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Funniest Aqua Teen moments!


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I know there has been tons of threads on this show but me and a friend of mine were talking about this show the other day and realized how funny this show can be. For 15 minutes of animation alot can be said that makes many of us laughing our pants off.

So I just wanted to know what you guys' funniest moments from the show are. I have seen lots of funny moments so I have to list at least 5. You guys can do the same if you want or you can just list one.

1. Hand banana( just the whole episode was hilarious)

2. The Super-toilet that sucked in carl. The noise Carl made was flipping hilarious.

3. What santa claus said after he got burned to a crisp. (When I get better....Ima beat the (explicit) outta that little meatball.)

4.the japanes speaking alien was hilarious also.

5.And of course MC Pee Pants. all his episodes were downright side splitters. The first one was the best though cause of the cool rap he came up with.
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The episode were the the two aliens, (Not the Moonintes) were under there basment, through a stargate. It was great because they made fun of Stargate. Also the episode were the Fruits from Myspace came over.:box:
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[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Green"]Funniest [B]ATHF[/B] moments?

How about all of them? Except for the Rabbot episode (though it did have its moments).

Fun fact: [B]ATHF[/B], like all other [B]Adult Swim[/B] shows, is much better when you're high, because it [I]actually makes sense[/I].[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="Navy"]1. "Gah, f***ing sandals!" Saw the ATHF movie with a friend of mine and damn near pissed myself when Dr. Weird tripped.

2. The Moonenites with the hypno-rims being chased by squirrels.

3. The end of the episode with the really nice monster guy... can't remember his name. All I remember is him suddenly ripping someone's arms off.

4. Tera Patrick licking a corndog.

5. "Hey man, anyone like rap?" "NO! WE ONLY LISTEN TO SPEED METAL DOWN HERE!!!"[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[youtube=shake explaining sex to meatwad]4-YiwIZEfug[/youtube]
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