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New pieces of mine, new style.

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Well recently I've been gfxing once again. But after reading a few tutorials I learned some very nifty tricks and after using them a few times I feel that my style's really changed, so I would really appreciate any critique on these. I'm going to post old to new and I'm gonna post four up so far.


If you take time to look at these and critique them, thank you very much!
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[quote name='Korey'][COLOR="Indigo"][font="Frankln Gothic Medium"] Can I have the Tyler Durden one?

I like the blend of the orange on that, although the text feels kind of out of place and proably needed to be positioned a little further down the banner.[/font]

Is that the last one? x.x. Oh well. Sure you can use it, but it doesn't fit OB standards, and credit me if you would XD.
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those are lovely :D your graphic really good.
critique wise. i dont really have much to say,
since im not even a pro myself

but maybe you can add some thing text/brushes/pattern etc at the sides of
the signatures. since on some of them the sides are a bit plain compared to the middle focus image?

D; just a suggestion~
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[size=1]They're all pretty messy, and with the exception of the third one they just don't look like they flow very well.
Work on making your focal a more important part of the signature, otherwise you get something like your last one. A tag that just has way too much going on in it.

Remember, more isn't necessarily better.

Just keep working at it though.
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Haha, yeah, I've been working on it a bit. I don't think I've done very many lately, but with the replies to this topic, it gives me a reason to post them. Only two xD

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