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  1. I don't use Specific Manga Making Software but I use these :S what manga software do you use? For line art - Paint Tool SAI Toning - OpenCanvas 4.E + What do you like best about it? SAI , it was very crisp smooth lines not like photoshop. and is fast ;D so you dont have to wait for tools to load etc. Open Canvas, It has a range of preset tones easy to use and you can create new ones ^^ What do you dislike most about it? SAI is great so nothing xD Opencanvas, theres a limitations to the tones, and you can install custom ones like photoshop D; Has it caused any problems with your computer? nope. they both dont crash with large files. whilst programs like photoshop can crash when working on a large canvas. And is it free or does it have a trial version available? You can find the trials around if you search them in google you have to buy them or you can download the full versions if you can find them for free ^.~
  2. luluseason

    Art What got you into art/drawing?

    well, a boy in my class when i was small brought a how to draw manga book to school, and i've always been wanting to have a look in it, but i was too shy to ask so i kinda went off and started drawing myself from images i found around the internet ofcourse i hadnt a clue what anime or manga was xD the first pic i ever drew was a tokyo mew mew one, but i just took it as a cute kitty girl picture xDD then i moved onto watching animes ~ etc actually reading manga came much later D; so in the end, i kinda owe it all to that boy xD
  3. luluseason

    Art Artists' Help Point

    for things like these its better if you go off yourself and practice, from some images that have the angled faces practice makes perfect :D
  4. luluseason

    Art Anime Art- Critique please?

    ooo love the concept on the first one~~ her bracelet thingys are
  5. [SIZE="2"]hehe to be honest, if you look around on the internet hard enough you can get pretty much any program full version (even the really good ones) for free[/SIZE] ;) you can opencanvas the older versions for free thats good for drawing
  6. luluseason

    Art Which style should I focus on?

    which ever style you think you would enjoy drawing the most even though some people may not agree with it, there are also people who would appreciate it as well :D so yeah its never a dead end~ but i would say, original and cutey~ hehe coz i like that kinda stuff im personally not too fond of realistic anime. D; it can look scary sometimes. :animeswea
  7. luluseason

    Art New pieces of mine, new style.

    those are lovely :D your graphic really good. critique wise. i dont really have much to say, since im not even a pro myself but maybe you can add some thing text/brushes/pattern etc at the sides of the signatures. since on some of them the sides are a bit plain compared to the middle focus image? D; just a suggestion~
  8. luluseason

    Art Inking the Toy Princess

    ooo nice~ i like the amount of details and the cleaniness of the lines :animesmil
  9. luluseason

    The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts

    once a day? i only sneeze around 1 every 2 weeks xDD
  10. luluseason

    Gaming Games You've Played for 100 Hours

    [B]Pokemon Platinum[/B] :D its just fun, i like leveling up my pokemon and you can do a lot more than in the previous pokemon games.
  11. luluseason

    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    hi :D im lulu and im new to the OB~~~ i like drawing manga and anime ^^ as well as CGing~
  12. luluseason

    Art Realistic/Anime

    :D i love your shading drawings~ your anime one is cute also ^^ i love the way you colored it~
  13. luluseason

    How do you celebrate Easter?

    :D just recieve chocolate and end up sharing them with friends since.. you get a lot T_T
  14. luluseason

    Manga Beauty Pop

    i finished reading this manga as well ;D i like it~ the story is quite good~ kiri is soo sweet xD
  15. luluseason

    Manga Vampire Knight

    its great i read all the chapters up to the most recent ones ;D its got a very good story line though can be a bit confusing here and there