipping it up, he grabbed the handle of Vendetta and shouldered it. He kicked the fireplace shut, watching as the fire died out slowly, before heading out of his room in the Sierra Mansion. The mansion had been in his family for generations, and now served as both home and headquarters to the Hunter organization. Any of his hunters could come and go as they please, and the copious amounts of extra rooms allowed those with no home of their own to take residence with Night.

The red cloaked hunter walked down the stairs towards the huge double doors. Several other hunters were filtering out of their rooms. Night stood in front of the doors and waited for them all to assemble so he could dispatch their orders. Tonight would be most interesting, judging by the reports of all the missing people. Night glared around as more and more of his hunters gathered in front of him. Those who didn't live in the mansion were arriving by whatever transportation they could. Cars pulled into the large garage, motorcycles, and even several half daemons landed in the courtyard and headed inside towards the gathering.
The large man standing in the warehouse tapped his foot slowly on the cold floor. He looked around at the assembled Acolytes. Some wore robes denoting a higher rank, others in civilian clothes so as to not attract attention. The man surveyed them with a look of both arrogance and disgust. Horns dotted his chin in a corrupt stubble, and his eyes glowed a bright green. White teeth, like that of a piranha, filled his mouth. His name was Mortus. A Greater Daemon who acted as eyes and ears on Earth for the Lords of Hell. He wore only jeans, no shirt or shoes. His toenails and fingernails were sharp and pointed and his skin was a deep brown, almost a red. He looked around, whisps of his white hair trailing in front of his eyes.
"[FONT="Impact"]All of you be silent![/FONT]"
The Acolytes immediately went quiet at his words. He glared around.
"[FONT="Impact"]It's time to begin. I want no mistakes on any of these summonings. All of you know your tasks. DON'T fail me![/FONT]"
Mortus glared out at the room. A large rune, painted in blood, covered most of the floor. In the center were 8 people, tied and gagged, unconscious. The daemon gave an inward smile. These pathetic creatures would be the fuel for the Emissary's arrival. Elsewhere in the city were pockets of Acolytes doing their own summonings. Beasts and Imps would soon roam the streets, solidifying the hold Hell had on this pitiful city.
"[FONT="Impact"]What are you waiting for? BEGIN THE CEREMONY![/FONT]"
((Simple really. Hunters, go to Night for your assignment. Acolytes, you know what you're to do. Let's have fun everyone.))
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Rasic yanked his gloves on, a slight smile on his face as he adjusted his coat. This would be his first assignment with the Hunters, tonight. He looked thoughtful as he opened the door to his room and peeked out, seeing several other Hunters pass by. The ones he'd talked to had all seemed very serious and grim, as if deadened to any form of humor. In fact, he hadn't seen anyone so far crack a smile. Well, if tonight went well he'd attempt to change that.

"These people are so.....dead." He murmured, stepping out of his room and shutting his door with a snap. "I can't believe they kill daemons for a living and can't get ANY form of enjoyment out of helping people!" He said to himself loudly as he adjusted the bandage covering the right half of his head. Rasic turned to look over the banister and saw the head honcho himself, Night, standing there. He looked like an even bigger stick in the mud than the others, even at a distance. He shrugged to himself before turning and walking down the stairs, joining the slowly growing group of people around the Hunter. He looked around with interest at the others.

[I]Wow....first time i've seen more than three half daemons gathered in one place.[/I] He thought to himself, impressed with the numbers. He blinked and looked back at Night hopefully.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

(Fun stuff. :3)
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Thea stayed in the shadows for most of the time till a few people began to gather around Night. Silently she came from the shadows a few people moved away fro her as she made her way towards Night and stood behind him silently, her wings folded over her shoulders and her arms crossed over her chest. Her height made it so she was a able to see over his head and watch what the people in front of him were doing as well. She growled quietly at Rasic as he looked over at Night again, she bowed her head and fell silent again as Night held up his hand giving her the signal to be silent. She stood behind him giving others who tried to get to close a cold look. She looked around as the rest of them entered one by one, some giving her an unwelcoming look, others not bothering to even look at her. Either way she didn't care, Night was all she cared about.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Ty looked around as he stood at Night's right hand....well as close as he could get with the rabble of hunters that was gathering.

Some were doomed from the moment they walked in, others seemed like they could probably hold their own. Night didn't give two shits about any of them, they weren't civilians so their deaths wouldn't matter. Of course he'd have everyone's back who had his, but he was looking out for himself, and Night of course.

Though the big man hardly spoke, Ty looked at him as a mentor and a father figure, though he'd never allow anyone to know that. How passionate he was about hunting, and how every daemon they lay together was one step closer to finding the Asshole who took his family from him.

Ty took the momentary silence to ensure he had all this throwing knives, his blade was ready, and his flask was indeed filled with holy water...he'd made that mistake once and never again.

The hush was for real and Night raised his hand, this was it. The moment they'd discover what big mission they had coming, after all this was the first time this many hunters had been gathered in YEARS.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Senka dragged the naked girl across the cold cement by her hair. She had kicked and screamed earlier, but that had stopped now. Blood loss from various wounds on her body had silenced her protests. Senka, with the help of other acolytes had found a few families. After stripping them and cutting them up, they dragged them all across the ground in order to make a summoning circle with the blood. Their pain would make the summoning much easier. Which would be good since Senka knew the hunters would show up soon.

"Drogo, now is the time." Senka said, as she signaled to Drogo.

He only nodded his head and grabbed the one unharmed person that they had captured. Tears were in her eyes as she watched the rest of her family be tortured. He grabbed her by the hair and started sticking his dagger into her. He avoided any vital organs though, so that she would stay conscious. Her screams were to be the backdrop for the summoning ritual.

Senka, with her acolytes under her command in place, and their hellhounds helping them stand guard, began the ceremony. Soon, the demon would be summoned. And with luck, summoned before the hunters arrived. She smiled and spoke the words for the ritual.[/FONT]
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Cal looked around the hall. There people from all over. A couple he knew the names of, but for the most part, he didn't know most of them. He eyed the crowd. Everything seemed to be in the right place, everything seemed to be in order, but there was a strange stiffness throughout the place. He wasn't sure what it was, but a gut feeling said that this was going to be a horrible night. If they were lucky, maybe half of the ones gathered would find their way back to where ever it was that they came from.

Cal slowly made his way over to a familiar face, one of the few people he actually tollerated for the most part. "So, what do you think is going to happen tonight? I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of blood shed before the night is done. Also, with this many half daemons about, something may go haywire." He looked at Rasic who only smiled at him.

[I][COLOR="Navy"]"Damn, noone wants to talk in this place. Just what is he planning?"[/COLOR][/I] Cal looked up at Night, all the while he was getting a little nervous about being around so many people, it mostly just made him queasy. And the smell was starting to get to him. He could tell that some of the hunters here had not showered in a few days, if not months.
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[COLOR=Purple]Kurai walked out of her room and slid down the railing of the stairs. She was normally quiet and rarely spoke to the others.

Her silver hair was blowing just a little as she walked toward the others. She took her place beside Ty, considering she would occasionally get some alcohol off of him when she was in the mood to drink.

"I hope we leave soon. Something keeps pulling at me inside telling me we're going to be too late to save some lives..."
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Night glanced around with his usual scowl before speaking.
"Listen up. We've got several targets tonight, and as usual, you're all going in groups. Watch each others back, keep each other safe, and come back alive."
With those words, he began to number groups of four off. Dispatching them to various parts of the city, the group slowly dwindled down to just a handful.
"Ty, take the new guy, Rasic, to the tech center of town. Several people disappeared there a few weeks ago, and police won't go near it. Probably bribed by Acolytes if not Acolytes themselves. Watch each others backs, I have a feeling you're in for a rough night."
The red coated Hunter glanced at Kurai.
"Kurai, go with Cal. Jonas, you're with them too."
Jonas, a relatively young hunter, nodded and stepped next to the other two, rolling blessed bullets around in his palm as he thumbed the pistol holstered to his waist. Night pointed at the three.
"You three are going to a construction site in downtown. Reports of large 'dogs' seen running around at night. I'm betting they're hell hounds, but I doubt they're alone. Be careful."
With that, Night pivoted on his heel and stared at Thea.
"Thea, you're checking out an abandoned hotel scheduled for demolition. Be careful, seven people have disappeared there in the past two days and you're going in alone."
The hunter shouldered his blade again and headed out the door, yelling his final words to the group without even turning.
"I'm heading to the docks. If you need backup, call me."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Thea headed for the window and hopped onto the ledge, stretching her wings for a moment she jumped out the window and headed for the hotel Night had given her to investigate, seven people gone. She could already imagine what she was going to run into. It was only a half hour later when she landed on the roof top and brought out her sickle sword, she grabbed it with both hands and split the single blade into halves giving her two blades instead of one. She already sense something sinister was around the hotel or even in it, but she wasn't sure what it was yet. She began to walk towards the roof top entrance and stopped as she was about to open the door. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end and spinning around she narrowed her eyes as a figure detached it self from the shadows and began to move towards her.
"Your a new comer, not the type I've seen come looking for me lately."
She remained silent as the young man drew near to her, her eyes adjusting quickly as he came closer. She could see his eyes which were yellow and smell the old blood, as well as new, drifting from his clothes. She watched him carefully as he circled her, sizing her up. She held onto her blades tighter as he approached her slowly. He smile showing her fangs making her frown.
"You seem uneasy, what's the matter?"
She remained silent as usual, her body ready to spring as he walked around her yet again.
"So what is a demon like your self doing here? This is my clans feeding ground."
She let the statement sink in before she made the choice to take action. She looked at her blades and than back at him. He smiled and took a step towards her, she watched for another moment til he reached out to grab her arm, she moved quickly spinning and facing away from him, one of her blades coated in blood, behind her he blinked and went pale as the left side of his head began to slide til it hit the roof top with a sickening, wet, slap. She opened the door and walked in, her eyes adjusting to the darkness easily, looking around she noticed the cobwebs and dust covering the buildings interior and exhaled slowly, walking slowly she kept her senses keen and alert, looking through the rooms she noticed bare bones and blood splattered on walls where people had been noticeably killed. As she walked through she entered a room and stopped as the floor seemed to move as bodies rose and stood facing her, eyes glowing red she knew right away that she had found the targets she had been looking for. Closing the door behind her she gripped her blades tighter and took her fighting stance as the figures surrounded her and began to sniff her hungrily. She dispatched them quickly and flicked the blood from her blades clean. Walking out of the room she checked the rest of the hotel from top to bottom, not finding anything worth looking into she decided that the area was clean form what she could see and headed for the roof yet again. As she walked towards the edge of the roof she noticed a man walking into the building. She took a deep breath and dropped down using her wings as stabilizers she landed in front of him and stood her full height. Looking down at he man she sensed old power and wisdom flowing from him and frowned.
"Who might you be?"
Pulling her blades from her sides she stood still not letting him get by, he frowned and folded his arms across his chest.
"Are you here to kill me is that it? Are you a hunter that has been rumored to control the evil in this city? Is that it?"
She tightened her hold on her blades and moved as he moved as well blocking his claws with her blade. He was fast, old and seasoned in battle, she didn't show any pain as his claws grazed her side. Taking the opportunity of him being close to her she swung her blade and drove it through his back and into his heart, she stared as he screamed and turned to dust. Looking up she watched as the dust from the young man's body blew down on the wind to swirl and mix with the elders. She grabbed her phone and dialed Night's number. Hearing the phone pick up she spoke for the first time that night.
"It's done. Scouting."
"Scout there, make sure."
She closed the phone and looked around, she wondered why he wanted her here but she would follow what he said no matter what, letting the wind fill her wings she drifted on the updraft and landed on the roof, looking out towards the town built around the hotel she kept her eyes keen and scanning for any movement that was not supposed to be there. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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The shrill squeal of a racing automobile echoed through the narrow streets of the city. A vibrant red coupe was darting across barren roads chaotically swaying violently from side to side. Once it breached a caution zone, it’s wild advance abruptly declined as the cars breaks howled, and sent the car into a horrid spin before finally coming to screeching halt.

Immediately upon stopping, the drivers door flew open and a long blade slid out scraping the road outside. An apparently dazed figure climbed out of the vehicle wielding the blade as means to keep himself upright as he erected himself. Turning toward an abandoned hotel, the man began to limp his way over to the ghostly structure as hastily as his apparently weakened body could take him, yet he stumbled over himself after only a few paces. As he lay on the road, the man wiped the thick sweat that developed on his fuming forehead, and lifted himself back on his feet.

Glancing through even his obscured vision the man could notice a limber figure hovering about the structure until perching itself upon the roof. As far as he could tell this little creature was by it’s lonesome.

Breathing a deep sigh, he climbed back into the seat of his vehicle, and pressed his palm repeatedly against the car’s horn to hopefully call the attention of the creature to himself.
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Ty almost couldn't contain his smile. Night normally took the "newbies" with him until they'd established themselves as capable hunters. Being asked was an honor that showed not only he was being considered a more then capable hunter, but also that this mission was pretty important and Ty was loving it.

Ty approached Rasic different then most hunters, many were hesitant to trust the half-daemon's. Many looked at them as much as the enemy as full bloods, but most realized their "usefullness", and their humanity (though admitingly many didn't have much human in them it didn't seem.).

"Are you Ty?" The big man asked as Ty neared.

"Yup, and you're Rasic, so we got that out of the way. I'm driving." Ty didn't miss a step and walked past him, assuming he'd followed.

Outside the mansion sat Ty's baby; his silver 72 Chevelle SS sat parked just outside the main entrance. Ty jumped in, and motioned for Rasic to get in.

Ty started the engine and it sprang to life, sounding just as it did in 72. "Not the most inconspicuous vehicle in the city eh?" Rasic said as he slid into the passenger seat. Ty smiled at his partner for the night. "You never know what night will be your last in this business, why not go out in style."

A blanket of dust covered the parkinglot and several hunters who were exiting the buildings as the duo tore out towards downtown, and the tech area. "So how many daemons have you killed?" Ty needed to gather as much information as he could about Rasic's 'experiences' before they got to their destination. Ty himself was still new to many hunters, but there was no way he was going to drop the ball and get the new guy killed tonight. Hell, he'd even make him wait in the car if he had too.

"I've killed my share."

"What about Acolytes?" This was a controversial question amongst many hunters, some thought they should just die, others thought they deserved a second chance.

"I prefer not to kill humans, but I will if I have to"

Ty liked both answers, it seemed Rasic wasn't just another soft half daemon that cared more for humans then humans themselves. Though Night said it was going to be an ugly night for them, Ty had found a partner he finally thought he'd work well with.

"Hey Rasic....let's not die tonight eh?"
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[OOC: Geez, I'm gone for a weekend and this thing is already going strong ^.^]

Skylar walked through the large double doors, the room was empty now, except for one. Walking up to the cloaked man, she removed her hood.

"Your late..."

" It's not very easy to get here without a vehicle on such short notice. I thought you have figured that out over the last three years."

"I thought you would have used your steed at least."

"Hmmm...I suppose I could have, but Hiei hates the sound of engines, he probably would have been scared away. Anyway, I see that you sent to newbies already. That's not like you. Is it that serious?"

Night smiled and patted her head. "You'll know soon enough young one."

Grasping her staff hard against her chest, she gazed out the window. Suddenly her heart started to race as the smell of fresh blood consumed the air. * This is it...*
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[COLOR=Purple]Kurai nodded. "Understood." She then turned to Cal. "I'm ready when you are." She zipped up her white coat and walked out the door.

Kurai looked up at the moon. [I]It's full... most dark rituals occur on the full moon...[/I]

She pulled out her scythe and stood there. "I suppose I'll wait here until Cal's ready..."
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Night headed towards the garage, rummaging through his pocket for keys to his car, an aging black 1968 Chevelle. It was kept in....acceptable...condition. Night hated working on cars. He unlocked the driver side door, then paused and looked at Skylar silently for a moment.
"Learn to get here on time, or I'll start putting you on guard duty back here at the mansion. Get in."
The hunter unlocked the passenger door and hopped in. The door slammed shut as Skylar took her seat. She barely managed to clip her seatbelt on before the tires suddenly squealed out, and the Chevelle rocketed off into the city at breakneck speeds. Night topped out at 70 miles as he swerved through the one or two cars actually out at midnight. He was silent the entire trip before the car spun around and parked neatly into a tucked away alley. Night glanced at Skylar as he unbuckled.
"Let's go. Docks are about 3 miles. Keep up, stay in the shadows, and stay on foot. If you get hit, yell."
"Why'd we park so far away?"
"Because I don't want anyone to touch my car."
With that, the red cloaked hunter took off down the alleys at a swift jog, sword shouldered as he rounded the corner.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Senka had taken over for Drogo and was doing unspeakable things to the only girl left alive. Suddenly, Drogo came back from his patrol and walked up to Senka. He waited a moment before telling her the news. He could tell that she was mad at being interrupted. Senka looked up at him slowly.

"What?" She yelled.

"Senka...Someone is here. And it's not one of our acolytes or daemons."

He tried to catch his breath as he waited for her reply. She bared her bloody teeth and got dressed.

"Get some acolyte's to guard this spot. Then come with me and we'll see what is going on."

Drogo did what he was ordered to do and then followed Senka. She motioned for him to be quiet and asked where he saw the people. He walked on further, past some construction equipment and pointed to some shadowy figures.

Senka smiled evilly. The fun was about to begin...[/FONT]

OOC: Okay guys. Senka is going to run into Cal, Kurai, and Jonas soon.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Thea looked down at he parking lot where the car had squealed into place. The horn was not needed, she had seen the car coming towards her for a little ways. She spread her wings and stepped onto the ledge, taking a step off she drifted down to land at the entrance to the hotel slowly. She stood with her arms crossed over her chest and her wings folded over her shoulders. She remained silent as she watched the young man carefully. He was armed and she was taught by Night never to underestimate people. As he stumbled towards her she grasped her blade tightly and readied her self to move quickly. He looked up at her and she wasn't shocked when he didn't seem surprised by her appearance. She watched him carefully not letting her guard down.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Rasic blinked, looking at Ty for a moment before cracking a smile. "Yeah, i'm sure we'll live through it. I mean....well, you've been in the Hunters for how long?" He asked. From the important way Ty carried himself, he must have been a senior member of the Hunters if Night trusted him with a new Hunter such as Rasic. "Oh. Before that can I ask you something? What's up with a lot of the Hunter's being so solemn? I mean....from what i've seen so far not one person here's chuckled. Not even once!" He exclaimed, waving a hand for dramatic effect as they sped towards their destination.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Ty stifled a laugh at Rasic's hand gesture and gave him a cold look. "You learn fast in this job; you learn that people are gone in a second, so that's why most of us aren't friends. And you also have to think about all the bad stuff you see, like we'll most likely see soon."

"What? Killing daemons is that bad?" Rasic asked, turning Ty on to just how young he was. At least when it came to being a hunter.

"No, killing daemons is never hard. It's when you see all the innocents killed. You have to prepare yourself tonight for some serious dead civillians by the way night talked. And I don't just mean adults, the acolytes sacrifice anything and everything they can get their hands on. Childred, elderly, adults, hell even mentally disabled people they don't care as long as they fit into what they want."

Though the half-daemon kept his face partially shrouded, Ty could've swore he saw his face go flush at the thought of all of what Ty said.

"Unfortunetally it seems like tonight's going to be exactally what Night said it is. Look to your right at the theater, the closed down one." Ty motioned Rasic towards the abandoned music hall where two seemingly homelessmen sat up against a wall talking.

"What about it?" Rasic asked, puzzeled as anyone who didn't know the acolyte's MO.

"It's freezing outside, and the two guys don't have anything to keep warm with. No blankets, no old newspaper, nothing. Either they're possessed, or they aren't planning on being out there all night." Ty watched as the realization of the odd men sunk in. He envied Rasic's innocence, in some ways the less you know the less of a burden you carry.

Ty continued on and stopped in front of a bar two blocks away.

"What are we doing here? Shouldn't we find a place to park off the street?"

"I have a contact inside so we can find out what sort've summoning ritual these guys are pulling based on how wholesome our missing persons are. And no, my baby doesn't get put in the shadows. Plus even if they recognized the car when we droze by, it'll be less obvious what we're doing if it's parked in the street.....okay from now on I'll explain all my actions afterwards, just wait here."

Ty disapeared inside, and was out again in a matter of a few moments. Rasic exited the car at Ty's direction and the two stood huddled in the alleyway beside the bar.

"It's liable to get ugly tonight. The family that was kidnapped were real holy rollers, which means unless they were the manson family something bigs coming. I tried getting ahold of Night but the cell phone signal and land lines have been knocked out of the area. So we're going to have to find a way in."

Ty lead the way through the alleyway and side streets to the theater, and hopefully an easy way into the theatre where it seemed all the "action" was taking place.
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The pair eventually came to a side door into the theater. A heavy padlock prevented entry, but was easily bypassed by a quick smash from Rasic's knife. Ty held a finger to his lips, signaling now was the time for stealth. The door slowly opened into shadow, and the pair waited till their eyes adjusted. They were in the back halls, which were shockingly deserted. The entire theater was silent. Ty pointed to a flight of rickety stairs, and the Hunters climbed to the balcony level. The door they had opened slowly and quietly slid shut, filling the halls in darkness again.

On the balconies, the hunters had a clear and unhindered view of the entire theater floor. The seats were old and rotting, but what drew their eyes were the three people tied up to a post nailed to the stage. One woman and two men. Surrounding them were hundreds of lit candles, and they were positioned in the center of a giant rune splashed across the wood in blood. They were apparently unconscious. No Acolytes could be seen. Rasic leaned over the edge as Ty scanned the ground floor.
"I don't see any Acolytes...either they're getting ready in the lobby or backrooms, or they're-"
Ty's words were cut off as Rasic leaped off the balcony and landed with a thump onto the floor, crouched low as he moved quickly towards the stage.
"What the hell are you doing?!" Ty hissed.
"We need to help them! I'm not missing this chance!"
"You idiot! You fucking idi-!"
Rasic was already out of earshot, moving quietly through the chairs. He kept his head low, scanning the room at all times. Ty wouldn't be able to make himself heard without shouting, and he wasn't about to do that. He needed to get down to Rasic before something happened. Every fiber of his gut screamed this was a trap. He had to get down there and stop Rasic, but the fall would break his legs.

((You know, I bet if someone posts, something will happen! *gasp*))
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The man continued to rapidly honk the horn of his vehicle until he eventually stumbled out the car and caught glance of the creature waiting for him. He stepped back a bit, reacting in surprise of how swiftly it reacted without him noticing, ?how long had it been there? he asked himself. It was a rather exquisite little half-daemon, coated in purple skin and displaying powerful wings, it caught the man in a moment of awe.

Unfortunately this character seemed less than amused by his presence, and was poised to make a hasty offensive if needed. It was a shame as the man had dressed in his best burgundy suit to greet his opposition. He threw a whimsical smile on his face and tried to stand as formally as he could, yet leaning on his bladed in a breaking sweat made him less than presentable.

?Salut,? the man gestured toward his acquaintance. When he continued to introduce his name his heavy french accent and drunken slurs converted his words to gibberish. Still continuing his ramble, in an effort to appear less menacing, he tossed his patta support to the ground. To his dismay this made him feel rather top heavy and made him buckle to his knees, and empty the contents of his stomach. Staring down at the crimson fluid he expelled he could hear the echoing moans of demons approaching.

From the corners of the intersecting streets, large ape like creatures amassed to the location. Their bulky arms carrying them more than their stumpy legs, and their boney jaws hung open as they howled to signal their gathering. A half a dozen of these creatures began to circle in on the two, but they seemed less than aggressive despite their fearsome appearance.

The man perked his head up and stared into the half-daemons empty eyes as if entranced.
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Cal got out of his Hummer, fallowed by Jonas in the back seat and Kurai sitting shotgun. "Some thing feels wrong about this place, you feel it Kurai?" He looked down at the halfdaemon who only nodded and looked around the construction site.

"So, you two do this much?" Jonas asked a little nervousness edging into his voice. He fallowed closely behind Cal and Kurai as they slowly made their way into the building. Kuria quickly looked back but Cal spoke before she was able to do anything but glare at him.

"Shut your mouth. Even if they already know that we are here, it doesn't mean that they need to know more than that." He glanced back at him then stopped. "Kurai, are you willing to stay here with him as I go and scout?" She shook her head.

"i don't think that is a great idea. It would be best for all of us to stick together on this one. We arent sure about who, what, or how many are out there." She looked around and then stopped. Cal stopped in front of her as Jonas nearly ran into them.

"Hey, don't stop like that. I almo-" He was cut off as two black animal looking objects walked out of the shaddows.

"Jonas, Kurai, let me take care of this. I will be able to take care of these two without problems." He smiled a little at Jonas and Kurai as he pulled the cloth guard off of the tip of his halbert.
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"Oh god" Was all that escaped Ty's lips before he saw the acolytes moving in the shadows, their steps matching Rasic's.

Ty knew calling to Rasic was a sure fire way of exposing himself, but damn that was an easy 30 ft drop. and being human NOT half-daemon there was no way he could escape that unscathed.

Relief came from a sheet hanging off the balcony, apparently some remodeling had been planned before the theater shut down. "I can't believe I'm doing this." Ty gulped as he lept towards the sheet, grabbing as much of it as he could and slowly making his way down, carefull not to make too much noise.

Touching down Ty immediateally started moving towards Rasic, the acolytes Summoning ceremonies were sacred to them, and they wouldn't let him get close enough to mess with anything.

Ty watched as Rasic lept on the stage, and at the same time 4 acolytes rushed from behind the tattered stage curtain, weilding all sorts've nasty looking weapons.

As Ty neard he stage himself an Acolyte burst from his hiding point in an asile; slamming himself into Ty they both went sprawing onto the floor. Ty arrose drawing 'vanguard' and in one quick motion, severed the head off of the rising man.

Another man came rushing down the same asile "what is the deal with these guys? you'd think they wanted to die the way they're fighting" Ty remarked with confidence as he buried a throwing knife into the mans throat, down he went with a gurgling noise that made Ty cringe.

Ty took a second to glance to the stage to see how Rasic was fairing with the 4 Acolytes he was squaring off with.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]Rasic blinked as for half a second he froze, the four acolytes suddenly jumping out from behind the curtains surprising the half daemon. As he raised his knife, a thought that this was quite an obvious trap flashed through his mind briefly, before vanishing as one of the humans lunged, his mouth bared in a snarling smile. Rasic grit his teeth as he sidestepped the man, kicking his leg out from under him. The man squawked in dismay before falling onto Rasic's dagger, his yell turning into a wet gurgle as the knife was pulled out, only to plunge into a second acolyte.

"D-Damnit! I'm so STUPID!" He hissed, kicking the third in the chest. This send the human stumbling backwards off the stage and crashing into the seats with a crunch. Rasic grabbed the last acolytes arms, rendering the mans weapons useless. The human cursed and gnashed his teeth at the half daemon before receiving a knockout blow to the face, their skulls connecting with a sickening crack. Rasic stumbled backwards as the man collapsed in a slump, looking over his shoulder at Ty who was fending off more. "Nggh.....gotta get to the....captives." He muttered, messily shoving the bandage on his face back into position before crouching next to the nearest bound body. "Hey? You alright?" He asked, laying a hand on them.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Cal glanced around him and let out a sigh. There were two of them. They seemed to take on the appearance of rabid dogs, just alot bigger. Cal stopped near the one that seemed to be the bigger of the two.

"Is he going to be alright by himself?" Jonas tried to get past Kurai, but she gave him a warning glare and he stopped in his tracks for a second.

"Do not question him. He has been around for a lot longer than me." She tightened her grip on her blade as the hell hounds made their move first.

"Well, aren't they a little excited. Interesting." Cal stepped to the side as the first hell hound bolted past him. In the blink of an eye, he brought his halbert down, splitting the creature in half. He then turne to the other hell hound as the first one started to vanish in black clouds of smoke. "Jonas, you are a mortal, don't inhale the miasma from them. It will probably kill you." Cal glanced back as the second hell hound jumped at his blind spot.

"Shit, watch out!" Jonas was about to bolt twards him as Cal raised his hand and a blade shot out, impaling the hell hound between the eyes, killing it before it could reach him.

"Wh-what just happened?" Jonas stood wide-eyed.

"Its simple, he just killed them both, with ease." Kurai glanced back at Jonas then started walking twards Cal.

"Damn, thats one. I only get to do that two more times tonight." Cal looked down at his hand and let out a deep breath. He cursed under his breath as Kurai stopped next to him. "Lets go, shall we?"
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